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Move Yo’ Black Self Over! This Month Is For The Fillies!


Margaret Sanger
I don’t need no man

So, as I’m trying to recover from the propaganda job known as “Black History Month,” I get notified via a Facebook post that now I am to celebrate everything curvy, delicate, and feminine.  Well, also everything dykestrous, butch, and butterfaced.  Basically, everything that’s Y-chromosomally challenged.

That’s right, folks, March is Women’s History Month!  So whoop that boo-tay with a car antenna!  And thank the fine womerns over at National Women’s History Project www.nwhp.org.  Errrr, shouldn’t that be Herstory?

As I covered just a few days ago[1], regarding another special libtarded set-aside “History” month, History is not the story of us-and-them.  And the fillies don’t even have the luxury of claiming a separate Cultural Heritage, unless they’re Amazons from Amazonia.  So maybe Janet Napolitano can claim it after all.  And the fairer sex is getting screwed even worse than the blacks, with 51% of the population receiving only 8.5% of the year.  Unless you’re a black filly, then you get a total of 16% of the year.  Hell, most of us are only looking for our 15 minutes of fame!

Do women contribute to history?  Yes.  None of the paintings of the Founding Fathers ever show them wearing dirty or wrinkled clothes, and they mostly look like they had a good meal recently.  OK, this part was pure sarcasm for my own amusement…

Do women contribute to history?  Absolutely.  Has there been some kind of male conspiracy to write their accomplishments out or something?  I’d like to see it.  Who among the readers of AWD have never heard of Betsy Ross, Harriet Tubman, Pocahontas, Sacagawea, Emilia Earhart, … I could go on and on.

I have been told that if I want “proof,” to just look in the index of a high-school History book and note the masculine names versus the feminine names.  Well, you know the bumper sticker that says “well-behaved women rarely make history?”  The ‘well-behaved’ ones are also usually prettier, more conservative, and have children that know who their daddies are and who go on to make something of themselves.

There are basic biological differences between the sexes.  Men have this thing called tostesterene[2] that makes us fight, chase things that move, build big stuff, explore the corners of the Earth, – you know, make history.  Some of the biological differences actually make women better at things that are traditionally male-dominated.  Womern’s lower center of gravity makes them naturally better marksmen and pilots.  Womern’s natural cattiness makes them absolute carnivores in the business world.  You want a “career,” clawing people’s eyes out as you fight to get to the top?  Go for it, babe.  It’s not like that’s what I want to spend all my effort on, even though as a men-folk, I have a natural inclination and emotional desire to go out and fight the world to provide for my family[3].  Which brings us to another basic biological difference:

There is one thing that the more curvaceous sex can do that no man will ever be able to do- bear offspring.  How many women have you ever met that chased the libtard “dream” of ‘I don’t need a man, I’ll get an education’ only to arrive at the age of 42, completely bitter, empty, and unable to have kids?  That is the liberal world of ‘free’ contraception, abortion rights, and “empowerment.”  I will give you a prime example of a little filly whose “career” was a complete failure- yet still goes on to be a totally amazing woman- Lisa Whelchel[4].  “Blair Warner,” I wish I had mailed you that marriage proposal back when I was 14!

Am I somehow anti-woman?  Nah.  Believe me, I’m their biggest fan.  A quick check of my financial records (Quicken makes it easy!) reveals that I’ve spent more on girls that I didn’t even get to third base with than all the dogs I’ve ever had.  I respect the contributions of women, not just in the field of History but ALL their contributions.  Like raising a decent young man (me) who knows who his daddy is.  And I reject totally the leftist divide and conquer politics of trying to make people feel left out.

For now, I’ll leave you all with a cool (anime) music video featuring a womern who will probably make history- dig the lyrics!

[1] http://angrywhitedude.com/2012/02/put-it-in-a-jar-set-it-on-the-shelf-black-history-month-is-over/

[2] sorry, NYC and San Fransissyco- this substance has been banned in your jurisdiction

[3] even though those things remain evasive for me- if you’re a single dudette, let’s discuss it further!

[4] http://www.lisawhelchel.com/



  1. blue eyed devil

    Well, I must be the luckiest man in the world to be married to a petite 5ft 109lb, conservative, pick up driving, 883 hugger riding, roper wearing, sig sauer packin, country/classic rock listening, Baptist church going, mexican food cooking, Texas filly who is currently an active duty soldier with over 18 years service with 5 deployments under her belt ( 2 more than I after 23 years before I retired ) giving me two great kids while doing all of this.

    I am sure she would be the first to agree with you concerning the differences between men and women but she is trying to hold her own….. Im proud of her. Hope I didnt get off topic AWD and sorry if I did.

    • inagadadavida

      Dang, blue eyed devil, sounds like you got the pick of the litter! I would just hazard a guess that she doesn’t have much use for the feminazis? In no way am I trying to say that women can’t and don’t achieve great things. Hell, the hardest working females I know are women!

      Similar to what RSNYC says below, it’s the liberal attempt to undermine our culture that I’m trying to attack here, while having a little fun with it too.

      Thanks to you and your filly for your careers of service to our country!

      • blue eyed devil…

        Ditto what inagada stated. 😉

      • blue eyed devil

        You got that right brother.. I hit the jackpot! Im the luckiest dude in the world. ( sometimes she reminds me lol ) As for the leftist agenda.. I know exactly where you are coming from on this and yes she has had her run ins with feminazis on a few occasions. Believe it or not the politics in the military is as such that she has to tread lightly with those bitter heffers… even our military culture is rapidly changing.

        We appreciate your thanks for our service and want you to know that the honor was ours to serve our fellow Americans.. even the libtarded ones we dont like LOL The military gave me a career and an identity.. I would do it all over again. I am truly grateful to those who have supported us. I say this with all humbleness for all the brothers and sisters that we have lost.. God bless thier families

    • God forbid she ever hit 111 lbs.

  2. RedStaterNYC

    Inga, great points all around. The past 50, 60 years worth of attempts to force counterparts to be identical has wrought untold damage on our civilization. Like trying to construct a building with only nuts and no bolts, it’s bound to collapse–presumably sooner rather than later.

    If a woman feels her worth can only be achieved by acting like a man, then there’s not much to be said for that woman. For a woman’s worth is inherent in femininity, just as a man’s worth is inherent in masculinity.

    Liberalism is eternal confusion.

    • blue eyed devil

      I agree that liberals/marxist have endorsed/created “feminism” in order to tear down the foundations of our society but do you really think its all that black and white Red? I am NOT trying to start a fight or illicite an emotional response… just curious.

      For the record.. I was against woman being in the military for years and still think it creates problems that could be avoided if they were not in service. I even shared this with my wife before she even agreed to marry me. I never thought I would marry a servicemember but met my wife while I was stationed in Japan back in the 90’s.. she was efficient while in uniform and asked for no “special” treatment and would get dolled up like a lady when she got home at night….

      Im not saying that the military is not infested with man hating dykes that look like teenage boys with an axe to grind because I had to deal with them when back at garrison on a regular basis( thank God Im retired now ) but not all of them are like that…. sure, I would rather my wife get out and be at home but Im proud of her for hanging in there. She retires in less than 2 years, if they will let her.

      She is against abortion, gay marriage, illegal immigration, and is a Christain who thinks its her duty to respect me as her husband.. does her service disqualify her from being a conservative or make her worthless as a woman?

      • RedStaterNYC

        BED, once again my effort to avoid my typical garrulousness makes me sounding a bit more absolutist than I am.

        No, I don’t see things in such black-and-white terms. Merely stating that those traditional “feminine” values are the metaphorical baby that the “feminazis” have been trying to toss out with the bathwater. (And, yes, I hate that metaphor. I just can’t think of another one that suits the situation at the moment.)

        Of course, what those feminine values are, exactly, is up for debate.

        In any event, like gays in the military, I ultimately don’t give a sh*t who wants to do what, so long as they aren’t doing it solely and aggressively for the purpose of upending Western Civ (consciously or not–the best of intentions don’t mean sh*t to me). E.g., gay and want to serve? Fantastic! Just don’t try to a) force me to accept your gayness as “normal”; b) fight against DADT (oops–too late!); c) use it as a lever to push for ever-greater “diversity initiatives” in our fighting forces.

        Similarly, if a woman wants to, say, race a stock car, then, great! I say. Just don’t suck. Or, if you do suck, then recognize it and graciously accept your lesser position.

        Or maybe wanna be a construction work, little chickadee? Go nuts. But please don’t spit, scratch your a$$, let your gut hang over your beltline, catcall the pretty little fillies passing by, etc. (And, of course, you better be able to hang with the men and not look for special treatment. Not manicure breaks for you!)


        In other words, I don’t think we’re on different pages here.

        In sum:

        I’m for freedom. Do whatever it is you believe is right. (Note I didn’t say “do whatever makes you feel good.”)

        But freedom, I believe, is rooted in–and thus requires a continuation of–the WASP ASP tradition.

        Obviously there’s a natural tension inherent in this, for freedom inevitably requires breaking with tradition here and there. But when it must be done, it ought to be done (IMHO) thoughtfully, carefully, purposefully (constructively), and, perhaps most important, respectfully [of said tradition].

        That’s a more general take on what I was angling at, above.

        • blue eyed devil

          Well, I would say that we are in TOTAL agreement.. thank you for the courtesy of such an explanatory response.

          The point is that “diversity” is a code word for anti conservative, straight, white male in liberal speak… so your angle is spot on!

    • inagadadavida

      “Like trying to construct a building with only nuts and no bolts,…”

      That’s funny. I guess there’s plenty of nuts up your way!

    • Swamp Music

      “For a woman’s worth is inherent in femininity, just as a man’s worth is inherent in masculinity.

      Liberalism is eternal confusion.” RedStaterNYC

      Brilliant! Thats it.

      A real woman is not afraid to get her hands dirty.

  3. blue eyed devil

    Hey,thanks for the reponse Red.. we are in TOTAL aggreement! I tried to respond earlier but was told I was waiting for moderator.. WTF? Did I say something wrong.. been posting for days without said moderation and now I feel the “ban hammer” looming over my head…. cant figure why. Hope this goes thru…

    • BED–no threatening banhammer hangs over your head! It seems that with the recent upgrade to the site, the new spam filter is overly aggressive. I’m constantly seeing regulars’ comments getting caught in it for no apparent reason. Kind of annoying!

  4. Michael Moore

    The femininsts have got to you AWD. If HIS-tory is the HIS-tory of men then HER-tory and not her story would be the corresponding female version as there is no s in her but there is in his. Anyone who is not as dense as a Michael Moore can see that.

  5. Michael Moore

    February is the shortest month of the year and March is the shortest 31 day month. I won’t tell Meryl St(c)reep if you won’t!

  6. Bloodless Coup

    Hey WTF happened to Irish O’merican month?

    When me great, great, grand pappy first a came a callin to dis great country, he faced the worst discrimination.

    Everywhere he went hat in hand he saw da signs in da window that read “Irish need not apply”. After that he had to face the cultural insensitivity of prohibition. That was a real problem fer him before he joined Alcoholics Anonymous, don’t ya know?

    On top of that he was made to suffer survivors guilt, because when he left Ireland all his forbears accused him of desertin them.

    No wonder he left, he couldn’t even git his grubby hands on a friggen potato. The poor man was starvin!

    Anyways, when his kinfolk accused me grand pappy O’flynn of desertin them, me drunken Great,Great Grand Dad said F you and keep the O too!
    And that’s how we came to be known as the Flynn’s.

    And that brings me round to me final question…

    Where the hell are my reparations?

    • inagadadavida

      BC, in a word, your ancestors assimilated. They ceased to be Irish, and became Americans. Just like my German ancestors. We rooted for the USA in both wars! We get no special month, no reparations. But we can keep St. Patty’s day. Cheers to you and your grand pappy O’Flynn!

    • RedStaterNYC

      BC, similar story here.

      Side joke: Know how many potatoes it takes to starve an Irishman?


  7. You know, there never was any scheme created that didn’t have as its basic goal the acquisition of money. So, I have to wonder why, besides esteem boosting and indoctrination of the masses, do we have these special months. I have always followed the money to find the real truth as to any issue. And here I’m drawing a blank. Who is paying for this ego stroke and why are they doing it? Maybe someone here has the answer. It is apparent that this phenomena is designed, to make women feel special. Which is pathetic because none of the women in my family ever needed someone to reassure them that they were contributors to the well-being of the world. They were too busy actually contributing to society to spend any time looking for attagirls from the media and government. And that was because they were and are COMPLETE women who stand on their own two feet in partnership with their husbands and families.

    I am sure my mother would have thought Women’s History Month to be nothing more than pablum for the female underachievers of the world. You see, she raised 6 kids, ran a household while her husband worked, was president of the PTA in three different schools simultaneously while attending and graduating from the University of California Summa Cum Laude. She didn’t need somebody carving a whole month out of the year to tell her that women are contributors.

  8. inagadadavida

    Dang, SDMark, your mom sounds like an amazing lady! And you raise some good questions there… I went back to the WHMP site and looked around, they have a store where they sell some crap but they don’t list any donors or sponsors. Of course, if you want to give, they tell you how!

    Dunno… maybe it’s like the boob cancer thing where you slap a pink ribbon on it and everybody wants it, but you have to chip in to use the symbol. Or, maybe this is really just all about agenda.

  9. I’m sick to death of having a ‘Month’ for anything and everything that comes up in the pea brains of the leftist-loons. I ignore all of it anymore…sheesh…I think I always did anyway.

  10. A story just came in near my home that demonstrates that some people aren’t getting the message of Women’s History Month:

  11. Bloodless Coup

    I am surprised that Hussien Obama hasn’t relegated a special month to Muslims yet.

    He could call it Muslim Outreach Month or sumptin.

    A whole month dedicated to studing the Koran and kissing their Islamic asses as our final act of submission.

    Isn’t cultural suicide grand?

    • Bloodless Coup,

      And the organisers of Muslim Outreach Month would encourage us unelightened infidels to participate in the Invite A Muslim To Dinner Program where we can share our common thoughts, values and aspirations with the goal of building a caring and respectful relationship leading to a harmonious coexistence.

      Moochelle and her crack team of Nazi Nutritionists will provide participants with a recommended menu to be served that will not offend the mooseslime guests. All participants will be required to submit their proposed menus to Moochelle before the dinner takes place. Under no circumstances will baby back pork ribs be allowed. Free range goat is the accepted meat of choice. Every food must be prepared in a manner that facilitates eating it with the hands. Non-mudslime hostesses may only wear burkas at dinner and may only speak when spoken to. Acceptable topics for discussion at the dinner table include: (1) The greatness of Allah; (2) The greatness Of Allah; (3) The greatness of Allah.
      Forbidden topics of discussion are: )1) Jesus; (2) America; (3) Zionism and Israel; (4) baby back pork ribs.

      All infidel Americans who participate in the Invite A Muslim to Dinner program will receive a copy of the Koran signed by the Big Mullah himself, Barouk Hussein Obamalamadingdong.

  12. Bloodless Coup

    Corrupt Georgia Superior Court Dismisses Legal Appeal Of Obama Eligibility Ruling


  13. Well I for one love that we have a pro-vagina month! Why not? There’s a month for everything else. Hell there is a Men’s Health Month were we have to hear all about your Big Lebowskies. I like the idea of taking time out to reflect on our Mothers, Sisters and Daughters!

    • inagadadavida

      Men’s Health Month?!? Freakin’ kidding me. I’m just not the kind of guy who knows or cares about that kind of crap. Karen, I am pro-vagina. It’s the only way to fly! And if you need to stop and take the time out to reflect on our mothers, sisters, and daughters, instead of letting them know every day how much you love and appreciate them, then that’s just the kind of person you are. Now, go call them and tell them instead of worrying me about it!

    • blue eyed devil

      yeah Karen, I am VERY pro-vagina myself LOL

      Seriously, I think the accomplishments and contributions of women should be celebrated but the way that your average libtard will choose to celebrate will NOT be pro vajayjay as much as anti-penis… women who do not fit thier angry man hating agenda will not be included in thier version of said recognition… just look how they ridicule and attack conservative women.

  14. Indagadadavida & Blue Eyed Devil:

  15. Alexandra

    Feminism: The silly notion that a woman is a man.

    “Feminism is a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism, and become lesbians.”

    (I am a woman against feminism.)

  16. Swamp Music

    ‘Pro vagina’ I love that. 🙂

  17. Marion Mckeon


    Bra measuring was invented by a woman for women and half of UK women wear the wrong size. As Meryl Streep’s special Women’s Museum would tell you.

  18. Hippie Ripper

    @ blue eyed devil,

    Regarding your first post in this thread: Has she got any sisters with a similar description ?? hehehe :))

    (Engr, ret.)

  19. Hippie Ripper

    @ Inagada,

    excellent article…

  20. Zionfulfilled

    The ‘well-behaved’ ones are also usually prettier, more conservative, and have children that know who their daddies are and who go on to make something of themselves.

    AWESOME. This is too true.

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