Listening to the Pentagon and other arms salesmen in Congress, North Korea is now the most worstest awfullest bigliest threat to America ever. Well, they have nukes you know! Courtesy of Bubba Clintoon and Madeleine Al-not-so-bright.

And now they have a ballistic missile that can reach Hawaii and Alaska and deliver said nuke-u-lur bomb to American soil. What to do? What to do?

Well, POTUS Trump has sent over 3 aircraft carrier groups and tons of bombers to scare the bejeezus out of the latest fat Kim madman running the joint but he ain’t skeered! Kim just keeps lighting up those rockets and raining them down in the sea.

What to do? What to do?

Why isn’t Kim Jong Cheeburger afraid of all that ‘Merican military hardware at his doorstep? Because he knows China is backing him up. Did anyone ever wonder where a starving country where cannibalism is common has the money to build sophisticated weaponry and test it every few days or so? I’m not a betting dude but my bet would be their entire sustenance comes from their Chinese benefactors.

China loves being able to screw around with America without getting their paws too dirty. They are building a world-class military with latest technology paid for by their yuuuuge trade imbalance with the USA. North Korea is merely the puppet dancing on the string to keep America sideways worrying if Kim will eventually light up a nuke over (horrors!) Washington, DC.

Here’s what do. Leave North Korea alone. Let Kim keep shooting those rockets into the water. Ain’t hurting anyone. If he ever has the cojones to rain one down on America, he knows his carcass will be a little greasy skid mark in Pyongyang. He ain’t that stupid to attack America. We should stop taking his bait and let him play his stupid little games.

We need to address the real enemy to America. Sail those carriers southward to the South China Sea where the Chinese have built themselves some fake little islands and claimed the entire sea as sovereign territory. Rearry?!

Yep, remember when the Chinese promised Imam Obama the islands wouldn’t be used for military purposes? Well, like everything else, those Godless heathens lied. If they’re not lying, they’re stealing.

America needs to show China we mean bidness and won’t tolerate them annexing an entire ocean just because they want to. We should sail warships through their so-called territory every week. We should fly fighters and bombers and crop dusters there also. We should not do anything to overtly provoke a fight but nor should we avoid one. China got used to pushing Obama around like the anti-American girly man he is. Trump needs to show China they’re dealing with someone with fangs these days.

And America should start building our own fake islands 100 miles from China’s. Only biglier. And we should arm it to the teeth telling the Chinese, you get rid of your island back and so will we. Until then, we’re keeping a close eye on you. Say, would be a shame if something happened to those fighters you got there!

Reagan’s policy with the Soviet Union was to screw with them at every turn, surround them, oppose them, help their enemies, etc but never directly provoke them. He didn’t want war but he avoided one by destroying the Soviet Union with his policies. It’s hardly different with China.

The only difference is we’ve actually made China a superpower by allowing them to steal our manufacturing jobs to satisfy the fat cats on Wall Street and create a horrible trade imbalance. We are China’s customers. We should choose wisely where to spend our money. And it shouldn’t be China if they don’t behave.

China is the real enemy of America. Not North Korea. Not Russia. Not Iran. If China and the US start swapping paint, Russia will be content to sit back and see what happens. No need for them to bang up their race cars yet.

The only way to avoid a big shooting war with China in the next decade is to oppose them bigly at every turn right now. Including trade sanctions. China is a lot like the Muslims. They respect power and will run over weakness. They are not partners in any way.

President Trump would be wise to follow AWD’s China Policy. Unlike the Pentagon, Juan McCain and his man servant Lindsey “Fredo” Graham, Americans do not want another war. Those corruptocrats in DC all want to sell rockets and missiles for their bosses. We’ve spent the last 15 years shooting terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq with $2 million missiles while the idiots were humping goats. Enough! Stand up to China now and prevent war later. And don’t let the Generals and neocons lead us to a shooting war!

Be a Reagan. Not a McCain.


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