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It’s okay for thee but not for me!

Day after day Barack Hussein has diminished the office of the president, today was topper!

Dear leader proved what a divisive racist he is during a very early interview. Talk about hypocrisy to the max!

We all know this was done intentionally…but why?

Here’s more that was said via this site:

President Barack Obama did not mince words in discussing race in a recent interview, going so far as to use the N-word in talking about America’s complex racial history when speaking to Marc Maron on the comedian’s “WTF” podcast in Los Angeles last week.

“The legacy of slavery, Jim Crow, discrimination in almost every institution of our lives, you know, that casts a long shadow, and that’s still part of our DNA that’s passed on. We’re not cured of it,” Obama said in the interview, posted in full on Monday. “And it’s not just a matter of it not being polite to say ‘n——-’ in public. That’s not the measure of whether racism still exists or not. It’s not just a matter of overt discrimination. … Societies don’t overnight completely erase everything that happened 2-300 years prior.”

Listen below and see what you think:

What will looney-left say about this…after-all they love to use the race-card every chance they get, as well as their Dear Leader does!

And what would happen to any republican using the N-Word as Dear Leader has here?

What do you have to say about this?

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to know!



  1. Nick Digger

    Why’d they bleep it out?

    Moreover, precisely when did FNC go full-bore pussyfag on us?

  2. I do not care what the “1st Negro” utters. I am through with catering to the black race. I am through allowing them and the government the ability to blame whites for the black’s own stupidity and laziness. I am through with any guilt feelings. I am southern but I live in 2015. I (and all whites alive now) was not living in 1860. I don’t own slaves and I don’t do anything to black people…,but learn to dislike them. Whites are attacked by blacks all the time and when some white kid attacks some blacks in a church you would think that all the whites rose up and killed millions of blacks. I am tired of the news and I am tired of the race whore president. I am not guilty of anything nor are the rest of the white people that did not pull the trigger in South Carolina. Be vigilant. Do not allow these blacks to leverage this incident into more attacks on our (white people’s) rights and on our flags. Eff Obama and eff the government of the US as it stands now.

    • Frank The Tank

      Blacks weren’t the only slaves. Here’s what was done to my people. At least we’re not a bunch of f’ing crybabies like the spooks are. They’re not the only ones who have suffered. I think it’s way past time they grew the hell up an took responsibility for their lives and futures.

      • thanks for bringing that up.The Irish were also enslaved,so to speak,in their own country.They could not own land,speak Gaelic,go to school or practice their religion freely.Read up on the “penal laws.”
        It is a pity the only thing that the only thing most Americans know about the Irish is St.Patrick’s you hear the Irish demanding Notre Dame get rid of their team mascot and name-the fighting Irish.

  3. What’s the point? Did he say it because he thinks he can get away with it because he’s black?

    Obama really thinks he so smart by using a podcast. He knew that he wouldn’t have to deal with FCC issues related to his deliberate use of the ‘N’ word in his speech.

    What’s really appalling about this is Obama’s views on race relations reflect the dominant liberal theory; That until white America apologizes for slavery (and the unmentioned addition of paying reparations), black America won’t be satisfied. It’s an unrealistic view of race relations and guarantees that the issue will continue to be unresolved and used as a political weapon by Democrats and blacks forever. Just like with the Confederate flag. They have twisted it made it in to a symbol of racism.

  4. Shitstain and the dhimicrats create the problem of racism in America………and then rush in to solve the problem they created and save us from this problem they created with some government program……..and their government programs are in reality nothing but totalitarian control forcing us into modern day serf-dom…..

    this racist president is a piece-of-shit…….now this “turd” is planning on moving his ghetto welfare trash into our neighborhoods by building section 8 housing in the midst of our homes and neighborhood…… his goal is to niggafy our neighborhoods……so we can all live a third world lifestyle….. while he and his bitch live a lavish lifestyle off the working people of this country spending our tax money as if there was no end to it…….

    president “Turd” is as black as the crap that plugged the bowl…..and stinks to high heavens as well… amount of aerosol will get the smell out of the white house when the Turd family finally leaves……the stench is over whelming…………..

    president “Turd” er, I mean Shitstain, is doing his damnedest to rile the people up in order to commit violent acts…….he is purposely being offensive….trying to provoke violence…….praising criminal blacks to foster his agenda……inciting people to riot… kill other innocents…….this president is trying to make America into some sort of Beirut……and he intends on doing his worst in the next 18 months……he’s going to go all out…..he doesn’t give a rat’s ass what anyone thinks of him……Shitstain is going to do everything he can to foster as much hate in this country as he possibly can………

    look-out…..Shitstain is on the move…..his worst is yet to come…………

    • Bluto…

      This post is a winner deluxe! You hit all the nails on the head when it comes to BHO and the no-good dems.

    • Mr. Rational

      Bluto and BT, face it:  you think Stanley Ann Dunham SHOULD have had an abortion!  (And so do I.)

      • Mr. Rational……..

        nor would it have bothered me is she murdered it when it came out of the womb………

    • Questionman

      Take the N-Word out of his discussion, now do you see what he was talking about? No? Are you going to read or listen to it yourself? No? You’re just here to mock our President aren’t you? Yes…

      Figures, this is just another case of the racists on the right playing holier than thou and passing the blame onto Obama, although I do agree racism was on the rise when Obama became President.

      Really? You recall George W. Bush ushering an era of racial harmony? Stop abusing opium. It is making you delusional.

      Why do you believe President Obama, or other people of color, have a duty to heal white people of racism? That moral failing is yours. Racists must heal themselves.

      In the rightwing world ,Black people aren’t allowed to talk about Racism. They exclusively listen to white folks to hear about issues facing minorities. Or the token minority they dig up who will take their side.

      The racist bigoted hypocrites on the right hate context, and that’s quite clear from all the racist comments these articles generate.

      Boy, THIS sure brought out the racists in droves! The same people & their RW hate talk radio & FoxNews have called Obama everything BUT that word since he’s been president. The whole “birther” movement was code for “Go back to Africa”. You guys really reveal your nasty innards when you write your ridiculous specious arguments about race. YOU are the real racists here, NOT Obama, YOU. YOU are the ones setting back race relations, NOT Obama.

      • You, Questionman, are an idiot. We are not the racists here. Most of this thread that you didn’t bother to read is pointing out the reverse racism and the hypocrisy of the DWL left and blacks. Have you seen the word ni&&er actually spelled out here? No. Have you seen some of us express a dislike for blacks? Yes. Does that make us racists? Hell no.

        Have you seen and ignored racism towards whites? Most likely. How come blacks get to use and say the N word, but is a white speaks it, riots break out? Are you saying that I have to give up my first amendment right but blacks don’t?

        Your lord and master Obama is the most racially divisive president ever. He is also the worst president ever. EVER! He and his race baiting buddies Al Sharpton, and Eric Holder have set race relations back decades in just 6 years.

        Before you come here to pass your lordly judgement on us, maybe you should take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself just why your beliefs are so messed up, and why you and your ilk are such hypocrites.

        Questionman indeed. Moron.

      • You got to be kidding me! You got your head so far up your ass, but no worries. You will be marching right into the fema camps with all the other sheeple people. My opinion of the black race comes from life experience, not talking points.
        I do not need the black race to heal me! I can take care of myself along with all the other white people. It seems you are not paying attention. It is the black race that is always crying about not having anything in life. It is the black race that cries racism for everything! It is the black race who lives in a pig sty and then bitches to the white politician about how their neighborhood doesnt look as nice as the white one. Maybe the white neighborhood looks nicer because we choose to keep it that way. Maybe if the blacks that hang around the projects all day would get a job they would have more pride in their neighborhood. It seems to me the black race spends too much time bitchin and calling us racist instead of putting that energy into a job, and trying to pull themselves out of the trashy neighborhood…which you trash by the way. Do not lecture us about life…learn to take responsibility for yours!

        • My original postvwas in response to Questionman…site wouldnt let me edit for some reason. So…i just wanted to make sure he knew i was speaking in response to his idiotic view of reality. Stay strong white race…

  5. racist hypocrites abound every where……….., especially in the dhimicrat party…….the “left” is full of these racist hypo’s…………

    all one needs to do is look at their rhetoric…………..

  6. Starnes says it all so well. As always he tells it like it is!

  7. we now have a woman that says she is qualified to take the place of president Shitstain……. and she wants us all to know she has our backs…….she’s the one for us……..what would we do with out her…. how the hell could we get along with out her……’s time for Hildabeast…………

    it’s time…..Hildabeast is ready to be president and she has our backs…..she will represent us……just send her $1.00 to let her know that we have her back… prove we will stand with Hildy through think and thin………

    she promises she won’t let us down because she has our backs……………..

    • Thompson nailed that one!

        • lets hope that Wiki gets the goods on Hildabeast and literally knocks her out of the presidential race……..she’s going to go down in flames no matter what…….even the dhimi’s don’t like her……she draws the same type of crowd Sandra Fluke draws (queers) and there aren’t enough of them to fill a phone booth……….

          even still I’d like to see her get knocked out of the race with some sort of corruption charges…….I’m looking forward to a republican administration that will start congressional hearings into her background and the Clinton Crime Family Foundation……and I hope they go after that corrupt bastard Eric “my people” Holder too and nail his ass to the wall……’s time to start putting dhimicrats in prison………

    • Obongo is going to get worse…..much worse……I’ll bet he’s fuming over the Charleston incident……the blacks aren’t rioting like he wants them to…….they aren’t blaming the police, or killing whites…….I know he’s pissed beyond belief that the blacks in Charleston aren’t doing what he wants them to do…that is burn Charleston to the ground…his community organizer brethren are there trying to cause and foment some sort of riot but the people in Charleston aren’t going for it………..Shitstain has got to be way past being pissed…….this is why he starting to use that derogatory colloquial terminology…..he’s trying to rile up the blacks to go on a rampage…………

  8. Dr. Cornel West said Obama is the first n*ggered president!

    Video included in the link.

  9. Obama did not mince words, nor will I.

    Face the hard cold truth, the double standard fact……………..

    Anything this shoot-from-the-hip shuck and jive hate filled, openly racist, Marxist, seditious, treasonous megalomaniac piece of shit ni&&er – who can’t pass a background check for starters – says or does is just fine. No accountability, no anything. Free pass city baby…………. “America” put the piece of shit into power. Not once, but twice, no less. Look at what, no surprise, they have done to this once decent nation………………………..

    By the way, how are his wife and children doing on their yet another taxpayer funded multi-million dollar shopping spree in Europe? Just askin’.

  10. public service announcement…….

    it’s not very difficult to identify an Obongo supporting libtard driving…………as a matter of fact is actually quite easy……………..

  11. test

    Dammit! WTF happened to my comment? The friggin’ NSA must be bugging my computer again.

    • JMV…

      Was your reply to me on the the Question of the day: Where does he get the nerve?

      If so, it’s there now…somehow it got in the spam filter, but I finally found it.

      • That’s the one, thanks BT. Don’t know whats going on today, but my computer is flaking out pretty badly.

        • JMV…

          Yeah…but it says I ok’d it when I found it, which isn’t true, never saw it until I found it. Now that IS weird indeed!

  12. So if “Blacks” are the only ones saying “n@33er” in public…….

    and “Blacks” are the only ones allowed to say “n@33er” in public……

    who are the real racists?

  13. Our old buddy Piers Morgan is sticking his foot in his mouth again. According to him, anyone who uses the word Ni@@er should do time. Of course, he neglects to mention if that would apply to blacks too. (Such as Obama on a podcast)

  14. Obama says it’s all in our DNA! Umm…no it is NOT!

    • If racism is in white DNA, then its in black DNA too. The left keeps whining that blacks are just people too, and I agree. They are just GENETICALLY predisposed to be more racist, violent, and antisocial than any other race.

    • Carnac123

      I know that rioting, crime, hate, and racism is apparently in the DNA of 80% of black people. It shows itself sooo often.

  15. Carnac123

    This is an open letter to Nikkie Haley….the governess of South Carolina.

    Madam Traitor……
    You should have never been elected governor. You have no backbone and you are weak and want to please like most little girls. Your parents are both Indians (from India). I can tell by their names and your American last name comes from your husband. You have no since of Confederate history. You don’t love the cross of St. ANdrews. You don’t know that 95% of Southern soldiers did not own one slave. You do not understand the great history of your own state because you are a stupid azz lukewarm Republican just like Lindsay Graham. I believe both of you have sealed your political fates with this decision to take down the flag. I know one thing..we need a third party.

  16. Jollywhitegiant

    What scares me more is what he said other than the dreaded nword.

    In that quote he’s saying “remember, racism is there even if you dont see it”. So in other words, we’re never, ever giving up the race card no matter what happens, because even when there is no evidence of racism there is racism because…um…racism.

    So when taking down a flag doesn’t change one damn thing, because it wont, because its not the problem, what will be the next strawman to explain the cesspool that most of black America lives in?

    Forced integrated housing to combat white flight? Reparations to combat Income inequality? Forced interracial dating cause there are just too many darn whites?

    This tragic comedy is playing our for one reason and one reason only. When you rule out the actual cause of a problem (in this case, black behavior) there is no end to the number of non causes you can come up with. Today, the Don Quioxte’s in South Carolina have slain yet another windmill.

    But the real dragon goes merrily along.

    • Jolly…

      Great to see you here. As always, your post is spot-on!

      18 months until he exits office can’t come soon enough. Still, that’s a lot of time for him to tear down this nation some more…unfortunately.

      • Jollywhitegiant

        Hey BT, good to see you as always 🙂

        I’m probably more afraid of whats after him to this point.

        Check that, I’m more afraid of what it means if the public is now stupid, in such a percentage, that we go from “I voted for him because he was black” straight into “I voted for her because she has a vagina” and expect better results.

        • Jolly…

          Hillary will never be president…she will fail at this too.

          You’re totally right about the nation being stupid at a high percentage rate. That scares me too…sad they are allowed to vote.

  17. Spurwing Plover


  18. Frank The Tank

    I’m done, so sick and tired of this freakin asshole. Him and all those race-baiting liberal prog. mother f**kers can drop dead. Sorry for the language but I’m extremely enraged right now!!!!!
    He gets away with all this f**king shit because he’s black. A white president would NEVER get away with all this crap! EVER!!!!!

    • Hey frank the tank,
      You are correct. Dont apologize for being angry…you have every right to be just that. He should be impeached…but he wont cuz he is black…the black race voted 99 percent for obama…and they will even tell you its cuz he is black…the fact that he is in the white house is the biggest example of racism. Voting for him cuz he is black…and they dont see the fact that it is reverse racism…to vote for him cuz he is black means you voted against the opposition cuz they are white. They have low IQ’s…its a fact that the average IQ for a black person is lower than a white person. That is the cause of alot of their struggles….they simply do not have the intellectual skills to self analyze their situation and make it better. Lack of intellect…think about it..the way they conduct themselves in public. Would you act like that? I bet you wouldnt. Intelligence is key. Life is the lock….it looks like alot of them are simply locked out.

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