If you remember, candidate Obama was against homosexual marriage. But since he was elected and caught frolicking around with his “body man” Reggie Love, all we hear and see is gay, gay, and more gay sh*t everywhere we turn! And it’s making me sick over here!

Gays in the military, gays in the Olympic games, gay marriage, gay pro athletes, gays on TV shows, commercials, etc, e-freaking-nough! AWD has had enough with the gay thing! I’m straight and normal! Supa-sexy and attracted to hot fillies with two huge tracts of land and onion behinds (butts so beautiful they bring tears to your eyes)! I don’t care about gay sh*t!!!!

Nabisco has come out with a commercial so freaky-deaky that AWD is nearly at a loss at how to criticize it. Almost! Watch this commercial titled “This Is Wholesome” and ask yourself if you’ll ever buy another Nabisco product again?

The voice over says at the end:

No matter how things change, what makes us wholesome never will. Honey Maid — everyday wholesome snacks for every wholesome family. This is wholesome.

Wholesome? I guess it depends on whose definition of the word. Showing a nuclear family with a mom and dad (male and female) going on a family event, even church, is not considered “wholesome” to leftists like Nabisco. Whites and Christianity are the root causes of everything bad in the world according to libtards.

All that was missing in that commercial was a Muslim couple slicing off the tingly parts of their female children! I guess Nabisco is Islamophobic.

The commercial starts out with two daisy pickers caring for “their” baby then taking the baby out for a stroll through their gay-borhood to show they are as normal as Ozzie and Harriet. Nothing says America 2014 more than too poofters out for a walk with a baby they cannot naturally produce but demand to be considered natural parents. Naturally. Thinking any different would make one a homophobe (homophobe: fear of homosexuals). Note: anyone who would be afraid of those two pillow-biters in the commercial probably has an extensive Clay Aiken CD collection and has probably been up and close with a big one themselves.

Next, enter the tattooed, unemployed drummer of the garage band “I EAT CHILDREN” holding a baby, maybe his. If not he was most likely kidnapping it for sale on the black market. If not for welfare and food stamps, Ringo would most likely be living in the proverbial van down by the river. Maybe I’m wrong and shouldn’t stereotype. Most C-level executives with whom AWD comes into contact have extensive neck tattoos.

Next comes the now ubiquitous interracial family. AWD has written on this before but let me Reader’s Digest it for you. NOBODY really likes interracial marriages between blacks and whites. Blacks certainly don’t.

The commercial ends with Ozzie and Glenn standing with their “family” outside their house with an American flag. Because it’s now hip to be queer in America. The US military now hosts Drag Queen shows and gay professional athletes receive phone calls from the President. US soldiers who have their legs blown off in Afghanistan see their benefits cut. Maybe the new gay soldiers will get calls from Obama once their legs are blown off.

America is going downhill fast. As American norms are replaced with “alternative” lifestyles, proven successful traditions are now openly ridiculed. Children are taught in school at early ages about homosexual sex practices. They are taught whites that didn’t vote for Obama are racists. They are taught the Constitution is an old document written by evil, white men. Boys are taught to embrace their “feminine sides” and eschew natural masculine instincts. Conversely, girls are taught to be hard-nosed womyn who can do everything boys can do, but better. Successful white people are given what they have actually earned because of “white privilege” and not hard work and sacrifice. All of these things and more are hard at word destroying the moral fiber of what once made America great. America is not exceptional anymore. It is exceptionally stupid. How else can one explain the election and reelection of Barack Hussein Obama, Community Organizer?

AWD finds myself more libertarian in my views these days. I don’t care where homosexual men put their winkies as long as I am not forced to hear about it or demanded to accept it as normal. I’d prefer to be left out of the equation.

I’m sure there are homosexuals who make good parents. But who cares for the children who are adopted into such scenarios? “Dad, did I come from your butt or was I born from other Dad’s butt?” Are there not traditional male/female couples to adopt these children? Also, how many stories have we heard about homosexual men using adoptive children for sexual purposes? Too many.

As for Nabisco, AWD long ago gave up buying your sh*tty “food products.” It will be interesting to see how marketing your crackers to a tiny percentage of the US population will work out for you? How many American tired of politically correct crap being shoved down our throats will never again spend money on Nabisco?

But since Nabisco has chosen to glorify “alternative” lifestyles over traditional (majority) America, maybe they can use this cat in their next commercial. I’m sure this cat’s parents are proud he’s so sensitive about Britney and embarrassing himself as a joke on Youtube instead of being the pulling guard on his high school football team dating the Prom Queen.

Here’s Monty Python perfectly summing up the homosexual question. I think Reg is a homophobe:

Inarguable logic: “You can’t have a baby, you don’t have a womb. Where’s the baby going to gestate, in a box?”


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