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Former Fox News anchor babe (read: teleprompter reader) Gretchen Carlson was the first to file suit against Fox News honcho Roger Ailes for sexual harassment. Only after she was fired, of course. AWD is not saying I don’t believe her. But I don’t believe her.

Now the premier Fox News anti-Trump talking head has come forward to say she too was sexually harassed by Ailes. Megyn Kelly told investigators she too was sexually harassed by Ailes. Ten years ago. Kelly was apparently so traumatized it took her ten years, a multi-million dollar contract, and a prime-time show on Fox to report it. Does anyone find it interesting that Kelly waited ten years and only when she is negotiating a new contract to throw Ailes under the bus?

AWD has been to Memphis a few times and has seen in his extensive career how many women have ruined the careers of good men by luring them into situations they later would claim were sexual harassment. When it fit their agenda.

This isn’t the 50’s and 60’s when you could grab a woman in the crotch while she was filing and get away with it. Now men are accused of sexual harassment because they told a female associate he liked her dress. Or he grabbed her in the crotch.

But if Megyn Kelly is going to claim sexual harassment against her boss, she should have to explain why she didn’t complain immediately after said sexual harassment occurred ten years ago.

Oh, she was climbing the ladder to further her career. But this is not to say that Kelly wouldn’t use her looks to make it to the top!


And why did Gretchen Carlson also wait until she was fired to complain against the “advancements” against Ailes? Oh, it was because she was fired. And pissed. And we all know the danger of close proximity with a pissed woman.

There are women who bait their bosses with sexually-related topics. I’ve always believed most of these vipers hold the sexually-related conversations as insurance should their jobs one day be in jeopardy. Sometimes they even wait ten years and their contracts are up for renewal.

This is what the workplace has become. AWD once attended a conference where sexual harassment was the topic. The one thing I remember from the speaker was this: “Before you tell a joke or say something to a female associate, ask yourself this… will this sound before the judge.”

So forgive me when I call bulls*t on Gretchen and Megyn. If they were truly offended by Aile’s sexual advances (if they indeed occurred), why wait until they were fired or were in contract negotiations?

AWD has had some experience with TV news types. Most are the most conniving, self-absorbed rattlesnakes you’ll ever meet. And the vast majority will do anything, ANYTHING, to advance their careers.

If you’re a man you should be very careful about what you say and do in the presence of female associates. Your career and means to make a living could be at stake because you trusted a rattlesnake who will burn you the first chance she gets.

AWD once worked for a large corporation where an attractive sales rep chased and had an affair with the CEO. When he broke off the affair, she sued the company for sexual harassment. This girl was a slut and was well-known in her industry for selling a lot of contracts with her ‘skills.’ She settled for a large sum and the CEO lost his job. This woman lured a middle-aged executive into their relationship and then burned him when it suited her needs. I’m not saying he was right to have an affair with her but it was far, far from sexual harassment. She simply slept her way up the career ladder and ended up with a large check. He got fired.

My guess is the same happened with Ailes in the cases of Carlson and Kelly. Rattlesnakes.



  1. but…..but………………….what if it was Andrea Tantaros……..damn…..I wouldn’t be able to help myself…………I’d have to take a chance……….damn the torpedoes, I’m going for it………..

    • Disgusted Caucasian

      You damn straight Bluto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Andrea Tantaros…OMG!!

    • What is a ‘Chief Executive Officer – CEO’

      A Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the highest ranking executive in a company whose main responsibilities include developing and implementing high-level strategies, making major corporate decisions, managing the overall operations and resources of a company, and acting as the main point of communication between the board of directors and the corporate operations. The CEO will often have a position on the board, and in some cases is even the chair.”

      Also they are the highest paid employee at any company.

      So if a CEO cannot figure out how to withdraw 5 one hundred dollar bills from his personal bank account and pay a hooker, should he really be a CFO in the first place?

      These powerful, rich, men, need to quit being cheap and looking for free sex. Put the economic incentive back into the oldest profession and get the hookers out of the work place and back onto the streets where they’re happiest.

      Unless your last name is Clinton, then you can do whatever you want.

  2. AWD! You’ve traduced the reputation of rattlesnakes! I thought that they were “gentlemen outlaws”: rarely striking without warning.
    These bitches….

  3. Joe Stalin

    Les Miserables… apparently, the feminist powers-that-be want to extend any accusations of sexual harassment/crimes/allegations to infinity and beyond so no one is ever beyond the reach of the State.

    Remember that cute Australian song: “Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport” by Rolf Harris?

    “Harris’s career as a popular entertainer was ended by his conviction and imprisonment for sexual offences.[7] In 2014, at the age of 84, he was jailed on twelve counts of indecent assault that took place between 1968 and 1986, on four female victims then aged between eight and nineteen. As a result, he was stripped of many of the honours which he had been awarded during his career, including the OA and CBE.[8][9][10] Since 2015, Harris has been serving a prison sentence of 5 years and 9 months, at HMP Stafford.”

  4. Quartierleblanc

    Money says he has a pair of panties in his collection from both of these wenches.

  5. I don’t know that I agree this time, AWD… What is it you like to say? (Which is now a common saying in my home. 😉 Taught it to the kids…) Play stupid games, win stupid prizes?

    Sure, these chicks are snakes, but when the dude in question is thinking with the wrong head… And he’s just as self-absorbed to think that anything other than trouble is going to be coming his way…

    Both are vipers that deserve each other.

  6. carnac123

    The US government is famous for being heavy handed. It decides there is a problem and then tries to reverse it by destroying someone else’s rights. Now a woman’s word is as if God himself came down and complained to the government. If a woman complains of harassment then, by God, the government believes there was harassment regardless of the facts. It is as if blacks and women cannot say ‘no’ for themselves nor can they make a sane decision. If a woman begins the affair and then decides she is tired of it then all she has to do is sue for harassment and the authorities must believe her pitiful lying story. If a black says he/she is discriminated against then the authorities instantly believe it and begin right then an there to mete out punishment.The other fact that gets me is there seems to be no time limit on their fantasies. Some bitch from 40 years ago in you life could sue you for something you said (or supposed to have said) that you do not even remember. What is to stop them. This has got to stop. This government is sick. Whites and (white males especially) need to pursue the fine, honorable art of revolution. We can tear this evil, anti-white government into little piece if we so wished. We must rebel at some point in time to save ourselves and the constitution.

  7. So, if a woman accuses you of it, it’s just true I guess. No due process, no nothing. He takes a fat check and moves on, in the eyes of the feminazis, and my girlfriend, he is guilty. Got it!

  8. Its a hit job on FOX right before the election to turn it to the Liberal Dark Side. The Boys running the show are Libs and they hate Ailes. FOX is dead.

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