Obama’s Real First Mistake




Football season is close to arriving. Break out the BBQs, head to the pool, and have a beer! Except in San Diego, I will be let down again as a Chargers fan and now have to cheer for the Northern California team. And it sure as hell ain’t the Raiders! With player hold-outs and the San Diego Chargers still having Norv Turner as their head coach, the chances of a Chargers Super Bowl win is as likely as a second Obama term…..not likely to happen.

Concerning a second Obama term, I am writing this as a Veteran and speak on the President’s effort and leadership in reference to his words and immediate policy with overseeing the use of military force. President Obama is definitely not stupid however he represents a serious difference in the culture in which he came from (if he was truly born here in this country). If he was indeed born in Hawaii, he shows a very different military philosophy that now exists within his age group.

From someone who has SERVED in the military for this country, there exists the idea of foreigners who come to this country can become patriots. It’s not impossible! Our great nation was founded on this concept. Yes, there have been serious errors and judgment calls in our past but I would be hard pressed to find any minority, illegal, or legal immigrant that receives better treatment than anywhere else in this world.

The president has surely been to more countries than I. But the difference between him and me is that I was among the everyday people who were abused, being killed, and fighting for their lives. I was not in a 5-Star hotel with a contingent of Secret Service to ensure my safety. President Obama did not see the result of his military policies nor the moral implications to those that would feel the results. Obama sits where the results do not feel the consequences of the decisions he makes. I’d like to address the President.

Mr. President, the very first thing that you did wrong when you came into office was to label the two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as “just and un-just.” What message does this send to the families, soldiers and veterans who fought and died in Iraq to label that war as unjust? To believe in killing in one theatre of war is just and then to say it’s not justified in another has been Obama’s policy.

Humility should be the first trait when assuming the most powerful job in the free world. I humble myself every day when I read our nation’s history. I realize how small and insignificant I am in comparison to those who have come before me. But what makes me powerful, is my patriotism. There are millions who feel the same way. The most amazing period in my life was when I served on the battlefields of Iraq. I served alongside many of the finest Americans our country has to offer as well as citizens from other countries. We have had to provide the defense of our Flag, our reputation, our history, and our Constitution. But more importantly, we fought for our future.

We didn’t fight for our own immediate future…we already expected death. We fought for our nation’s future. To send Americans into war requires humility, peace, respect, and concern for our men and women. And after having experienced this epic period in my life, I could never look into the eyes our Veterans and families, as you did, Mr. Obama, and to say your loss was “unjust”. That was the first evidence as your inability to be a wartime Leader. It also showed your lacking as an American patriot.

I try very hard to find the good in everyone; I really do believe it exists. The job Obama has is an extremely difficult one. It is one where every decision is judged harshly. But I feel he needs to read more history and become a more humble in what we have accomplished as a nation in just a few short centuries. Being a student of history allows you to look back on our tremendous achievements. If Obama better understood American history, he would have thanked our men and women on June 6 instead of chasing campaign dollars with movie stars.

The people have already made up their minds about this next election, anything to sway them in Obama’s favor will be a result of discrediting his opponent, creating chaos, discrediting our nation further, creating more enemies, for the most “humble” job in the country.

Obama will not be our President at the end of the next January. He will have not shed blood for us nor does he appreciate what it is we do. However, Obama is not a bad American, just one that should not lead us. This does not mean I do not admire what you have accomplished; you are clearly educated, just not educated enough. Oh yeah and you allow yourself to be advised by the wrong people, sorry, almost forgot that one.


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