Morning Ho



Yeah Mika, I’m talking about you. For those of you who missed it, the insufferable Mika Brzezinski had a massive Freudian slip and well as weak moment by making a truthful statement on MSNBC’s last place Morning Joe program. The rapidly aging blonde and reputed frequent bed partner of co-host Joe “Schmo” Scarborough had the following to say when queried about President Trump’s economic policy.


Scarborough: “Exactly. That is exactly what I hear. What Yamiche said is what I hear from all Trump supporters that I talk to who were Trump voters and are still Trump supporters. They go, ‘Yeah you guys are going crazy. He’s doing – what are you so surprised about? He is doing exactly what he said he is going to do.’”


Brzezinski: “ Well, I think that the dangerous, you know, edges here are that he is trying to undermine the media and trying to make up his own facts. And it could be that while unemployment and the economy worsens, he could have undermined the message so much that he can actually control exactly what people think. And that, that is our job”


Of course there was not a peep from the rest of the idiots on the panel who basically nodded their approval in typical liberal bobble headed fashion.

“Schmo” (meaning a stupid person) Scarborough not to be outdone in the idiot department later compared President Trump to Mussolini or Lenin. The entire video is easily available on You Tube.

Brzezinski later tried to walk the statement back but was unable to provide a cogent reply. The truth must have been too painful.

Hey Mika, for once in your miserable life you had a veracious moment. You meant every word you said and the declaration came from the depths of your black, liberal, bleeding heart. It had to because you don’t have a soul and you certainly don’t have a brain. You really did mean that you think the media should control what people think. You said it, now own it. Don’t weave another bed of lies to hide the truth of what you truly believe.

I don’t have a need for you, Schmo or any member of the liberal nitwit MSM to think for me. Nothing has corrupted our world and our country as much as the media. You have no idea of how much you as a group are despised. You’re not even on par with a corner drug dealer because at least he/she puts in a days work.

The network really should change the name of the show to Morning Ho, because in the current vernacular of the day that’s exactly what you are. You are nothing more than a prostitute for the message of the liberal left. You and you co-hosts are just another pathway to insanity and societal suicide. I have no intention of taking the ride with you.





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