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America has had awful Presidents in the past but none ever hated his country like Barack Hussein Obama. Obama and his fellow leftist, America-hating supporters have sealed the eventual destruction of America as a republic.

Obama chose to give the latest speech apologizing for American actions in Japan just before Memorial Day. He spoke in Hiroshima and said:

“We stand here in the middle of this city and force ourselves to imagine the moment the bomb fell. We force ourselves to feel the dread of children confused by what they see. We listen to a silent cry. We remember all the innocents killed across the arc of that terrible war and the wars that came before and the wars that would follow.

Mere words cannot give voice to such suffering. But we have a shared responsibility to look directly into the eye of history and ask what we must do differently to curb such suffering again.

“Let all the souls here rest in peace, for we shall not repeat the evil.”

One thing that can be done to curb such suffering again is for Japan or any other nation to attack America without provocation! Obama conveniently ignores the 3,000 plus American deaths at Pearl Harbor in a war crime committed by the Japanese! He also refused to mention the Bataan Death March that mercilessly tortured and/or murdered American POWs. Or the crimes against civilization that Japanese forces perpetrated on the Chinese and Koreans.

America may soon have the need to use atomic bombs against our enemies. But the decision to use nuclear weapons will come from a President who loves his country. It will not be Obama.

The atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki saved the lives of thousands of American soldiers. Of course, Truman, unlike Obama, was a President who loved his country.

The Japanese suffered 6 months of Allied firebombings of their cities without surrender. The last resort, other than atomic weapons, was to send American troops to take Japan city by city. President Truman made the correct choice to save American lives by dropping atomic bombs. He finished what the Japanese had started when they attacked Pearl Harbor. The Japanese are not evil people today but their armed forces in WWII were.

Obama is a disgrace and no one takes him seriously. Our allies don’t. Our enemies don’t. And Obama has given rise to Donald Trump, the next POTUS, who will put American interests above those of our enemies.

America was never meant to be weak. We were never meant to grovel before out enemies. American has sucked for the past eight years while a America-hating, racist, communist community organizer from a shit city called Chicago had his way with the destruction of the country. That will change but only time will tell if Trump can undo the damage done to America by Obama and his ilk.




  1. I’m not so sure he’s actually done anything. In thirty years I’m thinking the only thing the average person will know about Obama is that he was the 2nd “black” President and spent most of his eight years playing golf. He’s beyond a failure. Just another early 21st century media created nobody.

    • david7134

      If you want to watch the liberals blow their tops, call him the shoeshine boy. I got the term from watching the Clintons. Of course that is an insult to shoeshine boys.

  2. My father, a WW 2 navy veteran must be turning over in his grave. What a POS this President is.

    • david7134

      I went to Pearl Harbor a few decades ago and went to the historical presentation by the National Park Service, very moving. Then noticed that there was another presentation for the Japanese, who are major tourist there. Completely different presentation by our own government. There, the Japs are told that they had no choice but to attack the US due to the stupidity of FDR (my words in summation). This was closer to the history we were taught by the military in ROTC. In fact, a survey during the war showed that over 50% of soldiers had no idea as to why they were fighting. Then, the military teaches its officers (me) that the atomic bomb had nothing to do with the surrender of the Japs, it was the Russians attacking in Manchuria that really scared the hell out of them. If you think about it, the fire bombings of all the cities was worse than the atomic bomb. Just that the atomic bomb was more efficient than the hundreds of fire bombs. They really had trouble finding a target for the atomic bomb as there was few cities left that were not at least 60% destroyed.

    Shouting is over.
    Obama puppet and his string pullers will never again get into office.
    Such lying on their records and hidden identities can never be tolerated again.
    Civil War here in the USA will come first.
    Obama is actually a traitor in my eyes.
    If you do not like this Country, then leave it permanently and never come back.

    • david7134

      I think that Trump will do the job. But if Hillary gets it we win any way as that will likely push the states to secede.

  4. Disgrace !..They attacked us at Pearl and if we didn’t drop the A bombs we would have lost hundreds of thousands of American soldiers invading Japan..that’s a fact.

  5. Joe Stalin

    It’s interesting that not once do you ever see or hear of American communist news media going to an Asian country like the Philippines or PRC or Burma and asking THEM if nuking Japan was a positive thing. Instead, all we hear about is ‘Nope, still no apology from the Yankee Dogs!’ for the atomic attacks.

    I for one am glad for the A-bomb. My father could have been killed during an invasion of Japan and I might never have been born.

    Atom bombs are Numero Uno in my book.

  6. between 50 and 70 million people died during WWII……..and it’s probably closer to the 70 million than it is the 50 million……..

    the Japanese were responsible for murdering millions of innocent people…..millions ! ……..and our piece-of-sh*t president, president Apologizing Bastard, is over in Japan condemning us and kissing the ass of the Japanese as if they had nothing to do with it………….

    I see the left-wing media were all out screaming in-sinc over every left-wing news media outlet they could shout from that Obongo was not apologizing when his very presence and actions was doing just that………

    when Trump becomes president I want reprisals…..”reprisals”…….all these left-wing commie bastards need to be dragged into court for sedition and treason and handed down hefty prison sentences…..and the worst of the worst need to be executed……..

    I want reprisals……..starting with Obongo………

  7. I am sorry that the bombs were dropped on Japanese cities.

    I DO NOT, however, apologize for it.

    Notice the difference?

    If the Japanese had caught the three aircraft carriers in Pearl Harbor, as they expected to, the war would have been over in December of 1941… Or if they had made the third wave of their attack – as they should have, according to their plan – the war would have been over.

    As for the vagaries of fate and fortune, America was blessed. Ending the war with massive enemy casualties is better than ending the war with SUPER massive enemy and friendly casualties. Fewer people, on both sides, died. George Patton said that it wasn’t our soldiers’ job to die for their country. It was their job to get the enemy to die for THEIR country.

    As for Obama, America has no one to blame but herself. Who will apologize for THAT miserable fiasco?

    • That distinction you make is absolutely correct Jenna. I’ve been to Japan and liked it. I have great respect for the people and the civilisation.

      However, Imperial Japan picked a fight and lost it. I’ve read quite widely on the subject. The hell they unleashed on the Chinese and on Allied prisoners and civilians was beyond calculation.

      This had to be ended. There was one way to do it. Impractical morality is no morality. The storm of hell that would have engulfed Japanese civilians and US, British and Australian forces if we’d have had to invade would have been like a thousand Stalingrads, and probably destroyed Japan as a country.

      It stank. But it had to be done.

    • Nightowl2548

      No, I don’t think it would have been over, we wouldn’t have called it quits had they done that but it would have prolonged the war quite a bit as we pulled back to the West Coast to regroup and rebuild. Midway was the real game changer, we were still outgunned by the Japanese Navy but scored an incredible lopsided victory to give us an advantage in a game were we were growing stronger by the minute at a rate that Japan couldn’t compete with making the outcome inevitable from then on.

      A good book on the early days of the Nuclear Age is Richard Rhodes “Dark Sun: Edward Teller and the Hydrogen Bomb” Despite it’s title, much of the book also deals with the shocking rampant extent of Soviet Espionage in the US during the 40s and the usual suspects here were providing them with plane loads of documents on every industrial process they could think of to help the Communists. We had regular Lend Lease DC3 flights going out along the Alcan Highway then into Siberia that often were filled with our secrets. Part of it also goes into quite detail on the Russian Scientists who developed their bomb based on secrets mostly coming from Klaus Fuchs. The terrible paranoia they were under by the killer creeps in the NKVD is detailed, Beria even wondered if the bomb that was tested before his very eyes was somehow “a trick.” Worst of all is the pathetic state of our atomic arsenal in the late 40s. There was a point in 1947 where we didn’t even have a single working bomb available should we need it. The liberal PC types were rampant back then too, demanding that the bomb should be under “international control.” Same type of delusional people as today running around yacking about “global warming” instead. They didn’t even let the US military have the friggin’ bomb for crisakes! The bomb was under the control of civilian pinko bureaucrats until Truman made a deal with the Joint Chiefs in the Pentagon to let them have physical control over our atomic arsenal in exchange for acquiescing for Truman’s demand to fire General Macarthur. Kind of eyeopening seeing the extent of this treasonous leftism already entrenched throughout the government in the 40s. They just had different hobby horses from today’s “transgendermania.”

      • Joe Stalin

        One of the atomic spies was Saville Sax who lived in Chicago. His son, Boria Sax, went to Hyde Park High School. The US government apparently knew about his treachery because they did their damnest to keep him unemployed. His son was always shabbily dressed in HS because of the lack of money. A personal recollection relayed to me by a now deceased acquaintance of Boria Sax stated that they would always hear weird sounds over their telephone during the 1960s.

    • May I recommend some reading for Jenna and for everyone else who might be still clinging to the Hollywood and Military Industrial Complex manufactured narrative, with regards to what happened at Pearl Harbor, on December 7, 1941?

      The Pearl Harbor Deception
      by Robert Stinnett
      Independent Institute
      December 7, 2003

      [ Begin excerpt ]

      “It took me a year to evaluate the records. The information revealed in the files was astonishing. It disclosed a Pearl Harbor story hidden from the public. I believed the story should be told to the American people. The editors of Simon & Schuster/The Free Press published Day of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1999.

      Day of Deceit was well received by media book reviews and the on-line booksellers, and Barnes &, earning a 70 percent public approval rating. Day of Deceit continues among the top ten bestsellers in the non-fiction Pearl Harbor book category, according to and Barnes &

      About 30 percent of the reviews have discounted the book’s revelations. The leaders of the dispute include Stephen Budiansky, Edward Drea, and David Kahn, all of whom have authored books or articles on code breaking. To bolster their pre-Pearl Harbor theories, the trio violated journalistic ethics and distorted the U.S. Navy’s pre-Pearl Harbor paper trail. Their efforts cannot be ignored. The trio has close ties to the National Security Agency, the overseer of U.S. naval communications files. Kahn has appeared before NSA seminars. The NSA has not honored my FOIA requests to disclose honorariums paid the seminar participants but has released records that confirm Kahn has been a participant.

      Immediately after Day of Deceit appeared in bookstores in 1999, NSA began withdrawing pre-Pearl Harbor documents from the Crane Files housed in Archives II. This means the government decided to continue 60 years of Pearl Harbor censorship. As of January 2002, over two dozen NSA withdrawal notices have triggered the removal of Pearl Harbor documents from public inspection.”

      [ End of excerpt ]

      In short, FDR and the US Military had broken the encryption method used by the Japanese and, as a result, had advanced knowledge of the impending attack. However, since the vast and overwhelming majority of the American people (80% according to research into this matter) opposed the idea of the USA getting involved in yet another war in Europe – but, FDR and the cabal of scheming Semites who surrounded him wanted to find some excuse they could use to shift public opinion because they wanted to drag the USA into WW2.

      Incidentally, this is what all the whining and bleating has been about – over the use of the ‘American First’ theme by Donald Trump. Charles Lindbergh and very vocal number of American patriots during that era also used the ‘America First’ theme and they were strongly opposed to the efforts by the cabal of mostly jewish agitators who surrounded FDR and who were scheming to embroil America into a second war in Europe. Lindbergh’s famous speech in Des Moines, Iowa on September 11th, 1941 (Gee whiz, is that not a curious, coincidental date?) called out the elements within the FDR Administration who were agitating for the USA to get into WW2. You can listen to the Lindbergh speech here:

      Anyway, so the FDR Administration had prior knowledge of the coming Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and saw an opportunity to take advantage of it because they knew it would dramatically shift the American public’s opinion on entering a second world war in Europe. The attack on Pearl Harbor did exactly that; public opposition to going to war evaporated immediately after the attack. As for your comment about it being a ‘good thing’ that the Japanese didn’t catch 3 US Navy aircraft carriers in port at Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941 – this was not a simple matter of luck working in our favor.

      FDR intentionally ordered those carriers away from Pearl Harbor because he didn’t want to lose them when the Japanese attack occurred, because he knew he would need them once he had snookered the gullible American public into letting him declare war.

      I recommend that Jenna get a copy of the book by Robert Stinnett titled ‘Day of Deceit’ and bring herself up to speed on the treason and treachery committed by FDR. However, FDR is not the only American president who has used deception or false flag events to snooker the American public into allowing their nation to be dragged into wars. This is a common tactic and has been repeatedly used by the criminal and, I believe, psychopathic, ruling elites who have hijacked our nation and who excel at pulling the wool over the eyes of the average, patriotic oriented, childishly naive and embarrassingly gullible American citizenry.

      Oh, and let me also remind everyone of the infamous ‘Project for a New American Century’ document that our diabolically evil neo-cons penned as far back as the Clinton Administration – where they laid out their evil plans to ‘kick off 100 years worth of wars’ against every enemy of the State of Israel, whereby, according to retired Gen. Wesley Clark – they longed to overthrow as many as 7 nations in the Middle East and install puppets who took orders from the USA and Israel. Well, in this PNAC document, these evil neocons opined that they would probably never get the American public to go along with their diabolically evil plans – unless America were to suffer another ‘Pearl Harbor style of event’, which would galvanize the sheeple to support war, war, war, and more war.

      And, as if Colonel Tony Nelson on the old “I Dream of Jeannie’ TV program had picked up his bottle and rubbed it a few times and then popped the cork out of the bottle – and made a wish – POOF! 60 years to the day from the Charles Lindbergh speech on September 11, 1941 – along comes September 11, 2001 and the attack on the World Trade Center towers conveniently falls into the laps of our neo-cons, and PRESTO! The PNAC’s ‘New Pearl Harbor’ event arrives and America has been at war ever since.

      But, hey! I’m a firm and committed believer in coincidences. Isn’t everyone else, too?

      /Sarcasm Off

  8. Hey AWD,

    In reference to our scumbag-in-chief’s credentials you left out perhaps the most important of all – ISLAMIST.

    I wish everyone would stop calling Obongo “black” because he’s not – at least not racially. Although he certainly is ideologically! Race is not like nationality. He can be Kenyan-American. But when you’re mother is White you cannot be Black. Nor can you be White when your father is Black. Obongo is bi-racial. And there is no such ‘race’ as bi-racial! When you are bi-racial you have NO race. Racially speaking, you are nothing, ZERO.

    Getting back to the atrocities committed by the Japanese during WWII, nothing can compare with being a POW in the infamous Unit 731 where horrific ‘medical experiments’ where carried out on American, British, Russian, Korean, and Chinese prisoners. All terrible war crimes for which NOBODY was ever held responsible – an unforgivable crime in itself!

    Last but not least, more defenseless men, women, and children were killed in the bombing of just ONE German city – Dresden – by British and American forces than the entire total of civilian deaths in both Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined. And many of them died a far more horrible death than those killed in the atomic bombings of Japan.

    Only you won’t see Obongo groveling and apologizing to the German people for that. I wonder why not? Oh, that’s right, they were all White! Therefore, they were all GUILTY and got what they deserved according to little Barry’s twisted vision of the world.

    • I almost felt like puking, when I happened to tune into Rush Scumbaugh one day last week and he was gleefully pontificating on how awesome a tactic it was (and is) for the US Military to deliberately target the non-combatant, defenseless civilian population of a nation we are at war with and then mass murdering as many of them as possible, in order to break the spirit and resolve of the enemy force’s military people.

      This sick and twisted attitude is reminiscent to me, as a White Southerner, of the gutless, cowardly and totally unmanly actions of Yankee General Tecumseh Sherman – who, during the War for Southern Independence was so chicken-shit terrified of facing the bad-ass Confederate Army lead by Robert E. Lee and Nathan Bedford Forrest – that this slimy, cowardly Yankee excrement particle decided to sneak around behind Lee’s troops and orchestrate his ‘infamous’ March to the Sea, where Sherman’s blue belly’s decided to wage war on the defenseless, non-combatant women, children, and elderly family members of the Confederate soldiers – burning down their farms, destroying their crops, slaughtering their livestock, and gang raping and killing the Southern women, children and the elderly. This is what is called ‘Total War’. Killing defenseless civilians deliberately as a means of demoralizing the fighting men of the opposition nation you are at war with. This method of war fare appeals primarily to spineless, gutless, chickenshit COWARDS who lack the honor and the integrity of a warrior who deserves the grudging respect of the true warrior class.

      But. Mr. Oxycotin – who never served a day of his life in any branch of the military – is out there boasting and praising how ‘cool’ it is to slaughter non-combatants and civilians? Please do not misunderstand my point here. I am not saying that it is even possible to avoid any civilian casualties during war time; this is a sad and tragic consequence of all major or minor wars. My point is when the civilian and military leadership deliberately set out to intentionally target innocent civilians as part of some kind of sick and twisted ‘strategy’ – such as what the loathsome drunkard Winston Churchill did at Dresden during WW2, those are the examples of what I consider to be actions of a war criminal. In fact, this kind of behavior is really no different from the actions of a terrorist who intentionally targets innocent and defenseless civilians and kills them in order to spread fear, terror, chaos and to demoralize the will of whoever their primary beef is with.

      Do I approve of Obama groveling and apologizing for the nukes we dropped on Japan? Not particularly. But, neither will anyone ever catch me taking enormous pride in our using those nukes
      on Japan – despite the fact that by doing so, a lot of American military lives were saved. It was just
      something that had to be done to end the war, period. Not something to boast about or to gloat about while sitting on your fat Oxycotin addicted ass behind a golden EIB bullhorn.

      Whatever happened to the character trait of humility in the people of this nation?

      BTW: One of the “to do” items on my bucket list is to one day visit the Calvery Cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri and piss on the grave of Tecumseh Sherman. And, if I can find a good greasy spoon that sells really greasy bowls of chili, I might even take a laxative and camp out until the urge strikes me.

  9. Formerly Chicago guy

    Would it not be wonderful if on the day of Trumps inauguration, upon being sworn in, he turned to the secret service men and pointed at obama and said “arrest that man!”.

  10. He needs to apologize to the people of America for the untold destruction he has created here.

  11. you got my harumph! Govner. However, my words would have been a little less kind. Sometimes i can be such a potty mouth

  12. He certainly kowtows to perfection.Got the curtsy down .best damn POSOTUS we ever had!

  13. More lives were saved by the atomic bombs being dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki than would have been lost by an invasion of Japan. Facing defeat, the Japanese had already begun killing Allied Prisoners of War. This happened on Palawan in the Philippines and at Sandakan in British North Borneo. Orders to kill all of the POWs when the Japanese home islands were invaded had already started to be followed before the atomic bombs forced the Japanese military led government to face reality. If nothing else, the bombs saved the lives of tens of thousands of POWs. That makes their use fully justified in my opinion.

  14. Louisianian state legislator “Buckwheena” demands that we stop teaching the “Declaration of Independence”………..Buckwheena seems to think that the Declaration of Independence is offensive to “buckwheats”………….

  15. Quartierleblanc

    Don’t forget what happened in Nanking China or to American POW’s. The list of Japanese crimes are numerous but hell, lets blame Whitey. It always seems to work in Obamaworld.

  16. What amazes me is , that in all the press about Obama visiting Hiroshima, Japan, where the U.S. dropped the first atomic bomb on its enemy in 1945, not one word surfaced about the fact that the Japanese were, at the same time, working on their own atomic bomb, and would have used it on Americans had they been able. Nor has anything been said about the fact that they were much closer to making an atomic bomb than most Americans were ever told.

    Over the Memorial Day week end Obama could have visited the Arizona where our men are still entombed following the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor. Or he could have spoke about the Bataan death march that killed many of the American war prisoners. Or he could have spoken about the fact that American POWs died in the Japanese camps at a far greater rate than American POWs in German war camps. But the whole point of the Obama reign is to blame American for everything. It does not matter that the Japanese attacked and mistreated our prisoners. Obama is upset we won the war. He did this apology tour during Memorial Day Weekend to stick in the eye of the US.

    One thing that is certain with American Progressives and socialists is that they have zero respect for history or perspective. They all live in a world of fantasy.

    • Quartierleblanc

      You have to realize that liberalism is a mental illness that promulgates societal suicide. They’re just as dangerous as a psychopath and unfortunately the cure will involve us or them. Liberals are no longer able to have rational thought or to make the most basic of moral decisions. Liberalism is a mass delusion that is infectious and by nature ultimately fatal.

  17. Questionman

    Hey, remember when you are say you are NOT a racist, then go on to prove that you ARE a racist that hates having a black man in the White House? How is that working out for you. Not well. that is the only explaination there is. Why else lie and put words in Obama’s mouth. The fact IS that the President never actually apologized for the dropping of atomic bombs on Japan! NEVER. There was NO apology.

    Yeah, we get it. You hate The Black Guy.

    The speech was hardly different from the speeches Eisenhower gave about the horrors of war. The only difference is who the words came from.

    It’s sad how the American right continues to disgrace themselves and our country with its treatment of our president.

    “We know Obama hates our military”

    Sounds like you’re one of those low-life un-american idiots who likes to lie to soldiers and say that liberals don’t appreciate or respect them. You get off on telling military men and women lies about Americans at home not respecting them.

    Are you aware that you share a lot in common with enemy psy-ops. They try to lower military morale and pride by telling soldiers that the people at home don’t support them. It’s something that enemy torturers have also told captured POW’s to demoralize them during interrogations. “You are loathed by your own countrymen, your commanders hate you”.

    Obama is a two term president of the US who has taken us from the brink of disaster created by neoCON scumbags Bush and Cheney to an era of relative peace and prosperity. Just because a bunch of ignorant racist cowards attack him from behind their computer screens doesn’t make him a traitor. It just makes the accusers a bunch of pathetic imbeciles. I can see why you are so giddy about your new hero Trump. He was a draft dodging coward who wouldn’t know the truth if it jumped up and bit him. Members of his own party have exposed him as an amoral pathological liar.

    I can see why you are so giddy about your new hero Trump. He was a draft dodging coward who wouldn’t know the truth if it jumped up and bit him. Members of his own party have exposed him as an amoral pathological liar.

    You don’t need to be a political scientist, a politics expert, some sort of political historian or even a sociologist to see why there are so many who’ve flocked to Trump’s special brand of hate, ignorance and lies. Because he’s pandering to their bigotry, racism, Islamophobia, homophobia and overall ignorance. I’ve said it before, Trump is the living embodiment of basically every comments section on every right-wing blog and news source on the Internet. It’s as if one of these comments sections sprung to life and ran for president. That’s all this is.

    On the good side, Obama loves America – unlike the stomach crawling republicker droolers who hate him for being black and qualified and concerned about the liberties and justice of real people aside from whites only.

    Still President. Still black. Still not a Muslim.

    He’s black. Get over it. Time to acknowledge that you’re a paranoid racist.

    In closing, Calling the POTUS a POS and a fraud seems to the usual calling call for you right-wing racists and bigots like you!

    • Joe Stalin

      You do realize that “right-wing racists and bigots like you!” is now a totally vacuous phrase of utterly NO meaningful value in political discourse, don’t you?

      ” Obama loves America”??? Is that why he does his damnest to maintain a steady flow of illegal alien killers, rapists, Third-world welfare sponges into America? Anyone who loved America would DEPORT criminal illegal aliens, your Obama does his best to keep them in America.

    • Nick Digger

      You might want to spend five minutes researching Trump’s Vietnam Lottery number before you go running your mouth again. (Spoiler Alert: You can’t dodge something you were never drafted for.)

    • “Obama is a two term president of the US who has taken us from the brink of disaster created by neoCON scumbags Bush and Cheney to an era of relative peace and prosperity.”

      Seriously? Are you really that stupid? The only way that ass clown has taken us from the brink of disaster, is by pushing us over the edge. In his time in office, he has gutted the military, replaced damn near all the upper command officers with progressive ass kissers, he’s managed to INCREASE the national debt by more than all previous Presidents in the history of this country COMBINED, and he’s managed to set race relations between blacks and whites back about a hundred years.

      And I haven’t even gotten into him sticking his nose in the business of citizens, states, and even other nations.

      You are an idiot and a fool, begone troll.

    • I hate to break it to you but Obama is MIXED RACE and never was black. That’s the truth. He’s the first President of African descent, but he’s not entirely the first Black president nor is he the first African president, although his father was African, not African-American.

      Morgan Freeman said it best, “First thing that always pops into my head regarding our president is that all of the people who are setting up this barrier for him … they just conveniently forget that Barack had a mama, and she was white — very white American, Kansas, middle of America… There was no argument about who he is or what he is. America’s first black president hasn’t arisen yet. He’s not America’s first black president — he’s America’s first mixed-race president.

      Oh, and here’s some fun facts to twist your Liberal brain into pretzel knots : the Democrats are generally more guilty than anyone else of being what you accuse AWD of being (ex. racist, bigoted, populist, KKK, hateful). Any nationalist, conservative, right winger, libertarian, anti-socialist, utilitarian, patriot or just about anyone who doesn’t blindly follow the single thought doctrine of political correctness has been called one of the “magic words” of the Left.

      Top 10 Most Overused Words Of The Left

      White Privilege : Any white American refusing the diktat of the New World Order and other globalist doctrines.
      Uncle Tom : Any black American refusing the diktat of the New World Order and other globalist doctrines (this one is particularly comical seeing as the people that employ this term are 99% of the time the biggest closet Uncle Toms, ex. Jesse Jackson).
      Racist : Any American who opposed social constructivist laws such as affirmative action, and to a general extend any American who opposes the social engineering devised by the globalist agenda.
      Intolerant : Any American concerned about the consequences of the massive illegal immigrant invasion.
      Homophobic : Any American that, for religious reasons or other, doesn’t frequently partake in same-gender sexual activities.
      Fascist : Any American that believes in free market, free enterprise and private property (this one is also ironic because Mussolini created fascism precisely to counter free market economy).
      Bigot : Any American who scores over 70 on an IQ test and thus doesn’t blindly follow or accept every hippie progressive trend.
      War on Women : Honestly for this one I have no idea. They seem to get less and less coherent with every one, so I guess they just ran out of inspiration.
      Reactionary : The term used by communists to define anyone who opposed the “revolution”. Interchangeable with counter-revolutionary.
      Conspiracy theory : Anything that doesn’t air on the official Communist Con Network.
      Homegrown terrorist : Any American who believes in the Constitution.
      Anti-Taco Alliance : What the globalist think we are. No seriously, we are just Americans who don’t want their nation to be “radically transformed” into a cosmopolitan globalist protectorate.

    • At the end of the day obama’s still a nigga,

  18. 3rdAFCrewChief

    The way Barry was bending over greeting that Midget Zipper-Head looked like he wanted to give him some head

  19. “I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic”

    I always wondered about the “domestic” part of this oath. Now I know.
    Why this Republican controlled Congress hasn’t acted (AS IN IMPEACHMENT), is something I’ll never forget nor forgive.
    Senator Jeff Sessions and a few others are exceptioins.

  20. Henry Lee

    All I know about the Japanese comes from reading “Shogun” so could someone who actually knows something tell me if Obama should be bowing submissively or should the bows be as equals. He made the same kind of bow to the King of Saudi Arabia.

  21. A man of the world, sans the United States, again bends over for the country who started the crap in the first place.

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