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Open Letter To Dwyane Wade




First of all, I want to offer my sincerest condolences to you and your family. You see I know what they are going through. My cousin was murdered in his early 20’s. He left behind a child who will never know him. I remember his mother’s grief that was inconsolable and his father’s stony silence that kept back the tears. I also remember his brother who wondered if he could have done something different to prevent the many events that led to his death. I recall the other cousins not from my side of the family. They were hard young men from the Deep South, ones that you would call “crackas.” Their demeanors made me strongly suspect that they might be willing to settle scores later, at a time that was more opportune. Fortunately they did not live in a “no snitch” society. The guy who stuck a knife in his chest was identified, tried, convicted and sentenced. That’s the way it’s supposed to go. Unfortunately that scenario doesn’t quite play well in the “hood” does it?

You’ll probably recognize the caption pics identifying the “alleged” killers of your cousin. The story is that she was killed from a stray bullet, because two miscreants didn’t like the way a cabbie looked at them and decided to shoot him. That’s a hell of way of saying that Black lives matter don’t you think?

The one thing you’ll notice is that they’re not White nor or they dressed in police uniforms. (Hell, they don’t even look like Shaun King) Even money says that they’re not NRA or Tea Party members either. They are, however, hardened felons and gang members, on probation that shouldn’t have been on the streets in the first place. But that’s what decades of Democratic Party rule gets you.

I know you have identified with the BLM. You’re even on record as saying that “racial profiling has to end.” How do you feel about that now? A simple stop and frisk might very well have saved your cousin’s life and put these two hoodlums back behind bars. Instead you and the Black community have decided to keep drinking the liberal Kool-Aid. Lets get real honest here. A washed up NFL quarterback along with a few pro athletes sitting during the national anthem is not going to solve the crime problem in the inner cities.

What’s disturbing to me is your reaction to Donald Trump’s statement about Nykea’s murder. Reports say that you were “conflicted” about the comment. The following are your comments according to the Daily Mail.


The NBA star said the Republican’s candidate’s message after the slaying of Nykea Aldridge left a ‘bad taste’ in his mouth and he did not want his family being used for political gain.

But added he was grateful the billionaire businessman ‘started the conversation’ about the senseless violence in the city.


Here’s where you are Dwyane. You’ve actually started to THINK about the problem, which is more than 99% of your fellow Democrats have. Not only is the African American population not thinking, but also their political leadership is offering the same weak excuses that they always have. Blaming Whitey, the NRA, the GOP and the PD is just not cutting it anymore. What’s sad is that Blacks continue to swallow the explanations and pretexts hook, line and sinker. They look stupid by doing so. Idiots like Colin Kaepernick aren’t helping.

Lets look at few facts. I know that facts and supporters of the BLM don’t mix well, but I consider you an intelligent man, otherwise you wouldn’t be where you are in life. We only have to examine Chicago, your hometown.

The city now lovingly referred to as Chiraq is in the middle of a homicidal crime wave. Almost 80% of the murders involve African Americans who for the most part shoot each other. The body count will almost surely go above the 500 mark for the Labor Day weekend. The number of shot and wounded is in the thousands. As for the PD, the numbers of people shot/killed by them have reached all times lows. But here’s a disturbing fact for you. According to your local rag, the Chicago Tribune, minority officers do the majority of the shootings. Yep, that right Dwyane, while the Chicago PD is predominately White, they are only involved in 45% of officer related shootings. Lets face it, the only number acceptable to BLM is ZERO and as we both know, there are more than a few people out there who need shooting. Money says you could have thought of two who needed to be smoked right off the bat.

But that brings up another point. I find it amazing that Black America continues to try to make heroes of criminals and thugs. If the Sorrels brothers had been shot together by the CPD the day before your cousin was killed, the BLM would have created a media circus. In a place like Chicago, it’s a good bet they would have named a trauma center or high school after them. Beyonce would have written a song and made a video about them.

Therefore when Donald Trump made his statements about Nykea’s murder, I’m amazed that you are somehow “conflicted.” You and the majority of Black America need to take a long look in the mirror before resorting to the same tired old alibis regarding violence in the African American community. Just remember that if Hillary Clinton is elected, NOTHING will ever change and four years from now it will be the same if not worse. She and her fellow Democrats will just laugh and in her case she will cackle all the way to the bank.







  1. Weapons aren’t the problem….. stupid Negroes with no impulse control are.

    • SalsaChupacabra

      Fatherless households are the problem.

    • You honkeys don’t mind when we kill each other…just one less nigger and then you think that you can kill us also so fuck you crackers.

      • True. And we can just kill you jigaboos, cause there are more of us than you. I suggest you learn to deal with it, pussy.

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            BTW, thank you for what has to be one of the most retarded comments to ever appear on the internet. It proves that W84it is nothing more than an immature fool.

          • Here’s your recessive black gene…

          • But I don,t have blue gums.

      • Grow up and open your eyes. If you can’t see the truth/facts of this article, you are a very stupid and racist person.

      • Right On…….this “Craka” says keep up the good work!!

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  3. Typical lib black athlete. Likes to pretend he’s deep and profound and wants to hate and abuse his countrymen, “speak truth to power” and all that, but then he cries victim the moment anyone answers back.

    If Wade were an honest man he’d have said, “Another act of senseless BLACK violence. 4 kids lost their mom because the rest of us won’t call a spade a spade.”

  4. Chiraq is a snapshot of the future american cities under Democrat control. Only once they’ve managed to flip the demographics through mass immigration, they will vote our right to bear arms out of existence (like say Californicate).
    We will be living in a third world shitbox with no ability to defend ourselves.
    Take a good look at Calais in Europe! (Note: Hillary wants to immediately move hundreds of thousands of “Syrian refugees” into the U S once elected; Obama just brought in 10,000; they won’t be voting Republican!)
    The Republicans in Congress allowed Obama free reign while in control of the House and Senate, but don’t worry, we have the giant millennial generation getting ready to come in just as all this is unfolding…”Millennials overtake Baby Boomers as America’s largest generation”
    You’d better get ready for “Mad Max Ville” amigo!

    Border Patrol Agent – Wall Will Work But Must Have President That Wants Security

    The Joys of Socialism=> Starving Venezuelans Chase Marxist President Down Street

  5. Red Ruffansore

    The shitbrained mayor of Chicago, one tiny dancer, 4.5, mr.tutu, Rahmbo, has given the store, lock, stock and barrel, to the local grievance industry to pander for votes. He lets “the community” hold sway over the police review board (!) while blowing taxpayer money on feel good giveaways, while not hiring enough new cops to cover attrition. The police are dangerously undermanned, he moves cops from low crime areas to high crime areas causing the criminals to ply their trade in formerly low crime areas. Democrat rule in action. The local board of elections (run by demorats) disqualify any real republican competition in city and county elections, so the only thing to do is leave. Chicago used to be nice once upon a time, and if president Trump can reclaim the dept. of justice, it could be again.

  6. Epic blog post Quartier.

    ‘Conflicted’ is the perfect adjective to describe the politics of African-Americans. Everything they do has to involve conflict.

    That is what they do, they fight. Everywhere Africans are is in a constant state of conflict.

    Even the term African-American is a conflict between two words that has to be connected by a hyphen

    And the problem is White Folk won’t give them the real thing their souls crave… Conflict

    But if it ever crystallizes in the minds of Whites, that they are murdering us in unprecedented numbers, they may get exactly what they want.

    I personally know of 14 people in my lifetime that were either murdered or critically hospitalized by the violence of black Americans, and with the exception of two or three instances, every social interaction I have had with black Americans has been adversarial to one degree or another.

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