An Arab news source is reporting that Hussein Obama seeks to visit Iran next year to meet with Iran’s Ayatollah Khameini. Why is AWD not surprised? Obama’s love of all things Muslim and extremist seems to know no bounds! Hell, Obama will most likely have a red-carpet state dinner for Iran’s mad mullahs before leaving office.

Remember when Obama said in his book he would side with Muslims should push come to shove? Well, hasn’t he done just that? It’s no secret that Valerie Jarrett, the real President, was born in Iran. Allah only knows her real agenda! AWD is pretty sure we know!

Obama has sided with the Muslim Brotherhood at every turn. They are involved at high levels in numerous agencies in Washington and have visited the White House more than Obama! Obama helped overthrow pro-American and solid ally Hosni Mubarak in Egypt that allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to rule until the Egyptian military stepped in and threw them out. Most of Egypt’s military and ruling class were educated in US and British universities and realize the grave danger of the sharia law imposed by the Muslim Brotherhood. Yet, Obama continues to kiss the asses of the known terrorist group. After all, they are his comrades. By his own words!

He sought to overthrow the Syrian president Assad while supporting al Qaeda rebels which would have replaced the secular Syrian government with the….guess who….Muslim Brotherhood. Only the fact that his newest best friends forever in Iran wanted Syria’s Assad to remain in control did Obama back off on attacking Syria’s government forces.

He has basically told Israel and Saudi Arabia they cannot count on the US to back them. Not that Israel cannot fight their own battles. They should. But the Middle East becomes much more volatile without the US playing a major part of keeping the peace. It becomes a tinder box for war now that Obama has chosen to saddle up with the Iranian mullahs. The same mullahs who have the blood of American soldiers on their hands through IEDs sent to Iraq and Afghanistan! I say America has some payback with Iran for what happened in 1979!

Siding with Muslims? That’s Obama’s raison d’etre! It’s all he’s done. But who would have thunk that a President named Barack Hussein Obama would choose Muslims over Americans and our allies?

So should Obama visit Iran? Who the hell cares at this point? He has so humiliated America and our friends that it doesn’t matter anymore. Maybe he’ll have Ahmadinejad over to the White House or for a round of golf? Nothing is beyond the most dangerous domestic enemy of America! As we learn once again, elections have severe consequences!

As his poll numbers continue to collapse, watch as more of Obama’s real agenda is revealed! His agenda is to severely weaken America as a superpower and strengthen our enemies. It’s pretty obvious at this point. It’s a dangerous world and we have some very dangerous adversaries. I’m afraid we are about to find out soon how bad Obama’s disastrous foreign policy will affect global security. This will not end well. It could end up as a world war!

Let Obama go to Iran. Hell, let the sumbitch stay there!


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