NC Primaries Open Post


There hasn’t been an open post in a few days, so I thought I might jump in and add one on the eve of the North Carolina primaries, since I know we have a few Tarheel residents here. Also, Indiana and West Virginia have their primaries tomorrow.

As an “Unaffiliated” voter, I will have my choice of four ballots- Demonrat, Libertarian, Republican, or Unaffiliated (non-partisan offices only, and the Amendment). I will vote a Republican ballot, on one principle- AWD’s strategy of the 3R’s- Rid Republicans of RINOs!

I can’t remember a time when we had so many challengers on the ballot. The TEA Party has been out in force recruiting people to run against the RINO establishment, and even some of our establishment figures are good, solid conservatives running against long-held Demonrat incumbents. Our recent redistricting helps with rooting out some of these entrenched pols. Also, as I wrote about several days ago, we are considering whether to be the last Southern state to adopt a Constitutional amendment against “gay marriage.”

The list is long- there are no less than five people running for Secretary of State, six for Governor, five for Lieutenant Governor… Heck! There’s five running for State Auditor! I wouldn’t know an audit if I got up on stage and tried out. And all this is simply the Republican primary ballot!

I must admit, I have to go back over the list of candidates for County Commissioner and make my marks on my sample ballot, and I don’t know a lot about the District Court judges- though I’ve tried to find out.

I’m hoping that Ron Paul has a good showing in NC tomorrow (y’all know me!). Noot Gingrich and Rick Sanitorium are still there, having qualified to be on the ballot long before they dropped out. “No Preference” is actually a Presidential candidate. “Ham Sandwich” and “Mop in a Suit” didn’t get enough signatures, I guess.

Personal note- I was toward the bottom of the list, since I’m Unaffiliated, but it looks like I’m going to be working the polls tomorrow. Y’all wish me luck and nothing thrown at me!

Personal note #2- Even as I am writing this, I got a call from “Coalition to Protect All NC Families” that told me if I voted for A1, it could take babies away from unmarried parents. I asked “Really? I’ve read the proposed amendment and didn’t see that part.” (It’s two feekin’ sentences!) Then the caller said, ‘Oh, no, I meant could take away health care for children of unmarried couples.’ Eh, I didn’t see that part in it either… I wasted as much of the caller’s time as possible.

NC (and WV and IN)- go to work! Let us know what you think!


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