AWD just returned from Austin. I was attending the Republic of Texas motorcycle rally with the Filly. 700 miles on my Ultra in two days. I had to soak my big sexy buttoid in a lavender scented bubble bath with the soft sounds of Kenny G playing in the background to soothe the pain away! It was horrifying. I’m talking about the Kenny G and lavender scented bubble bath.

So I’m worn out and ornery and don’t want to think. So I saw this post from 2015 about the then-new Speaker Paul Ryan. I hate Paul Ryan. And I’ve had that little turd pegged from since he arrived to the DC machine.

I’m going to write tomorrow or so about how it’s become obvious the Repubs are going to play 4 Corners defense on Trump. They will stall and bullshit his time in office away. No wall, no tax cuts, no ObamaCare repeal. Nada. Nada damn thang! This Ryan needs to go and go fast!

So after the political professional wrestling a few months ago in Washington that resulted in the resignation of John ‘Boo Hoo’ Boehner, the Republicans replaced Boehner with Boehner! Paul Boehner!

New Speaker Paul Ryan appears to be Boehner on steroids after his $1.1 trillion spending bill was passed. Ryan, the head of the (so-called) loyal opposition gave Obama and the Democrats everything they wanted in the bill except repeal of the Second Amendment. He must have forgotten that part.

Rush Limbaugh finally joined what AWD has been saying for years. The Republican Party must die. One can count the number of fiscally conservative Republicans in Washington on one hand. The way Republicans spend money easily qualifies them to be Democrats. And Democrat actions easily reveal their adherence to socialism. So, in effect, the United States of America is now completely governed by socialists. Tell me I’m wrong!

Paul Ryan has proven to be just as big a liar as John Boehner. Both promised fiscal sanity from Congress but both piled on the debt.

And the Republican Establishment and their stooges at Fox News cannot grasp why the Republican base is firmly behind Donald Trump and Ted Cruz! How can Republicans expect to consistently lie and spit in the faces of conservative voters and expect our support?

So what to do? Conservatives must begin preparing for the total destruction of the Republican Party. Third Party in the short run, Red State secession from the Socialist Blue States of America in the long.

Yes, the Democrats with total control would hasten the speed of America’s death. That can’t be stopped nor should it. Nothing lasts forever and the USA has run its course as a republic. We’re totally divided. Donald Trump nor Ted Cruz nor any other could turn this sinking ship around when the sailors in Congress all want it to sink while they throw billions to lobbyists, special interests and Big Business. Instead of bailing water, Congress keeps opening hatches.

I must say that AWD is not surprised one little bit at Paul Ryan and his performance as Speaker which sucks about as much as his performance as a Congressman. He’s bought and paid for and beyond repair. He’s one of them. Just like nearly every other Congressman who has served more than one term in Washington.

AWD has given up completely on Washington to such point that I rarely even pay attention to the destruction done there on a weekly basis. My interests now run to the State of Texas. Because I believe one day not too far from here, Texans will lift their voices and reject the authority of Washington. Red States will join Texas. We will use the Constitution as our law and guide. But before then, it will get worse for us all. I hope it gets real worse for the Republican Party.

Die, Republican Party, die!


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