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Obama, the N-Word


The Scarlet N
The N always knows best.

No, not the N-Word that immediately springs to the minds of most.  Not the N-Word that, for people of non-color (or PONC), is prohibited, while used happily and freely by those who are socially permitted to be keepin’ it real. Not the N-word that charlatans like Sharpton and Jackson await eagerly to fall from the lips of unwitting PONC’s to then used to incite black outrage and drive media attention to their own scary mugs for yet another message ‘bout how whites hate blacks.

The N-Word on my mind, as it relates to our “elected” president, is Narcissist. It’s been on my mind, thanks to Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holidays that provoke family gathering is often a stomach churning and turning day for many.  The seasonal assemblages of the family crazies is a powerfully potent reproductive deterrent.  Makes that all important Obamacare birth control coverage obviously redundant.

In my native family, we have that extra zing, since we count among ours a true sociopathic narcissist.  I won’t name names but she makes some of the best scratch cheesecake on the planet.  I affectionately refer to her as “My N.”

Thanks to her, I have a highly developed “N-Sense.”  Like Peter Parker’s Spidey Sense, if my N-Sense is tingling, it’s usually because there’s a narcissist within earshot. If you’ve ever spent any time around an N, no explanation is required.  While they aren’t common, and under 1% of the general population have a diagnosis, I can spot one almost immediately.

The relationship with a narcissist can best be described by considering how furniture is treated by its owner.  Furniture is owned, arranged and used at will.  Of course, to the owner, the furniture has no voice, opinion, or feelings.  If Obama is the narcissist, we are the furniture.

The narcissist isn’t concerned with reality…he’s concerned with what he wants and believes things to be.  So, it matters not a bit the opinion or belief of anyone else, as long as the narcissist’s “reality” is validated.  The narcissist’s desires must be validated, at all times and at all costs. When Nile Gardiner said Obama is out of touch with reality, is extravagant and not in touch with the American People, that’s actually not exactly all that could be said.  As a narcissist, Barack would have no concept that others could reasonably hold a contrary position or that they even have a separate thought process.  And so, dealing with the narcissist is no walk in the park.  If his charm and force of will fail to enlist the cooperation of others, resistance is met with anger.  There is no way to appeal to reason with a Narcissist. When things are going his way, he displays an arrogant, demeaning, and dismissive attitude.  When things aren’t going the narcissist’s way, he may exhibit a delusional, revisionist memory, along with anger and blame with a desire to punish.  Gee, that sounds familiar. There are plenty of convincing articles that detail signs and symptoms of Barack’s narcissism.  Apparently, I’m not the only one to notice mental illness when I see it.

The terrifying difference between my wildly irritating family member and Barack is the comparative extent of the influence each exerts.  The speech and behavior of my N is mercilessly shocking and abrasive, but it’s simply the stuff of family legend and easy to deflect. As long as she’s kept at a distance, it’s even laughable.  In contrast, Barack has the ability and intention, legally or not, to change and control even the most minute details of the lives of every one of us as he and his minions systematically shred the fabric of our society.  And he’s doing it intentionally and with little regard for the good opinion of the rest of us.  A man who potentially has a medically diagnosable mental condition is pulling the strings for his overlords in the shadows, turning our nation in a direction that many would not want to go. This is the real N-Word we should fear.  A narcissist empowered could be the destruction of us all.



  1. Could and will be. Destruction to this nation is coming at a rampant speed via Dear Leader…and it looks not to be stopped either.

    Every single word you said speaks volumes for this ol’ gal. God help us all.

  2. The sun doesn’t shine on the same cow’s ass all day. One day he’ll be pushing a shopping cart…outside.

    • Makes for a fun visual, CK101! But nah, in the very least, you and I will be funding the security detail for the rest of his cushy, privileged existence.

      • He’ll be looking over his shoulder a lot, and justifiably so. I think he will find the golf links an uncomfortable place to be after he leaves office. He will have caused more misery and grievances than all our other Presidents combined just as he has caused us more debt than all other Presidents combined. He is a despicable human being. Pond scum at best.

  3. RidinShotgun

    Interesting, I’ve read a few stories about how theirs was an arranged marriage, perhaps this is evidence of that. If I had to stare at the mug on that bantu every day I’d be whooping it up with a blonde as well.

  4. Great post Texas Belle right on the mark. Obama has Narcissistic personality disorder. Megalomania.

  5. iron_mike_houston

    Everyone wants to be cool now and if you go to a funeral, you need to be able to crack-up and take a selfie? I know I’m one of the most 100 beautiful people in the world but I never make those lists. Even though I’m a beautiful person, I can honestly say I have never taken a selfie at a funeral or anywhere else.

    I don’t have a lot of good things to say about Moochele but at least she wasn’t acting like a fool with a bunch of eurotrash!

    I am horrified at his actions at the funeral but I’m not surprised. I want a president that acts presidential in public. I don’t want a cool president that shakes hands with murdering communists. I want a president that doesn’t shake the hands of a communist and looks at him with respect you would give a mass murderer. I might even ask him, how many of your citizens have you murdered today!

    • iron mike
      Reagan would not enter the Oval office without a coat and tie on, I know it’s a simple thing but it shows the respect he had for the Position he held.

  6. ThisObamaNation

    The Truth About Nelson Mandela (Video)


  7. Texas Belle, that’s one of the best and most concise descriptions of a narcissist I’ve seen. And yes! I’ve had two in my life — a boyfriend and a family member — and I, too, acquired an instinct for the “signs.” You are right on the money about B.O.

    The “N” word, ha! I hope that catches on!

    • Awe thanks! The reportedly low % of this type of sociopath has been an odd comfort to me…hate to hear of others who’ve had the pleasure of an N in their lives. Hugs for you, sister. 🙂

  8. We should require psychological evaluation of politicians before they are allowed to primary. Results should be public along with transcripts, resumes, official documentations, tax returns. Shouldn’t we be allowed to know what we are “buying?”

    • eek I agree, and the answer to your question is hell yes.

    • Absolutely. However, the very traits that make the sociopath/narcissist evil are the same qualities that make them supremely finely-tuned political cyborgs. They are born for it and literally do not think or function as do the rest of us.

  9. Thanks for the update, Belle. I’ve always wondered what became of my ex.

  10. Crusading Conservative

    Texas Belle: my father was a narcissist up until the day he died, and while alive, he systematically ruined our family, without any regard, any regret, any remorse. He never had any awareness that he was the problem, and his arrogance led to untold destruction, none of which he ever admitted to, or apologized for.

    • Hey CC. Always saddened to hear things like that. It’s tough to keep the N and their shenanigans at a distance. There are a couple in our family who haven’t been strong enough to do it with our N, and so, have suffered at her hands. Remember though, they cannot apologize since they have the inability to acknowledge their own mistakes/evil works. I guess that unless one has dealt w/ an N, ya really can’t “get it.” Hugs to you too!

  11. Narcissist? I was thinking Noob, Nabob, Nitwit, and so on.
    Nothing worse than a stuck up sissy with a modicum of power.

    • Hey Lazlo,
      I had hoped he was just a nitwit but he’s not. And his modicum of power matters to me, since it’s being used to feed his narcissistic ego while greatly impacting me and mine. But you can still have a hug too, anyway! 😉

      • TB
        I wasn’t downplaying his damaging role. There truly is ‘nothing worse’ than this guy in office.
        I think he’s a Marxist tool of the Caliphate who’s been promised a cushy retirement in some secret exotic locale after he topples the USA. Valerie Jarrett is his handler.
        Poor Guy, when he outlives his usefulness, expect an accident.

  12. Spurwing Plover


  13. Heck I thought you meant “nut=bag”!

  14. You know what I call them now? I call them colored people. Usually makes steam come out of their ears but it’s legal 🙂

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