The Great One, lol. Mark Levin is one of the most annoying radio personalities this side of Michael Savage after a three-day drunk. In fact, he sounds like a drunken dwarf on the air. “Shut up, ya big dope!” Brilliant stuff, Levin. Brilliant.

After months of trashing Donald Trump, Levin the radio talk show host has finally seen the light. Or, more accurately, has seen that having a radio talk show is much better than doing real work for a living. Levin is now voting for Trump! Woo hoo. BFD. Sounds to me like Levin’s agent told him what’s what.

Levin said:

“I’m gonna vote for Donald Trump. I’m gonna wind up voting for Donald Trump on Election Day.

I take no responsibility for the dumb things he says or the dumb things his surrogates say.”

Dumb things like STFU, Levin?

Levin and his #NeverTrump tards, with the exception of the off-the-reservation Glenn Beck, are slowly talking backwards after months of saying they would NEVER NEVER EVER EVER vote for Trump! As usual, these #NeverTrump types are selling their souls for a buck. They see the political tide turning toward Trump and realize they’re beached and rotting in the conservative sun!

Pardon me if I say ES&D, Mr Levin! Your bottom-of-the-ninth support of Trump is a little, shall we say, suspicious. In fact, it comes off as very opportunistic. And I expect other #NeverTrump idjits like Jonah Goldberg and Ben Shapiro will soon be joining your ranks as yuuuuge Trump supporters. Hey, either support Trump or dig ditches. What will it be?

What AWD doesn’t understand with the #NeverTrump types is this: It’s either Trump or Hillary? So why would you not support Trump when he’s running against the anti-Christ? And what exactly is it about Trump that makes the #NeverTrump types #NeverTrump? Specifics, please. I’m waiting. Still waiting.

There’s only two explanations for #NeverTrump types. 1. They are going Galt and working towards the fastest destruction of the republic by electing Hillary, or 2. They are morons who are secretly Globalist droids controlled by the Establishment. There are no other explanations for their #NeverTrump behavior.

The trouble with painting yourself in a corner, as the #NeverTrumpers have done, is that it’s going to be messy getting out. It’s pretty obvious that Mark Levin is now supporting Trump only because he has dollars on the line. If not, why has Levin trashed Trump for months and swore he wouldn’t vote for him? It’s obvious Levin’s business manager figured out it’s better to jump on the Trump train than live under a bridge with Glenn Beck.

Levin hung his future on Ted Cruz. Unfortunately, it wasn’t Ted’s year. And Ted ran the worst campaign in memory and committed political suicide by telling Republicans to “Vote their conscience” at the RNC Convention. Even former Ted supporters in Texas now are swearing they will never again vote for Cruz. AWD included. Oops!

Oh, it must be frightful to remain in relevancy, right Mark Levin? So welcome to the Trump train. Your seat is in the very back.


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