My Own Private Baltimore



By Fem X

Here at home, racism is taught to children in school. I had to permanently withdraw my 6th grader from Fort Bend ISD this week because of racism and discrimination against him. Ironically, he’s a white kid. He was bullied, tormented, isolated, preyed upon, and physically challenged by five black boys in his grade for several months. And despite the “no-bullying” and “no-hate” policy that his school promoted, prejudice grabbed him by the throat.

A few months ago my son came home deeply troubled that he was being called a racist by certain black children. “Am I a racist?” he asked me. His social studies class was required to watch a film where blue eyed children were given gold medals to wear around their necks and set apart from the brown eyed children. The result of this lesson? He was instantly identified as a racist by certain kids because he has blue eyes. “Raaaacist….you are a raaaacist…” My son is on the shy side- once these little hate filled idiots found out he did not know how to respond to their taunts, they kicked it up a notch. They circled him after school and called him gay racist. They called him a racist rapist.

I told my son to fight back against them and get an adult, a teacher; anything. My son’s teachers are all minorities. I’m not suggesting that my son’s teachers are racists, but I believe that they ignored him when he did speak out or that they took little action. His school nurse reported the harassment, as did a math teacher that witnessed the bullying. However, those conscientious adults were white. Hmmmm…

I bought books for him on how to deal with bullies. I told my son to use his phone to take photos of their faces (first mugshots) to show his principal. I suggested he try to befriend these kids and tell them a little about himself. Big backfire- these thugs finding out he likes to draw animals and wants to be a vet translated into heavier verbal abuse. “Your mother eats cat shit,” they jeered. You eat cat food and look at cat porn.” “You are gay and racist because you draw pictures.”

After months of being targeted, my child exploded and told one of the intimidators that he was going to kill him. BOOM- out of nowhere the Angels of Administration descended to call an emergency meeting with me about my son’s psychological status. My child was suddenly a disturbed loner. He seemed to be overly angry and under psychological pressure, despite him having almost perfect attendance, good grades, and a nice relationship with his teachers. He would have to eat lunch on Mondays with a social worker to talk about his rage plus serve in school suspension for three days for each comment he made. “No thanks,” I said. I withdrew him instead.
A blind eye was turned to the hoods that harassed him.

Why is it ok in Baltimore to go absolutely apeshit in protest of Freddie Gray’s death, but when a white child responds in desperation against being brutalized by black children, we have to have a psychological evaluation panel? Is it because he’s white? Why is it ok in Houston to shut down highway 288 and Southmore for people demonstrating against racism, but when my white son is abused by black children, he must “overcome someday?”

Those kids are taught to see color and taught to hate. Last year I volunteered at an “underprivileged school” in Houston for a day. I appeared to be almost the only white person in the building. Big deal, except, as I walked the hallway I saw racism’s cultivation grounds. My jaw popped open: on the walls they painted images of several black men bound in the chains of slavery. Next to that mural was a painting of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and then a few feet down was a painting of Obama with the word “FREEDOM” over his head. Next to Obama’s painting, the black men’s chains were painted as broken, and they were shaking hands. Every day those little kids walk that hallway and ask who put those men in chains…and of course they will be told who did, over and over so they don’t forget. Can’t read yet? We painted pictures for you.

My little white boy didn’t do that to you, little black boy. He didn’t put you in chains, Baltimore. And while these kids in school are enrolled in “racism 101,” the administrators knit sweaters fretting about how to stop the hate. My son isn’t taught to hate, except for watching your films and pictures. Except from kids like you who are taught to spew hostility and intolerance from your own mouths, under the guidance of the public school system.


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