Democrats and media types (but I repeat myself) are trying to comprehend the reason Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump. It’s all there in front of them but they’d prefer to ignore the massive mountain of evidence and call the majority of American voters racist and sexist. Oh, and homophobic. Oh, and Islamphobic. Oh, and anti-Illegal Immigration. Oh, and deplorable. Oh, and you get the picture.

Here’s a clue, little butt-hurt socialists, your presidential nominee probably shouldn’t call voters “deplorable” during the campaign. Any voters, even Trump ones. Certainly not 1/4 of the country.

Lots of blame goes to Hillary because she was a lousy candidate who couldn’t hide her hatred for everyday, normal, taxpaying Americans. Oh, she also is one of the biggest crooks never to be jailed. Yet. But all this Democrat sucking began long ago with the election of the first anti-American US President. Imam Barack Hussein Obama aka The Nothing Man.

Under Obama’s terrible reign, Democrats have lost 11 governorships, 13 U.S. Senate seats, 69 House seats, and 913 state legislative seats and 30 state legislative chambers. That’s a whole hell of a lot of lost seats! And every single lost seat led to Donald Trump’s beatdown of Hillary Clinton on November 4th. America was talking but the Democrats weren’t listening.

What has caused Americans to leave the Democrat Party in droves? Well, for one, this is not your grandfather’s Democrat Party. The Democrat Party of old supported the working class. It was patriotic and wanted America to succeed. It favored big government but Democrats definitely were patriots. Read some of JFK’s quotes. He was more conservative than most Republicans today! Everything, EVERYTHING the Democrat Party of today stands for these days is bad for America and bad for American workers/taxpayers!

The nightmare of ObamaCare certainly didn’t help Democrats. They own that disaster. ObamaCare is what happens when over educated/under smart political hacks are allowed to run free. Nor did the importation of tens of thousands of Muslims from Syria and the Middle East help. As pro-Islam as Imam Obama is, Americans are understandably concerned about allowing Muslim immigration.

Polls show Americans greatly desire a closed border and the halting of illegal immigration. We opposed the ridiculous Stimulus Bill that sent a trillion dollars to Democrat cronies. We opposed Cash for Clunkers that were actually fine, working automobiles. We watched as Obama defended Islam after every Muslim terrorist attack on US soil. He even refused to utter the words “radical Islam.” His Veterans Affairs bureaucracy and his treatment of veterans has been disgraceful.

Obama has destroyed the US military by purging quality, experienced General Officer patriots and replaced them with politically correct hacks more concerned with approving sex changes for homosexual soldiers than winning wars.

Obama has defended and honored black thugs killed by police while ignoring our military dead. He has criticized the police and now has black thugs assassinating our men and women in blue. Obama has added $8 trillion in debt and a huge, omnipotent bureaucracy of unelected tyrants in the EPA and IRS to further plague American businesses.

And what does Obama and the Democrat Party spend months defending? Men using public bathrooms with women. What’s not to like? Well, apparently, a great deal!

After 8 years of the disastrous Obama administration, the Democrats serve up the awful Hillary Clinton. Stupid, thy name is Democrat. But when an American political party is clearly anti-American, what would one expect?

So now, after all the evidence of Democrat demise listed above, who do the Democrats support to lead the Democrat National Committee? Racist, anti-Semite and radical socialist Muslim Minnesota congressman Keith Ellison! I have to laugh. Well, the Democrats can count on the ongoing support of Muslims in America. White, middle-class taxpayers? Not so much!

Donald Trump hit it perfectly by promising to focus his entire presidency on bettering the lives of middle class Americans. Not Syrians. Not illegals. Not Wall Street. But you and me. And we believed him. And, by the looks of his growing cabinet, he is selecting conservative and patriotic American rock stars that will be a 180 degree change from the socialist, anti-American, anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-freaky deaky ilk of the Obama administration.

So yes, Democrats, please select Ellison as the next Chair of the DNC. Maybe he can implement beheadings to your meetings. I hope you do.

One thing is for sure. The Democrats are in deep Dukakis for a long, long time. Go ahead, call us racists! Bwahahaha!

And for some Music That Doesn’t Suck, here’s RL Burnside singing the Ode to Hussein, “Nothing Man.” I never tire of listening to this song!


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