Between the Weiner and coming Wikileaks information, the next week or two could reveal criminal information about our government and top leaders that will turn you white. Don’t expect any of the information to be complimentary. Unless one considers scumbaggery at the highest and most treasonous levels to be a compliment. It’s possible with people like the Clintons.

One thing for sure. Huma is in deep Dukakis. She told the Federal BI earlier this year she had no computers with access to State Department emails after she surrendered the PC she had used while aiding and abetting Hillary Clinton. If Huma cuts a deal with the FBI, it’s lights out for ol’ Bill and Hill. If the Clinton, Inc is ripped apart by investigators, the Clintons better look good in stripes. And I don’t see Trump pardoning the Clintons while he’s promising to drain the DC swamp.

What will the Wikileaks upcoming leaks offer? Donna Brazile, lifetime liberal corruptocrat, has been fired from CNN for providing debate questions to Hillary. BFD! I sure hope the FBI looks into Brazile’s finances to see how much filthy lucre that has flowed into her little grubby hands from illegal sources.

It’s been rumored the latest batch of Wikileaks info will also include some nasty stuff from Obama. He’s already broken federal law by using a personal email address while POTUS. I just wish Julian Assange would release the damn Wikis and get on with it.

I still have my doubts Congress has the balls to put Obama and the Clintons away. After all, Allah only knows what the Clintons and Hussein have on the GOP Establishment crooks. My best guess is the whole swamp of DC is irreparably corrupt.

My mind cannot begin to think about all the permutations of if Hillary is elected and then convicted of treason. It certainly is possible. A full on constitutional crisis. Of course, no one really cares about the Constitution in Washington anymore.

What do you think?


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