As If You Need Another Reason To Be Armed




QLB has been in the boonies for the last two weeks and out of pocket. Since returning, I’ve learned of the latest BLM outrage involving the PD shooting of a thug in Milwaukee with the attendant rioting that followed. It seems the bigger the thug, the bigger the riot. The above pic shows the criminal involved, one Sylville Smith on the right with his equally charming sister, Sherelle on the left. The captivating photograph of Mr. Smith pictured with his Glock pretty much says it all. No words are really necessary. Yet people within certain groups wonder why he was shot and killed by LEO and are outraged. Go figure that one. Most rational communities would have considered the elimination of Sylville from the gene pool a positive. Not so in Black America. Look for a high school or trauma center named after him.

I’m not really that surprised at what happened in Milwaukee; after all it is now the standard MO of BLM. What is telling is the reaction of sister Sherelle to her brother’s early demise. It seems that little sis has advocated rioting, burning and looting in the suburbs. (Translate that it into where Whites live)

Imagine the outrage and angst on the left if the situation was reversed? But we know that libs are not only liars, but also hypocrites.

The real lesson is this. The liberal left with their militant arm, namely BLM is looking for an armed confrontation. Even a blind man can see this coming. Spokespeople like Sherelle have made this quite plain. When libs ask why I own guns and why I train I only need to refer them to the truly shameful and offensive statements made by Miss Smith and the lack of an effective response by the left. I often wonder when they stick their heads up their arse if it’s the view or the smell that they find so appealing.

Stay armed my friends.



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