Dudes and dudettes…there are a handful of stories that I’ve saved that apply to McRINO and his sinister ways for a few days now. So, what I’ve decided to do is list them below and hope you take a few minutes to check each of them out, especially the first one. Trust me, you will be seething with anger when it comes to his obvious jealousy of Cruz and the things he says any time he can get his friggin’ leftist face in front of a camera…and we all know that is often via the msm.

One other matter; congress-critter Peter King has become a clone of McRINO over the past few months…make sure and check out what he had to say as well. It should really frost your flakes and then some too.

All of the links below have video attached to them, please listen to what you can. If you haven’t heard what comes out of the mouth of many…you’ll never know how devious McNasty and King are. – Gohmert minces no words when it comes to McPhony in one segment. El Rushbo sums it up well when it comes to McJealousy and his green-eyed monster syndrome.

1.) McCain to Fox: Defunders Lied to the GOP, ‘Shouldn’t They Be Held Accountable?’

2.) GOP Rep. Peter King: ‘No One Has Done More to Strengthen Obamacare Than Ted Cruz’

3.) McCain Calls for Debate Over Cruz’s Control of GOP: ‘I Guess We Could Go Lower in the Polls…’

4.) GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert Goes Off on John McCain: He’s ‘Supported al-Qaeda’

5.) Limbaugh: GOP ‘Scared’ of Conservatives Like Cruz, Trying to ‘Rid Itself’ of Them

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!


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