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I believe the greatest thing about being a liberal is you can say anything you want and never be questioned by the press. Another thing is your supporters will immediately believe anything you say. Another great thing about being a liberal is you don’t have to worry about taxing your brain.

Imam Hussein came to Dallas today for a memorial service for one of the Dallas Police officers murdered by a black killer who wanted to kill white people, namely white cops. And, of course, the Nothing Man turned the event into an anti-cop, anti-gun political speech. From what I understand, the Dallas Police did not applaud Hussein’s words.

Predictably, Obama tried to hide the motives the killer of five policemen. He said:

“I think it’s very hard to untangle the motives of this shooter.”

Well, it’s not if you’re not a white-hating piece of sh*t like Detective Obama. Killer Micah Johnson told Dallas PD he wanted to kill white people, in particular white police. Ummmm. At this point in his putrid presidency, who does this guy think he’s fooling?

Later in his speech, Obama used his time, of course, to denigrate gun ownership. He said:

“It’s easier for a teenager to get his hands on a Glock than a computer…or even a book!”

Hussein’s comment reminds AWD of the old joke:

Q: Where’s the safest place to be in a Black Lives Matter riot?

A: Barnes and Noble

I’m sure it is easier in Hussein’s hometown of Barackistan (Chicago) to buy a Glock than a book. Being that most in his old stomping grounds have never heard these things called books.

The classless communist Obama just couldn’t for once keep his pie hole closed and respect the dead at a memorial service. He just has to be an ass. It’s all he knows.

Hey Hussein, let one of your ghetto yoots try to buy a gun from a legal gun store. Not gonna happen. But sentient America quit listening to you eight years ago.



  1. Obongo has desecrated the ceremony and the memories of 5 slain police officers in Dallas with his political rant on gun control and how we are the problem……..Obongo has no respect…..none…..for the police and has shown none to these slain officers and heir families………..

    the video of the ceremony shows the officers refusing to applaud president Shitstain….. they’re not fooled by this racist Alinsky-ite communist ideological fool of a president……..they know he’s a race baiter…..they know he hates the police and only showed up to try and to gain political points at the expense of the slain officers……..

    never let a crisis go to waste….Shitstain doesn’t give a rat’s ass for those officers…..

    all Shitstain wants to do is to fool the American people into thinking he cares about them with a show of fake concern by gloming on to this tragedy and pretending to show sympathy when in reality he is condemning the police……..and they know it……

    vid of the police refusing to applaud our race baiter and chief president Shitstan……

    • great post Bluto xx

    • Sadly notice the black officers clapping?
      There is one black woman officer who is clapping like she is at the Apollo.

      Even at a memorial for their slain comrades they are black first and police second.

  2. ragincajun

    I bet many cops there where thinking is it worth it to tase the idiot.

  3. Joe Stalin

    In order for you to get a gun in Illinois, your Second Amendment rights are abrogated by the State of Illinois for weeks on end because you have to apply for a Firearm Owner ID card. Who knows how long the IL State Police will sit on your application. What is amazing is how none of the allegedly “pro-gun” state legislators have seen fit to just get rid of the FOID card, since we now have the FBI “Instant Check” on gun purchases.

  4. Is 18 the legal age to buy a gun? Anyways, I know it is easier to buy a book than a gun you gay fkg evil Muslim cop hating racist fraud

  5. I’m sure it is easier for a teen to get a gun than a book… If you’re an ‘Obama-son’ in one of Obama’s Detroilet or ShitCago hoods.

    How utterly disgraceful of Obama… But then, could we expect any less from the Thin Smoking Man? Why every cop, every cop’s wife and children did not turn their backs during not his eulogy, but speech, Klingon style, is beyond me.

  6. He portrayed the black men shot as “victims”. Once again he has used the bully pulpit to weigh in before the investigations are complete. This has stirred massive racial tension and more people will die because of this. He needs to be held accountable.
    At a press conference, the president began his remarks by offering his condolences to the families of the “victims”, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

    Police said both men were armed at the time they were killed.
    He was wrong about Michael Brown (Ferguson) and Trayvon Martin and a string of others…The entire “hands up” narrative was proven false, yet he still mentions Michael Brown as some sort of “victim”. This is classic demagoguery.

  7. Obama, the bastard, really showed exactly who he really is!.
    He chastised the Police and Dallas.
    He embarrassed all who sat in silence.
    He should have been turned down to attend.
    Obastard got where he is due to communist white supporters.
    From now on, this USA better better smarten up and really examine any future political leaders, and only elect someone who is a true patriot.
    I believe that Donald Trump is the only one now who can be elected and put this USA back on a Conservative course like Our Bill of Rights demands us to follow!

  8. The president’s claim that teenagers can go out and grab Glock’s more easily than they can find books or computers isn’t just false. It’s a pathetic attempt by an ineffective, lame duck president to hijack a service of mourning for his own unpopular political agenda.

    Lie: Inner city blacks just want a shot at education, but institutionalized white racism is holding them back.

    Truth: Inner city blacks have saturated themselves in a nihilistic gangsta culture that rejects authority, rejects education, rejects morality- rejects anything perceived as “white” (except white chicks) and instead embraces a juvenile cartoon culture of shameless self-promotion, money, sex, and violence (not to mention vulgar nursery rhymes). They have no desire or use for books.

    Lie: Weak gun laws permit guns to get into the wrong hands, especially vulnerable minorities.

    Truth: Minorities are not somehow vulnerable to gaps in our laws, nor are guns accidentally falling into their hands. Black and Hispanic gangs actively seek out guns, obtaining them deliberately and illegally from within the US and abroad. They use them to commit crimes- mostly against each other, this being the overwhelming source of gun crimes/deaths in our country.

    Lie: If we just pass “sensible” gun laws, we will be a more peaceful nation.

    Truth: If we pass more gun laws the average citizen will find it increasingly more difficult to protect him/herself against criminals. But even more importantly, we will find it more difficult to defend against an increasingly unconstitutional and lawless government. It’s a slippery slope, and progressives intend it to be. The result of this shameless gun grabbing will not be more peace, but will only stir anger within the nation’s patriots and otherwise peaceful gun owning citizens. But this is also by design. Progressives don’t want peace. They want transformation. And they want their ideological enemies to be disarmed at the point of open conflict.

    If Obama wants people to take him seriously for the next six months, maybe he should start using them a little more sparingly and starting telling the TRUTH a little more often.

  9. Ovomit: the move divisive “president” in the history of this country.
    Unfortunately, the end of his “presidency” won’t mean he’ll disappear. We’re going to have to endure this maggot as long as the MSM continues to venerate him.

  10. I’m reminded of a rude joke I once heard and it goes something like this.

    A successful black American decided to go and visit his roots in the old ghetto zone slums. Upon arriving he was shocked to see that things haven’t changed all that much, if any, it was much worse then he remembered.

    As he’s driving along he sees a little black boy standing out on the streets, who should be in school, and selling dope. The successful black American couldn’t help but remember he was once on this dark path as a young boy but was shown the light when a kind stranger gave him a book and opened his mind to the value of an education.

    The successful black American quickly parks his car, gets out and approaches the young black boy. The boy right away offered to sell him a hit of crack but the successful black man turned him down and told him his story on how he became successful and how he was once peddling dope also.

    “No shit bro?” The boy asks, “You wearing that expensive suit and driving that sweet ride all from reading a book? Shit son, SET ME UP!”

    The successful black American took the young boy to the nearest bookstore and offered to buy him any book he wanted. The young black boy looked around the book store very carefully, looking at each book as he passed and found the book he wanted.

    “That one, I want that one!” The black boy said as pointed to a very thick dictionary.

    “Good choice!” The successful black American said, “Did you know Malcolm X became a great speaker all thanks to reading from the dictionary?”

    “No shit?” The black boy asks and continues, “Hell yah! I differently want that book then!”

    The successful black American buys the thick dictionary for the boy, price came close to one hundred dollars but he felt it was well worth it in changing the life of a young boy destine to a life of crime.

    One month later, the successful black American decided to return to the slums and see how the young black boy was doing and upon his return he was aghast to see the boy still out on the street selling dope.

    He quickly stops his car, gets out and asks, “Why are you still out here selling crack and where is the book I bought you?”

    The boy only smiles and raises his shirt. There strapped to his chest with duck tape like a shield and riddled with bullet holes was the dictionary.

    “You weren’t kidding bro! This book has already set me on the path to fame and fortune! Thanks to this dictionary, I was well protected and was able to cap a bunch of thugs trespassing on my turf and earned a reputation! I’m getting paid five times as much!” The boy lowers his shirt, pulls out a wad of cash and gives it to the successful black American, “Here’s you cut, I couldn’t have done it without you!l hommie!”

    The End

  11. I sent this email to my cousin in Mexifornia……..I do send him poisin pill emails to piss him off…….he’s an avowed Marxist….so I go after him on it………….

    regarding the Donald J. Trump campaign………………so far I like the way things are shaping up……..Trump is rising in all the polls……the Hildabeast is being seen for what she really is….a liar and an incompetent………..the nigras are doing there level best to piss off the white people and thats going to help Trump too…….dumb-ass nigras…..bwahahahahahahaha……..

    suppose to be some nigra protests all around the country on Friday…..that will help some more……..things looking good ……I like the way things are going so far……….another ISIS attack and that will seal the deal…………

    I know…..I know…’s mean spirited but damn it…..”it’s true”………..

  12. I also understand an Imam was there for the memorial service. Presumably NOT to apologize. What an insult to the Police force, and America. Media played it as “Multiculturalism is important in Dallas.” Which I really don’t believe, despite the fact that I once worked with a company in Dallas where nearly everyone was “someone” Sadiqi, and many with Mohammed somewhere in their name. Multiculturalism is a falsehood. This country is the Great American Melting Pot, not a place to supplant society with your home country. The same goes for the Illegals (most are also drug mules) swarming across the border for years and years that refuse to learn English. When my ancestors fled Europe they never looked back, and refused to speak anything but English. Broken and bad but English only none the less. God Bless America!

  13. Obama is liar therefore he is a liberal and he is a liberal therefore he is a liar. He tries to misdirect the blame for gun violence on police or the white community because , you see, we ‘are sooooo raaaacist’. Gun violence fall directly upon the backs of the BLACK community. That community is a vicious and criminal community. They have plenty of guns and most are stolen. Obama knows that if he was allowed to pick up all guns he would be basically disarming whites and the blacks would keep theirs. This we will not allow. Obama is a ‘community organizer’ for the blacks only. He is a racist. He is an extreme socialist. He is probably a Muslim. He lies about his intentions for if he told the truth he would finally be impeached, so he must lie. The statement that kids can get a Glock easier than they can get a book is a complete lie. What would black kids want with a book anyway? What can a gangbanger do with a book? Perhaps he could stab someone with the corner of the book if the binding was stiff enough. Maybe he can beat someone to death with it if it is heavy enough. I hate the media as much as I hate Obama. If a Republican had said that the media would send some piece of dog feces out to buy a book and then a Glock and then declare that the statement was a lie. Buying the Glock would be harder. In Obama’s world the media is his mouthpiece. Screw him and the media and his lies.

  14. Snake Oiler

    The Fourth of July weekend saw at least 66 people shot in Chicago—one more than last year. Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson said “This is another example of the fact that we have too many guns on the streets of Chicago and too many people willing to use them.”

    Interestingly, not a single shooting occurred north of Armitage Avenue. Chicago’s north side is predominantly white and also presumably well-armed. This would suggest to a rational mind that the problem has nothing to do with guns but rather the type of people who are willing to use them on the streets.

    Racially motivated brown-on-black violence gets little play among US reporters brainwashed into believing that whites have been, are, and always will be the only possible perpetrators of racial violence on the planet.

    That’s probably why you haven’t heard that the Justice Department recently indicted seven members of the all-Mexican Big Hazard gang for allegedly firebombing several black residences in Boyle Heights, CA “in a bid to push blacks out.” You would have heard about it if it was whites bombing blacks. Or whites bombing Mexicans. But since it was nonwhites bombing nonwhites, this spectacularly violent story has been softly buried. Again, the modern mainstream press seems just a trifle unfair, doesn’t it?

  15. according to Doug Shoan……the d’himicrats will spend billions to destroy Donald Trump…….multi-billions in advertising dollars……’s going to be a very interesting campaign………

    let the d’himi’s spend every damn dollar in their war chest……it will get them nowhere………it’s time to break the d’himicrat pary………..

  16. Obama’s sons do what they do…….and Obama is proud of his sons…..refuses to condemn their behavior……stands back and is laughing in the oval office…..that old man he got what he deserves for being what we know he is…..a racist white old man………my sons are goot boys………..

  17. Friday July 15…..”a day of RAGE”………..

    the Buckwheats and Buckwheenas are planning a day of “rage” over their fake claims white people are the root cause of them being “executed” in the streets…..white people and the killing machine known as the police have been executing “buckwheats” for years now….right in the middle of the streets…..and Buckwheat and Buckwheena are getting pissed off about this massacre of their fellow
    spear-chuckers dying in the middle of public streets……….

    warning….watch yourself if you have to go out today……the spear-chuckers are out there………….and they’re pissed at whitey for all that whitey has done to them…….even though whitey hasn’t down anything to them…..they have done it to themselves…….

  18. a Baltimore “dindu nuffin” got himself shot after stealing a car and rampaging through the streets of Baltimore with the police in hot persuit…….the rampaging “dindu” could have killed a number of innocent civilians……the police did everything the had to to try and stop the “dindu” from killing innocents……..when the “dindu” finally exited the stolen vehicle and took of running he could have stolen another vehicle and continued his rampage……the officers did what they were supposed to do and stopped the “dindu” with a bullet…….

    the “dindu” died from the tax-payer relief shot…….and now the officer is being persecuted doing his duty and saving lives………….

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