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Somebody needs to tell El Jeb that Spanish isn’t the language Republican primary voters speak. As much as the wussypants Republican Elite like to kiss the culos of Hispanics, Hispanics will VOTE DEMOCRAT! But y’all keep pissing off your base, Fredos! You’re so smaht!

Here’s El Jeb’s latest campaign ad.

So El Jeb’s wife speaks bad Ingles and El Jeb speaks bad Spanish? Brilliant! The only thing missing was them munching on a Burrito Supreme from Taco Bell.

Either the fix is in for El Jeb to win the primary or I just can’t imagine anyone being this estupido. His poll numbers suck el grande uno and are falling faster than Bill Clinton’s pants at a intern kegger. El Jeb keeps flipping off the conservative Republican base by speaking in Spanish and defending illegals. I just don’t get it!

Or maybe it’s just that he speaks Spanish and likes to show off. Que cosa! Well, AWD speaks much better Spanish than El Jeb and without the stupid Gringo accent! But I don’t go around speaking and writing in Spanish (unless I’m flirting (coqueteando) a little Latin filly!) to let everyone know I’m bilingual. Actually, trilingual if you count Pig Latin.

I’m telling you. There’s some trippy sh*t going on around the GOP campfire. They’re stupid and all but are they really THAT stupid to continually piss off the conservative base? Immigration is a HUGE issue and the main reason Trump is surging in the polls. So what does the Republican Establishment boy do? Speak Spanish all the time! Trippy sh*t, I’m telling you!

Hell, screw El Jeb! Let him speak Spanish. Let him speak French with Lurch and drag James Taylor along. Let him renounce his citizenship and run for the President of Me-hee-co. Let him then try to swim the Rio Grande and get arrested for illegal immigration by President Trump! I can dream, can’t I? The Republicans certainly do. By believing Hispanics will EVER vote for them!

So El Jeb? Callate la jeta y no joda! (I won’t translate but it’s not a compliment)



  1. Spurwing Plover

    What a poltroon,what a ultra maroon,what a milksop

  2. republitard establishment sons-a-bitches are going to spend millions in ads to take down Trump…..

    the ads are going to hit Iowa……..Jib Bush’s super pac is planning on spending 20 million to take Trump down……………….

    no amount of money is going to buy my vote you repbulitard establishment assholes…….I freak’n hate you sons-a-bitches so much I’d vote for Charles Manson in order to get rid of you bastards……………

  3. I will not vote for “Yeb” Bush………

    I will write my name in for President…..

    In fact I will no longer hold my nose and vote for any RINO….

    in protest for all the RINO REpubliCANT bull$hit that going on now…….

    so what if a DEMocRAT wins…..

    betcha next time the REpubliCANTs will listen……

    I’d rather take my chances with an EOTW scenario than be betrayed by the REpubliCANTs again.

  4. They’re either evil grandmasters or naive morons. I’m leaning toward naive morons. It’s hard to believe they could be so stupid, but I’m starting to believe. I mean when you soberly evaluate Bush 41 and 43 you come up with kinder, gentler, morons who pretty much single handedly ruined the Republican Party. I mean Turd Blossom as some kind of genius, puhleeze!

  5. Spurwing Plover

    A Burning Bush and Moses this isnt that type of burning bush

  6. In El Jebbo’s mind he thinks he has the advantage campaigning among Hispanics and speaking to them in Spanish. But in a campaign where illegal immigration, primarily ILLEGAL Hispanic immigration, is the primary issue, it strikes a raw nerve when a candidate who supports amnesty and opposes a border fence campaigns extensively in Spanish, which Bush has done multiple times now. It doesn’t merely create the perception that Bush is more sympathetic to illegals than he is to US citizens; it reinforces it.

    Donald Trump – Make America Great Again
    Jeb Bush – Make America Mexican Again.

    See ya at the polls dolt, you GOPers have got to go!

    • I have only watched a few minutes of a video of the most recent debate, but early in it – the cuck moderator posed a question that was really another attempt to badger Trump and make him look like a meany-when the cuck moderator brought up a past comment by Trump that !Yeb’s weakness on the immigration invasion by swarms of mestizo parasites was influenced by the fact that he was hitched to a 4 foot tall, refried bean eating mestizo babe. (Colorful adjectives are mine, not the cuck moderators)

      !Yeb made a complete jackass out of himself when he tried to respond to this claim, and he got that familiar cuckservative, ‘I got caught whacking off by my Mom’ goofy grin on his face. He tried to play the righteous indignation gambit, challenging Trump to ‘apologize’ to his wife who was apparently sitting in the audience – and, true to his well earned reputation as a supreme shitlord, Trump declined to apologize and stated that he had said nothing that was not true. Which was the exact right response, because to suggest that !Yeb being a self-proclaimed ‘hispanic’ due to his personal decision to turn his back on his own European heritage and mingle and submerge his gene pool into the third world gene pool of the mestizo world by choosing to engage in miscegenation with his mestizo woman has nothing whatsoever to do with his desire to help turn America into Mexico El Norte is simply not believable or even the tiniest bit credible.

      Trump could have ended !Yeb’s run for the nomination at that precise moment, had he had a copy of George Washington’s Farewell Address to the Nation and cited Washington”s words and advice about the danger of ‘foreign entanglements’ and how deadly it would be for America for any of its leaders or citizens to cling to sentimental attachments to foreign nations and thereby be tempted to put the foreign nation’s interests ahead of the interests of their own fellow countrymen.

      You know, the ‘loyalty’ problem that !Yeb Bush faces and grapples with every day of his life – is not really all that unique or unusual. Whenever someone who was born White decides to race mix, from that point forward – they will ALWAYS take the side of the non-white race who they decided to mix with over their own race, whenever there is a conflict that arises that pits Whites against non-whites on any issue of importance.

      In !Yeb’s case, he is trying to protect his shakey pudding rations distribution – which would surely be reduced to zero, should this spineless cuckservative dare to stand up for the legitimate interests and desires of his fellow White Americans to not have the nation that was built by their ancestors stolen from them by swarms of invading mestizos from Mexico, Central, and South America.

  7. Quartierleblanc

    I will never vote for another Bush in this lifetime or the next. The boy is crazier than his handlers. Won’t happen.

  8. thatshitaintright

    Jeb Bush es un payaso!

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