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The poor, pitiful (yet evil) white male in nearly every commercial is a bumbling, idiotic fool. The evil white creature who cannot light a gas grill or make a layup has somehow managed to hold down every less than successful being in history. Oh, and he also managed to create everything you use or consume on a daily basis. But Buick takes the anti-male concept to a new low. Now the lowly, white male is getting his ass kicked by Mezcans.

That’s right, the hombre who was raking the leaves last year may very well be cutting your grass with your wife this week! (Note: in the parlance of AWD’S college years, “cutting someone’s grass” meant stealing his girl.) And all it took was a new Buick and a raise! That’s some girl you’ve got there, Lance!

This insulting commercial made me want to call Buick (throw up) from the first time I saw it:

[yt id=”3PINPZr6loY”]

The spot is titled “Keep Up With The Garcias.” The white wife looks lustfully at either the car and Señor Garcia or both as they drive up and wave. Her nerdy, metrosexual (i.e. homosexual in a metro) husband just happens to have a pair of binoculars handy in the kitchen (he might have been checking out el paquete of Señor Garcia, too) to get some close up action of the new car. Interestingly enough, the commercial barely shows the car. Probably a reason for that!

Then the wife humiliates her husband by saying “maybe he got a raise.” When the husband says “good for him,” the wife dreamily replies “good for her.” Mmmmm, not only is Señor Garcia good looking and can lay some cable in the bedroom but now he has more pesos to spend on the little esposa on @#&* Louis Vuitton purses! Doesn’t this illustrate the sad shape of today’s culture. Instead of selling Buicks because they are (nope!) a superior car and great value, Buick relies on envy. Jealousy and lust are used to sell their products.

From the looks of their kitchen, Mr and Mrs Metrosexual are doing pretty well themselves. But Mrs Metrosexual is always looking for the BBD (Bigger Better Deal). Lust, envy and greed rule the day. Don’t be satisfied with what you have, you must get a new car and bang your neighbor to be REALLY happy.

And let’s not overlook that Buick is ridiculing white males with the good looking, successful Hispanic guy and the long-haired nerdy white wimp. Ask yourself this. Unless they grew up in America, how many Hispanic guys do we see like Señor Garcia? In actuality, most Hispanics I see are holding leaf blowers and eating out of 7-11’s. And they prefer trokas and not Buicks. But hell, at least they work.

This anti-male commercial is just another theme on a worn out script played out for decades. The white guy is an idiot while his boss is the intelligent minority/female astounded at his stupidity. Any FedEx commercial proves this. An interesting note, the entire Board of Directors is comprised of bumbling idiotic white guys. Remind me to use UPS next time.

Beating up white males is the new craze in America. Yes, ridicule and minimize the sons of the men who built this country. Tell them they should feel guilty because their parents had responsibility and got out of beds to work and build this country while they do the same! Rewrite history, portray fairy tales in commercials, movies and pop culture that say Islam played a great part in building America or America was built on the backs of blacks, etc. And even tell white males a Hispanic cat next door will put a twinkle in the eyes of your lady in the bedroom/boudoir while making more money than you. But don’t be surprised when white males drop out or stop trying. AWD wrote of this very tragic trend recently:


Here’s the deal. Buick sucks. They can put Tiger Woods or Shaquille O’Neal behind the wheel and they’ll still suck. By the way, haven’t seen any Tigers or Shaqs in Buick commercials lately. Buick must have given up on the Buick-buying brovas. They lost that market to Escalades and public transportation. Now Buick looks to corner the future Democrats known as illegal aliens. If so, Buick better introduce the Buick Lowrider with hydraulics and a little chain steering wheel, vato!

Something like eso!

[yt id=”D7vi6HTa990″]

Wait until Los Garcia move in their 20 familia de Mexico and Primo Juancho brings his lowrider amigos to the new ‘hood. The little slutty wife will have more fun than she ever imagined.

Yes, this is the future of America if Republicans, Democrats, and cultural elites get their way.

Chevere! Chevere! Hey, can I get spinners on that La Sabre?

Now for some good news! It seems Cheerio’s has figured it out! Here is a pro-father commercial that shows white men in a good light. Long time coming!

[yt id=”6GYxH2-WeZY”]

Bravo, Cheerios! Bravo!



  1. Yes, the white male is definitely being marginalized by Madison Avenue. It’s not only disconcerting, but disgusting, since it’s the white male who created, maintained, and enhanced Western society.

    • Really! The white man has stolen and taken credit for other people’s ideas and inventions throughout history. The only original idea was weapons of mass destruction.

      • And if weapons of mass destruction had never been invented we would have been accused of letting WWII go on for too long and causing many times more people to die needlessly. You’re welcome, feminists. Could you please explain why we should even be allowed to exist? And if we’re not why are you not demanding governments to strip away all of men’s including the right to exist?

      • Kelly- Really dummy? I can already tell there is nothing original with your words, repeat crap like a parrot. Stolen? This land was conquered. Just like Palestine, Persia, India -for ages if it’s conquered it BELONGS. If an invention was stolen, it was stolen from another white man. They’re responsible for over 95% of all in “meaningful” inventions in the ENTIRE world (not talking peanut butter). Women are responsible for a mere 1%, and they were not that meaningful (makes you feel small doesn’t it? You insignificant harlot). Facts, you have none.

      • I’m sure there have been a few things taken credit for by the wrong people, but the other 99 percent were still accomplished by white men. That is why you probably complain about every breakthrough in medical, engineering, aviation history because yup, it’s another old white guy, sorry that it isn’t a black male or white female like you would prefer, it simply isn’t the case. Did you come here looking for an actual anti white website, and were dissipointed to find that it was the only piece of media not trying to bash white males? Sorry we couldn’t contribute to your endeavor for Caucasian genocide.

      • Oh? Where are your examples? Meanwhile, I’ll just keep believing that Isaac Newton invented Physics, the Greeks invented democracy, Mozart/Beethoven/Bach(s)/ were supreme composers, Michelangelo invented mechanical engineering and… jeesh… all while the Asian cultures were picking rice out of their teeth (oh, by the way they invented gunpowder), Arabs were killing each other (like they still are), Russians were stealing everything from the West (like today) and Africans… well, [trying to be nice here]… let’s just say Africans had not yet even noticed that there was anything outside of the jungle.

      • Laurence Almand

        Virtually all the great scientific and medical discoveries that benefit humanity were made by competent, intelligent White males. The polio vaccine and penicillin are just two of the great achievements of White males.
        Just how many great medical achievements have been made by females?

      • Hey Kelly girl. He invented that vibrator you can’t put down.

  2. Speaking of Shaq and metrosexuals, have you seen Shaq’s moisturizer lotion commercial?

  3. AWD,
    Here is a pro white man car….
    Lol..just wait till all the illegals get to use these…..

    • A very complex piece of equipment……with a very old premise……flying cars……

      as a pilot…..

      I would not fly that…..


  4. Fascinating interview with Charles Murray…

  5. Good on Cherrios!

    Now, let me flip the coin on the other argument… I, as an Angry White Dudette am sick and tired of being portrayed as a two-dimensional bitchy nag with a superiority complex… ‘Ah, men. Can’t live with ’em, can’t make babies without them’… Now why can’t you pick up your socks?’

    My husband just yesterday fixed the sink, the kid’s computer AND the van, which would not start in sub-zero temps. All that while the kids were running about and I’m doing domestic stuff. And I’m gonna look down my nose at him?!?

    Does Buick honestly think I would commit adultery, whether for real or mentally over one of their shit cars that depreciated HOW MUCH as soon as it left the effin’ lot?!? REGARDLESS of the race of the neighbor!

    All I ask of my husband, as far as pesos are concerned, is that we have enough not to be foreclosed on and occasionally order out for pizza. Real high demands, right?!? And guess what? Even if he lost his job today, all this stuff is just STUFF. I’m not going to bitch him out or go find myself a Carlos.


  6. Pointy End Out

    BUICK :
    The Official car of GOLF !

    Each as bland, dull and boring as hell as the other…

  7. Good article! I have seen that commercial and thought the same thing as AWD. Buick was selling Mexican males and the fact that if you did not buy a Buick your wife may leave you for one. The white male in this commercial was, (like AWD said) a metrosexual male. He is most assuredly a democrat. His wife is apparently looking around for some different action. If he was a real man he would have drug his bitch-wife from that window and asked her just what the f- -k she meant by that then he would go over to the Mexican’s place and put a dent in his Buick. That was just for starters. I will never buy another Buick in my lifetime. I have had a few (not now) in the past and they were nothing but chromed-over Chevys. I will write GM….those azzoles…and complain. I am tired of white male bashing.

  8. As far as the Cheerios commercial we must not forget that it was cheerios that made the commercial about a white woman and her half-mud daughter talking about her black father (the woman’s husband) sleeping on the couch. I hate Cheerios. No commercial they can make can overcome that one. Eff Cheerios.

  9. White men can’t ski………………………. 252km = 168mph

  10. AWD this one has to be one of the worst ones.

  11. Spurwing Plover

    Back in the days when Buick used the Hawk in their commercials when Campbells soup still had soups called THE MAN HANDLERS and before those el-pinko maggots of the 70’s got jobs as advertising executives. My parents used to have a 1952 Buick

  12. Chris Mahoney

    As always, you are the #1 observer of American popular culture, up there with Tom Wolf and Dominick Dunne. I am a car guy. Of course, I would never buy a POS GM product, that’s a given. Not because it’s made by the union thugs at UAW, but because GM hates its customers and makes cars where the cheap plastic control buttons fall off into your hands. But let’s imagine that I am just a normal white male who, out of ignorance, doesn’t hate GM products because he has never driven one. Then he sees this ad, a white-man repellant. Presumably, Buick is repositioning itself as the Minority Car. Except that all of the Minorities that I know drive Kias. Oh, and not one Minority in US History has ever bought or driven or seen or heard of a Chevy Volt. Why don’t Minorities want to drive Green cars?

  13. Txsecededave

    Yep, Txsecededave had to Roy, Ralph, Earl and Buick after the “kiss the non existent Latinos ass” commercial. But, two thumbs and a “Effin A Right” for the Cheerios commercial!

  14. “Don’t be satisfied with what you have, you must get a new car and bang your neighbor[‘s] [wife] to be REALLY happy.” -AWD

    Preach it my white brother man!

    Instead of advertising the cars benefits and features Buick decides to seduce, subvert, and warp.

    Most likely because the hunk of junk they are pitching has no features or benefits and I highly doubt a Latino of any stripe would be caught dead in one of these soccer mom rides.

    If Buick really wants to pitch to the Mexican market they need to adjust their advertising by showing their car can get from Juarez to El Paso, through the desert, on a 120 degree day, with 15 bales in the back, without attracting the attention of the border patrol.

    • Waspish,
      I drive a 1995 Nissan xe truck I bought new, it has 750,000 miles on it, very little repair expense, It’s really wore out as much as I am but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  15. we here at awd should never lose sight of our original tag line………………..

    “”In defence of the most ridiculed and unappreciated being on the planet…the white male…””

    the best tag line on the net today and will remain so…….the best tag line on the net bar none……..

  16. And did you notice in the cheerio commercial, no half nappy children!!

  17. “maybe he got a raise.”

    or maybe he doesn’t pay any TAXES, or doesn’t PAY any of the OTHER mandated fees and expenses the Government has saddled on GRINGOS, like healthcare, education and FOOD.

    Maybe his rent is subsidized by Uncle Sugar, or he got a special “Dreamer” mortgage rate.
    Maybe he collects disability under 14 different names.

    Maybe he’s a cartel soldier (ohhh, now wouldn’t that make Miss White neighbor all steamy in the silk!?) running tons of MJ and pounds of ICE into the country.

    Maybe he’s…well, I think you get the picture…

  18. Stop complaining my fellow WMs. You actually may BE the wimps these liberal media people portray you as. Why? Because I’ve watched this crap for DECADES, and I’ve heard complaints by WMs for at least several years, and none of you ever >>>DO<<>> ORGANIZE <<< and fight back, nothing will change.

  19. Vote with your pocketbook…while you still can.

  20. Do any of the posters here have non-white friends? Do you resent them behind their back or what?

  21. “Her nerdy, metrosexual (i.e. homosexual in a metro) husband”

    That man is supposed to be gay? lmao

  22. Anyone else see the racism in this ad?

  23. Laurence Almand

    As a White male who has worked and supported himself since the age of 18, I am sick and tired of hearing competent White males blamed for all of society’s ills. White males built the USA into the great country it is – or rather was.
    Take a look at Detroit or East St. Louis to find out what happens when low-IQ Blacks become the majority in any city.
    In the government, it is common practice to bypass competent White males in favor of incompetent Blacks and females, so they have no right to complain.

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