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Paul Ryan began his career in Congress pretty well. He fought (unsuccessfully) to rein in out of control entitlement costs that are bankrupting America. Since then he has pretty much sucked at everything.

After the Orlando murders of 49 people at the hands of the latest Muslim madman, Ryan said:

“I do not think a Muslim ban is in our country’s interests. I do not think it’s reflective of our principles.”

Personally, I’m tired of politicians without principles lecturing Americans what is reflective of our principles. Especially when Speaker Ryan funded the relocation of tens of thousands of welfare-dependent Muslim Syrian refugees to America.

As for what’s in the country’s best interest, one must ask what benefit American taxpayers receive from importing Muslims from the Middle East? Do they fill some great need Americans cannot accomplish ourselves? Other than rape, murder, and destroy, I’m not sure what unique talents Muslims possess. Do they create new scientific breakthroughs? Uh, no. Technology advances? Outside of the IED, I’m at a loss.

Another question that should be posed to Speaker Ryan is if Muslim importation is so vitally important to America and the West, why is it not to Middle East Muslim countries? I understand that Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, and Iran have imported exactly ZERO Syrian Muslim refugees.

It’s a tremendous insult for Ryan to lie to our faces about the importation of Muslims and how it fits in with our national principles. It’s like letting snakes into your home only to hope that some of them aren’t copperheads or rattle snakes. No, not everyone is poisonous but it only takes one, right?

For a self-professed ‘conservative’ like Ryan to suck as bad as he does one must ask “why?” His mistakes are just plain stupid and opposite of common sense. Mistakes we expect of liberals. But I repeat myself.

Someone must be pulling Ryan’s puppet strings. Someone has something on him. No one can make such idiotic decisions that obviously damage his country without either fearing something or selling out for personal gain. Or both.

Anyone who lost a debate to America’s first openly retarded Vice President should never show his face in public. Just saying.



  1. Joe Stalin

    The most amazing thing about third-world “refugees” is how they MUST be transported thousands of miles to a white country for safety. How about just leaving them the hell alone where they are; air drop them some MREs from a C-130 if you have to assuage your guilt in an attempt to appear “humanitarian,” but why the hell do have to fly them to the US?

  2. what the hell is gong on……all those like this bastard Ryan and the the other bastards like McConnell, Thune. Gramnesty, etc., etc., are all idiots and deserve our conpempt…….the things they say…….the things they do…….what they do behind our backs in the dark in order to keep us from knowing what’s going on……none of it is in the interests of the American people…..none of it…….it’s the exact opposite……..

    there isn’t anyone in the government we can trust………our entire government is working against us……….every agency from the IRS, DHS, to the FBI…..all of them are conspiring against us…….the very people we elect turn on us the moment they go to take the seat they were elected to……the very moment they step foot in Washington they turn on us………

    there’s no one to trust……..we are on our own…………

    • you are so right

    • On point, Bluto! The thing is; that on or own, we are one a$$ kickin’, snapper turtle biting, pain in the A$$. Don’t forget it. It ain’t over till the fat lady sings. She ain’t even warming up. Hold your guns, buy gold, kiss your grandkids, and get your white a$$ ready to kick some, I’m standing right beside you brother. They can’t kill us all!

  3. minuteman26

    Appears Ryan has discovered that if you do favors for Islamists you can become a rich man. Ryan is just another traitor of the Clinton/Obama ilk. Should be stripped of his speaker position and tossed out of the GOP.

  4. Our politicians are paid off by rag head money.

  5. DHS Chief Announces Plans To Nullify Second Amendment

    It’s starting to be pulled together, the drawstring on the globalist net is being pulled tighter. Jihadi Jeh Johnson at DHS is today’s Göring or Himmler; his agency is the new, all powerful Gestapo. We can’t forget that DHS includes FEMA with all of its unlimited, ready to be abused associated powers, including gun confiscation and Fourth Amendment nullifications.

    After all, what good is absolute power if you never get to use it? And how do you use it when there is an armed citizen force willing to use armed resistance to defend against tyranny? You mandate gun control in the interest of public safety, of course.

    That’s just what is happening. It’s not being done through Congress, as we might expect under the model employed by previous, more outwardly law-abiding in appearance criminal administrations. It is now just being done by decree, as in the case of amnesty and nullifying the immigration laws written by Congress. Now Johnson and Obama will just declare gun control and remove the obstacles of Congress and the people from the loop and any pretense of control.

    It’s important that we opposed to tyranny stop enabling our oppressors by using their terminology. It’s not gun control, they are engaging in blatant gun restriction or “infringement,” as it was labeled by those who wrote our Constitution.

    Without any authorization by the American people, our Hitler, Obama and his Himmler, Johnson, are dictating that our Second Amendment is now a privilege rather than a right. On June 14 Johnson, the same guy who invalidated immigration law with a mere memo, said “gun control” infringement is now part of his Homeland Security Gestapo going forward.

    • Joe Stalin

      Can anyone see the human garbage of the US Judiciary stopping this stuff?

      I don’t.

      Make LISTS, just like they do.

      Self-organizing-militias. The nightmare of the Obama.

      Buy an AR. Get trained in it’s proper use – sign up for a Project Appleseed (

      Spread the word about Jury Nullification.

    • Joe Stalin

      America fought a Civil War that resulted in the 14Th Amendment. This was intended to give full rights of citizenship to everyone. “Deprivation of Civil Rights under Color of Law” is when the government deprives you of those rights via edict.

      Thomas Jefferson to William Smith

      Paris Nov. 13. 1787.

      ” persevering lying. the British ministry have so long hired their gazetteers to repeat and model into every form lies about our being in anarchy, that the world has at length believed them, the English nation has believed them, the ministers themselves have come to believe them, & what is more wonderful, we have believed them ourselves. yet where does this anarchy exist? where did it ever exist, except in the single instance of Massachusets? and can history produce an instance of a rebellion so honourably conducted? I say nothing of it’s motives. they were founded in ignorance, not wickedness. god forbid we should ever be 20 years without such a rebellion. the people cannot be all, & always, well informed. the past which is wrong will be discontented in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive; if they remain quiet under such misconceptions it is a lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. we have had 13. states independant 11. years. there has been one rebellion. that comes to one rebellion in a century & a half for each state. what country before ever existed a century & half without a rebellion? & what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? let them take arms. the remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon & pacify them. what signify a few lives lost in a century or two? the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. it is it’s natural manure. our Convention has been too much impressed by. . .”

      If you have to go into battle, it will be in the Spirit of America’s Ancestors.

  6. The DEMocRATS, REpubliCAN’TS, and the US Chamber of Commerce think that American wages are too damn high…..

    therefore illegally import some more brown Hispanic and/or a brown Middle Eastern low intelligent laborers…..

    to increase their profits…..

    Who cares about security…..they can buy more armed security…

  7. In one of the first presidential primary debates, Hillary Clinton was asked who her enemies were. She paused and then laughed: “Republicans.” And Obama continues to try and re frame terrorism and acts of war on American soil as cultural failings of American citizens against his precious Muslims.

    Believe it or not, Republicans, the NRA, gun owners, conservatives, and the American public are not the enemy. They did not condone, encourage, or compel the murders of 49 innocent individuals at a gay night club in Orlando.

    The left and Paul Ryan have gone from treating Trump as only worthy of “the entertainment section” at the Huffington Post to THE DONALD now dictating the terms of the national discussion on open borders, immigration, trade & terrorism… him or hate him, that is quite an impressive road he has traveled in 12 months.

    And to anyone who thinks eliminating the right for US citizens to carry a gun is going to stop a terrorist from carrying out a mass casualty attack or even keep a crazy person from obeying the voices in his head is delusional.

    • How many bled to death while the Orlando cops pondered what they should do? I hate to be an asshole but if you sign up to be a cop, then you sign up to kick ass. I have no doubt 95% of the Orlando police force wanted to go in, kick some a$$ and send this ass$hole back to meet his beloved Allah. Next time, and there will be a next time, go full on these a$$holes upon first response. Screw the bosses, save some lives, and for Chrissakes be a man or woman with some guts. I’ve no doubt God will praise your name.

      • Oh come on. The dude was holding hostages and screaming ” Allah Akbar ‘

        With the MSM doing all they can to make us believe that police officers are prejudicialy trigger happy anymore when dealing with anyone with a gun. The media claims that it’s all they want to do is kill people. No doubt Obama has some kind of special police protocol when it comes to dealing with the shooter being a Muslim at this point. Don’t you think? The Democrats paint us white Conservatives as killers for having guns in our homes. Yet a Muslim with a gun is not a killer. You can not blame him for killing people because he is a Muslim. No one in America trusts Muslims. So now he is the new put upon race, not the black people.

        how can that be?

        Yes, it is as complicated as it sounds: The cops have to think through the consequences of how certain actions by them with this crazy person might impact a situation with them involved. They also have to deal with the potential and possible outcomes of their actions with those they protect. In the end it comes down to only two questions:

        What if the cops were told NOT to address the shooter if he was Arabic, and or Muslim. Maybe they stalled because they were told to because the killer was a Muslim?

        Why doesn’t The police officers Christian God and American lives matter more over the Muslim killers God? I thought this was America.

        “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”–B. Hussein Obama

        • They can’t continue to treat terrorism like a normal crime. Every arsehole in a room of 350 people, with the only weapon, has hostages. Kick the GD doors down and clear the room. Will someone get hurt, hell yes. But it’s better than slowly bleeding to death and the next arsehole will not feel so brave. It’s enforcement 101, deterrence and prophylactic.

  8. Mr. Ryan’s positions are adding to the popularity of Nehlen. Keep it up Ryan and hopefully, you’ll be thrown out. Of course, WI is a Cruz state so it’s going to be an uphill battle for Nehlen. So far, the odds are not so good, but we shall see. Meanwhile, he and the rest of the GOPe are not helping Trump one damned bit.

  9. Rebelpatriot

    I do not trust politicians. They are not there to help American citizens. They are there to line their pockets/bank accounts. I don’t know what the answer is, unless it were a (violent) revolution. Patriotic/hardworking Americans have been lied to for so many years, I believe we have become numb to it all. What I don’t understand is why would they do all this damage to America and know that their children and their future generations will have to live in what they have done to America. If Trump can’t win this election I believe we are doomed.

  10. george lortz

    Do they create new scientific breakthroughs?

    Sure they do. I happen to know about a teenager who’s a whiz-bang clockmaker. Even got an invite to the White House.

  11. When I found out Ryan’s wife and her family were to the left of most leftists, I knew he was a RINO. Now, I know he is a Marxist Globalist stooge happy to follow their orders.

  12. Paul Ryan, the guy you always hated in school, had to have been briefed on this:

    Obama, Clinton Allied With ISIS, Al-Qaeda Proven In Email Exposed

  13. President Obama and his merry band of Cuckservatives blame this massacre on the internet, where Mateen was supposedly radicalized, and on the availability of guns – even though planes, pressure cookers, knives, rocks, and hands have been used as instruments of terrorism. And now his lackeys in the press are trying to deflect blame from the obvious and shift it toward Mateen’s sexual orientation – which makes no sense at all.

    While rational people all over the world understand that Mateen’s hatred of gays – to the point of brutally killing them – is rooted in radical Islam and bears blame, our leaders are blaming everything but radical Islam. This willful blindness is nothing new. It is how 102 fellow human beings came to be victims in Orlando in the first place.

  14. Teddy Roosevelt

    It should be great if Trump becomes the next president. From what he is saying I would compare him to our last great president Theodore Roosevelt, but what bothers me is what bothers a lot of Americans: why are our leaders making such bad decisions?

    It finally dawned on me one day while listening Brigitte Gabriel, that our country has been under attack for a long time. Not by guns, bombs or missiles, but by infiltration and payouts by the muslims mainly from oil rich Saudi Arabia. If you haven’t heard, they want to spread their population around the world and convert everyone to Islam.

    It’s funny how we are not being told about the connection between Saudi Arabia and 9/11, and where is all this private money coming from to bring these military aged Syrians here? Saudi Arabia has been giving money to US universities for years. They’ve been buying elections and giving campaign contributions to politicians for years. And those politicians have been passing legislation favorable to the evil forces from the middle east ever since. They also control the media.

    Just look at Hillary’s second in command. There is no doubt who they want for president. If we could bring back the Americans who all voted twenty or thirty years ago there would be a landslide victory like there never was. It’s good to see Americans waking up, but now because of the enemy within I really don’t believe Trump will win this election. It will be the end of the good old USA as we know it, NEVER to return. America has pretty much stabilized the world for the last 70 years. It’s going to be a mess. For heavens sake WAKE UP AND VOTE FOR TRUMP!!!

    • I used to think TR was great. Then I read the literature cited. I lost it. Now I think he was an early 20th century, self-promoting progressive with half a hard-on. It pains me to say it, but I can’t stand TR or his handsome 5th cousin (whatever that is). A Bantam rooster with delusions of grandeur riding the NYT media power back when they actually had power. Have you actually looked at the destruction TR and FDR caused?

      • Teddy Roosevelt

        Tell me Wes what destruction did TR cause? Never mind about FDR I’m well aware of destruction he caused. I hope your not talking about the monopoly busting he did. I understand he was quite arrogant and full of himself every leader has flaw like that, but what real damage did he do to the country?

        • He made the presidency the seat of power and sent us into a 100 year spiral of the cult of the presidency. He made it possible for vapid puny men like Jimmah Carter, the Bushes, and Barry Soetero to have real power. He eliminated the people by effectively destroying the peoples’ house. It has continued only mildly interrupted for all these years. I could go on. I don’t mean to offend Teddy, but I did a complete 180 when I started to look at his legacy. I like .405 Winchesters and killing lions and riding up the ridge as much as the next guy. But sit down in the next six months and objectively review the results of TR’s actions. We can agree to disagree just as our fathers and grandpas used to do. That’s what I miss most about America as I knew it growing up. You got your opinion, I got mine. You got your religion I got mine. You like your favorite team, I like mine. I like Liz Taylor, Randolph Scott, the 93 Phillies, Waylon Jennings, and I like the .375 H&H. Tell me what you like my friend.

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