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No Quarter


Ladies and gentleman, I’m just popping in here to remind everyone that TPTB are trying to make all nice with us now that they realize they’ve been thoroughly routed…just as we all knew they would (see, e.g., here).

Forgiveness is a strong component of our superior, noble nature. But we must always remember: we got here because our tendency towards clemency has been used against us. We get attacked, we fight back, they cower and play nice, we forgive, then they lie in wait until they can attack again until slowly, steadily, we are bled to death.

This happens no more. There can be no more forgiveness, no more clemency. Everyone who gave any comfort to the enemy must be held to account, and in the harshest possible terms. We cannot forget this as the years wear on and our future finally starts to brighten again. As we grow more optimistic about things, our anger will subside. But our memories of the evil that brought us to this point cannot. We must never forget the nature of the evil that has nearly–and yet might still!–destroy us for good.

In short: Never forget to never forgive. No quarter for these effing bastids.




  1. Rush said about the same thing today, He reminded everyone that we can never let our guard down, and last night Newt said that the rep establishment will try to talk Trump in being nice and railroad his agenda, It reminds me of reading about a battle during the civil war when the tide finally shifted to Stonewalls favor, he told his men “Kill them, kill them all”

  2. Never forget and never forgive…..

    They are patient and stive to win by increments to advance their cause….

    They are down now….but we give them…..No quarter….

    I voted for Trump and I carry a Trump 45……”Do you feel lucky……punk?”

  3. God Damned right. I only hope the last things these sons of bitches ever see is Pepe the Frog holding a .45

  4. When your Senator or congressman starts with the get along crap, immediately call his or her office and give them an ear full. We have fought to damn hard to play nice. Don’t forget, Ovomit once said we could come along for the ride, but we had to sit at the back of the bus.

    Hope President Trump fumigates the White House before moving in… the stench has reached all the way to fly over country.

  5. No quarter has been asked from us true conservative warriors nor should be given.


    PS: Hey Red, who the hell let you back in here? 😉

  6. “How the hell would such a law be enforced? You’d have a special division of the police come into your office and drag the women from their cubicles back into a gigantic housewife paddy wagon?” Do they honestly think America just elected a racist, Islamophobic homophobe who is going to make rape legal? Of course they do.


    The real Glam ! Not some shitty substitute !

  7. Another fine night for mayhem and destruction as the flying monkeys of the Obama/Clinton thug army descend upon major metropolitan areas to demonstrate the higher ideals of progressivism. And tolerance.

    “Arrest them! Shoot them! Or at least put them in jail!” V. Belenko

  8. Inauguration day can’t get here soon enough. I have bad feeling the Hussein regime has a couple tricks up their sleeves. I had nightmare last night that comrad Hussein ordered a recount and then miraculously, every state had 30,000 uncounted democrat mail-in ballots to add to Hillarys votes. After the new ballots were counted, Hillary won the 270 electoral votes. Just imagine if this happens. I’ll die of a heart attack from anger.

  9. Pickled Liver

    Where is Vlad when you need him ?

  10. Quartierleblanc

    You’re right Red. The reconciliation scam is SOP for the Democratic Party. Minimize your losses while playing nice, then stabbing you in the back the first chance they get the chance.
    BTW, money says Andy Cuomo, the first openly retarded governor of any state, sees an opening of being the next big Democratic contender.

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