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If you remember, candidate Obama was against homosexual marriage. But since he was elected and caught frolicking around with his “body man” Reggie Love, all we hear and see is gay, gay, and more gay sh*t everywhere we turn! And it’s making me sick over here!

Gays in the military, gays in the Olympic games, gay marriage, gay pro athletes, gays on TV shows, commercials, etc, e-freaking-nough! AWD has had enough with the gay thing! I’m straight and normal! Supa-sexy and attracted to hot fillies with two huge tracts of land and onion behinds (butts so beautiful they bring tears to your eyes)! I don’t care about gay sh*t!!!!

Nabisco has come out with a commercial so freaky-deaky that AWD is nearly at a loss at how to criticize it. Almost! Watch this commercial titled “This Is Wholesome” and ask yourself if you’ll ever buy another Nabisco product again?

The voice over says at the end:

No matter how things change, what makes us wholesome never will. Honey Maid — everyday wholesome snacks for every wholesome family. This is wholesome.

Wholesome? I guess it depends on whose definition of the word. Showing a nuclear family with a mom and dad (male and female) going on a family event, even church, is not considered “wholesome” to leftists like Nabisco. Whites and Christianity are the root causes of everything bad in the world according to libtards.

All that was missing in that commercial was a Muslim couple slicing off the tingly parts of their female children! I guess Nabisco is Islamophobic.

The commercial starts out with two daisy pickers caring for “their” baby then taking the baby out for a stroll through their gay-borhood to show they are as normal as Ozzie and Harriet. Nothing says America 2014 more than too poofters out for a walk with a baby they cannot naturally produce but demand to be considered natural parents. Naturally. Thinking any different would make one a homophobe (homophobe: fear of homosexuals). Note: anyone who would be afraid of those two pillow-biters in the commercial probably has an extensive Clay Aiken CD collection and has probably been up and close with a big one themselves.

Next, enter the tattooed, unemployed drummer of the garage band “I EAT CHILDREN” holding a baby, maybe his. If not he was most likely kidnapping it for sale on the black market. If not for welfare and food stamps, Ringo would most likely be living in the proverbial van down by the river. Maybe I’m wrong and shouldn’t stereotype. Most C-level executives with whom AWD comes into contact have extensive neck tattoos.

Next comes the now ubiquitous interracial family. AWD has written on this before but let me Reader’s Digest it for you. NOBODY really likes interracial marriages between blacks and whites. Blacks certainly don’t.

The commercial ends with Ozzie and Glenn standing with their “family” outside their house with an American flag. Because it’s now hip to be queer in America. The US military now hosts Drag Queen shows and gay professional athletes receive phone calls from the President. US soldiers who have their legs blown off in Afghanistan see their benefits cut. Maybe the new gay soldiers will get calls from Obama once their legs are blown off.

America is going downhill fast. As American norms are replaced with “alternative” lifestyles, proven successful traditions are now openly ridiculed. Children are taught in school at early ages about homosexual sex practices. They are taught whites that didn’t vote for Obama are racists. They are taught the Constitution is an old document written by evil, white men. Boys are taught to embrace their “feminine sides” and eschew natural masculine instincts. Conversely, girls are taught to be hard-nosed womyn who can do everything boys can do, but better. Successful white people are given what they have actually earned because of “white privilege” and not hard work and sacrifice. All of these things and more are hard at word destroying the moral fiber of what once made America great. America is not exceptional anymore. It is exceptionally stupid. How else can one explain the election and reelection of Barack Hussein Obama, Community Organizer?

AWD finds myself more libertarian in my views these days. I don’t care where homosexual men put their winkies as long as I am not forced to hear about it or demanded to accept it as normal. I’d prefer to be left out of the equation.

I’m sure there are homosexuals who make good parents. But who cares for the children who are adopted into such scenarios? “Dad, did I come from your butt or was I born from other Dad’s butt?” Are there not traditional male/female couples to adopt these children? Also, how many stories have we heard about homosexual men using adoptive children for sexual purposes? Too many.

As for Nabisco, AWD long ago gave up buying your sh*tty “food products.” It will be interesting to see how marketing your crackers to a tiny percentage of the US population will work out for you? How many American tired of politically correct crap being shoved down our throats will never again spend money on Nabisco?

But since Nabisco has chosen to glorify “alternative” lifestyles over traditional (majority) America, maybe they can use this cat in their next commercial. I’m sure this cat’s parents are proud he’s so sensitive about Britney and embarrassing himself as a joke on Youtube instead of being the pulling guard on his high school football team dating the Prom Queen.

Here’s Monty Python perfectly summing up the homosexual question. I think Reg is a homophobe:

Inarguable logic: “You can’t have a baby, you don’t have a womb. Where’s the baby going to gestate, in a box?”



  1. This stuff is never going to stop, it’s only going to keep getting worse and worse until uncontrollable rage becomes the order of the day. Complaining about this crap just invites more of it.

    This AT&T ad is their latest in the male-bashing category. It features a white female AT&T store manager and five real estate agents, two assertive white women, two assertive black women, and one wussified, bumbling white male. Watch his body language while the women take charge.

  2. Lazlo wonders right now if some modern day Abraham is arguing with God over whether or not He’s going to destroy America depending on how many righteous people live here.

    • jose emanuel

      Jesus is coming and boy is he pissed!In the at&t commercial white guy is portrayed as left out,stupid,not keeping up with the norm.As for Nabisco,it portrays exactly what you see,a bunch of fags living in a libhood.Aint that nice,while Mr.and Mr’s normal gets this shit rammed down our throats everyday,I can’t stand this shit anymore and,will never buy another Nabisco product again!!!!!!!

    • It was Noah, not Abraham.

      • No, it was Abraham. His nephew Lot was living in the city of Sodom.

        As for Noah, God told him that he’d give humanity another 120 years–then the kid gloves come off. No one repented. In 120 years.

  3. Ok, with the exception of Monty Python, what the hell did I just watch?!?!

    Nabisco, from this day forth, can kiss my straight, white, masculine ass! They must have drunk the diversity kool-aid, and hired a shitload of libtarded faggot executives to come out with a commercial like that on the public airwaves.

    As for the little whiny Britney beotch, he needs to move to some San Francisco pillow factory so he won’t run out of pillows to bite while every flaming fag in the Bay Area stretches his o-ring.

    Every day, I am more grateful that I bailed out of the urban sewer, and went to rural Galt’s gulch.

  4. right now I can’t watch that shit-ass commercial…….I’m up to here with the homosexual crap….. I mean it, every time I turn on the news, the radio some son-of-a-bitch is trying to shove that homo crap down my throat…………

    Fukk the homo’s…….I so god damn sick and tired of these filthy disgusting perverts I can’t take it anymore…….homo this and homo that……I’m sick and tired of the homo’s……..what the hell is happening here in this country……we use to beat the shit out of these god damn filthy perverts……..and everyone was glad that we did….no one wanted these disgusting pervs around………find a bunch of them in their filthy aids-infected bath-houses and then raid it with baseball bats…’s the only thing these perv’s understand…………

    maybe I’ll watch this vid a little later but right now it would just enrage me beyond measure……..

    • Bluto,

      It won’t matter how long you wait, it’ll still piss you off, right now, I’d be cheering to see California and all it’s homo enclaves slide into the Pacific Ocean.

      • jose emanuel

        JMV,you didn’t include Charles village balto,md.

        • Jose, that’s because eventually the cubre vieja volcano will slide into the sea, and the entire east coast will be washed clean by the resultant tsunami.

          • cool!

          • I thought so, there’s also a crack in one of the Hawaiian islands on the east side, the geologists say that if that specific section slides into the sea, a wave of up to 100 feet high could take out the west coast. One can only hope!

    • jose emanuel

      Brace yourself bluto,it’s really sickening.

  5. Faggots and maggots belong together,,,no difference to me.

  6. The deal the Chicago machine made with the powers was, they get every left wing agenda fullfilled, just as long as the Banksters on Wall St. walked. No FBI, No SEC, No Justice Dept.
    Note there is no serious opposition to ANY of Obamalam’s outrageous dictates!
    Boehner is the bag man behind the scenes

  7. riverlife_callie

    I agree, AWD, I am more than sick of this crap. I posted over at the Nabisco YouTube video that they can celebrate “perversity” if they want to, but I will shop for other brands from now on. And I’m telling everyone I know to watch this, then do the same. Enough. These people are some miniscule percent of the population. Why do normal people have to keep getting beaten over the head with gay, gay, gay?

  8. Cooter Brown

    Sick bastards. I will never buy any more Nabisco products for the rest of my life. Let the Queers keep them in business..

  9. Spurwing Plover

    Nothings sacreed from dirty disgusting gays At least theres sill CHICK-A-FILLA

    • jose emanuel

      The fags can choke on them crackers as far as I’m concerned.I am sick of their shit!g&d%&m perverts.

  10. Deer Crusher

    They are also promoting race mixing. I’m done with them and so is anyone else that will listen to me.

    • jose emanuel

      America,home of the fags and lesbians.

    • Yeah, I’m not too happy with General Mills either. They started the race mixing commercials with the cheerios cereal, if anyone remembers.

      Queerios–pour milk on ’em, and they eat each other.

      • I agree. I will not have a General Mills product in my home. I wrote them and told them of my great disagreement with their ads. I wish you and others would too if you haven’t already done it. There are more and more race-mixing commercials coming and more of it on television. It is going to come a time that whites must boycott not only products but television itself.

  11. Deer Crusher

    A list of Nabisco/Kraft products to boycott;

    General Foods International
    Maxwell House
    Seattle’s Best Coffee*
    Torrefazione Italia

    Frozen Treats
    Kool-Aid Slushies
    Breyers Ice Cream

    Powdered Soft Drinks
    Country Time
    Crystal Light

    Capri Sun*
    Country Time
    Crystal Light
    Kool-Aid Bursts

    Oscar Mayer
    Louis Rich

    Cold Cuts
    Oscar Mayer
    Louis Rich

    Dinner Kits
    South Beach Diet
    Taco Bell*

    Frozen Pizza
    California Pizza Kitchen*
    South Beach Diet

    Hot Dogs
    Oscar Mayer

    Lunch Combinations

    Macaroni & Cheese Dinner
    Back to Nature
    It’s Pasta Anytime
    Kraft Easy Mac

    Meat Alternatives

    Meat Snacks

    Pastas and Sauces
    Back to Nature

    Cheese Cubes
    Back to Nature

    Cold Pack Cheese

    Cottage Cheese
    Light n’ Lively

    Cream Cheese
    Back to Nature


    Grated Cheese


    Natural Cheese
    Cracker Barrel
    Harvest Moon

    Process Cheese Loaves
    Kraft Deluxe
    Old English

    Process Cheese Sauce
    Cheez Whiz

    Process Cheese Slices
    Back to Nature
    Kraft Deli Deluxe
    Kraft Free Singles
    Kraft Singles
    Kraft 2% Milk Singles

    Process Cheese Spread
    Easy Cheese

    Shredded Cheese
    Back to Nature

    Sour Cream

    Baking Chocolate/Coconut

    Baking Powder

    Barbecue Sauce

    Cereal Bars
    Post CarbWell
    Post Honey Bunches of Oats
    South Beach Diet

    Coating Mix
    Shake ‘n Bake
    Oven Fry

    Grey Poupon

    Cooked Cereal
    Cream of Wheat

    Dry Packaged Desserts
    Dream Whip
    Knox Gelatine

    Energy Bars
    Balance CarbWell

    Fruit Preservatives
    Ever Fresh

    Frozen Whipped Topping
    Cool Whip

    Ice Cream Topping

    Pasta Salads



    Pie Crusts
    Honey Maid

    Ready-to-Eat Cereals
    Back to Nature
    Banana Nut Crunch
    Blueberry Morning
    Cinna-Cluster Raisin Bran
    Cranberry Almond Crunch
    Frosted Shredded Wheat
    Fruit & Fibre
    Golden Crisp
    Great Grains
    Honey Bunches of Oats
    Natural Bran Flakes
    Oreo O’s
    Raisin Bran
    Shredded Wheat
    Shredded Wheat ‘n Bran
    Spoon Size Shredded Wheat
    Waffle Crisp
    100% Bran

    Salad Dressings
    Good Seasons
    Kraft CarbWell
    Seven Seas

    Spoonable Dressing
    Kraft Mayo
    Miracle Whip

    Steak Sauce, Marinade, Worcestershire
    A. 1.
    A. 1. CarbWell

    Stuffing Mix
    Stove Top

    Back to Nature
    Barnum’s Animals
    Café Creme
    Chips Ahoy!
    Famous Chocolate Wafers
    Family Favorites
    Old Fashioned
    Ginger Snaps
    Lorna Doone
    Marshmallow Twirls
    National Arrowroot
    Nutter Butter
    Pecan Passion
    SnackWell’s CarbWell
    Social Tea
    South Beach Diet
    Stella D’oro
    Teddy Grahams
    Wild Thornberry’s*

    Air Crisps
    Back to Nature
    Better Cheddars
    Cheese Nips
    Crown Pilot
    Doo Dad
    Flavor Crisps
    Harvest Crisps
    Honey Maid
    Nabisco Grahams
    Royal Lunch
    South Beach Diet
    Stoned Wheat Thins
    Vegetable Thins
    Wheat Thins

    Ice Cream Cones
    Comet Cups

    Packaged Food Combinations

    Refrigerated Ready-to-Eat Desserts

    Snack Bars
    Honey Maid
    Planters CarbWell
    SnackWell’s CarbWell

    Snack Nuts
    Corn Nuts
    PB Crisps

    Kraft Caramels

    100 Calorie Packs

    Barnum’s Animals® Crackers

    Chips Ahoy!®

    Flavor Originals®

    Honey Maid®

    Kraft® Cheese Nips®



    Nutter Butter®


    Ritz Bits® Sandwiches

    Teddy Graham®

    Wheat Thins®





    Easy Cheese®

    Ginger Snaps®

    Kraft® Handi-Snacks®


    Nilla® Wafers




    Toasted Chips



    • They have their claws in everything! Damn, I’m glad I can grow my own food, and hunt for meat, at least until I see some bull elk f’ing each other.

    • Family Tradition

      Breyers Ice Cream is owned by Unilever. The same company that owns Ben and Jerry ice cream and Dove for Men (rump rangers and metro-sexuals) personal care. Trust me, I work for them and they are going down the same pc road. I’m out in October.

      I only purchase two of the products listed. Premium saltine crackers can be easily be replaced, but Velvetta? I eat that nearly everyday………

    • Avoid processed food and you could avoid buying any of their crap.

  12. After the Cheerios brouhaha, the douchetard hipsters that come up with all these faggot-loving, diversity-worshiping ads are probably gleefully trolling traditionalists, seeing who can out-fag and out-diversity the next. Expect it to get worse.

  13. Typical ad agency “creative”: hipster douchebag

    I think the marketing execs at businesses are a lot like Republicans. They’re just sackless retards. They’re only ok’ing these ad campaigns because all the “cool kids” (read: hipster douchetards) tell them that’s what’s “cool” these days. If you put them in front of conservative creatives who could sell “cool” just as well, then they’d ok something entirely different.

    I.e., the problem as I see it is not so much the companies who are leaving it up to the ad agencies to do their thing; it’s the ad agencies that, like Hollywood, are overwhelmingly radical leftist douchetards whose primary mission is not to sell product but to sell “diversity” and homosexuality.

    Because, you know, that’s cool.

  14. Spurwing Plover

    Under islam these gay rainbow freakos would get beheaded for this disgucting lifestyle

  15. caught frolicking around with his “body man” Reggie Love,
    Caught or rumored?

    Also I watch Tv at the bym [and avoid elsewhere]…there was a Ball game on…and the commercials were so Black.
    Not ‘diversity’, over represented.
    In the ball game hash over as of 2 sportcasters was black.

  16. Libtard here…
    Wish I could find something incorrect within the body of text above.
    Not going to happen.

  17. I am sending Nabisco an email informing them that I will never buy any of their products again. I agree with Bluto. Sick&tired of fags and lesbos being thrown in my face.

  18. kritterpants

    I’m confused about what, if anything, Obama has to do with Nabisco’s advertising decisions. I’m also at a loss to how you interpreted Nabisco as anti-Christian. Further clarification would be appreciated!

  19. Snake Oiler

    The bedrock defense for homosexuals as a special protected class of people is that they “were born that way” – they can’t help it. But the only thing gays have in common is a single quirk – same-sex attraction. The commonplace, but as yet unsubstantiated, folklore is that homosexuality is the consequence of some genetic mutation or constellation of mutations, but so is alcoholism. Do we make special allowances for alcoholics? Homosexuality occurs in the human population about as often as schizophrenia – about one percent. No prudent culture completely reorders its society to celebrate any genetic mutation or any single distinguishing behavioral quirk. Homosexuals are a tiny abnormal population, but they are not uniformly abnormal. Sexual orientation is a grab bag of oddities. For example, pedophilia is a sexual orientation; therefore Washington’s public-accommodation law now gives special protections to persons who are sexually attracted to pre-pubescent children, even though child molestation is illegal in Washington state. It doesn’t help matters that the same American Psychiatric Association that deleted homosexuality as a disorder from its 1973 Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-III) also dropped pedophilia as a disorder in 1994. (It should be noted that homosexuality was dropped by the APA following a totally unscientific mail-in balloting of its members that was secretly scripted and financed by gay radicals. The ballot, to which only 25% of APA members replied, was used by the APA as a fig leaf to conceal the APA’s cowardice in the face of a gay-radical harassment campaign against APA members. APA members continued to believe that homosexuals were disordered.) Thanks to America’s “progressives,” homosexuality, pedophilia, exhibitionism, voyeurism, sadism, masochism and every other sort of fetishism and sexual aberration is now protected by every “anti-discrimination” law that sanctifies “sexual orientation.”

    “He hit him so hard it put him on queer street”

    • What’s funny is that gays are not a special class of people …they are people , period…but as soon as they are shown with the regularness straights are, you can’t stand it! You have to blow up about it……”Me thinks thou dost protest too much!”

  20. This is a joke. You are trying to sell thus website as just your good old fashion “Murican.” It’s not that the US government and the debauchery of all those you deem as destroying “Murica.” You come across racist, bigoted, hypocritical, and undeservedly entitles. You come across this way because you are every one of things. Everyone has the right to an opinion and choice. This is no longer even about that. You try and sell it as your “Murican” patriot bullshit agenda. Just admit it. Really all it’s about the hate and straight up dick head behavior you display, and then put it in done political right context.

    • Waah!!! Another liberal troll who hasn’t a clue about reality. – Flush him down the toilet!

      • It’s OK. We all know that you “Muricans” are trying so hard and with so much anger to spread your dogma because while you might have a faction of support with hateful people America and it’s majority citizens will watch your imagined influence and hate speech disguised as legitimate political views. I’m sure you’re all still pretty pissed that you didn’t get to keep your black slaves and thought at very least they still would in the back if the bus. As the years continue to pass by and our society continues to progress forward with the true and foundational idea of freedom and equal treatment for all our citizens, not
        just the ones that you have deemed worthy of it’s status. Deep down you know by the course of history that
        every ridiculous idea that you hold will dwindle and fade away. It’s probably frustrating knowing that no matter how much effort you put into anger and hatred you will lack the necessary amount of actual legitimate government support to really make your illogical ideas have any actual effect. You will continue to complain, but you will not and actual benefits or results. At least there will be more time to create research that is no way based on legitimate information it actual results because all the child molesters you speak of are always statistically heterosexual.

    • Yo, sissy boy, are you sure you know what you’re talking about? “Everyone has a right to an opinion and choice”. But only as long as those opinions and choices fall into lockstep with the immoral and perverted liberal/progressive ideology.

      Next time you whine on a conservative site, at least complete your statement.

      Man up, Nancy.

      • Ill man up when you educate yourself and quit being a redneck.

        • Don’t feed this repeat troll! – I’m done.

        • In other words, your a faggot, you hate America, and you think throwing away a constitution that worked for centuries is the correct thing to do? Idiot. Go stumble onto some other website.

          Bubba Hotep

        • Yep, typical response from a troll, ignore my points and divert the subject. To restate, “everyone has a right to an opinion and choice” as long as it agrees with the left’s ideology.

          Any intelligent response to that? Doubt it.

  21. I came over to this site from The Burning Platform. American values came from the founders of this country who were mostly white Europeans who were seeking freedom to be either Catholic or Protestant. Almost all believed in Almighty God as the creator of this universe. IMVHO if you would spend more time contemplating how to remove the log from your own eye before worrying about the splinter in your neighbors eye you would feel nothing but pity for homosexuals. All sin is equal to Almighty God. If you would read the Bible and ask Almighty God to help your understanding in Jesus name you might learn something. My understanding is not complete, however it is clear that this type of behavior upsets you. Why? Could it be that the reason you find this behavior upsetting is that Almighty God has written His law upon your heart? Time may be very short. Humans can not stop Fukashima. That radiation is burning up the planet, is it not? That radiation is killing the Pacific, is it not? Radiation weakens the immune ststem and causes all kinds of chronic illness, does it not? Chronic illness is a plague, is it not? This type of behavior, homosexuality, is persecuting christian souls, is it not? Prepare for a lot worse but don’t blame Almighty God for things beyond your understanding, especially if you personally refuse to try to understand. Angels live forever, do they not? They are a part of this too. Almighty God does not change and His promises are true. We can’t understand ourselves. How can we possibly understand Almighty God? Who can stand against Almighty God? Common sense should prevail, should it not? I very rarely comment so don’t try to draw me out. I’ve been insulted before, no worries. If you honestly believe you evolved from a primordial soup who am I to argue.

  22. Whether one thinks it is ‘politically correct’ (a Leninist term) or not,……total acceptance and promotion of homosexuality must stop. It must stop. It is a sure sign that a nation is on the brink. Every great nation or empire has had its war with these devils. Rome, Greece, and even Germany has had their times of homosexual strife. In Rome and Greece it led to downfall because it showed the people to be too confused and to morally lazy to go against this evil practice and their downfall was near. In Germany after WWI you may remember the Weimar Republic and its excesses. Homosexuality was in vogue in Germany,…especially in the arts and the stage. When Hitler arrived on the scene he tapped into the natural revulsion to such a lifestyle and preached against it. This awakened the regular hard-working Germans and they started listening to him. I am not taking up for Hitler; I am showing how he wisely used the example of latent homosexuality to show how far the country had fallen and it struck a cord with people. Will another ‘Hitler’ arrive here? God says he finds gayness an ‘abomination’. It is. The gay mafia is trying to squelch any and every person who speaks against them. Gay marriage is a joke and does not even make sense. God made marriage and this nation is mocking Him. We will be punished if we don’t have the virtue and bravery to stop this gay organized onslaught any way we can. Think of Sodom and Gomorrah and every other city, nation, and empire in the past who succumbed to these devils. They are not simple, fairy-like, funny creatures like television promotes them. They are cruel when they do not get their way. They think they are safe in their numbers and money and the paid off politicians. They will be surprised eventually. There is a great reckoning coming to this country and, for one, will be glad to see it.

  23. Robert What?

    Remember years ago how the homosexual lobby said that all they wanted was to be left alone? Well, that turned out to be a crock. Now nothing less than enthusiastic celebration will be accepted. Otherwise you could lose your job and probably one day soon, your freedom.

  24. Question: Were you born a complete asshole, or did you take lessons?

  25. Anyone else notice the name of Nabisco’s new parent company? MondeLEZ. Coincidence. I think not.

  26. Just so everyone’s aware the ” out of work tattooed drummer” is actually the front man for a California punk band called the Briggs

  27. Honeymaid: For Fags!

  28. Oh god, so hilarious. You think you’re normal? You are a raging moron with a whole craoload of neuroses! If you’ve found some bottom feeding idiots who can support your view of the world, you should praise whatever God you can create in your head and stay right where you are. Otherwise you have no idea that you and your fan/friends are the laughing stock of the world. Hilarious!

  29. I know this is an old thread, stumbled upon by accident through the wonder that is Google, but couldn’t pass through without adding my two cents. As a straight, white female, I freakin’ love these commercials, support equality in all its guises (even for angry white guys), and will immediately go buy a case of Triscuits. #STR84NOH8 🙂

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