Our Irrepressible Conflict


Sic semper tyrannis.

Sic semper tyrannis.

About 4.5 years ago, I predicted that the political differences between “left” and “right” (for lack of better descriptions) would come to blows. My reasoning was simple: Our political opponents are really our enemies (whether we want to see this or not), and as such they have no desire to compromise with us. They hate us. They want us defeated. They want us gone–as in, physically eliminated from this world. (Though they may settle for our eternal subjugation and humiliation.)

What they will not countenance to any degree, however, is us having any ability (let alone desire) to defend ourselves, speak our minds, make our cases, or advance our agendas.

The intelligent and intellectually honest amongst us will recognize this fact, and the courageous within this small group will decide to take a stand against those who have been steadily destroying us and our civilization.

This is not a recipe for peace.

Peter Brimelow has written an essay recently saying the same thing. In fact, the sentiment seems to be growing.

Even before Donald Trump’s election, we saw an increasing breakdown of basic law and order around the country. It’s been festering for a long time (hence Sam Francis’s old coinage “anarcho-tyranny”). But with the Establishment’s full backing of the Black Lives Matter terrorist organization over the past year or so, it really took off.

The problem is (for them), there’s a new sheriff in town. As we saw with the rioters (“protestors” in MSM-speak) in DC during the inauguration, Trump is not afraid to prosecute these domestic terrorists to the fullest extent of the law…unlike every treasonous (Obama) or craven (Bush) POTUS before him.

Additionally, there is an increasing number of whites who are done being victims and are finally pushing back.

So let’s do a quick recap of who is warring here:

In the left corner, we have gender-fluid special snowflakes with degrees in African American Studies who are afraid of guns (well, the white ones at least) and run around wearing masks and sucker-punching anyone sporting a “MAGA” hat, who are coached by their professors, inspired by their politicians, encouraged by their media, and funded by “philanthropists” like George Soros.

In the right corner, we have mature, responsible, hard-working, well behaved, intelligent white men with a lot of guns and the know-how to use them, many with military or law enforcement backgrounds, who have been constantly ridiculed and demonized and blamed for every ill in the world by professors, politicians, and the media…and whose seemingly infinite patience is finally at an end.

And Trump has our backs. And thus he has set the “loony left” into full-scale assault mode nation-wide as they realize the unthinkable has happened: We–their enemies–have gained the initiative.

As Trump corrects all the damage done by decades of “progressive” treason against the US, the attacks by the left will only increase. And so Trump will crack down in proportion.

In a sane society, this would be good. But we don’t live in a sane society.

Our media–traitors themselves–will make the rioters out to be angels (think Trayvon Martin), and Trump’s police to be evil storm-troopers jailing these poor little oppressed creatures who were merely trying to express their political differences by fire-bombing police cars and punching old ladies wearing red baseball caps.

As usual, this age-old duplicity by the Lügenpresse will amp up the conflict, inspiring more rioters, leading to more push-back by both law enforcement and whites who are sick of being victimized by them, and thus escalating the conflict.

This feedback loop could get out of control very quickly. So I’d wager there’s a chance Trump may find himself in Abraham Lincoln’s situation, where he’ll have to decide whether this union is worth preserving by force, or if it’s best just to let it peaceably crumble.

Frankly, if it comes to this, I’m hoping he’ll follow Lincoln’s lead and send in the troops to violently crush the rebels.

Why? Because the rebels this time are not Southerners, but those of the same execrable breed that caused the first “Civil War”.

Should the spiritual heirs of those damned Yankees now push for violent confrontation with us–the spiritual heirs of the Confederates–then I hope Trump is ready to meet their violence in kind. Because I know a lot of us are locked and loaded and just waiting for the word. And should that cork pop, God help us, we shall have our revenge.


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