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Conservatives aren’t electable, they say. Republicans need the moderate vote, they say. And they lose every time the GOP runs a RINO squish, history says!

The federal government is out of control, drunk with spending! Republicans vote exactly the way Democrats vote! The Republican’s new budget proposal equals Obama’s budget proposal in 2010 in cost! We’ve watched the Democrat agenda advance after the Republicans gained the majority in the Senate. NOTHING CHANGES! It’s time for REAL change! Time for a CONSERVATIVE!

There is a campaign by conservatives warning the GOP Establishment they can no longer depend on our votes if they run the latest cannon fodder moderate, big-government lovin’ RINO in 2016! Great timing on this campaign since it coincides with Ted Cruz’ presidential announcement!



No more Romneys, McCains, Doles, or Bushes! The GOP needs to tell that fat roly-poly Karl Rove to shut his big-government, losering pie-hole! Conservatives have suffered enough watching Democrat-Lite Repubs lose to socialist Democrats every 4 years! The only time the GOP has won was when George W Bush pretended he was a conservative. He wasn’t and handed the next 8 years to Obama!




  1. Ted Cruz/Mike Lee 2016!

    • Desert Rat, that’s my dream team! #nomorein16!


      • Let’s add some more to the “Dream Team”

        Trey Gowdy for A.G.

        Ralph Peters for Secretary Defense

        Steve Forbes Sec. of Commerce (Bring on the flat tax)

        Eliminate the I.R.S & Dept. of Education

        • RidinShotgun

          No on the flat tax until the amendment in the Constitution that deals with the income tax is repealed, otherwise they’ll find a way to get us twice!!

          • Ridin shotgun,
            You are correct,

          • I disagree: do the flat tax now and begin the long process to repeal the 16th. This process will include a discussion about whether the flat tax or fair tax is best, having moved halfway toward the radical change to a consumption tax already by simplifying the tax code.

  2. Prediction – The journØlist media will reverse course 180 degrees from their rationale for supporting Obama back in 2007 through today and attack Cruz for everything from his politics to his age, to his experience, to his natural born citizen qualification and Canadian citizenship (since renounced) for the presidency.

    This time, unlike with the easy marks of Deliberately Inept Party establishment wimp candidates Juan McCain and Milquetoast Romney, they will have more than met their match with Ted Cruz.

    It is clear that by announcing in the way he is, he is expecting and is prepared to take on and refute additional slings and arrows sure to come from the establishment pukes as well as the marxØcrats.

    This guy is rapier sharp, with impeccable credentials and qualifications and it will be like an aggressive cat playing with a small mouse.

    (it’s also ballsy to note that Cruz’s official campaign rollout came on the fifth anniversary of the enactment of the Affordable Care Act, which President Obama signed on March 23, 2010.)

    This is going to be such fun to watch!

  3. kick out the red …vote for Ted..!!!!


  4. Spurwing Plover

    I see Emporer Obamtine wants to train his own goon squad to put down any inserection in america like perhaps Tea Parties and Conservatives I’m sure he can find plenty of his domestic terrorists in the Black Panthers and Nation of Islam

  5. I agree that Ted Cruz is better than most currently considering running for the presidency, but no candidate now matter how conservative and right-wing they might be will be able to get us out of this mess we’ve created for the past three generations.

    The most conservative president won’t be able to stop the hordes of illegal immigrants crossing the border because almost all of the republicans would oppose him, not to mention the Democrats. Our elected officials will never agree to a genuine border that’s actually successful in preventing amerindian peasants from crossing into our country. The people of the United States and its elected representatives lack the COLLECTIVE WILL to do it. We are a weak and soft nation who doesn’t have a clue about self-preservation.

    A conservative president such as Cruz will do nothing to stop third-world immigration to the U.S. If he even tried, everyone including those of his own party, would oppose him and label him a ‘racist’ if he dared to prevent middle-eastern and African people from arriving on our shores.

    Ted Cruz, bless his little heart, is NOT race-conscious. He will NEVER publicly say nor concede that the dominant race and culture in America is white european. He will NOT stop the displacement of whites by those of the third-world who come to this country in the millions.

    Ted Cruz is better than most of the little girly men in congress, but he’s NOT a true reformer. He is a good man, no doubt, but he thinks far too highly of the government’s role in our lives. He just wants less of it, but certainly not in the way our Founders viewed the role of government.

    Sorry folks, but this will not be solved with a vote nor with a right-wing president. This is going to cost us dearly, and it’s time to pay the Piper.

  6. patthemick

    Absolutely correct. I think part of the problem is both sides attend the same brainwashing colleges and are pumped so full of progressive dogma that a remnant remains to the point that even Republican candidates subconciously promote globalist socialism.

  7. Jeff Traube

    Look how the GOP spent all that time beating down Tea Party Candidates, including Chris McDaniel. They don’t want a Conservative, and will pull out all the stops to defeat one. Even if one got the nomination, they’d hope he lost in the general. Another party will be needed.

    While I like Jeff Sessions, since he would be more electable in the Old America and is not running – leaning to Rand, but it is important to control Congress and the State Legislatures with Conservatives, as if there is gridlock in Washington, the States are where action will be possible. The downside is, the government has abandoned its obligations to guard our borders.

  8. Most of the people of the US are conservative or at least identify with most conservative thought. Liberalism hardly ever wins an election unless it is in the bluest of blue areas and an area heavily unionized. Liberalism is really another word for socialism and socialism is pre-communism. There are too many liberals in the congress and senate in relation to the relatively few in the population. This is because liberals act conservative and run as conservative until they get into office. After that they are suddenly liberal voters. Even the libs know that conservatism wins. The Republicans know that too. The sad fact is that libs have infiltrated the Republican party and have caused a watering down of conservative ideas. The TEA party and other conservative groups are re-infiltrating the GOP and the liberal traitors there do not like it. Conservatives will always win if given the chance. Conservatives will always win if the voting booths are fair. Libs know this so they do not allow fairness if they can get away with it. One of their weapons is the rag-media.

  9. Spurwing Plover

    Off subject but i heard that some granola munching tree hugger was injured in New Orleans while sitting in a tree to stop a golf course Just another idiot following in the footsteps of Ding-Bat Eco-Nut case Julia(Butterfly)Hill. This just proves enviromentalism is a mental disorder cuased by watching AVATAR 100 times and those stupid Captian Planet marathons

  10. Sidebar- I live in inner city Dayton, and a neighbor and I were commenting on all the boarded up Habitat for Humanity houses. Would love to know the numbers on this, but bottom line one cannot help everyone. Sorry Carter.

  11. AWD and all…this ought to fix everything up…

  12. Voting is a very important part of being an American. Having said that an even more important part of voting is having an honest politician that actually INTENDS on doing what they say.
    I get so tired of hearing that if you don’t vote you can’t bitch. If you vote for some of these losers, who is
    the bitch?

  13. Good poster, except for one glaringly ridiculous assertion.

    There is not one single truly ‘conservative’ bone anywhere inside the body of any piece of human scum who is a member of the sleazy, RINO infested Bush Family. None of these Bushes are conservative. They are globalists, open borders advocates, White genocide advocates, war mongering, war profiteering, lying, dishonest, treasonous slabs of hyena excrement who have, along with the Clintons and the Kennedy’s, have just about destroyed everything that was once good and decent about a once 90 percent White European dominant America. GWB, along with Juan McAmnestyMcCain and the loathsome Ted Kennedy – tried no less than 5 times to ram amnesty down the throats of the American public who were vehemently opposed to it to the tune of 80 to 90 percent in every major poll that was taken. The GOP base were opposed to amnesty in even higher percentages, but did GWB give two squirts of rat poop about doing what the GOP base demanded, i.e., putting our troops on the border, securing the border and deporting every last illegal, parasitic stinking alien back to the crap hole they crawled out of? Nope.

    White Genocide Lusting, Globalist, War Mongering, Israel lobby toe sucking RINOS, are what these Bush turds all are. These treasonous rats deserve to be deported and never allowed to step foot back on US soil.

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