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My Rape Whistle is a Glock



Democrats and liberals love to give us advice. Actually, it is a lot more than advice – they want to tell us how to do everything in our life. Other than the fact that I hate to have someone tell me what to do, the advice they give is just plain stupid.

Let’s start with Colorado Democrat Rep. Joe Salazar. Salazar argued for the disarmament of college students. He said that even if a woman felt like she was going to be raped, that it was no justification to carry a Glock. He went on to say, “It’s why we have call boxes; it’s why we have safe zone’s; its why we have the whistles.” Excuse me, Mr. Salazar, but haven’t the gun tragedies all occurred in a gun safe zone? He doesn’t even believe that women know if they are about to be raped. Let me tell you, I have been attacked. It’s not something that’s hard to figure out.

Then, you have knucklehead Bob Beckel telling us that rape doesn’t even happen on college campuses.

When another member of the panel mentions date rape, he asks if you are going to pull out a gun and shoot your date. Apparently Bob Beckel doesn’t believe that date rate is real rape. Kind of makes you wonder what Mr. Beckel has done – assuming this lib could actually get a date. Anyone can do a 2 minute google search and find that rapes on college campus are very common.

The University of Colorado and the Colorado Springs Department of Public Safety, updated an online statement advising female students to consider a variety of actions if they are attacked, including vomiting, urinating and claiming that they are menstruating. Tax supported, public entities are pushing the idea that rape is a sexual act. Where are they getting this information. Rape is a violent act of control. Grossing out the criminal is not going to stop them.

Then you have Joe Biden. AWD says it best, he is the first openly retarded vice president. Biden recommends that Americans buy a double barrel shotgun to have in case you have trouble. But he doesn’t suggest that you protect yourself with it, he suggests you make yourself even more vulnerable. Biden said that if there is trouble, take the gun outside and fire two blasts. That way any criminal will then know that you are holding an empty gun. You are also outside and a much easier target.

No thanks Democrats! I will stick to my own plan. I have a rape whistle and it’s called a Glock.



  1. The good guys will win this fight, the bad guys will lose…one way or the other!

  2. Well, Joe, maybe this shotgun:

    Great horny toads! Useful for dealing with large crowds of unpleasant fellows. AA-12 is old hat.

  3. Nice suggestion Snake, but don’t fire it into the air. Good gracious, where do these neanderthals come up with this crap?

  4. Is it any wonder our enemies are sitting back and laughing at us? With functional retards like bite me running this country we are cutting our own throat. The only thing these jack asses in Washington want is to keep the sheeple occupied while they tear all institutions in this country apart. The day of reckoning is close at hand.

  5. Wish someone would beat the pure living hell out of Bob Beckel and tell him he didn’t get his ass whupped.

    • No Neck Beckel as AWD calls him – great name and yes, a loser, almost as bad as Juan Williams. Fox has many white liberals; needed a black one. When Juan comes on the screen I leave for the rest of that show. Anyone remember baseball outfielder Walt ” No Neck ” Williams, about 5’6″ and 190 or 200 lbs.? He was stocky yet fast too when he was young – not a bad player.


    Leave it to the STUPID JACKASS PARTY to prepose even more stupid gun control laws and a idiot who makes idiotic suggestions JUST WHATS BECOME OF THEIR BRAINS? do they even has brains?

  7. Good for you KGG.

  8. Obama and the Dems now releasing criminal illegal aliens back onto the streets with no regard for public safety.
    Tens of thousands of criminal predators from third world countries are now in America with no criminal background checks.

  9. Hey KGG, don’t forget to add the new Homeboy Sights from Birdman Weapon Systems.

  10. Say, here’s an interesting eatery:

    In that town, a better name might be ‘Flying Lead’. What the hell is vegetarian sausage gravy?

  11. KGG, bravo!

    Just heard the local talking head, not sure if it is an election year tactic or what, but the local Chief of Police here in sin-city is advocating for CCW on-campus! As some know, UNLV is a land locked campus that borders the strip and a rather vibrant part of town. Needless to say, several vibrant individuals wind up on campus doing their usual vibrant things, day and night.

    For what it is worth, I agree, CCW for everyone who wants and is qualified to do so. An armed populace is a polite one!

    Blistered, out!

    • Note the complete lack of agreement by the Cosmopolitans and Black Democrats in the Illinois House yesterday: “SPRINGFIELD-In a key test vote, Chicago-area mass-transit users couldn’t take concealed weapons on public trains or buses under legislation that moved forward in the Illinois House Tuesday during a more than a seven-hour session on guns.”

      This is to ensure that Black thugs can engage in their mayhem at will in Chicago, as the amendment was introduced by Rep. Deb Mell (D-Chicago) and backed by gun-control advocates 65-45 with four voting “present.”

      “The House voted Tuesday in favor of amendments to bar concealed weapons in or around schools, child-care centers, casinos, government buildings and stadiums and arenas.”

    • Kansas Gun Girl

      Hey Blistered! How are you?

    • Your post made my day. “Vibrant” part of town! My wife’s boss was carjacked across the street from UNLV about 10 years ago. They stole her pickup, luckily she didn’t get shot. When the police came to take her report, one of the Metro Officers asked her why she was there at night. Nice. She now carries. Smart. Vibrant part of town, I love that, will use that when I am speaking with my many, many, liberal colleagues. Something like, we don’t work/teach in the ghetto folks, this is just a vibrant part of town. Love it!!!


    Joe the Schmoe Salazar the best buddy a rapists ever had He needs to get his walking papers and lose his american citizenship

  13. A Big Bubba should stick his big meat whistle in Biden’s and Salazar’s poop shoot…. then blow Bubba’s meat whistle and scream rape

  14. One thing is for sure…whoever picked a JACKASS for the democrat party logo sure pegged it! Yeah a whistle will surely discourage a would be rapist….good grief are these f’ing morons for real or is this a damned nightmare? Hey Joe, your idea blows! And Im not talking about blowing a whistle either.

  15. This little clip verifies that a 12 gauge shotgun will certainly get your attention when wielded by a woman …

  16. Here’s another tremendous effort. #10 is listed, please check out the other nine.

    10. The Second Amendment only guarantees a right to raise a militia

    Not according to leading Second Amendment scholar Stephen Halbrook, Ph.D. As he wrote in his book That Every Man be Armed:

    In recent years it has been suggested that the Second Amendment protects the “collective” right of states to maintain militias, while it does not protect the right of “the people” to keep and bear arms. If anyone entertained this notion in the period during which the Constitution and Bill of Rights were debated and ratified, it remains one of the most closely guarded secrets of the eighteenth century, for no known writing surviving from the period between 1787 and 1791 states such a thesis. The phrase “the people” meant the same thing in the Second Amendment as it did in the First, Fourth, Ninth and Tenth Amendments — that is, each and every free person.

    As a bonus, I’ll include something else apparently untrue: the media’s claim to desire honesty in Second Amendment discussion. For example, Celinda Lake and Joshua Ulibarri wrote in their editorial that they wanted “open and honest debate” and that people such as me “should welcome a gun-control debate — especially if they think they have the winning hand.” Well, I wrote to them and said that I’d debate them, as I put it, “anytime, anywhere.” As of this writing, they have not responded to my challenge.

    Ten Liberal Lies People Believe about Guns
    Written by Selwyn Duke

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