Hillary voters are morons. We all know that. Hillary has more criminal investigations on her record than a “aspiring rapper trying to turn his life around” who is also “a goot boy who ain’t never done nuffin’ wrong.” We expect nothing more from liberals except for them to support Hillary. They’re stupid like that.

It appears the stupid is rubbing off on a lot of voters who call themselves conservatives and/or Republicans (not the same thing). Erick Erickson (the Sweaty Thumb h/t Big Fur Hat), Ben Shapiro, Glenn Beck, the Bush Family, etc have all trashed Trump and are big NeverTrumpers. Something tells me some cash American has exchanged hands in the case of Sweaty Thumb and Shapiro. The Bush family are globalists who have mucho dinero in the globalist agenda. Either way, the careers of all of these are greatly diminished if not completely over. Ask Ted Cruz.

I’ve seen many conservatives on social media who consistently trash Donald Trump. The trashing never consists of actual proof of anything Trump has said or done but is only name-calling. Here’s one that AWD saw recently:

“He is a racist, a biggot (sic), and a sexist. Not to mention the most narcissistic person I’ve ever seen.”

Most narcissistic? Apparently she has not followed the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania. You know, the man with the power to heal the seas when in fact he couldn’t quiet Milwaukee.

When asked to give evidence of her charges, the social media idjit said she didn’t have proof but it was just “a gut feeling.” Oh, OK.

When pressed about her weak response, she countered with:

“What is also amazing is people who sit so far on a “side” that they automatically choose based on a party. And yes. I follow my intuition. And my gut is pretty amazing. Ive trusted it for a long time. Not a single person I know that I see as good people supported Trump from the beginning. They didn’t like him because of the hatred he spewed. You can be politically correct without being an arrogant jerk.”

Oh, so she seeks a politically correct candidate. Why am I not surprised. And, once again, she accuses Trump of hatred but refuses to give details. At least she has, “an amazing gut.” That’s great because her brain ain’t doing so hot.

AWD has a buddy who posts Libertarian Gary Jenson…err…Johnson crap every day. Gary Johnson wouldn’t be recognized by his own mother. He will pull a few percentage points from pot smoking Republicans (aka Libertarian types) and then begin preparations for his next waste of time candidacy in 2020. Gives him something to do.

I asked my buddy what he dislikes about Trump and the only thing he came up with is a border wall with Mexico won’t work. OK. I’ve never understood why people say a border wall won’t work. Maybe it won’t stop 100% of illegals but common sense tells us it will work better than an open desert or a single strand of rusted out barbed wire. Walls have worked well at prisons and jails for a millennia.

Here’s the deal. Many people are tired of the Republicans and Democrats and see them as one Party. I agree with this view. And if El Jeb Bush or Kasich had won the nomination, I would probably vote for Gary Jenson…err…Johnson myself. The Establishment prefers just more GOP wussypants cannon fodder to serve up to the Democrats.

But Trump isn’t an Establishment type. That’s why all the GOP Establishment types are supporting Hillary. You heard that right. They are voting for Hillary. I crap you negative. Because Hillary is a continuation of their cushy existence as they continue to ride America into the ground.

Trump may not be a conservative but I haven’t heard him say anything to the contrary. I don’t care if he goes to church. I don’t care if he is pro-choice on abortion. I don’t care if he’s pro gay marriage. Those issues are the least of America’s problems in 2016.

But he is an American and says he will put America first. I believe him. After 16 years of a government-sanctioned invasion by every Third Worlder who wanted to live in the Great Satan, I’m prepared to give Trump’s nationalism the benefit of the doubt. After all, we know what we get with Hillary.

The 800 pound gorilla in the room that #NeverTrump types ignore is WE KNOW what Hillary Clinton would do to America if elected. Trump has made a lot of promises and none seem to be hateful, mysogonistic, etc. They appear to be common sense. Border wall, check. Putting America first, check. Halting TPP, check. Making our “allies” pay their share for our military protection, check. Killing ISIS, a sort of check as I prefer ISIS be eliminated by those whom they are killing and not US soldiers. None of what Trump has to say appears to be extreme to me.

I invite any #NeverTrump voter to tell me exactly what it is about Trump that puts you in jail. Unless you’re a lib. We know your sad little socialist motives and shame on you. But I’d love to hear one issue from a non-liberal (read: non-retarded) voter why Trump is worse than Clinton.

I guess I’m just not a moron, huh, Erick Erickson?!


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