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Hillary voters are morons. We all know that. Hillary has more criminal investigations on her record than a “aspiring rapper trying to turn his life around” who is also “a goot boy who ain’t never done nuffin’ wrong.” We expect nothing more from liberals except for them to support Hillary. They’re stupid like that.

It appears the stupid is rubbing off on a lot of voters who call themselves conservatives and/or Republicans (not the same thing). Erick Erickson (the Sweaty Thumb h/t Big Fur Hat), Ben Shapiro, Glenn Beck, the Bush Family, etc have all trashed Trump and are big NeverTrumpers. Something tells me some cash American has exchanged hands in the case of Sweaty Thumb and Shapiro. The Bush family are globalists who have mucho dinero in the globalist agenda. Either way, the careers of all of these are greatly diminished if not completely over. Ask Ted Cruz.

I’ve seen many conservatives on social media who consistently trash Donald Trump. The trashing never consists of actual proof of anything Trump has said or done but is only name-calling. Here’s one that AWD saw recently:

“He is a racist, a biggot (sic), and a sexist. Not to mention the most narcissistic person I’ve ever seen.”

Most narcissistic? Apparently she has not followed the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania. You know, the man with the power to heal the seas when in fact he couldn’t quiet Milwaukee.

When asked to give evidence of her charges, the social media idjit said she didn’t have proof but it was just “a gut feeling.” Oh, OK.

When pressed about her weak response, she countered with:

“What is also amazing is people who sit so far on a “side” that they automatically choose based on a party. And yes. I follow my intuition. And my gut is pretty amazing. Ive trusted it for a long time. Not a single person I know that I see as good people supported Trump from the beginning. They didn’t like him because of the hatred he spewed. You can be politically correct without being an arrogant jerk.”

Oh, so she seeks a politically correct candidate. Why am I not surprised. And, once again, she accuses Trump of hatred but refuses to give details. At least she has, “an amazing gut.” That’s great because her brain ain’t doing so hot.

AWD has a buddy who posts Libertarian Gary Jenson…err…Johnson crap every day. Gary Johnson wouldn’t be recognized by his own mother. He will pull a few percentage points from pot smoking Republicans (aka Libertarian types) and then begin preparations for his next waste of time candidacy in 2020. Gives him something to do.

I asked my buddy what he dislikes about Trump and the only thing he came up with is a border wall with Mexico won’t work. OK. I’ve never understood why people say a border wall won’t work. Maybe it won’t stop 100% of illegals but common sense tells us it will work better than an open desert or a single strand of rusted out barbed wire. Walls have worked well at prisons and jails for a millennia.

Here’s the deal. Many people are tired of the Republicans and Democrats and see them as one Party. I agree with this view. And if El Jeb Bush or Kasich had won the nomination, I would probably vote for Gary Jenson…err…Johnson myself. The Establishment prefers just more GOP wussypants cannon fodder to serve up to the Democrats.

But Trump isn’t an Establishment type. That’s why all the GOP Establishment types are supporting Hillary. You heard that right. They are voting for Hillary. I crap you negative. Because Hillary is a continuation of their cushy existence as they continue to ride America into the ground.

Trump may not be a conservative but I haven’t heard him say anything to the contrary. I don’t care if he goes to church. I don’t care if he is pro-choice on abortion. I don’t care if he’s pro gay marriage. Those issues are the least of America’s problems in 2016.

But he is an American and says he will put America first. I believe him. After 16 years of a government-sanctioned invasion by every Third Worlder who wanted to live in the Great Satan, I’m prepared to give Trump’s nationalism the benefit of the doubt. After all, we know what we get with Hillary.

The 800 pound gorilla in the room that #NeverTrump types ignore is WE KNOW what Hillary Clinton would do to America if elected. Trump has made a lot of promises and none seem to be hateful, mysogonistic, etc. They appear to be common sense. Border wall, check. Putting America first, check. Halting TPP, check. Making our “allies” pay their share for our military protection, check. Killing ISIS, a sort of check as I prefer ISIS be eliminated by those whom they are killing and not US soldiers. None of what Trump has to say appears to be extreme to me.

I invite any #NeverTrump voter to tell me exactly what it is about Trump that puts you in jail. Unless you’re a lib. We know your sad little socialist motives and shame on you. But I’d love to hear one issue from a non-liberal (read: non-retarded) voter why Trump is worse than Clinton.

I guess I’m just not a moron, huh, Erick Erickson?!



  1. Yeah, good luck on getting non-emotional responses from any #NeverTrumper, AWD. I’m willing to bet that the majority of responses you get will be along the lines of “He’s a (enter derogatory descriptive here). They will spew mainly unreasoning hate, with the occasional “He said something mean!”, with their rant resembling something along the lines of Brid, just with more crazy in the mix.

    • was thinking about Brid the other day……where has Brid been? or any of the other trolls that troll the internet……..haven’t seen much of the trolls lately…..

      I miss them……

      • BubblePuppy7

        Their current assault is on Brietbart, where they have committed a lot of their reserve forces to taking it down. Good luck with that. LOL

  2. Eric Erickson, Glenn Beck and the rest of these ass-hole Never-Trumpers can kiss my ass…….

    I would just as soon spit in each of their their faces and piss on their graves……….

  3. “But I’d love to hear one issue from a non-liberal (read: non-retarded) voter why Trump is worse than Clinton”

    Ok I got some reasons why…

    Hillary is better at dodging sniper fire than Donald.

    Ms. H. Rodham Clinton has experience dodging sniper bullets because her pantsuits blend into any background making target acquisition impossible, but Trumps golden hairdo stands out at 2500 yrds and is easy to line up in the cross-hairs because his silhouette cannot be camouflaged according to Mr. Mittens my cat.

    There have been many First Ladies, but never one named Bill and that’s a historic first.

    Also William Jefferson Clinton knows his way around the White House intern pool; Melania wouldn’t know where to begin with all that available ass.

    Need I go on Broham?

  4. I have a few thoughts for the Never Trumpers. Let’s just try a little logic here. It’s pretty basic and simple. It is not exhaustive but takes some balls to pull of.

    There are only two scenarios. One is Trump wins, which leaves Never Trumpers gasping for air. The other is that Trump loses, which makes them complicit in the loss.

    If Hillary wins and Trump loses, the NTs bought the agenda. whether they actively voted for her or not. They did not stand up to her with Trump who is their nominee. If Hillary wins and Trump loses, the NTs bought the agenda. whether they actively voted for her or not. They did not stand up to stop her. They were useful Hillary pawns and served as glib talking heads to every news show that would have them.

    At this point we have no idea how all this will turn out because of the weasel faced rat fink traitors like Eric Errickson. I will bet one thing, it’s going to leave a mark. Anyone with half a brain cell realizes that the Never Trumpers were duped by one the biggest con artists on this planet, Hillary Clinton.

  5. I’m telling you right now, if Hillary wins, its a fraud. She has nobody coming out to see her. She stinks so bad her folks are seeing loser written all over her face. Cucks like that sell-out Beck will tell you not to do anything and take it cause Obama the stupid will declare Martial Law. That boob needs to retire, he hasn’t got an audience to buy his turkey talk anymore. Obama doesn’t have the troops. Trust me on this one. He would have done it if he could. Them still trying to get the guns tells me they will lose if they go any way too far this time. America is just a has been paper tiger now. All you need to do is see how guys like Putin laugh at threats by the former “Superpower”. They got nothing. Bush sent our military on a long snipe hunt where they got redeployed and kept missing birthdays and holidays with their loved ones. Obama is the kind of America hating queer all these guys hate. I’m hearing all the combat readies are bailing out. Not worth it. Trumps right. We don’t win anymore. We need to unhitch from this loser train full of liars and bums and set ourselves up the way God intended. They need us, we never needed them.

  6. What’s AWD’s opinion on the recent poll out of Texas that says 3 out of 5 Texans will demand that Texas
    secede from the USSA if the Hildebeast somehow manages to win in November?

    The DemoNRats have been working overtime the last several decades to flood Texas with millions of blood sucking, parasitical mestizo leeches so as to turn Texas permanently blue – whereupon, Texas will adopt the same kind of totalitarian, anti-Second Amendment, anti-gun laws that the DemoNRats have imposed in mestizo infested Mexifornia and in turd world mystery meat infested Joo York City.

    With help from the leftist infested US Courts – the Texas voter id law was shot down, right? As are similar laws in many other Red states – because the left wants to find a way to get illegal aliens to vote for DemoNRat cockroaches like Hillary. Texas is hanging by a thread – and without that border LOCKED DOWN and without the aggressive deportation of millions of illegal mestizo leeches, who breed faster than cockroaches – its only a matter of time before Texas turns blue and hoists the new flag of the old USSR over it’s capital.


    Both candidates are crap choices and the conservatives who voted for this man loved his words but ignored his past and still do when it is brought up and act like the liberals they hate so much when reminded of Trumps checkered past. Despite that I find Hillary even more despicable than Trump and will vote for the slime bag. So I have to hope if elected and I doubt it will happen he might do some of what he says. Either way from his recent liberal past I doubt he will build any wall. He will give us anything that is a free market health care system again. Conservative judges, yeah right! He might throw it out there but I doubt he will fight for it once the liberals begin fighting against it. And you think the narcissistic Obama uses unconstitutional executive orders a lot just wait until Trump gets in who could care less about anything in the Constitution also. But who knows maybe by some miracle he has turned over a new leaf from his shady past?

    • somebody piss in your coffee this morning?

    • I found this site several years ago, sadly the commenters who used to populate this once enjoyable blog are long gone. There are only a few hangers on here who spew nothing but vitriol at anyone who would feign challenge their opinion. Take “bluto” for example, just blind attacks on anyone with a differing opinion, and poor sentence structure to boot! Don’t waste your time Liberty, if you don’t run with the herd here, you will likely be trampled and labeled a troll. Trump is a National Socialist, by the way, so was Adolf Hitler, he was very adept at stirring up fervor in the masses, be careful what you wish for Trump supporters, if you find after he is elected, that he is doing things you may not like and express your dislike in public, you might find yourself in the hoosgow, The Donald seems to have a problem with folks disagreeing with him, not unlike some folks here at AWD…LOL

      • Well, then tell us in your great and limitless wisdom who we ignorant and closed minded ones should vote for, oh great and wise Mikey? By your great decree, we shouldn’t vote for Trump, because he’s literally Hitler. So, we should vote for the brain damaged broad with a trail of bodies in her wake? Or should we throw away our votes on one of the third party candidates? The one who is ok with open borders? Or perhaps the ex Secret Service agent who thinks he can run a nation when he’s never run even a small business?

        Come, oh great and powerful Mikey, bestow your infinite wisdom upon us. Perhaps we should write in your name? The great Mikey for Prez!! Better yet, tell us who you are voting for (Mikey won’t vote, he hates everybody).

        Come on Mikey, educate us foolish dupes.

        • Vote your conscience…I’m not here to tell anyone who to vote for, Shitllery is not a viable option, but trump isn’t either. Third party is a wasted vote, so we find ourselves between a rock and a hard place, no? The republicans we voted in in 2010 are useless, Mitch Turkey Neck might as well be a Democrat, Cruz, Rubio, bla bla bla are no use. Your sarcasm is mildly amusing, but does nothing to assuage my fears as to what will become of our country. I’m not pretending to be a seer or a 21st century Nostradamus, the choice before us is, National Socialism, or outright Marxism…I’m tempted to just not place a bet, and hope for a better hand, or a new dealer.

        • Sure, vote our conscience. Got news for you, we will, and it will be Trump. But you can’t handle anyone voting for Trump, as evidenced you you coming here and calling everyone ignorant for backing Trump.

          So, you don’t like any of the candidates, you will talk shit about them, but you won’t declare for any of them, you are going to just sit it out, then blame everyone else for whoever gets in. Nice play, you win no matter who gets in, and get to say I told you so to everybody. But here’s the catch, if you don’t want to play, then you don’t get to make the rules.

          So, until you grow a set of balls, have a nice cup of shut the fcuk up. You’re going to bitch no matter who wins, and we really don’t want to hear it. At least we are willing to try to make the country a better place. All you are doing is complaining about how stupid everyone else is, and how smart you are.

          • You need to go back and reread my comment sir. I called no one of you ignorant, but it is you who shows your true colors by name calling, the hatred, and vitriol in your reply. Just like Mr. Trump. I did not say I would sit it out as you refer to it. You do not know me, nor do you have any idea of my intentions. Trump is in my opinion, a con man, not an original idea on my part, this has been posited by many on both sides of the political spectrum. I truly want to believe that he will do the things he promises. I have my doubts. But when he talks about “opening up libel laws”and other intrusive actions he has put forth, a red flag goes up, he seems to have a totalitarian mindset at times. The tone of your reply and the confrontational language you use tells me much about what kind of person you are, obviously I don’t know you, and do not care to, but your sophomoric challenges and references to things about me of which you know nothing is indicative of garden variety Trump supporters, I remember seeing the same thing in the 2008 election cycle, anybody but Bush…that didn’t turn out so well, did it?

            I won’t vote for Hillary Clinton, even under the most extreme duress, maybe even a gun to my head, but we have some time yet to go to see what indeed The Donald has in store…I hope he is the real deal, time will tell…

          • No, you didn’t outright call anyone ignorant, you just insinuated it: “There are only a few hangers on here who spew nothing but vitriol at anyone who would feign challenge their opinion. Take “bluto” for example, just blind attacks on anyone with a differing opinion, and poor sentence structure to boot! ” And: “The Donald seems to have a problem with folks disagreeing with him, not unlike some folks here at AWD…LOL.”

            This sounds an awful lot like you are planning to sit it out: “I’m tempted to just not place a bet, and hope for a better hand, or a new dealer.”

            What I said still stands. If you don’t have any constructive suggestions, then stuff it up your ass. If you don’t like Trump, this isn’t the place to run off about it. Personally, I wanted Cruz, so did many others here, but he screwed up and lost to Trump, just like the other 15 Republican runners did.

            I don’t care what Trump does regarding Libel laws. If he gets immigration under control, and renegotiates the trade deals and treaties that are screwing this nation, then that’s good enough for me. I’m more concerned with getting the economy turned around, and as businessman, Trump stands the best chance of doing that. Maybe he is a National Socialist, but Hillary is worse. In fact she is a known problem, whereas your speculations about Trump are just that–speculation and assumption. You want to talk crap about all the remaining candidates, that’s fine too, but provide some context. Just pointing out the bad and ignoring the good doesn’t cut the mustard.

            You are the one who opened up hostilities here. If you don’t like what is being said, feel free to comment over at Huffpo. If you want to provide intelligent conversation or even debate, have at it, we welcome it. If you are going to be like True Libtard, who is a known troll here and on other sites, or if you want to show up with an attitude that comes across like you are giving us the benefit of your brilliance, you will get flamed, it’s that simple. Especially if you try to go after folks who have been here for years, and are established posters. Bluto may not be the most polite guy, but he makes good points, and quite often too. So, think twice about your attitude before you post.

          • Since there are no more reply boxes below, I will have to reply here. I first began posting here in 2008. Under a different name. That’s a lame tactic, claiming “I’ve been member longer than you” or some kind seniority card…lol…I’ll post wherever I want, and whatever I want, until The Dude bans me…but he hasn’t done so yet. Your macho posturing has no effect on me. I’ve given my opinion for anyone who is interested, I don’t care if anyone is or not. That’s what blogs are for, right? Your attempts to “put me in my place” fall miserably short. I find that the movie I’m watching right now, “Terminator Salvation” is more interesting than the boring discourse between me and you, Mr. JMV. So I will take my leave of you sir, and wish you well in your future endeavors.

          • As you have made no response to my statements beyond a lame “I’ve been here longer than you” stumpy foot tantrum, your surrender is accepted. Lick your wounds, and enjoy your movie.

      • Used to agree with all that years ago. But then I realized that, in my lifetime, conservatism and conservatives had done next to nothing to actually stop a move to leftism. The didn’t even try for the most part. For all their talk about “my cold dead hands” and the “good ole days” we find ourselves where we are, a nation where the middle class seems to be a bunch of government employees (local, state, or federal) and the private sector is increasingly supportive of a vibrant state of poverty thanks to the business community becoming another corrupted branch of the left. Ditto the military being overtaken by social engineering projects from their PC upper officer corps. And soon enough idiot minorities will be here in high enough numbers that no peaceful solution will exist to elect anyone but a general liberal statist who promises them an end to racism and endless welfare. At this point espousing liberty and free markets etc seems to be irrelevant considering what we are facing coming from the other side.

        If Trump somehow turns out to be a full blown member of the Democratic German Workers Party then I say bring it on. At least there will be nationalism as opposed to, forty years down the road, America resembling a Brazilian favela except with more terrorism.

        But truth be said, I do miss some of the old contributors to the site as well.


        Ain’t that the truth! I am learning so many so called conservatives in name only are no better than the liberals they are supposed to hate so much when it comes to double standards.

  8. Quartierleblanc

    The answer to their behavior is simple and can be explained by principles of Occam’s Razor ( In short the simplest answer is the best)
    In times of crisis, people should choose the strongest leader. Historically this has been proven time and time again and innate survival mode should kick in.
    So why “No Never Trump?” There is another principle called ” show me the money.” The anti-Trumpers are either bought and paid for, such as with Eric Erickson or even Glen Beck. The other is because of the loss of power/status that ensues with a Trump victory. You need no better example than the Bush family. Frankly I’m so tired of the Bush’s that I won’t even eat the beans of the same name. For people like the Bush’s a Trump defeat means they remain politically viable. With a victory they’re marginalized into the dustbin of history.

  9. Gary Johnson’s policy stands align about 2/3-3/4 with Hillary.

    Yeah, like libertarians really think ahead
    what sort of “liberties” they would be left with,
    with her as President…

    Like I’ve told plenty of folks:
    if you can’t bring yourself to vote FOR one of the two
    (one of which WILL be the next President),
    at least pick one of the two to vote AGAINST and help the other.


    The poster above “True Liberty” is a known Hillary troll who loiters at various right wing sites.

  10. Ha Ha Ha. So a few folks step up and offer some points on why shady Trump is barely better than Hildebeast, and they just get downvotes and exactly the narrow minded, anger based middle school taunts that they say moved them along from this here circle jerk of a cult site in the first place (Jenna of course being in the middle). Boy, the Trumpster sure has got yall buying the horse manure hes selling, just like all those idjits who thought Trump university would get them rich or the small business people who naively thought he wouldn’t strong arm them out of their dererved and much needed payments, because he said to trust him. By golly, its a sad sad day when supposed patriots of the US Constitution are saying they dont mind seeing basic tenets of law or citizens rights vanish into thin air, so long as a few things on immigration or trade can be accomplished. Sheesh…do you even realize how pu$$y you sound putting your blind faith in this lying, POS media mogul who wont even reveal to the American voters what his own tax situation is?? Sad day for for our grandchildren.

    This site used to be so much more.

    • 4thGen, as I said in the article, I’m still waiting for a REASON why Trump is so bad. And do you really believe Trump will be equal to or worse than Hillary as POTUS?

      The trolls on this site used to be so much more.


      • Dude if you don’t know why trump is bad for America you haven’t done your research my friend…Swamp

        • Swamp, please enlighten me. Especially why Trump is worse than Hillary. Thanks. Hope all is well over your way.


          • Not worse, but very questionable. He’s played both sides for a long time. I never said I wouldn’t vote for him, but dammit, I don’t want to. The choice is shit, for sure, never Hillary, third party is wasted, but damn…just look into his past…he’s a con man.

          • Mike, how is Trump a con man? Anyone big bidness man who lives in NYC and does business there must dance with Dims. It’s how things get done. Look at the Clinton Foundation payoffs for evidence of this. Between Hillary and Trump, the choice is pretty easy for me.

            Also, I know some folks pretty close to Trump and have never heard anything negative about him from them.


    • Ok, like I asked another smart ass poster yesterday. You’re here talking shit about Trump, but not giving any suggestions on who is a better choice than Trump. Who do you want in the WH? Why? Give a clear concise answer, and provide verifiable reasons/evidence. Otherwise STFU.

    • No opposition permitted here 4thGen, cults don’t allow that…

  11. SalsaChupacabra

    He’s a damn sight better than Clinton, but then a flaming paper bag filled with dog crap on my front porch beats Clinton. I’m not enthusiastic about Trump because I’m not certain he’s playing to win. It seems like every time he’s up in the polls he says something stupid and drops back down again. I can’t get the nagging thought out of my head that he is at times acting exactly like a liberal’s worst caricature of a Republican and it looks deliberate. Call me a crazy conspiracy theorist, but he did have lunch with billy boy 2 weeks before declaring his candidacy.

    Having said all that I’m still going to vote for him because I may be wrong, and there’s no way in hell Hillary is getting my vote. Could I vote for Johnson? Sure, but the ‘afore mentioned flaming sack of feces has a better shot at the presidency and a vote for him is as good as one for Hillary in our two party state.

  12. Hey AWD, for the record, I was never a #nevertrump. I don’t like him, but I don’t like Hillary more, I decided today that staying home is not an option. So I guess if he does a fraction of what he promises, I’ll have to take that chance. Policy wise, he says all the right things, we’ll see if he delivers…this is the choice we’ve been given.

    By the way, things are fine over here, been raining a lot though…lol


    • Mike, I was for Cruz. I really thought Trump would fizzle out. It’s his year as the anti-Establishment wave rose up. I think he could be good if he keeps his campaign promises. Especially the wall.

      Raining over here a lot too. Glad things are well with you, my friend.


      • Its been a while, that’s for sure. I suppose Bigtimer is just looking and smiling. I was a Cruz supporter too…but when they booed him, well, I wasn’t happy about that.

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