Nope! Never gonna do it again! I’m done with the lifetime politicians! AWD, for the first time since forever didn’t vote a straight Republican ticket. I voted for every Republican candidate for federal, state, and local elections except for my Congressman, Sam Johnson.

I’ve now lived in Johnson’s district for over a decade and have never, ever heard anything from Sam Johnson except every two years at reelection time when I am besieged with his campaign mailers and radio ads. But only in the primary. His district is overwhelmingly Republican so he doesn’t have to worry about the general election. And he hasn’t had to worry for the past 25 years he’s spent in office. 25 years!

The main reason Sam doesn’t have to worry have to worry is the Republican Party in North Texas is filled to the gills with SRV’s. Stupid Republican Voters. Those who still believe there is a difference between the Republican and Democrat parties. Those poor, uninformed souls who post memes on Facebook of George W Bush that say “Miss Me Yet?” without acknowledging the huge expansion of government during the W administration, his massive spending, increased illegal immigration, and his starting two unwinnable wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that occurred under W’s reign. Or that the entire Bush family is supporting Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump! SRV’s are the voters who continuously support ancient politicians like Sam Johnson term after term without realizing Johnson is just another bought and paid for Republican politician who will die in office and not accomplish anything of importance. Other than voters in North Texas, who has ever heard of Sam Johnson?

Sam Johnson is 86 years old! He was born in 1930. Does he himself believe, at this point, that he is up to working hard to benefit those in his district? Is he willing to fight against the Establishment? If so, when did he propose legislation to reduce the size and cost of government? To end a welfare program? To repeal ObamaCare? To do anything other than show up and vote the way John Boehner and/or Paul Ryan and the Establishment tells him to?

Has Sam Johnson stepped forward to voice his support for Donald Trump over the most corrupt and evil politician to ever run for president?

I’m singling out Johnson because he’s my congressman. But Texas is full of these congressmen for life who do the bidding of the Republican Establishment. And so is your state. It’s why we have a $20 trillion national debt and our trade policies are bleeding the life out of the American middle class. It’s why we’re being overrun by Third World moochers who enter America at their will and are rewarded with free food, health care, education for their children, etc.

Wikileaks has released emails that prove Hillary Clinton is a liar and a crook. Have you heard ONE Republican politician raise his or her voice against these revelations? No, and you won’t! They have been ordered to keep their mouths shut in order to keep their committee jobs in the next congress. And the next. And the next. And, as it has been for generations, we have decrepit old men running the country who sold their souls for their political ambition.

No, Johnson is not alone. How many elected politicians (I refuse to call them leaders) have voluntarily stepped aside and left office in recent memory? I can think of only one. Kay Bailout Hutchison. And that was only because she was going to make more money as a lobbyist.

The way I see it, my elected officials are my employees. I realize they don’t see it that way but I do. And employees have to perform or they have to go down the road. That’s the way it works in the real world. But not in Washington. I have seen nothing from my Congressman that has made my life and country better. And I pay attention to politics! So I have, in my way, fired my Congressman. I voted for the Libertarian candidate and I had never heard his name before casting my ballot. Maybe he’s only in his late 70’s.

I’m not quite sure what it is about being a member of Congress but it has to be better than anything you or I have experienced. Because, without exception, you can’t get any of those sumbitches to leave on their own.

This post is not meant to disparage Sam Johnson as a man. I don’t know him. But I know he was a POW in Viet Nam and should be honored and respected for that. But I’m not talking about military heroes. He votes conservatively the vast majority of the time. But Texans deserve more than voting the right way on the safe votes. We need someone to fight to right the sinking ship of America. Of course, fighters against the Republican Establishment machine are met with hatred and Republican Establishment-backed challengers the next term. But so what? So you serve two years but say what needs to be said and expose the corruption of the DC political machine and are voted out? Then you will have earned my undying respect! And you will be a true leader and not just another politician who sold his soul to stay in office until death!

Want to have fun? Go to your Congressman’s next town hall meeting and ask them what would make them voluntarily step down from office?

The Republican Party is dead to me. I don’t care what happens to that disgusting organization. I will vote for fighters who earn my vote for disrupting the Establishment Globalist machine in Washington. The Go Along Get Along lifetime politicians will no longer receive my vote. And anyone who has spent 25 years in Congress is long past their expiration date.


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