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Democrats and media types (but I repeat myself) are trying to comprehend the reason Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump. It’s all there in front of them but they’d prefer to ignore the massive mountain of evidence and call the majority of American voters racist and sexist. Oh, and homophobic. Oh, and Islamphobic. Oh, and anti-Illegal Immigration. Oh, and deplorable. Oh, and you get the picture.

Here’s a clue, little butt-hurt socialists, your presidential nominee probably shouldn’t call voters “deplorable” during the campaign. Any voters, even Trump ones. Certainly not 1/4 of the country.

Lots of blame goes to Hillary because she was a lousy candidate who couldn’t hide her hatred for everyday, normal, taxpaying Americans. Oh, she also is one of the biggest crooks never to be jailed. Yet. But all this Democrat sucking began long ago with the election of the first anti-American US President. Imam Barack Hussein Obama aka The Nothing Man.

Under Obama’s terrible reign, Democrats have lost 11 governorships, 13 U.S. Senate seats, 69 House seats, and 913 state legislative seats and 30 state legislative chambers. That’s a whole hell of a lot of lost seats! And every single lost seat led to Donald Trump’s beatdown of Hillary Clinton on November 4th. America was talking but the Democrats weren’t listening.

What has caused Americans to leave the Democrat Party in droves? Well, for one, this is not your grandfather’s Democrat Party. The Democrat Party of old supported the working class. It was patriotic and wanted America to succeed. It favored big government but Democrats definitely were patriots. Read some of JFK’s quotes. He was more conservative than most Republicans today! Everything, EVERYTHING the Democrat Party of today stands for these days is bad for America and bad for American workers/taxpayers!

The nightmare of ObamaCare certainly didn’t help Democrats. They own that disaster. ObamaCare is what happens when over educated/under smart political hacks are allowed to run free. Nor did the importation of tens of thousands of Muslims from Syria and the Middle East help. As pro-Islam as Imam Obama is, Americans are understandably concerned about allowing Muslim immigration.

Polls show Americans greatly desire a closed border and the halting of illegal immigration. We opposed the ridiculous Stimulus Bill that sent a trillion dollars to Democrat cronies. We opposed Cash for Clunkers that were actually fine, working automobiles. We watched as Obama defended Islam after every Muslim terrorist attack on US soil. He even refused to utter the words “radical Islam.” His Veterans Affairs bureaucracy and his treatment of veterans has been disgraceful.

Obama has destroyed the US military by purging quality, experienced General Officer patriots and replaced them with politically correct hacks more concerned with approving sex changes for homosexual soldiers than winning wars.

Obama has defended and honored black thugs killed by police while ignoring our military dead. He has criticized the police and now has black thugs assassinating our men and women in blue. Obama has added $8 trillion in debt and a huge, omnipotent bureaucracy of unelected tyrants in the EPA and IRS to further plague American businesses.

And what does Obama and the Democrat Party spend months defending? Men using public bathrooms with women. What’s not to like? Well, apparently, a great deal!

After 8 years of the disastrous Obama administration, the Democrats serve up the awful Hillary Clinton. Stupid, thy name is Democrat. But when an American political party is clearly anti-American, what would one expect?

So now, after all the evidence of Democrat demise listed above, who do the Democrats support to lead the Democrat National Committee? Racist, anti-Semite and radical socialist Muslim Minnesota congressman Keith Ellison! I have to laugh. Well, the Democrats can count on the ongoing support of Muslims in America. White, middle-class taxpayers? Not so much!

Donald Trump hit it perfectly by promising to focus his entire presidency on bettering the lives of middle class Americans. Not Syrians. Not illegals. Not Wall Street. But you and me. And we believed him. And, by the looks of his growing cabinet, he is selecting conservative and patriotic American rock stars that will be a 180 degree change from the socialist, anti-American, anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-freaky deaky ilk of the Obama administration.

So yes, Democrats, please select Ellison as the next Chair of the DNC. Maybe he can implement beheadings to your meetings. I hope you do.

One thing is for sure. The Democrats are in deep Dukakis for a long, long time. Go ahead, call us racists! Bwahahaha!

And for some Music That Doesn’t Suck, here’s RL Burnside singing the Ode to Hussein, “Nothing Man.” I never tire of listening to this song!



  1. Ive often wondered about the Northeast. All white. All blue. What makes a bunch of Irish barfighters in Boston vote blue? What makes a bunch of country people in Maine vote Blue? Honestly I think since there are simply no minorities up there, they have no understanding of the situations in the cities. “Nothing wrong! It’s just whitey being racist! I’m gonna vote Democrat because…..well….racism!” Meanwhile they live in their all white unincorporated areas and go to all white parishes.

    • Because the average person in those areas probably starts their morning drive to work with a dose of National Propaganda Radio (NPR). Then on the drive home from work they listen to more National Propaganda Radio (NPR). Then they conclude their day with a little national news from the Commie News Network (CNN). What’s really funny about this is that they have no fucking clue what’s really going on in the country yet they walk around screaming how educated and informed they are.

    • It’s not easy being a conservative up here.
      I’m just kidding, our liberals are just as dumb as your liberals, we just get to offend more of them.

      On the bright side, 40% my home state voted for Trump. That’s much closer than you would normally see.

    • Quartierleblanc

      It’s complicated. They’ve had years of drinking the liberal Kool-Aide. I’ve seen the mentality and it’s never more apparent than in union towns. Get a union gig, and you won’t work hard, will get a nice paycheck, health insurance, wonderful benefits as well as a pension. They’ll fight each other over who gets those diminishing number of jobs in the process. I’ve seen it up close and personal. It’s a well polished scam.

  2. November 8, 2016 will go down in history as the day patriotic Americans finally said “ENOUGH! We will restore our nation to her former glory!”

    • YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS we have spoken! Shame Trump will not be going after the Hildabeast! She belongs in jail

      • I can’t follow the Trump coverage anymore. Guys true colours are starting to show. He no longer wants to have a special prosecutor investigate Hillary. Now I’m reading he’s considering supporting all climate change regulations and taxes. He’s back peddling on the deportation of illegal immigrants and building a wall. I bet the tax cut’s get thrown out the window next. Only a matter of time before he’s having lunch with the Black Lives Matter thugs and giving an interview of how great they are and that they’re just misunderstood. Guys a fucking fraud. Nothing but a liberal in disguise.



  4. PC…..stuff it….

    You’ll get my unvarnished opinion….

    like it, hate it….I don’t care…..

    and if you try to assault/hurt me….

    Trump45 is my protector……

    “Do you feel lucky…..punk?”

  5. One of AWD’s best articles.

    Now, it might be a good time to cast an eyeball on the (((left’s))) diabolically evil efforts since 1965 to change the demographics of the no longer United States from a majority (85-90%) White European cohesive and successful nation to a nation where the Founding Stock of America will be reduced to a powerless minority and then subjugated to being ruled by a motley collection of two legged excrements from every turd world backwater nation on the Earth. Incidentally, it will probably give AWD a bout of indigestion to hear this – but, the primary architects of that 1965 White Genocide and White Racial Displacement legislation were Emanuel Celler and Jacob Javits, both of whom are members of the self chosen tribe. For fear of the tribe, we often hear people like Frosty Wooldrige and Ann Coulter and Rush Limpbaugh trying to convince everyone that the loathsome Ted Kennedy was the only one to blame for that legislation – but, in reality, Teddy was only the hand picked gentile front man and designated future javelin catcher once and if Whites began to wake up and ask questions as to who was trying to maliciously reduce them to a minority inside their own native homelands.

    Anyway, the main point behind this brief history lesson that AWD needs to consider is this: The only demographic group who truly loves the old America that existed before the Cultural Marxist left and the Cultural Marxist RINOs and cucks on the alleged right decided to join forces and attempt to destroy it – are the original, White European Founding stock of America. Whites are the only demographic group who would work to preserve that old America, and White females – thanks to Gloria Steinum, Bella Abzug, and Betty Friedan (all self chosenites) brainwashing them with radical feminism – have largely decommissioned their wombs for reproductive purposes and turned them into strictly recreational orifices in keeping with their desire to pursue careers and in order to maintain their party girl lifestyles. Which means the turd worlders who the (((#1 enemy of White Europeans))) have imported into the USA are breeding like cockroaches while Whites are chalking up more deaths per year than births of White babies.

    What’s to be done to reverse this suicidal freight train that is heading full speed at White Western Civilization? A lot.

    I think the first step should be to drop a nuke on (((Hollywood))), because that seems to be the primary point of infection for the termite infestation that is sure to kill America.

    You know, I keep hearing these lamestream ‘kwanservative’ talk radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh denying that this election was all about race and it was a last ditch effort by angry White Americans to take back a country that they feel is rightfully theirs – since, they are the posterity to whom our White European ancestors and Founding Fathers bequeathed this nation to in their writings. But, these idiots are totally wrong. The America that they say they love and admire can exist only when Whites are in majority control of this nation and have the power and will-power to force non-whites to conform to Western culture and abide by White Western civilization oriented standards.

    So, the 2016 election was about race. It was about the Pecking Order. Who pecks who? And, most
    importantly – would you rather be pecked or do the pecking? After 8 years of Obama, is that even a question that needs to be asked?

    The straddling the fence attitude on this question of the Pecking Order was rendered null and void on November 8th, 2016.


  7. This morning I flipped through GMA to see the latest liberal panic attack. Now, they are giving ‘serious’ thought to whether Trump can face legal and Constitutional backlash, as he has foreign business investments, and under the law, he cannot profit or benefit from them, nor is putting his son in charge good enough.


    NOW they’re worried about the president following the law, being held accountable, and making ‘mysterious’ profits?!?

    You can’t make this shit up!

  8. I voted Trump because he will drain the swamp!
    He has been up to his ass in alligators many times, and has always drained the swamp!
    As a white male who believes in the 2nd Amendment, this USA will prosper under this new Administration.

  9. The author is 100% correct. Look at the various Democrat interest groups. Non-whites, illegal aliens, criminals, the mentally-ill, unmarried women (especially unmarried mothers), sexual perverts, militant atheists, masculine women, feminine men, and all assorted square-pegs-in-round-holes. The reason the Dems are so frantic to open the gates to millions more non-white invaders is to ensure that Americans never again are able to gather a majority of votes for any Presidential candidate. And they are sooooo close!

    • It’s a Rag Tag coalition of non-whites, freaks and status-jockeying virtue signalers (Good Whites), which is no place for me (Bad White).

  10. Democrat Party is mostly just for misfits today.

  11. Quartierleblanc

    You really have to question the sanity of the left and involvement in the Democratic Party. A buddy of mine is married to a lib and she went into a 2 day crying jag after the election. He had a heart to heart with her and told her to either suck it up or he was going to hospitalize her. Simply amazing.

  12. I can’t believe they stuck around so long after the Clinton’s transformation of the it into the party of the New Left. It was an implicitly anti-white party by 1999, and an explicitly anti-white one by the early 2000’s. Perhaps Whites didn’t start taking notice until their language became as anti-white as the legislation they had been pushing for decades.

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