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The Great One, lol. Mark Levin is one of the most annoying radio personalities this side of Michael Savage after a three-day drunk. In fact, he sounds like a drunken dwarf on the air. “Shut up, ya big dope!” Brilliant stuff, Levin. Brilliant.

After months of trashing Donald Trump, Levin the radio talk show host has finally seen the light. Or, more accurately, has seen that having a radio talk show is much better than doing real work for a living. Levin is now voting for Trump! Woo hoo. BFD. Sounds to me like Levin’s agent told him what’s what.

Levin said:

“I’m gonna vote for Donald Trump. I’m gonna wind up voting for Donald Trump on Election Day.

I take no responsibility for the dumb things he says or the dumb things his surrogates say.”

Dumb things like STFU, Levin?

Levin and his #NeverTrump tards, with the exception of the off-the-reservation Glenn Beck, are slowly talking backwards after months of saying they would NEVER NEVER EVER EVER vote for Trump! As usual, these #NeverTrump types are selling their souls for a buck. They see the political tide turning toward Trump and realize they’re beached and rotting in the conservative sun!

Pardon me if I say ES&D, Mr Levin! Your bottom-of-the-ninth support of Trump is a little, shall we say, suspicious. In fact, it comes off as very opportunistic. And I expect other #NeverTrump idjits like Jonah Goldberg and Ben Shapiro will soon be joining your ranks as yuuuuge Trump supporters. Hey, either support Trump or dig ditches. What will it be?

What AWD doesn’t understand with the #NeverTrump types is this: It’s either Trump or Hillary? So why would you not support Trump when he’s running against the anti-Christ? And what exactly is it about Trump that makes the #NeverTrump types #NeverTrump? Specifics, please. I’m waiting. Still waiting.

There’s only two explanations for #NeverTrump types. 1. They are going Galt and working towards the fastest destruction of the republic by electing Hillary, or 2. They are morons who are secretly Globalist droids controlled by the Establishment. There are no other explanations for their #NeverTrump behavior.

The trouble with painting yourself in a corner, as the #NeverTrumpers have done, is that it’s going to be messy getting out. It’s pretty obvious that Mark Levin is now supporting Trump only because he has dollars on the line. If not, why has Levin trashed Trump for months and swore he wouldn’t vote for him? It’s obvious Levin’s business manager figured out it’s better to jump on the Trump train than live under a bridge with Glenn Beck.

Levin hung his future on Ted Cruz. Unfortunately, it wasn’t Ted’s year. And Ted ran the worst campaign in memory and committed political suicide by telling Republicans to “Vote their conscience” at the RNC Convention. Even former Ted supporters in Texas now are swearing they will never again vote for Cruz. AWD included. Oops!

Oh, it must be frightful to remain in relevancy, right Mark Levin? So welcome to the Trump train. Your seat is in the very back.



  1. I guess then Savage is sitting in 1st class on the Trump train. I stopped listening to Levin months ago.

  2. Even Hammity figured it out before Levin. Haha.

  3. Mark Levin is voting for Donald Trump for the same reason I’m voting for him. We have got to keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House.

    • Mr. Rational

      If the #NeverTrumpers (on both sides) are right, why haven’t they called for Hillary to step down for health reasons and let Kaine be the not-Trump?

      The only reason Hitlery is still in the race is the obligations she owes her owners.  They obviously don’t have a firm grip on Kaine.

      • Mr. Rational you are absolutely right on this……..the Crooked Crone is a criminal and has broken numerous laws………and the totalitarian socialist oligarchs that run things behind the scenes know she is a criminal and have the goods on her…..they know what she has done and now they own her…..she must do their bidding, she must answer to them or they will drop her like a hot potato and she “will be” in an orange jump suit if she doesn’t do their bidding……she has no choice…..they got her dead to rights and she must kneel to them…..

  4. I knew the Cruz campaign was faltering by the end of the primary season but I hung in till the end…….I never cared for the “I’m so religious” crap that was coming from the Cruz campaign but I overlooked it right up until the end……….

    Trump was my second choice if Cruz did not make it…….and now I’m glad he didn’t make it……I’m glad Cruz faltered and Trump won………it’s kind of obvious that Trump was the only man in the field of the 17 republitards that could get into a street fight with the “Hildabeast” and win……no one else could have done this……..the “beast” would have walked through the rest of those repulitards like a hot knife through butter………not one of those tards could get down and street fight like Trump……he’s a for real “street fighter” and that is what it’s gonna take to beat the Crooked Crone……..

    I jumped on the Trump train immediately when it became obvious that Cruz was out…….and it didn’t take a genius or long to see Trump was “the guy”………now when I hear these Never-Trumpers spouting off at the mouth about Trump and saying absolutely nothing substantive, it’s obvious they have a personality problem with him and that’s all…..he’s not one of them……and that is on them not Trump…..but the people have spoken and that should end it….done and over with…….the people have made their choice and they chose Trump……these dumb-ass sons-a-bitches had better start respecting the will of the people……….

    I’m laughing at that fool Glen Beck……he’s dug himself quite a hole which he won’t be able to dig himself out of…….”good”…..let it become his grave…………

    Hannity?????……Hannity is looking at defeating the “breast” no matter who became the nominee……and I feel the same way, beating the Hildabeast is “job 1″…..and I also think he actually likes Trump…….I’m with him on this one…….the more I see and hear Trump the more I like him and I am beginning to like him a lot….he’s tough… to respect that…….

    Levin was pissing me off when he went on his tirades about Trump…….I understand why he wanted Cruz but he held on way too long…..and it became obnoxious having to listen to him go on and on and on……I found myself tuning him out and turning him off…..I think there were quite a lot of us out here out in the hinterlands that were doing just that “turning him off”……and I am sure that has had a negative effect on his bottom line…….. nothing like the all holy dollar to turn things around………it makes one think twice…..isn’t capitalism wonderful……kind of has a way of straightening your ass out……..too bad Glen Beck didn’t get the message……….

    I now understand why the Trumpers refuse to listen to any thing negative about Trump…… now I’m at that point and I simply don’t want to hear it……just shut the hell up and keep your mouth shut………Trump is the man and that’s all she wrote…….just keep your damn mouth shut…..Trump is our guy “period”… matter what……


    • The main talk radio station in my local area has for years been pretending to be ‘kwanservative’ but, it didn’t take me very long to figure out that the station was actually an establishment-neocon-RIN0 cucked propaganda outlet. When Trump came along, the supposedly ‘kwanservative’ local talk show hosts on this station have been spewing endless negativity and trying their best to out-do the left in their constant demonization of Trump and his message.

      The morning show guy – who for years has claimed to be a huge Second Amendment supporter – has to realize that if the Hildebeast gets in and stacks the Supreme Court with liberal judges, the Second Amendment will be abolished – so one would assume that the guy would realize how critical it is for Trump to win. But, still – this obnoxious jerk from New York City – is obsessed with spewing his hatred for Donald Trump.

      What this tells me is that this talk radio station and every one of it’s announcers have been lying about their political ideology and they’ve been running a scam on the public, kind of like how Faux News Network has also been doing. They are all liberals, pretending to be conservatives – which they could carry off as long as the RINO-neocon-cucked GOP establishment maintained control of the GOP, but now that Trump has exposed them as phonies – they are showing their true colors.

  5. I see Levin’s point Dude, and Savage? Why disparage him? He’s been a Trump supporter before it was cool. Truth is, its a shit sandwich, and we all have to take a bite if we want to keep Cankles from winning. I wanted someone with principles, good moral character, but that man got booed at the convention. America has gone the way of cult of personality, The Gong Show…might as well have Chuck Burris, or Jerry Springer as the nominee.

    • I remember taking a bite of that sandwich when it was Romney flavored. The so-called conservative base sat out the election and we got Obondo for another 4 years. All I got was a bad taste in my mouth and sh1t for a president.

      • Yes, I some of that too. I don’t know why I get down votes, I’m voting for Trump, do I have kiss his ass too? My Trump vote is more of an anti Hillary vote though, anything but Hillary. I guess you could hang some people with a brand new rope and they would still bitch.

    • you are right

    • Conservative is meaningless these days. What, “free trade”, open borders? Nationalism is what we need. A dose of nationism.

  6. I still can’t believe all the friendly-footsie going on between Levin and Beck as of late. As recently as 2014, they were sworn enemies.

  7. Levin had a constitutional strategy for saving the constitution itself and shedding the tyranny in DC. He put it all in a book which raked in mucho dinero instead of leading a campaign to put his plan in motion. Since then, nothing has been done….nothing.

  8. These debates coming up will just destroy Cankles.
    She has no brainpower left.
    She is terminally ill and would never last a 4 year term.
    Also the Clinton’s are Arkansaw thieves, and can never change as it is in their genes.

  9. The “vulgarians” are at the gates……..


    WE’RE PI$$ED ! ! ! !

  10. “I take no responsibility for the dumb things he says or the dumb things his surrogates say,'”
    .Of course Levin also takes no responsibility for the dumb things he says or the dumb things his surrogates say either, right? I can’t stand listening to him, but I read one of his books.

    When Levin first made that statement, it was in response to Trump’s nasty comments about him and other conservatives. He was rather nasty to Trump during the Primaries. Levin didn’t like the fact that he had met his match in Trump who pushed back. Good thing he’s come around. Mark Levin will do what’s best for the country, just as hopefully the rest of us will by voting for Trump in November.

    #ONLYTRUMP 2016

  11. They’ll vote for Trump now, because the polls show him closing in on Clinton. If he wins and they aren’t on board, they would be so irrelevent as to be left without their careers.

  12. I don’t know why AWD is so anti savage as he’s been on the pro Trump train since the beginning? He’s also been against all the rinos before all their masks were removed by the never trump bowel movement.
    As far as Levin is concerned, I used to listen to him all the time and just like everyone else once he started his daily rant against Trump I tuned him out forever. His girlfriend worked for the Cruz campaign! I think that says it all!
    Too late Mark you lost me for good and I’m not alone……
    Levin T.V…..lights out!!!
    As for Beck, he’s certifiable! It won’t be long till he starts drinking again once is empire crashes around him. I can’t even stomach that Cheeto wearing nut job for a second.
    F.U. Beck you can’t get off the air fast enough.
    Even Hannity is calling you out!
    Go back to the border to hand out teddy bears to the dreamer with ole Jeb I’m a loser Bush!

  13. I’ve never been a fan of Levin and recently i’ve been seeing why i had the dislike for him that i did. On his “voting for Trump”, i don’t believe him at all. He’s playing some sort of game.

  14. I don’t get these NeverTrump people, especially Beck. I mean, Gary Johnson? C’mon man, give me a break – he’s a pot-smoking, pro-choice non-factor. Anyone not voting for Trump is helping Hilary and we all know it.

    I think when people like Beck and Cruz step into the voting both on Nov 8th they’ll vote Trump without hesitation. The argument around the future of the SCOTUS alone is enough to tilt any level of conservative logic in favor of the only person who can beat HRC – and that’s Trump.

  15. Whoever wrote this doesn’t actually listen to Mark’s show. He never said he wouldn’t vote for Trump. He has problems with Trump because he’s not a conservative, as do I. I don’t like Trump very much either, but I am going to vote for him for the same reasons Levin is. Because it’s either going to be Trump or Clinton and I can’t stand idly by while that unindicted multiple felon continues on Obama’s path of destruction.

    • Doug, I wrote it and I don’t listen to Levin because he sounds like an angry drunken dwarf with all his yelling. When I did listen, Levin disparaged Trump at every turn.

      And I sure would be interested to know exactly what it is about Trump you don’t like?


      • Gladly. I don’t like his protectionist/Hoover approach. That has been tried and failed. Who will end up paying the cost of new tariffs? We will. I don’t like that he wants to expand ethanol subsidies. I think ethanol is a big sham and causing food shortages and driving up the cost of our food, fuel and damaging our engines. I don’t like that he eludes to taking action against any business that leaves the country. That sounds tyrannical. Just create a friendly business environment so that they won’t want to leave. You don’t have to also threaten them into staying. I don’t like that he is very limited in his understanding of our healthcare system and the things that can be done to improve it. His only answer is to “get rid of the lines around the states” which is all well and good, but what about tort reform, slashing regulations, lawsuit caps, health savings accounts and all the other great ideas that make healthcare competitive and less expensive? I don’t like that he wants to increase infrastructure spending. I don’t like that he flip flopped on his marquee issue, illegal immigration. He attacked every other republican candidate for being weak on immigration and then he later adopts their positions. Other than that, I just don’t like that he doesn’t understand that anything he says will be twisted into something, racist, sexist, etc and reported over and over again by the media, and keeps giving them ammo. Speaking of ammo, I know the media twisted what he said, but his comment regarding protecting the 2nd amendment I thought was very stupid. You and I both know he didn’t mean that people should take up arms and go storm Washington, but he didn’t clearly state his point which left the door wide open for them to make that case. A more seasoned politician would have known how to deliver that statement so that it is clear and concise.

        • Doug, he will certainly learn more as he goes along. Look how far he’s come. But also look where “seasoned politicians” have brought us! But thanks for your well-said commentary on your Trump concerns. I too share a few of them. Still, there’s really no choice between Trump and Hillary for me.


          • I personally preferred Cruz because he is firmly conservative and has a track record to show he is reliable. I don’t have that with Trump. Trump was pretty liberal up until a few years ago, so I don’t know that I can trust what he is saying. I do like a lot of what he says. I like that he wants to build a wall and secure the border once and for all. I like his tax plan. I like that he is pointing out the failures of liberal policies in urban communities and even going as far as to reach out to them and ask them to try something different for once. One of the things that I like the most about what he has been doing is attacking the union monopoly on education. I think the NEA is one of the most costly and damaging bureaucracies we have in this country. I would love to see Trump dissolve our soviet-style education system and replace it with a competitive voucher system. I think solving that one problem will solve lots of other problems naturally. One problem it would solve is that we won’t be taxed to death to send our kids to liberal brainwashing camps.

            I just hope Trump is reliable on the things he is saying. I am absolutely going to vote for him though as I know that Hillary is reliable on the things that she is saying and it’s all bad for the country.

          • Doug, AWD voted for Ted. Cruz ran a terrible campaign and refused to realize it wasn’t his year. He shot himself in the foot at the RNC Convention and now will have a lot of backtracking to do with voters.

            I too share hope that Trump will honor some of his promises. Maybe he will since he’s not a true politician!


          • I actually can’t blame Cruz for not fully endorsing Trump and simply telling people to vote their conscience. Trump personally attacked his wife and then accused his father of being involved in the JFK assassination on multiple occasions. Not to mention he called him a liar nonstop. If he had kept the attacks on policies and didn’t attack Cruz and his family personally, I’m sure he would have received his endorsement. Remember that Reagan did not endorse Ford at the 76 convention for similar reasons. What Ford said about Reagan was not even close to what Trump said about Cruz. He never apologized for any of it either. If someone made fun of your wife’s appearance and said that your father was involved in the assassination of JFK, called you a liar multiple times a day for months and didn’t apologize for any of it, would you endorse that person?

      • I need to add another reason I will be holding my nose when I vote for Trump after last night’s enormous entitlement program press conference he gave in which he said he wants the government to pay for 6 weeks maternity leave and also provide more welfare to mothers who stay at home and do not work. He called the welfare a rebate, but rebates are for people who pay taxes. Trump is no conservative. I was listening to this thinking “isn’t the debt high enough already? Aren’t we already sinking with all of the massive unfunded entitlements we already have?”

  16. What’s the beef? He wanted Cruz, didn’t get him, now he’s voting for Trump. Whaddaya want?

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