Open Post: Take-aways from Last Night’s Debate & My Take on Trump


megyn kelly triggeredAWD’s still throwing the houlihan in Sturgis, so he asked me to pop in with something. I’ve been catching some of the debate highlights here and there. Interested to hear your guys’s take…


I figured I’d stir the pot a bit with my own take on things. Briefly:

Just as Romney was the GOP-anointed nominee well before officially being the nominee, so ¡Yeb! is the anointed one this go-around. I.e., it’s a done deal–so long as there are no spoilers, ¡Yeb! is the nominee. That means that all the other schmucks up there are simply foils. As obedient Republican Party members, they’ll willfully play this role.

Enter The Donald. Now we’ve got a spoiler–someone with his own billions to spend that isn’t beholden to Conservatism Inc.’s deep pockets. Ergo, he must be destroyed. ¡Yeb! must be the nominee, and Trump refuses to play ball!

Subsequently, all arms of Conservatism Inc. have been relentlessly trying to destroy the man since he started getting popular by boldly doing the forbidden: speaking poorly of the third-world invasion of the USA. Fox News, NY Post, NRO, Weekly Standard, RedState, etc. have been firing away non-stop since he captured the public imagination.

Megyn Kelly appears to have gladly assumed the role of GOP Inc. attack bitch, going right for Trump’s jugular last night. (Fortunately, he is a smarter person than she and her libtarded attacks failed to inflict any damage.)


So am I rooting for Trump? I ask you: Why not?

Sans Trump, ¡Yeb! will be the nominee. Anyone (outside of the retarded Acela Corridor “right”) knows he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of defeating Hillary. So, were the GOP to get their way, they’ll do what they always do: lose to the evil Democrats.

With Trump as GOP nominee, he might actually stand a chance against Hillary.

With Trump as 3rd-party candidate, he’d likely insure a Hillary win, but then, again, that’d happen anyway. But, who knows–maybe he’d actually be a viable 3rd party candidate. I have no idea at this point, and the only people certain about it (to the negative) are the retarded cuckservatives of Conservatism Inc.–which is a pretty good indication that there’s a distinct possibility Trump could win.

Now, would he make a good President? No idea. Maybe. Maybe not. In any event, per TX Secede David’s comment below, it’s all just a circus to keep us cattle entertained while the country gets looted and they leave us with the rope. I.e., Trump, Hillary, ¡Yeb!, whomever–won’t make a damn bit of difference. Unless and until we start hanging every single one of the traitors who brought us to this perilous point from the lampposts, things will only continue to get worse.

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