A couple of decades or so ago, AWD lived in the Land of 10,000 Taxes for a few years. Minnesota. Uff da. Nice enough people but they were mainly a bunch of square-headed Swedes and politically correct socialists. Not a burgh for ye olde AWD fo sho! It’s fair to say I was a walleye out of water.

One thing that was nice in Minnesota was Senator Paul Wellstone. He was not a good Senator and, actually, was a socialist moron before being a socialist moron was cool. Wellstone was 180 degrees diametrically opposed to AWD. Which means he was diametrically opposed to anything that was not insane. This guy was a wacko from the Land of 10 Million Wackos. In Minnesota, wackos bowed before him to worship his stupidity. He was that bad. Actually, worse.

But AWD finds good in everything. Even wacko Paul Wellstone. I could always depend on Wellstone to help me formulate my opinions on everything. It was quite easy. If Wellstone was for something, I was against it. If he was against it, I knew it was the proper course of action. And Wellstone was accurate 100% of the time. It’s amazing a man could be wrong 100% of the time. Yet he was. He was a Minnesotan.

AWD is finding Paul Ryan to be my Wellstone successor. Unfortunately, Ryan is the Speaker of the House and a Republican. But, then again, most Republicans are Democrats so I don’t put too much into the Republican/Democrat thing.

Paul Ryan has announced the ObamaCare replacement. To tell y’all the truth, I haven’t even read what it says or does. Don’t have to. If Ryan is for it, I know it will be a gigantic cluster you-know-what. I mean, even worse than ObamaCare.

Ryan is a disaster zone and stupid people in Wisconsin continue to elect him just as the stupids in Arizona continue to elect Juan McCain. I just don’t get it. Then again, I’m not stupid.

ObamaCare is set to self-destruct on its own so why should the Republicans do anything at all? Let Hussein, Pelosi and Reid explain it all. Hell, my own insurance went from $150/mo to $750 per month with a @#*& $6000 deductible! It’s like self-insuring anything south of cancer! Oh, and I didn’t get to keep my doctor or plan. Thanks a whole hell of a lot, Imam Hussein! Maybe he’ll reimburse me out of that $60 million he’s getting for letting Bill Ayres write his next book.

All I have learned in my 50-odd years is that government could f up an orgy at the Playboy mansion. There is literally NOTHING government does better than the private sector except spend and waste taxpayer money.

Want to fix healthcare? Here’s the AWD American Healthcare Plan (this is off the top of my head. And I might have had a drank or four):

  • No government laws on healthcare. No lobbying allowed. No writing of healthcare laws by healthcare lobbyists.
  • No congressman can own any stock tied to healthcare. Keep them sumbitches out of the honeypot.
  • Allow any American to buy health insurance from any company anywhere in the United States. Lobbyists have state laws tied up where I can only buy health insurance from a Texas insurance company. I call bullshit on that!
  • Tie insurance costs to risk. If you’re a big bubbalicious-ass who scarfs down a couple of Double Quarter Pounders with Cheese daily and haven’t seen your feet in several decades, get ready to cough up extra cash American for health insurance for one reason. You’re a big, fat slob who is going to probably die after spending months in the hospital over someone who is in good health and in normal ranges of health related criteria.
  • Cut off free healthcare to illegal aliens. Quit accepting little Pee-dro into the emergency room every time he sniffles. Or make padres Juan y Maria pay in cash before treating little Pee-dro. They have the cash. Believe me. 70% of the kids born in the public hospital in Dallas are born to illegals without insurance and they pay ZERO for healthcare services. Know who pays? You guessed it. AWD!
  • Get those ambulance-chasing lawyer bastids off the backs of doctors! Yeah, so my doctor said I have acute angina when, in fact, I have a big ol’ honking man thang in my jeans. Who cares? I just take it as a compliment. I’m not going to sue the guy. Maybe my doc just missed out the day they taught medicine in med school.
  • Let health insurance companies compete against each other without any outside interference. Let the free market determine healthcare costs.

I guaran-damn-tee you I trust the free hand of the market over a bunch of bought-and-paid-for corruptcrats like Paul @#*& Ryan!

So, yeah. I’m lazy. I’m not going to read 100 pages of gobbledygook legal shit when all I have to do is see if Ryan supports it or not. Guess what? He supports it. And so AWD can announce that Ryan’s plan to improve ObamaCare is the worst possible thing imaginable.

How does AWD do it? It’s a gift.


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