As bad as anything any Republican politician has done, nothing comes close to Obama sitting by and watching while Americans were murdered in Libya by Al Qaeda! This is magnitudes worse than Watergate or any other terrible thing Republicans have ever done. And it appears the White House as well as the State Department were totally involved in lying to the American people.

Every day brings more damning evidence that President Barack Obama has the blood of Americans on his hands! We now know there was a drone watching the embassy attack in Benghazi. Obama did nothing. We know special forces at the CIA compound had painted targets with lasers during the attacks….but nothing happened. Soldiers don’t target with lasers unless there is a weapons system around to lock onto the laser. Obama never made the call. How can a US President…hell, how can anyone sit idly by as his fellow citizens are massacred by savages? I don’t know how…my mind doesn’t work that way. But I know who did…and that who is President Barack Hussein Obama! Obama lied and Americans died!

All the while, Obama and his henchmen lied to the American public saying the attacks were spontaneous and caused by a YouTube video critical of Islam. We all knew that was total BS but Obama and his crew stuck to that line. Now the truth clearly shows Obama lied to the American people after watching innocent Americans die.

America doesn’t leave Americans behind under fire. We certainly don’t leave them to be slaughtered. Especially when we have special operators close by and on call. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said he didn’t have enough intelligence to send support to Benghazi. If I have to choose sending in Delta Force vs Al Qaeda and no intelligence, I’ll take my chances with Delta Force.

Barack Obama is worse than an incompetent President. He is either a coward, afraid to use the world’s best military forces to save the lives of his ambassador and other Americans or he cares nothing about America and the lives of Americans. I fear the latter is the correct answer.

There needs to be a complete congressional investigation on what happened and who knew what in Benghazi. Every person involved in dereliction of duty and misleading the American public must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Precedent must be set so this never happens again! My guess is there should be a lot of people wearing stripes!

It is pretty clear to all who can see that Obama lied while Americans died! A new low for America! I am completely appalled but not a bit surprised. Such is my low opinion of Obama.


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