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The Perils of Hanging with Younger People


Play with snakes and sooner or later, ya get the fang.
Play with snakes and sooner or later, ya get the fang.

It’s a real pain hanging out with younger types, particularly Millennials. I’m talking about beautiful and successful Gen Y-ers. It’s a nice consolation to be commonly mistaken for one of the younger set. Yeah, I know that every one of you has the same problem. Apparently, time has treated me with kid gloves, so my younger friends view me as an anomaly once they know my year model. After a couple of little pre-cancerous skin blemishes at age 20, I never willfully played in the sun again. The result is I’ve been spared further visible sun damage, for now anyway. The wheels could fly off at any time, any day. But no worries, the Botox party will then commence
The past weekend, at a charity slash holiday party, I found myself the center of “Guess How Old She Is!” Game, yet again. It’s very similar to “Pin the Tail on the Donkey,” except I am a sentient being who finds the whole thing boring. I’ve grown accustomed to it, since passing the Four-Oh mark. It’s not a very fair game, as once it’s initiated, everyone’s immediately alerted that I must be over 30. Otherwise, the game wouldn’t be fun, right? As I scan the room for an exit, I casually advise everyone that vodka soda is a magical tonic that preserves youth.
Across the room, a jolly group is beckoning me with scandalous laughter. Away I fly. Things are more enjoyable here, away from the Age Detector Beam glaring it’s ray upon me. Far better fodder, since at the moment it isn’t about me. Instead, the hindquarter of an adjacent young lady is scrutinized and labeled. Her workout, while effective, may well push her into a different demographic. More giggling. Much better conversation in the gossiping group. Never mind that I’ve probably had all my own aspects listed and adjudicated. Then another leitmotif of mine sounds: “Ummagosh, you look just like Brittany Spears!” I’m sure you guys are aware that for Millennials, pop culture references are the primary form of connecting with others. I am slightly offended. I’m not put off at a comparison to the early version of Brittany, but that I could be associated with the bald version. Folks, admittedly I’m solidly out of touch with much of girlie pop culture so I was unaware that Brittany has of late decided it’s not a negative to be attractive and returned to her former golden-tressed glory. The klatch assures me she is gorgeous and my feathers smoothed. Maybe hanging with the youngsters is not all bad.
There was an open bar and the alcoholic inspiration led a flock of Millennials to the dance floor. The gorgeous, slender head of PR at a publicly traded company shuffled seductively to a large Christmas tree which dominated the dance floor. She proceeded to attempt an amorous embrace with tree. Finding it prickly, she twirled gracefully around, then down, bending over and backing up to twerk the tannenbaum. People, I’m not joking. Here was an otherwise intelligent, beautiful young lady twerking with a Christmas tree. I am far to considerate to post a link to video of this. It does exist however. Better to use your imagination on this one.
Why am I describing last Saturday night to you guys? Well, it is funny stuff and all but the downside is that I know these young people and how they think…and how they have voted in the last couple of elections. It’s not that we Gen-Xer’s don’t have plenty of immature, idiotic actions under our collective belt. But there aren’t enough Gen X voters to make as much of a difference. The concern is that Millennials are comparable in size to the Baby Boomers. The way they vote is obviously the direction we will be carried, as a nation. It is an overwhelming consideration. Most all of these Millennials have been stewed in the progressive statist propaganda. Since my younger friends have become interested in voting, any discussion with them regarding politics ends quickly, as conservative ideas are dismissed and thrown into a blender they believe yields a smoothie of evil against women, the poor, and the otherwise “disadvantaged.” The degree to which Gen Y has been brainwashed is an intractable threat to our way of life, our civilization.
Is there hope for them, and thus the rest of us? Will these youngsters ever see the error of catapulting into office and sustaining there a self aggrandizing fascist?  Will they ever understand the resultant destruction of our future prosperity, even our very existence as a people? I find hope wherever I can, at least Gen Y has turned on Mr. Obama by not buying Obamacare.
Never mind, for now. For when the clock struck 2a.m.-ish, the Princess-who-looks-a-little-like- Brittany Spears sped away in her U.S.-made carriage to her castle and her sweet, innocent 5-year-old whom she sometimes affectionately refers to as “Pol Pot.” And she swore with her fist in the air: As God is my witness, at least one dear boy will be spared the usual degenerate indoctrination that has contaminated the minds of our young.



  1. You don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Still, the thought of that gal twerking with a Christmas tree is something else…and then some.

    Spare us all indeed, but we’ve got to deal with them all. Unfortunately.

    • The tree twerking is a moment I shall never forget. Plus, there *is* always that video, in case my memory ever wanes.

      • Your memory would never wane on this issue. Still, the vid might have been something to behold. – I certainly could be wrong, I trust your judgement…that’s for sure.

  2. I feel your pain Texas Belle. The I look 10 years younger than I am gene runs in my family too. It’s a curse some of us just have to live with. Party on TB.

  3. Spurwing Plover

    Those miserble punks who think its fun to beat up on old folk need to get a term of 60 years in prison or have old gramps pull out a concealed firearm and put a bullet between the punks eyes

  4. “Will they ever understand the resultant destruction of our future prosperity, even our very existence as a people?” – Texas Belle

    After consulting my Syco-Seer the answer is “My sources say no”

    “I’m sure you guys are aware that for Millennials, pop culture references are the primary form of connecting with others.”- Texas Belle

    No I was not aware of this. Just last week at a yuletide party I knuckle punched a Hipster in his balls for saying he thought I looked like Justin Bieber.

    I’m now sorry I acted so brutish, in my own defense I though he was insulting me in a blatant and offending manor.

    • Waspish,

      Don’t be sorry. Any male should be insulted upon being informed of any resemblance to Justin Bieber. As far as I’m concerned, being compared in ANY way to that little wuss is insulting and should be responded to with immediate and intense violence.

    • Hey Waspish, never doubt that violence makes things happen…very effective approach. And, I trust my own Magic 8-Ball completely in all matters.
      For those who don’t have theirs handy:

      • CombatMissionary

        It’s a good thing you’re not in my boat. Usually when people find out how old I am, they stare, and I have to say, “It’s not the years, it’s the miles.”

  5. Spurwing Plover


  6. I was once told that I was a dead ringer for Mariah Carey. I couldn’t figure that one out because I have neither black or hispanic heritage. I’m a very fair skinned Italian/Polish girl.
    A friend once told me that I looked exactly like Molly Ringwald too. I was not amused.

    • See Leigh, this is why using popular cultural references as a form of complement is just lame. I’ve always found it an odd way to approach anyone. The Molly Ringwald comment, sheesh, that’s tough. You two still friends?

  7. neverunarmed

    Not all millenials are liberals. those of us born in the early 80’s, i find, are far more conservative than those born in the early to mid 90’s. I do agree that there was more than a fair amount of indoctrination going on when i was in high school. I couldn’t even imagine what goes on in schools now.

    • Fascinating, you Gen Y-er’s actually already subdivide yourselves? Would love more detail on the breakdown. But we should all be terrified of the Public Indoctrination System.

      • You and the boomers were also brainwashed in some aspects, like lincoln being portrayed as a hero and we didn’t instigate Pearl Harbor and Oswald killed Kennedy. It’s all lies! SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS! HAHA

  8. Sigh….I’ve been told on several occasions I bear a striking resemblance to “Fred Munster”…heavy sigh. 🙁

  9. neverunarmed

    I’ve been told I look a great deal like my father…

  10. neverunarmed

    I would rather look more like my mom’s side. my grandfather was commonly mistaken for james dean.

    I don’t know how many others of the y generation view the older portion as opposes the the younger. I can only testify to the differences I see. I eork with a lot of millenials and the younger set born between 91 and 95 definitely hold that lazy entitlement mentality, but those of us born between 79 and 85 seem a bit more like the older generations. we work our butts off while the younger ones sit around staring at their phones. This, by the way, is in an auto shop, where tou are paid by the amount of work you do. Aside from all that, none of these younger ones seems to get my 80’s and 90’s references. hehe

  11. Jack Daniels

    I know what you mean Texas Belle, I do not look nearly my age. I guess a wife 12 years younger and good genes helps along the way.

    I’d post a picture of my awesome looks, but the missus, would not appreciate other womenfolk oogling over me, and having a secret crush on me…;)

  12. Well, at least you’re humble about your “awesome looks.” 😉

  13. First off, I happen to be a Gen Y and sadly I must agree with you, but the good news is we are slowly waking up. Here’s some fun facts to help persuade your young hot friends to have a more conservative outlook: $800 Billion a year is spent on welfare and food stamps alone which is more than is spent on Education, Transportation, and NASA combined. That being said, only %.07 of people that have ever taken welfare etc. have ever risen above the poverty level. Besides my generation being worthless, when the US dollar is no longer the worlds reserve currency, gas will be $30 a gallon along with milk and bread. It doesn’t matter that we are comparable to the boomers in size, because we are all screwed.

    • Don’t forget,behind every worthless gen y(and there are many) there is a gen x parent(s) most likely to blame,i saw it first hand growing up,gen x is the first (i don’t give a shit) generation,indoctrinated on dogma and believing that the world would end due to rapture at any why give a shit.Sorry gen x’rs but that attitude is very common amung you and made the children you complain about today.

  14. Hello belle! I am a 29 year old white “millenial”, and i just wanted to say first,i am not left, nor right,i am also athiest.I can tell you first hand why all of my generation is having this problem. First is single mother homes where children are coddled and awarded for stupidity, as well as mediocrity.Secondly we are in fact all told that all conservatives are religious nuts and woman haters.We are also told that all republicans and conservatives are rich white people trying to ruin our lives.To be honest if republicans didn’t have such a problem with pot,sex,nudity and abortion i would probably be one.Third is a HUGE indoctrination of “equality”, no one is bad its not their fault.Most of us(not me) voted for Obama because we really want to see change,just not the change we got. I would vote for a republican or a conservative immediately if their values were not based on hokey religious ideals. I am soo sick however, of being politically correct,and being pushed aside for affirmative,Also i hate that we give illegals and welfare mothers checks meaning i can never be a dem, I guess the point i am making is that my generation needs a new party because neither have our position down right….P.s its funny because most of my communication with my generation is almost entirely pop culture ref,but i think we do that because we have no culture of our own anymore so all we have is movies and games, i mean my gen x parents did everything they could to push movies and games and music on me,anything to baby sit me while they did their own thing.Another big reason we do this is because talking about anything else causes mass debate, we cant talk about religion or politics or even social standards anymore because someone will label us intolerant or something worse..Please be patient with this since i am typing late into the night and did not have the energy to check spelling grammar and syntax..thanks guys i love this site!

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