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This post was written by a good friend of AWD’s. He emailed it to me and I consider it worthy of publishing at this fine institution of worthy publishing. Sh*t! I messed that up. But you know what I mean. Enjoy. Oh, and he really is a bad-ass magician! He does magic tricks that will turn your ass white!

As a Magician, I rely – when working with Cards, Coins, etc. – on misdirection; making you look “over here” while I am actually doing something “over there”.

But a smaller – no less important component – of my “shtick” is “expectation”.

As in, you “expect” the Card on the Top of the Deck to be your Card, you “expect” the Coin to vanish from your Hand…

just like you “expect” that I may have taken your Wallet. 🙂

Why bring this up? Because in light of this past weekend’s horrific Islamic Terrorist Attack, I believe our Government has an “expectation” of Muslims, and of Islamic Terrorists.

And that expectation, rooted in FEAR, is called REPRISAL.

I believe the current Administration is AFRAID, not only afraid of confronting and defeating the threat, but of calling it by name – Islamic Terrorism – for fear that those same Terrorists will “unleash hell”.

Instead of placing BLAME where it belongs, the Administration blames Guns, Gun Control, the 2nd Amendment, Homophobia, Islamophobia, etc.

We are told by the Muslim Community and Liberal News Networks not to “rush to judgement” until “the facts are in”.

Sadly though, once the facts ARE known, and the answer is still Islamic Terrorism, the Administration REFUSES to label it as such.


What makes it so easy for the President to BLAME Christians, Jews, the 2nd Amendment, Fox News, Donald Trump, Republicans, the Tea Party, and the NRA – to name a few – but NOT acknowledge Islamic Terrorism.

Have enough Americans not been slaughtered? Was the Body Count in Orlando not HIGH enough? How many more people have to DIE before this Administration recognizes what everyone outside of Washington D.C. KNOWS to be a fact…

…and that is – WE ARE AT WAR with Radical Islam.

If Orlando has taught us one thing, it’s this – we cannot EXPECT our Government to keep us safe from THREAT of Islamic Terrorism.

That, my Friends, is on US. US as in you and I, and U.S. as in this Great Nation.

Don’t think for a minute that Islamic Terrorists are not capitalizing on their own “expectations”. They KNOW this Government will do nothing, and they KNOW to exploit “soft targets”.



  1. Obama should be handing out guns instead of cellphones…..wait, he already has.

  2. this government protects muslims no one else Time to revolt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. the tactic being used right now is to scream and scream…..the louder the “left” can scream the more they feel they can control the narrative…..and to the “left” controlling the narrative is how they feel they can win and push their agenda over the line and into the end zone for a win……..

    shout out every one else…..belittle….berate…..bludgeon who ever stands up to try and reason with them…….simply bludgeon any and every one into submission……..control the narrative………

    the subject now is gun control…..disarm the American public…..blame those who have nothing to do with the killings…..just beat them until they submit……..this is how they do it…….wield a big stick and use it……smack anyone who tries to reason with them…….simply shout them down……make up what ever lie you have to make up in order to control the narrative…….

    today’s lie (narrative) that we are responsible for the killings in Orlando that is coming from the “left” is meant to blame us and get our guns…….they intend to take our ability to defend ourselves from an out-of-control unreasonable totalitarian government so they can move their agenda of total control forward by hook or by crook……….

  4. Guns&Bacon

    This Muslim situation is out of control. Joe sparked my interest when he mentioned the Apple Seed training. My wife and I are looking into registering this summer. Being from the city, we don’t have many options for long range training. Seems like a wise thing to do. Thanks Joe.

  5. the Obongo administration is using the terrorist threat as a smoke screen to cover his ass from a failing economy…….the so-called gun debate…..the gun control issue… nothing more than a smoke screen so Obongo can deflect what is really going on…..his shitty performance on the economy and the misery of his Marxist policies that he has wrought on the American people…… his failed socialist policies have proven to be a dismal failure……….

    the gun issue is only cover for a failed presidency that he is trying to cover up…..trying to hide from the American people……playing magician….look over here while I’m dong something else so that you can’t see or figure out what I’m really doing and that which I have failed to do…….the Obongo economy is now being revised downward again……..

    the lying ass Obongo administration tried to make us believe the economy had a 3% GDP growth……now the truth is coming out……the real figures are an atrocious 1.55% GDP growth rate for his entire time in office…….this is why Obongo is on the gun issue….to hide his performance on the economy….Obongo is a dismal failure as a president……and his economy proves it……..

  6. I just called president Obongo……and Joe “the dope” Biden…….I’ve had it……some little bastard brought a nerf gun to gym class……and a squirt gun…..can you believe it……a squirt gun!!!…….this 7 year old little bastard brought these “weapons of war” to school….and threatened every little first and second grader in the class……..

    something has to be done…….this little bastard belongs on the “no fly list”…..and should be watched by the FBI under some surveillance program…….we cant take a chance with these types……..there’s no damn doubt about it, this little bastard must be a republican or even worse “a conservative”….and needs to be punished………

    just look at what this little bastard did for yourself……..

  7. I DETEST liars…..and I DETEST any who perpetuate lies like Obama LIES about Muslims !!

    This man has for the last seven and a half years had a severe lack of moral obligation to America and our safety. He is WILLINGLY perpetuating the LIES about Islam being falsely accused of blame for the killing spree in Orlando. He’s been told and briefed on the facts and the truth after each deadly killing spree. But each time he just simply refuses to speak the TRUTH about Muslims and instead lectures us and defends them over murdered Americans. Then he goes to Orlando with Biden today and falsely presents himself as “enlightened and caring” to the victims families…. Just like he’s had to in Fort Hood, San Bernadino, Chattanooga, and now Orlando. What a bunch of hypocrites these two are!!

    The Dimocrat argument is that iF only, even just “assault weapons” could be removed, the death tolls in any incident would be lower. As IF they would be, actually, hApPy and satisfied if only 4 people were murdered rather than 50 because THEY saved sooooo many with their enlightenment and brilliance and “caring”?!! As if those 4 people are nothing, nobodies, a “win”, but 50 is baaaaad and really, really scary…..Have they ANY idea how utterly uncouth and crass and thoughtless they appear and sound when they insist on focusing on the number of victims killed and the weapon rather than the perpetrator/group and the religious ideology/motives of the killer?!! Why can’t we blame the Muslims??? If we don’t get serious about jihad in America, a major disaster is heading our way.

    Hillary Clinton has advocated an Australian style gun confiscation. Obama is threatening to issue an executive order banning “assault weapons.” Fortunately, there are some significant legal and practical challenges to either of these actions, ranging from civil disobedience to armed revolt.

    American citizens own about 360 million guns. The Federal government does not know who owns guns. A prerequisite to confiscation is registration. And after just what happened in Orlando, good luck finding all those guns now Obama.

  8. The problem is Islam. And the foolishness of allowing them to immigrate here. But that’s what DC wants. Both parties. Drive down the percentage of White Americans.


    Retired DHS officer and whistleblower Philip Haney explained why radical Islamic terrorists are falling through the cracks despite unprecedented government data-gathering.
    Haney described how the Obama administration blatantly ignores the DHS intelligence-gathering efforts of groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and the Taliban.

  10. rightwingterrorist

    Islam is islam.
    To say anything else is offensive.
    Just ask Erodan.
    …hint…he’s our ally.

  11. It’s an astonishing warning from a national security professional who recently worked deep inside the federal government, former Department of Homeland Security officer Philip Haney.

    In a radio interview this week, Haney charged that President Obama has not faithfully carried out his duty to guard Americans against terrorism. Haney said he and his colleagues collected a vast amount of information on terrorist networks.

    “We’ve done our job,” he told host Alex Jones. “But the administration literally, deliberately and intentionally has refused to acknowledge the existence of this information.”

    Haney, author of the smash bestseller “See Something, Say Nothing,” once spearheaded investigations at the National Targeting Center, which provides information in real time to Customs and Border Protection agents making decisions about who to let into the country.

    One attack per hour

    Haney cautioned Americans not to make the mistake of believing they can appease Islamic terrorists. He further said America itself is not somehow more secure than anywhere else in the world.

    “The global Islamic movement is not going to tell us ‘thank you’ for allowing them to make so much progress,” he warned. “Every step forward they take, they reinforce their position and look for a tactical opportunity to make another move forward. We see it all around the world, and North America is not immune from this force of gravity.”

    He noted there have been more than 28,000 Islamic jihad attacks in the world since 9/11.

    “That averages out to about one an hour. They are happening like lightning strikes all over the world continuously,” he said. “Again, America is not immune.

    “Until the day comes when we are able to honestly and courageously have a discussion about the nature of Shariah law and how it is not compatible with the U.S. Constitution,” he said, “we’re not going to have the means to recover ourselves and stand up for the principles that this country was founded on. This isn’t really a civil rights issue at all. This is a basic survival issue.”!

  12. Obama won’t budge on the importation of the Islamists ten thousand “Syrian refugees.” He’s doing so despite of the common sense arguments against it and the objections of Congress or the American people.

    There is an invasion that is taking place and it consists mostly of unvetted terrorist age men, “He’s bringing in an army.”

    I was wondering what he would pull in his last year in office. He is handcuffing the FBI and has the Border Patrol on “stand down”. His operative- Jeh Johnson- is facilitating all this and it’s obvious.
    When the next jihadis strike and slaughter Americans, he will come out wringing his hands calling for “gun control”, even though he has brought the terrorist in, either directly or indirectly. Congress should move to impeach immediately.

    The Media Hates The NRA More Than It Cares About The Truth by Dana Loesch

    The media’s failure to provide Americans with a complete understanding of the terror watch list issue is the most disgraceful excuse for journalism in recent memory. The National Rifle Association has never opposed putting people the FBI believes are terrorists, or could be terrorists, on a watch list. The NRA also believes that we cannot deny citizens their constitutional rights without due process. This is how justice works in America. But Democrats and their media puppets don’t like American-style justice—not a single reporter has asked Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama why they hate the constitutional system of due process.

    “If you’re blaming law abiding citizens, you’re protecting the terrorists”

  13. George Weinbaum

    We are not at war with radical Islam, but Uncle Sam. It should be obvious that “radical Islam” is a tool Uncle Sam uses to justify taking away the Bill of Rights. If Uncle Sam wanted to, he could crush “radical Islam” in six months.

  14. I know the “left” is so full of sh*t it’s unreal…….we all know they’re full of sh*t……. nothing the left actually proposes or what they say makes any kind of real sense……and true to form for dumbass libtards Loretta “I hate white people” Lynch just put the cherry on top with one of the dumbest statements any leftist piece-of-crap could ever say or try to make us believe……..

    we can defeat ISIS with “love”……..

    do these Marxist assholes really think we are so stupid to buy into their propaganda bullsh*t and stupidity……….

    Loretta “I hate white people” Lynch, you are a freak’n moron……….

  15. Obongo administration threatens Americans with prosecution if they criticize Muslim immigration into their towns and cities…….no longer can one criticize the government for moving violent Muslim criminals into your community……you don’t have the right to know…..and you can no longer say anything that the government deems negative…….you are under threat of prosecution if you do………..

    a 5 year old girl was attacked and violated by Muslim refugees and the government is protecting the perpetrators…..and making those who question this policy the criminals……………….

  16. “terrorists” take over the House……..with intent on criminalizing law abiding Americans……demand law abiding Americans to give up guns…….demand end of due process rights for Americans……want repeal of 2’nd amendment in order to disarm the law abiding…..and demand the government make Americans completely vulnerable to the tyrannical whims of an out-of-control Federal government….. and claim those Americans who don’t go along to be bigots………

  17. I see the right-wingers are at it again…..the tea party has struck with their terrorism….. these right-winger types are riled up and have struck once more……what else could it be… know the tea party is racist and as violent as ISIS according to Jeh Jonson, Hillary, and Elizabeth Warren……..

    you know when the tea party types hold a rally and it is left cleaner after the rally than it was before the rally it is only a ruse to fool you……their so violent you have to be careful about them…..they could fool their own mothers……..

    we know we will find the smoking gun to put the blame on the tea party where it belongs…’s only a matter of time……. we’re on to you tea partiers…….

  18. I agree. We are all alone in defense of this country. One sure sign that the government wants to replace our American ways, is the destruction of our military and our police. We need our military more than ever to join the fight to secure our future. The attack on our police is a sure sign of madness.

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