The GOP has released a new video that shows Hopenchange pulling the same old dog and pony show he gave us in 2008. Same meaningless platitudes, same old BS. Never have more words been used to mean less than the presidency of Barack Obama!

One is not accustomed to good things coming from the wussypants Republican Party. Usually, we can expect nothing more than the wussyboys acquiescing to libtards and doing some industrial-strength sucking. Maybe things are turning around! Maybe the GOP is getting tired of getting its teeth kicked in by Pelosi, Reid, Obama and the entire anti-American Democrat Party. Either that or they hired a Tea Party video maker. Watch this:

Those racist teabaggers! But damn, I’m beginning to see some testosterone out of the GOP! Well, that is until they win in November…then it’s probably back to being the same old wussypants, scared of their shadows girlymen they’ve always been. I can’t imagine Boo Hoo Boehner and Turtle Head McConnell changing their tampons this far into their worthless careers.

This isn’t difficult. The wussypants Repubs have four years of Obama lies and distortions to use against him. They also have the single-most awful performance of any US President in history. Fidel Castro would have been a better president than Obama! The only question is will the Repubs cowboy-up and grow a pair this time? Juan McPain didn’t have the cojones in 2008. Maybe Romney and Ryan will be different!

Now that Romney can unleash those millions he’s been acquiring for his campaign, he can start running all sorts of anti-Obama ads as well as his own plans to further shed light (to the uninformed) on Obama’s disastrous and dangerous record. This time, Hopenchange has a record to defend. And it’s indefensible!

Message to Romney, Ryan and the GOP. Be bold!


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