Dear Republican Establishment:

In the book Atlas Shrugged (you won’t like how it ends), copper magnate Francisco D’Anconia finally grew tired of suffocating governmental regulations, controls, taxes, etc that restricted his ability to earn money. All the while, corrupt politicians in Washington, when not restricting D’Anconia’s business interests and criticizing his greed, invested their money in his companies because of his ability to create wealth. Eventually, when he would bear no more, he destroyed his mines, ships, ore, and entire business structure that cost the politicians their entire investments. His message to those who had used him for their gain while abusing him for his successes:


In many ways, fiscal conservatives are modern-day Francisco D’Anconias. And our message to the Republican Establishment is “Brother, you asked for it!”

Since the inception of the Tea Party movement, conservatives have listened to the promises of smaller government, massive spending cuts, balanced budgets, repealing of ObamaCare, closing of America’s open borders, and a strong opposition to Obama and the Democrat’s socialist agenda. And every time we supported Republicans in the elections, we were immediately disappointed by the actions and votes of those we elected through hard work and sacrifice. We believed you, Republican Establishment. We believe you no more.

Not only were we deceived by Republicans, GOP Establishment leaders openly insulted conservatives. Whether being called “whacko birds” by an ancient Arizona Senator or being told the current Senate Majority Leader would like to “punch the Tea Party in the nose,” we slowly came to realize the only group that despised Tea Party conservatives more than the Democrats was the Republicans! Those who begged us for votes to return them to power. The Republican Establishment loves our votes but despise the conservative voter who pulls the lever.

Furthermore, we realized that there is virtually zero difference between either political party. Mitch McConnell is Harry Reid. John Boehner is a total failure who has done nothing to halt America’s decline into socialism. What has been the major focus of the Republican Establishment over the past several years? Immigration reform (read: Amnesty for 30 million illegal aliens) that will create tens of millions of Democrat voters.

Republican Establishment, the American taxpaying worker is hurting. You have shown with your votes, actions, and words you do not care about us. So now, we have stopped caring about you.

It is beginning to set into your corrupt skulls that you have lost our support. Donald Trump. You and your minions at Fox News are unable to halt the polling surge by Donald Trump while your man, El Jeb Bush is going backwards. Yet, you still don’t understand why. Or choose not to.

Let Angry White Dude break it down for you. We conservatives hate you, Republican Establishment. We hate your candidates, too. We hate Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Lindsey Graham, Mike Huckabee, and the rest of the Democrat-Lite ilk you support. We will not vote for them. We held our noses and voted for McCain and Romney. Two losers. Your men. Why did they lose? Because they are big government moderates who did not win our confidence or votes. We won’t vote for your choice again. We will vote for OUR choice.

I’ll also break down the Donald Trump phenomenon since you seem incapable of figuring out why he is running away in the polls. We conservatives don’t really even know what he stands for but Trump has figured out the secret recipe to win the support of conservatives: Kick your corrupt asses in public and say what needs to be said about what’s wrong with America. He even sticks a knife in the gut of your Fox News hacks without apology. Trump also has the audacity to place America and its taxpayers as a top priority. What a concept! Who does your man El Jeb care about? Illegal aliens.

Your Chamber of Commerce and Big Business money cannot buy Trump. He doesn’t need it. We like that. He says he’ll close the border. We like that. He says he’ll stand up to China and our enemies. We like that. El Jeb says illegal aliens enter our country because they “love their families.” We hate that. We love our families, too. But the Republican Establishment doesn’t care about our interests.

Sure, Trump could be lying about doing all those things. But could he lie any more than the Republicans have lied to conservatives over the past decade? We gave you your chance. In fact, we gave you many chances only to be greatly disappointed.

My final turning point came when you bought time on black radio stations in Mississippi saying the Tea Party was made up of “racist KKK nazis” so blacks would vote in the runoff election for your man and admitted animal sexual abuser Thad Cochran in 2014. He was reelected only with the votes of massive black Democrat turnout. Know who else says those same lies about the Tea Party? The Democrats.

Here’s the deal. We no longer care about the Republican Party. And you have only your greed, corruption, and lies to blame. What does it matter voting for Republicans only to watch you vote exactly as do Democrats? You have alienated your base because Big Business desires cheap labor. You lied about repealing or defunding ObamaCare because the Chamber of Commerce wants to transfer health care costs from the employer to the backs of the struggling taxpayer. You created this disaster zone. You will now reap the whirlwind.

AWD taught his children if you play stupid games you will win stupid prizes. Or, in other words, there are consequences for one’s actions. You believed our support for you would never end. You could eternally line your pockets while destroying the country and stay in office for life. You kicked the conservative lion too many times, GOP Establishment. Now the lion is angry and looking to bite you in the ass. And you have no one to blame but yourselves.

Brother, you asked for it!


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