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My Own Private Baltimore



By Fem X

Here at home, racism is taught to children in school. I had to permanently withdraw my 6th grader from Fort Bend ISD this week because of racism and discrimination against him. Ironically, he’s a white kid. He was bullied, tormented, isolated, preyed upon, and physically challenged by five black boys in his grade for several months. And despite the “no-bullying” and “no-hate” policy that his school promoted, prejudice grabbed him by the throat.

A few months ago my son came home deeply troubled that he was being called a racist by certain black children. “Am I a racist?” he asked me. His social studies class was required to watch a film where blue eyed children were given gold medals to wear around their necks and set apart from the brown eyed children. The result of this lesson? He was instantly identified as a racist by certain kids because he has blue eyes. “Raaaacist….you are a raaaacist…” My son is on the shy side- once these little hate filled idiots found out he did not know how to respond to their taunts, they kicked it up a notch. They circled him after school and called him gay racist. They called him a racist rapist.

I told my son to fight back against them and get an adult, a teacher; anything. My son’s teachers are all minorities. I’m not suggesting that my son’s teachers are racists, but I believe that they ignored him when he did speak out or that they took little action. His school nurse reported the harassment, as did a math teacher that witnessed the bullying. However, those conscientious adults were white. Hmmmm…

I bought books for him on how to deal with bullies. I told my son to use his phone to take photos of their faces (first mugshots) to show his principal. I suggested he try to befriend these kids and tell them a little about himself. Big backfire- these thugs finding out he likes to draw animals and wants to be a vet translated into heavier verbal abuse. “Your mother eats cat shit,” they jeered. You eat cat food and look at cat porn.” “You are gay and racist because you draw pictures.”

After months of being targeted, my child exploded and told one of the intimidators that he was going to kill him. BOOM- out of nowhere the Angels of Administration descended to call an emergency meeting with me about my son’s psychological status. My child was suddenly a disturbed loner. He seemed to be overly angry and under psychological pressure, despite him having almost perfect attendance, good grades, and a nice relationship with his teachers. He would have to eat lunch on Mondays with a social worker to talk about his rage plus serve in school suspension for three days for each comment he made. “No thanks,” I said. I withdrew him instead.
A blind eye was turned to the hoods that harassed him.

Why is it ok in Baltimore to go absolutely apeshit in protest of Freddie Gray’s death, but when a white child responds in desperation against being brutalized by black children, we have to have a psychological evaluation panel? Is it because he’s white? Why is it ok in Houston to shut down highway 288 and Southmore for people demonstrating against racism, but when my white son is abused by black children, he must “overcome someday?”

Those kids are taught to see color and taught to hate. Last year I volunteered at an “underprivileged school” in Houston for a day. I appeared to be almost the only white person in the building. Big deal, except, as I walked the hallway I saw racism’s cultivation grounds. My jaw popped open: on the walls they painted images of several black men bound in the chains of slavery. Next to that mural was a painting of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and then a few feet down was a painting of Obama with the word “FREEDOM” over his head. Next to Obama’s painting, the black men’s chains were painted as broken, and they were shaking hands. Every day those little kids walk that hallway and ask who put those men in chains…and of course they will be told who did, over and over so they don’t forget. Can’t read yet? We painted pictures for you.

My little white boy didn’t do that to you, little black boy. He didn’t put you in chains, Baltimore. And while these kids in school are enrolled in “racism 101,” the administrators knit sweaters fretting about how to stop the hate. My son isn’t taught to hate, except for watching your films and pictures. Except from kids like you who are taught to spew hostility and intolerance from your own mouths, under the guidance of the public school system.



  1. cranky.white.woman

    Good for you for getting your son out of that school. I didn’t homeschool my kids because I feared I might beat them to death. So I sent them to a private Christian school. Now, they’re in college, both making the honour roll in their first year of post-secondary education. If I had it to do all over again, I’d do it the same way: no public school.

  2. Timmy T Bone

    This indoctrination has been going on for a long time already. I was in Catholic school from 5 to 18 and I can tell you for a fact at very young age they start showing us films about all the bad things that happened to the blacks. How Martin Luther King was a saint, a saint I tell you 😉 . How all the white people are evil. And this was in a school that was almost completely white. This is liberal indoctrination. Now take this and ratchet it up several times and you have what we have today. The school systems today are completely controlled by liberal group think and its mandatory. I have several younger friends that told me that when they were in college (the last 10 years) they had to attend mandatory “diversity” and “multicultural” class. Most don’t buy into but they are forcing it on people.

  3. Wow, good to see you pulled your son out of there. I had almost the same experience with my son at the same age. Except he had a learning disability. So in their eyes, he was ‘different.’ He also was creative, shy and didn’t know how to fight back. Kids would trip him up in the hallways, one stuffed him in his locker and shut the door, trapping him in it. They called him a retard, stupid white boy, gay, you name it. He became withdrawn, he grades were sliding, he was seriously depressed that not one would listen to his complaints. He finally had enough and stabbed a kid with a pencil, that’s all he had. And like your son all the reports to his teachers went unheard until my son attacked them. He was to blame, he was disciplined, not the black kids that were taunting him.

    I pulled my son from public school and enrolled him in a private school for children like himself. I wish I had done that earlier. Now he’s a confident, successful artist with a great future. And to this day he thanks me for what I did for him getting him out of Hell.

  4. Trying to understand where it all went wrong. It seems the youth are being guided by media. Lack of parental guidance and education is condoning mob behavior. We have to protect our own it seems. The place we send our kids too everyday is failing miserably. Save your children before the pillars fall.

  5. This is the real racism in America, everybody is equal….but some are more equal than others.
    The great machine turns a blind eye towards the out of control black on white racism, because whitey is the majority, and only the white majority can be racist, not the poor oppressed blacks.

    If we have to put up with these unsocialized animals, then we need to segregate ourselves, just separate completey from them.

  6. From cradle to grave……..

    blacks are taught to hate yt……..

    Just wait and see what happens when they finally figure out that the browns are being imported to take their jobs, their voting power, and their protected status in ‘Merica…….

    Baltimore will be replayed in all the black majority inter-city ghettos of ‘Merica.

  7. carnac123

    Whites desperately need a group of lawyers like the blacks have that will take up their plight. If you had sued that school, the school board, or the teachers you would have won. Whites need to come together whether the government wants them to or not. They do everything they can do to keep Whites from gelling. They will use the media to call any white organization “raaaaacist” whether it is or not. We have to ignore the communist and their catcalls. When we begin our civil rights movement we will change the world. The government is afraid of its whites. They know that once we begin moving they are toast. They know the constitution will be followed and they cannot abide that. When blacks riot not too many of the or killed or even arrested. When we whites begin they will hit us with full force to make a statement. They are afraid. You have not reason to be afraid. We have the brains, the guns, and “right” is on our side. All we need is to strengthen the “will”. Our rights and our children’s well being are at stake. Forget TV, games, and sports. Your life is on the line and if it isn’t now ,…it will be. Revolution…….anyone?????? Remember. We must ‘cost. these azzholes money. Attack the money and they will ask you what you want them to do.
    This is what we need to DEMAND of the politicians….
    1) Follow the constitution.
    2) Any minority who does any violent act during a protest and is arrested will lose their welfare or any other government assistance. Why pay these assholes to attack us?
    3) Any unwarranted attack on a white person by any other colored person will be deemed a hate crime…..and visa versa.
    4) NO MORE affirmative action.
    5) NO MORE forced integration in schools or neighborhoods. It blacks want to live in a white area no one is stopping them (and visa versa) but they will not be bussed to a white school or forced to live in a white neighborhood to fulfill some bureaucrats view of fairness.
    6) If a teen of a negro family is arrested for violence the whole family loses government assistance for a year at least. (and visa versa)
    7) Return education to the states….no more Dept. of Ed. in Washington d.c.
    8) NO discrimination in schools. No teaching of only black history.
    9) If you are not a felon……you can carry a weapon and go across country with one. No state is allowed to go against the 2nd amendment or any other amendment. No city can do it either.
    10) We demand Obama be thoroughly investigated and charged with teason and not following the constitution as he swore he would.
    11) We demand that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson be investigated and charged with inciting to riot and for blackmails and shakedowns.
    12) We demand that liberals in the congress, senate, and Supreme Court (not to mention Obama) all be arrested and jailed for treason.

    • Rebelpatriot

      Hey Carnac123. You got my vote on that proposal!

    • This happens all the time but it is whites who are racist. Did you ever notice the media doesn’t report on the crimes blacks commit on whites? I am talking about the flash mobs in major cities and random attacks. In my area the knockout game stopped because we shot them. I have no problem saying the truth, stay armed and shoot em if you have to. Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 8.

  8. carnac123

    Federal schools (especially under the Obama regime) are nothing but black propaganda machines. They need to be sued by an organization that can go as far as the supreme court. The teachers need to be sure. They principals and the school board needs suing also. Perhaps if you had found out who the niglet’s parents were and put one of them to rest very privately,…then the attacks would stop.

  9. Sorry that happened to you Fem X. It obviously upsets you.

    But your son has learned a profound lesson about black behavior.

    In 1972 at the age of 12, I was stabbed at school, in the shoulder, by a black girl wielding a pencil. A inch of lead was pulled out of my shoulder and it took six stitches to close the wound.

    I did absolutely nothing to this black girl, she was on a rampage trying to stab another white kid who was running away from her. She actually stopped chasing him, turned around, ran back, and stabbed me. Nary a word was spoken she just stabbed me. And I had never had any previous interaction with her because she was from another classroom.

    I told a female white teacher I was bleeding because Shawna stab me and this teacher blew her top, she started yelling and screaming at me in front of the whole class and sent me to the principals office.

    The principal who was also white and male told me I had two choices, I could sign a statement taking responsibility for my actions and get the rest of the day as an in-school suspension for fighting. Or I could be sent home immediately with a 3 day suspension on my school record. He then shoved a two page document in my face and told me I better sign it.

    Keep in mind I’m 12 years old, and bleeding.

    Unfortunately for this asshole he didn’t know that my parents had drummed into my head from an early age to never, never, ever, sign anything without them looking at it first.

    I refused to sign it, and told him to call my mom.

    The moral of this story is I don’t have any personal relationships with blacks and for good reason.

    Every black face I see I anticipate trouble, even the blacks I know or had to work with, I keep it all business and never let my guard down.

    And I think your son would understand exactly how I feel about it. This is a good thing.

    post script: your kid better learn to fight now, he is far behind the bell curve of his black schoolmates. I suggest a real program, with real punching and kicking in a boxing ring. Your kid being ‘smart’ is useless without the the will and ability to negotiate firmly with hostiles.

    • Joe Stalin

      Maybe the answer to America’s Marxist Indoctrination Machine is to simply eliminate government schools which are simply free money dispensaries for teacher’s unions, incompetent Blacks and all manner of rent seekers whom NO business in their right mind would hire.

    • Waspish….I totally agree. At the age of 12 my parents split up and divorced. I went with my Mom to live in Baltimore City. BOY, what a wake up call. I was the only white male in the entire school. Every morning the black thugs would line up in the hall and dare me to brake through. Tell me ”We gonna bank yo ass today white boy”. Thankfully my Dad was a drill sergeant in the army and taught my brother and I how to defend ourselves.
      Within one year of high school I was suspended 8 times for defending myself. Even walking home after school I was attached by 4 black males and knifed in the side.
      Eventually, My dad came to take me out of that environment and back to the county where life was once again good.
      At school things were changing as blacks were starting to be bussed from the city to my county school. I watched in amazement how white students bent over backwards to become friends with these blacks. And how flawless their transition was compared to the rude awakening I had going to the city school.
      Now , who are the racist people here. Surely, anyone can see blacks are the most racist people on the planet . This coming from a boy who had no preconceived prejudice thoughts before these experiences…….But I sure do now.

      • I agree with you. Never was a racist until 5 black teenage girls spit on me in Selma ,Alabama. I had to be held back by a white man because I was going to kick their ass! I was a tough kid.

      • YT is scared and weak. I have seen the exact same thing, not just in school, but in life. I give no respect to the kike and only courtesy to the buck if he proves decent. I give YT the benefit, although 90% are worthless.

    • Because the nogs, kikes see only race. Only YT through kike programming sees the individual and actively sides against his own.

  10. Spurwing Plover

    These uncilized black bastards need to all be returned to africa no returns allowed and the one who commit these crimes A Noose a Horse and a Tree

  11. Spurwing Plover

    End forced busing out of the district

  12. Dr. Doom

    Oh but this is just their cultural heritage from their home in the Stone Age. Darwin said someday Civilized people would exterminate all the inferior races and rule the world alone. That might be the only thing he said that turns out to be true. I hear China is building airfields and ports in Africa to help develop the area. In ten years I’d like to go there to enjoy the Chinese culture and fine dining of antelope egg rolls without having to put up with diversity.

  13. This happens all the time but it is whites who are racist. Did you ever notice the media doesn’t report on the crimes blacks commit on whites? I am talking about the flash mobs in major cities and random attacks. In my area the knockout game stopped because we shot them. I have no problem saying the truth, stay armed and shoot em if you have to. Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 8.

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