Move Yo’ Black Self Over! This Month Is For The Fillies!


Margaret Sanger

I don’t need no man

So, as I’m trying to recover from the propaganda job known as “Black History Month,” I get notified via a Facebook post that now I am to celebrate everything curvy, delicate, and feminine.  Well, also everything dykestrous, butch, and butterfaced.  Basically, everything that’s Y-chromosomally challenged.

That’s right, folks, March is Women’s History Month!  So whoop that boo-tay with a car antenna!  And thank the fine womerns over at National Women’s History Project  Errrr, shouldn’t that be Herstory?

As I covered just a few days ago[1], regarding another special libtarded set-aside “History” month, History is not the story of us-and-them.  And the fillies don’t even have the luxury of claiming a separate Cultural Heritage, unless they’re Amazons from Amazonia.  So maybe Janet Napolitano can claim it after all.  And the fairer sex is getting screwed even worse than the blacks, with 51% of the population receiving only 8.5% of the year.  Unless you’re a black filly, then you get a total of 16% of the year.  Hell, most of us are only looking for our 15 minutes of fame!

Do women contribute to history?  Yes.  None of the paintings of the Founding Fathers ever show them wearing dirty or wrinkled clothes, and they mostly look like they had a good meal recently.  OK, this part was pure sarcasm for my own amusement…

Do women contribute to history?  Absolutely.  Has there been some kind of male conspiracy to write their accomplishments out or something?  I’d like to see it.  Who among the readers of AWD have never heard of Betsy Ross, Harriet Tubman, Pocahontas, Sacagawea, Emilia Earhart, … I could go on and on.

I have been told that if I want “proof,” to just look in the index of a high-school History book and note the masculine names versus the feminine names.  Well, you know the bumper sticker that says “well-behaved women rarely make history?”  The ‘well-behaved’ ones are also usually prettier, more conservative, and have children that know who their daddies are and who go on to make something of themselves.

There are basic biological differences between the sexes.  Men have this thing called tostesterene[2] that makes us fight, chase things that move, build big stuff, explore the corners of the Earth, – you know, make history.  Some of the biological differences actually make women better at things that are traditionally male-dominated.  Womern’s lower center of gravity makes them naturally better marksmen and pilots.  Womern’s natural cattiness makes them absolute carnivores in the business world.  You want a “career,” clawing people’s eyes out as you fight to get to the top?  Go for it, babe.  It’s not like that’s what I want to spend all my effort on, even though as a men-folk, I have a natural inclination and emotional desire to go out and fight the world to provide for my family[3].  Which brings us to another basic biological difference:

There is one thing that the more curvaceous sex can do that no man will ever be able to do- bear offspring.  How many women have you ever met that chased the libtard “dream” of ‘I don’t need a man, I’ll get an education’ only to arrive at the age of 42, completely bitter, empty, and unable to have kids?  That is the liberal world of ‘free’ contraception, abortion rights, and “empowerment.”  I will give you a prime example of a little filly whose “career” was a complete failure- yet still goes on to be a totally amazing woman- Lisa Whelchel[4].  “Blair Warner,” I wish I had mailed you that marriage proposal back when I was 14!

Am I somehow anti-woman?  Nah.  Believe me, I’m their biggest fan.  A quick check of my financial records (Quicken makes it easy!) reveals that I’ve spent more on girls that I didn’t even get to third base with than all the dogs I’ve ever had.  I respect the contributions of women, not just in the field of History but ALL their contributions.  Like raising a decent young man (me) who knows who his daddy is.  And I reject totally the leftist divide and conquer politics of trying to make people feel left out.

For now, I’ll leave you all with a cool (anime) music video featuring a womern who will probably make history- dig the lyrics!


[2] sorry, NYC and San Fransissyco- this substance has been banned in your jurisdiction

[3] even though those things remain evasive for me- if you’re a single dudette, let’s discuss it further!



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