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NC Primaries Open Post


There hasn’t been an open post in a few days, so I thought I might jump in and add one on the eve of the North Carolina primaries, since I know we have a few Tarheel residents here. Also, Indiana and West Virginia have their primaries tomorrow.

As an “Unaffiliated” voter, I will have my choice of four ballots- Demonrat, Libertarian, Republican, or Unaffiliated (non-partisan offices only, and the Amendment). I will vote a Republican ballot, on one principle- AWD’s strategy of the 3R’s- Rid Republicans of RINOs!

I can’t remember a time when we had so many challengers on the ballot. The TEA Party has been out in force recruiting people to run against the RINO establishment, and even some of our establishment figures are good, solid conservatives running against long-held Demonrat incumbents. Our recent redistricting helps with rooting out some of these entrenched pols. Also, as I wrote about several days ago, we are considering whether to be the last Southern state to adopt a Constitutional amendment against “gay marriage.”

The list is long- there are no less than five people running for Secretary of State, six for Governor, five for Lieutenant Governor… Heck! There’s five running for State Auditor! I wouldn’t know an audit if I got up on stage and tried out. And all this is simply the Republican primary ballot!

I must admit, I have to go back over the list of candidates for County Commissioner and make my marks on my sample ballot, and I don’t know a lot about the District Court judges- though I’ve tried to find out.

I’m hoping that Ron Paul has a good showing in NC tomorrow (y’all know me!). Noot Gingrich and Rick Sanitorium are still there, having qualified to be on the ballot long before they dropped out. “No Preference” is actually a Presidential candidate. “Ham Sandwich” and “Mop in a Suit” didn’t get enough signatures, I guess.

Personal note- I was toward the bottom of the list, since I’m Unaffiliated, but it looks like I’m going to be working the polls tomorrow. Y’all wish me luck and nothing thrown at me!

Personal note #2- Even as I am writing this, I got a call from “Coalition to Protect All NC Families” that told me if I voted for A1, it could take babies away from unmarried parents. I asked “Really? I’ve read the proposed amendment and didn’t see that part.” (It’s two feekin’ sentences!) Then the caller said, ‘Oh, no, I meant could take away health care for children of unmarried couples.’ Eh, I didn’t see that part in it either… I wasted as much of the caller’s time as possible.

NC (and WV and IN)- go to work! Let us know what you think!



  1. I’m still trying to come to grips with the fact that it’s going to be a by-sexual moo-slum versus a RINO more-man. So much for our “Christian” nation.

    • Inagada Davida

      Chip, I’m no fan of Mormons. But Mittens has a lot of other opportunities to p*** off real conservatives. I’ve found a lot of stuff here and there, but this morning I found this: http://greggjackson.com/blog/?p=471

      A real nice short summary of Mittens’ crimes against freedom and decency, with links to the full stories on each. Unfortunately, it doesn’t cover his attacks on the Second Amendment as Governor.

      Is this really the best the Republicans can do? A Democrat?!?

      • Not to worry, Romney is the guy that lost to the guy that lost to Obama, this time he will loose all by himself and then the gloves come off and the rest of the Constitution gets shredded. ARM UP PEOPLE!

  2. ga steve

    While you are manning the polls against the multi voters and non citizens don’t forget to vote yourself, As I stated before on AWD the office of Sec of State is very important cause they say what is what when it comes to the laws of voting and counting the votes, finding anything out about judges is a problem and we get screwed a lot by them after they have been elected, (Michael Malihi the Iranian Muslim in Ga), hope no NBPP show up to intimidate the white voters, Thank you for doing your duty.

  3. Nixonfan

    Taking babies away from unmarried parents is an excellent idea. It would allow the government to redistribute babies on a more equitable basis. And all of the redisributed babies would be named Julia.

    • Inagada Davida

      Julia? Hey, baby! Uhhhh- I don’t have to support you or anything, do I?

      • Nixonfan

        If you apply for a federal baby, she comes with a complete Obama package including full lifetime disability.

    • OR Shaniqua, Shanawanda, Tylenol, Nyquil, Dushawn, Shandarious ….etc, you get the picturs…Take a baby away from a black and it is like taking nursing kittens away for a mother cat, she INSTANTLY goes into heat again!

      • Skip,
        A black mother was showing off her new baby and was asked what she named it, she said she heard the most beautiful word while in delivery and named the child Placenta, true story.

  4. Spurwing Plover

    Obama and his cohorts VILLIANS ALL

  5. bigtimer

    Testing here friends…need to see if things are working for me now. ~

  6. Taking babies away from unmarried parents is an excellent idea. It would allow the government to redistribute babies on a more equitable basis. And all of the redisributed babies would be named Julia.

    Heh!:) Go to the head of your class!

  7. Hippie Ripper

    I’m wondering if all these candidates – an unusual number of them, if I’m reading Inagada’s article correctly – is a result of the discontent out there with current politics… I.e. a lot of concerned citizens want to get in there and get things turned around…

    Or is it that more & more people are seeing gov’t as an easy way to make a living – easier, say, than getting a job? Witness all the political pundits and “political consultants” you see on the news…maybe more & more people just want to get a slice of the pie??
    Someone (John Stuart Mills?) once said “Democracy will last only until people realize they can vote themselves money from the public coffers” (or something similar). Consider: the politics of democracy is at its core is a popularity contest, no? (today that means pandering for the camera).

    Hopefully the large influx of candidates in NC this year is an anomaly caused by current conditions. But as I watch and read the modern media, I have my suspicions there are other factors at work. Seems over the last year I’ve seen more and more names of people up there that I’ve NEVER heard of before, doing the pundit striptease…perhaps the times are a-changin’…

    • Inagada Davida

      HR, oh buddy it’s an unusual number! But the ones that are coming out seem to mean it. Many of them will inevitably end up joining the “ruling elites,” and then we’ll vote their @sses out- with hefty pensions, I’m sure, but still cheaper in the long run.

      As to your quote, several variations of it have been said by many statesmen before.

      • Hippie Ripper

        You are prob right…and as an aside, remember the thing in Nebraska? Wasn’t it something about term limits being put to a referendum, and the pols in office fought it off (some legal trick they pulled) then enacted a law or set of laws that effectively outlawed term limits from ever being considered again…
        I’ll have to look thatone up again; I’ve forgotten all the details. But it was sure dirty politics, from what I’ve recall.

        Hopefully NC will get some good people in there. The Bev Perdue ‘experiment’ was a disaster.

  8. bigtimer

    I’m looking forward to the primaries tomorrow…results should be very interesting in many venues.

  9. Hope to see North Carolina pass “Amendment 1” and put an end to the bullsh!t “Homosexual Marriage”

    Get’n real tired of the hearing about the homosexual agenda


    Good to see your back Big

    • The country side will vote heavily in favor of it and I’m sure it will pass.

    • There was a big story in our news paper yesterday about how Joe Biden thinks same sex “marriage” is wonderful. How long will we tolerate the intolerable BS?

      • This gay marriage thing is playing out perfectly. Obama has two constituencies that oppose gay marriage: blacks and working-class whites. That’s why he hasn’t come out for it. Biden’s honesty has thrown a monkey-wrench into Obama’s “escape and evade” strategy. Now poor Jay Carney is up there trying to explain how Joe and Barry are in full agreement. The best outcome for us is for Obama to be forced to endorse gay marriage and for it to be in the party platform. Then he can explain to the “African-American religious community” and to Joe Sixpack why he’s right and they’re wrong. I would love to see some interviewer ambush him or Michelle with a “how would you feel if your daughter..” question. This is a good issue.

        • inagadadavida

          NF- “Now poor Jay Carney is up there trying to explain…”

          ‘Nuff said. This should be funny. That’s GOT to be the hardest working sumbitch in show business!

  10. Inagada Davida

    Ha! Funny stuff- one of my younger friends just uploaded this picture to facebook: http://angrywhitedude.com/wp-content/uploads2/2012/05/marriage2.jpg

    I don’t know where he got it from, but it’s a crude attempt to make fun of A1 supporters. Talk about backfire- there’s all this harping on ‘what is marriage’ but there’s no depiction of two dudes!

  11. I wonder if the democrat constituency of miscreants, homosexuals, sexual perverts, libtards, left wing communists, welfare mothers, the chronic unemployed, those whom Obongo raised from the dead, illegal aliens, undocumented democrats, bums, peeping toms, convicted felons, tax cheats, the teachers union, college dipshits, street thugs and scummers, petty criminals, flash mobs, community organizers, unregistered voters, gang-bangers, car thieves, crack-heads, I V drug users, aids patients, bed-wetters, cowards, and blacks, you know the democrat constituency, will show up for the vote tomorrow.

    Lets hope not !!!!!!!

  12. Bluto, heehee, priceless!
    I think you just about named them all! LMAO!

  13. Big I really hate to disagree with you, you know I respect you,but I really believe we are going to experience the beginnings of the “birth pangs” this summer with a major event this fall. If I’m wrong it will be good, if I’m right it may very well be better for some and not so much for others.
    Sorry that was a reply to Bigtimer. But it does apply to all. Okay,flame away.

    • bigtimer

      Lol…I wouldn’t flame you for a second.

      We all have our own opinions, doesn’t change our respect for each other if we happen to disagree.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m not stupid enough to not think things aren’t planned by the O-Team and ilk…what I am saying is this too will fail. They fail and everything they touch…and they will whatever they have planned as well…again.

      Backfire comes to mind…this country is too angry. Voting won’t be stopped, our voices will win at the voting booth.

      That’s my story and I’m sticking to it…for now. 😉

      • ga steve

        I hope, I hope, I hope you are right, I have no doubts we will take our country back but I also feel there are going to be some very violent days before the first of the year.

        • Bigtimer and Steve
          Apologies for not being able to reply sooner. I don’t want to get into a long winded explanation due to the probablity that this thread is going to disappear soon.
          I was refering (okay call me a crackpot) to something happening that may be of “Biblical” proportions.

          • Dirty Al- something to do with Benjamin Netanyahu saying ‘I’m going to war with Iran, vote for me, oh yeah the elections will be two months early.’ You mean that?

          • Yes that could play a very big part. I wouldn’t be suprised to something going down before Yom Kippur. I especially foe see some bad stuff here if we keep turning our back on Israel.
            Economy crashes TOTALLY
            Possible civil/race war.
            Gas prices thru roof.
            Worse case WMD on one or more of our cities.
            In all cases I PRAY I’M WRONG. I and many other people LITERALLY FEEL something in the air.

          • Dirty al,
            I believe I know what you mean, God will never allow Israel to be destroyed, any country or combined powers that attack them with the purpose of wiping them out will receive the terrible wrath of God and no harm will come to Israel, when we witness this its not going to matter what the rest of the world does,

          • Your right Steve Eze;38&39. The coalition of countries against Isreal is forming along the lines of Gog and Magog. I know how that turns. I don’t fear so much for Israel as I do our own (sorry to say)country. In my studies(it breaks my heart to say it) but America doesn’t seem to play a part in the END OF DAYS.
            Please forgive me folks,please know that I love my country and served it for 24yrs and I sure don’t want it to be hurt.

          • Steve don’t forget what G-d told Abram in Gen 12;1-3. I’m affraid America is seeing the end of G-ds Blessings.

          • Steve as to the last part of what you said(if I’m tracking you)could that be a reference to a MASS disappearance of billions of people?

          • Dirty al
            I believe the rapture will happen at some point in the near future after the world attacks Israel, don’t know how far in the future, those that have not accepted Christ will have waited too late,

          • Steve I believe your correct with the exception of Tribulation Saints and the Remnant (made up of Messianic Jews and rigthteous gentiles). Don’t forget that there will be Saints martyred for Christ probably by beheading (who’s favorite way of dispatching Infidels is that?). So it won’t be completely too late,but it will be extremely HARD to be a believer after the Rapture. I would urge people to please consider The Lord Jesus Christ now verses later.
            As a side note; Steve I’m not absolutely sure that the War in Eze 38%39 is pre Rapture or after tribulation begins. There are quite some different views about this. Some feel its after the 7yr treaty between the AC and Israel. While others believe its what leads up to the 7yr treaty. The possible coming war with Iran made be something that leads to a treaty.

  14. inagadadavida

    Turnout is great, so far! I think that the marriage amendment has a lot of people really juked. According to the news, anecdotal evidence, and what I’ve seen, turnout is even higher than the 2010 general election! Also, early voting hit new highs this year. I just hope the enthusiasm favors “we” and not “they.”

    Side note- local TV station does a reasonable story on chicks and guns, for once… http://www.wxii12.com/news/Kimberly-and-Nicole-take-handgun-shooting-lessons/-/9678112/12810624/-/j8f9ikz/-/index.html

    I know that lady, and have actually shot the revolver that the hot brunette is hitting targets with.

    • bigtimer


      I’m tickled to hear this news…msDNC have been going completely nutso today regarding NC and the voters there daring to vote the way they don’t see fit…I find it hilarious!

  15. ga steve

    Elizabeth Warren claims of Cherokee blood gets shot down, She’s either a descendant of Big chief Bullshit or just another lying Democrat,

    • Death to Libtards

      My unborn grandchildren will have more Cherokee blood than this libtard. Affirmative action has put more stupid people in high places than corruption and nepotism put together.

  16. The last poll taken showed the marriage amendment winning by 17.

  17. bigtimer

    Since this is an Open Post…I sure hope some of you take the time to gander at this…it’s eye-opening.


    If you read it…are your flakes frosted yet?

  18. Death to Libtards

    Hey, Rachel Madcow! How’s it feel to be bitch slapped?

  19. inagadadavida

    “With 1811 of 2895 precincts reporting, Marriage Amendment is 913710 “for” and 591502 “against” … 61% to 39%” WXII-TV

    I just heard that Dick Luser lost in Indiana!

  20. Death to Libtards

    The first thing that surprised me about the primary result is the margin by which the Amendment passed. The second is that when I went to bed last night, eleven percent of Democrats voted “No Preference” over Obama. That a stting president running unopposed couldn’t carry 11% of his own party means a lot of trouble come November. Maybe Bev Perdue was correct in being the first rat to leave the sinking ship.

  21. Homosexual Marriage…Oooooops…too bad…gone down to defeat

    I’m all upset……..


  22. I subscribe to the NYT National Edition. No mention of the NC vote. So it didn’t happen, I’m afraid.

    • Death to Libtards

      You may want to check MSLSD before you come to that conclusion. They’re acting as if an extinction event asteroid had struck the Earth!

      • Nixonfan

        The Times won’t report on the factoid that the amendment passed 60/40. They won’t interview any member of the majority unless he is a one-tooth preacher. But tomorrow they’ll have all of the weeping and gnashing and “What’s Wrong With NC?” stories. Today’s WaPo reacted by characterizing the NC majority as old dying white people. They refuse to talk about the “African-American religious community”.

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