Dear Miss Perry, I must admit I couldn’t pick one of our songs out from a pile of pig poop so I’m not writing to you as a fan. I’m writing to you as an adult to illustrate to you the utter stupidity of your politically correct words and ideology. Obviously, something your parents failed to do in your formative years.

After the latest Islamic terrorist attacks that occurred in Europe, you gave an interview where you said:

“No barriers, no borders, we all just need to co-exist.”

Well, thank you. We’ve finally found the answer to end terrorism thanks to your wisdom. You have a long career awaiting you as a Democrat congresswoman.

The reality is this. You’re just another young moron who believes your celebrity gives you wisdom. Nothing is further from the truth. You’re just another celebrity who believes being liberal is cool. And, in pop culture in America, being liberal is cool. But it’s also being ridiculously naive and stupid.

Liberal ideology, at its best, makes everyone poor. At its worst, gets people killed. Because it was the politically correct leaders in England that have allowed multitudes of violent, uneducated, radical Muslims to enter their country. The same who killed 22 children this week at a concert.

But you and your fellow celebrities aren’t concerned because you have 24 hour bodyguards and live behind walls. Your fans don’t. They are the first slaughtered. Even Morrissey, the former lead singer of The Smiths, came out against after the attack about being silenced about what everyone talks about behind closed doors. By the way, Morrissey is a huge liberal. When someone like a Morrissey finally wakes up to the continued danger of Islam in Western countries, shouldn’t you?

But this isn’t Islam’s first rodeo with killing innocents. It happens nearly every week somewhere in the world. Killing innocent people is what Islam does as it moves in and outbreeds the host country. As the aforementioned Morrissey wrote, London’s Muslim Mayor was quick to say London stands with Manchester but never criticized nor condemned ISIS.

Muslims have been gang-raping children in the UK for years. Now they’ve moved on to exploding them. Intelligent people have been waiting for these atrocities to happen. Now they are here. Are you willing to coexist with suicide bombers who seek to explode your fans? Or you?

If you release rats into your mansion, Ms Perry, would you be surprised to be bitten? Would you seek to coexist with the rats saying that rats are only doing what rats do? Of course not. You’d hire a professional to kill the rats. Perhaps PETA, another retarded leftist organization would call you anti-rat or a rat-hater or some other stupid name. But the simple matter is you prefer not to live in a house where dirty rats live.

This is why normal, sentient (look it up) people who don’t breathe from their mouths seek to ban the import of Muslims into Western countries. Muslim immigrants are the rats in the former paragraph. Will every rat bite you? Maybe not. But how many times must you be bitten to understand that coexisting with rats is not in your best interest?

Note: it was a liberal judge appointed by a liberal President Obama that halted President Trump’s ban of refugees from Muslim countries where proper vetting was impossible. The judge, like his friend Obama want the rest of us to coexist with those sworn to kill us and control the world. But, like you, both the judge and Obama live in protected areas. They will not be the ones exploded by a Muslim wearing an explosive vest filled with ball bearings.

However, since you believe in coexisting with those who are sworn to kill you, we look forward to hear of your upcoming tour of Muslim countries. Syria, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc. Yes, what an experience you’ll have. Just like other western young women who sought to coexist with Muslims in Muslim countries. They were tortured, raped, and killed. But at least their last conscious thought before their deaths is they sought to coexist with animals.

Please take care because Muslims are not big on music and women. Be sure to cover yourself like in a garbage bag in place of the usual slut-gear you and your ilk wear. Otherwise, it could get a little sporty with those with whom you seek to coexist.

Until you perform a Middle Eastern tour, please keep your stupid pie-hole closed. We seek not your counsel nor opinions. Your words are an insult to the innocent dead.



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