Hey, that rattlesnake I just picked up bit me! Oops another couple Muslim immigrants to the Great Satan was involved in terrorist attacks. Yawn. Save the false outrage and stern threats, Hillary and Imam Obama, this blood at the hands of Muslims is once again on you! And please don’t tell me “this is not who we are” when we rail against the Religion of Murder for the savage cult of death it is. I’m tired of your sh*t.

It looks like AWD was right when I wrote one week ago today:


AWD was having lunch today with a friend when AWD said, “Would you ever have thought on the morning of 9/11 that fifteen years later America would have twice elected a President named Barack Hussein Obama who is curiously close and extremely supportive to Islam and we would be importing Syrians and others from Muslim hellhole countries by the thousands? He said, “hell no!” But yet, here we are. And the blood runs in the streets of America.

As America has imported a cool million or so Muslims over the past few years, get ready for terrorist acts to be more and more common. And the Propaganda Media will brush these latest attacks away once it serves their purposes of covering Hillary’s gigantic ass. As AWD is fond of saying, play stupid games and win stupid prizes. Yet, these stupid prizes dealing with Islam will only result in more and more innocent blood across America.

AWD stopped trying to figure out the value to America that massive importation of Muslims brings. I suppose we get full work out of our EMT and Police forces when these attacks occur. But Black Lives Matter and the unending list of Dindu Nuffins has been making that possible at an increasing rate for the past several years.

Muslim importation. Why America? But then, why Germany? Or England? What good comes from Muslim immigration? I have come to believe there is a group that controls all the world’s governments that deems it’s time for another couple hundred years of darkness at the hand of Islam. I’ve never been much of a conspiracy theorist kind of guy but what else makes sense?

It’s not only Muslims in America but Indians (call center), Chinese, illegals from Latin America, and just about anyone else who wants into America these days. They are EVERYWHERE! Living in America, which was once one of the most prized blessings in the world, is now given away to anyone who wants to come and is willing to walk across some desert! Or make a donation to the Clinton Foundation.

America, as we knew it, is gone forever! No longer is assimilation expected from immigrants. The floods of unwashed foreign hordes now can live an entire lifetime in America without ever learning to speak English. Worse yet, they can live off the American taxpayer and our unending welfare, food stamps, Section 8 housing, grants, free education, healthcare, etc while they plot terrorist attacks on us! No, not all immigrants seek to destroy America but unchecked immigration is destroying America at a quickening rate.

I told my friend at lunch today that terrorism will become the new normal in America like it is in other dying Western countries. And the attacks will become more brutal. My friend said, “We won’t allow that to happen.” I said, “Really? What will make the middle class, native born American take to the streets in anger and possibly violence? Especially when an NFL game is on.”

The plain truth is America is stupid. We borrow and print money to give to foreign governments who despise us. We build multi-million dollar schools, power plants, and gas stations in Afghanistan that are blown up as soon as we leave. We allow our executioners into our homeland and pay them to come! And we allow the traitorous politicians who endorse and make all this possible to feed and enrich themselves at the trough of lobbyist and special interest money while our earnings and way of life erode.

America used to be good at things. We had the best ideas and technology. We had the best medicine. We put men on the moon. We won World Wars and Cold Wars. We had the best way of life. We made more money in a few states than did the rest of the world put together. We were the envy of the world with good reason.

Now America is only good at one thing. And it is being STUPID.

Hey, hand me that rattlesnake over there. I bet he’s one of the good ones who won’t bite me.


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