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Do any of you really think Dear Leader is clueless or not? After-all he has transformed America just as he promised, and he’s not done yet!

What are your opinions?

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!



  1. Desert Rat

    Clueless, but because he is black he has and will be allowed a pass for his incompetence.

  2. Disgusted Caucasian

    I cringe when the likes of Hannity, and a few others, make Obama out to be “incompetent” or “in way over his head” or just plain “inept.” Obama is a Communist and knows exactly what he is doing. By pretending that Obama is a Presidential idiot, that gives the O team some wiggle room as they steer the republic down the road to Communism. Obama is evil…..period. Some people just refuse to admit that the captain of the ship just wanted the job because it was the best position to be in to sink it.

    • Sink it indeed!

      • yep! How are you? Had the kids all day today&dinner here. I am beat! Son good. Sick of all politicians! They all suck. lol

        • Doing okay…I’m tired out today, finally just got done with all my work Hopefully tomorrow I take it easy around these parts.

          Glad you had a great time with the kids.

          • Love ya buddy! Get your rest! Talk tomorrow. Nite xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

          • You too!

            Btw…if ya get the chance tomorrow. Check out that Dear Abby letter…you should get a kick out of it.

          • have to excuse me buddy,so tired right now. What Dear Abby letter? xxx

          • Joy…go to bed and check the blog post tomorrow…you can’t
            miss it, it’s two blog posts down.

            Btw…Bluto and myself had some fun with it this morning.

    • DC… O certainly isn’t clueless, but he is a pathetic piece of shit. How anyone could hate America is beyond me… we have some flaws, but this country offers opportunity for anyone willing to work.

  3. Oh I fear that he knows exactly what he’s doing. What is really scary is that the MSM and the GOP are aiding and abetting his efforts!

  4. Nostradumbass

    Dear Leader awards Segratary FrankenKerry Another Purple Heart

    “Two weeks ago, our much decorated Segratary of Sh!t, John FrankenKerry, was conducting intense meetings with our counterparts from Iran. These meetings are absolutely vital in ensuring that Iran is able to create a workable nuclear device within the next 10 years. When the Iranian delegate unexpectedly withdrew from the talks and left the conference in the French Alps, without receiving a copy of my personal recording of the Adhan ( Islamic Call to prayer, in Beta format of course!), Segratary FrankenKerry immediately sprang into action. ”

    “Donning his form fitted speedo tights, FrankenKerry mounted his mountain bike and sped off after the Iranian delegates. Due to the crowded streets, FrankenKerry had to go much slower than is advisable to someone of his sleek prowess. This lead to the unfortunate circumstance where Mr FrankenKerry hit a curb, which resulted in a fractured fibula.”

    “This all occurred while Mr FrankenKerry was serving under my command.”

    “in keeping with fine traditions established from the times of George Washington, I hereby award John FrankenKerry with his fourth Purple Heart”

    Luv ya, Mean it – O

  5. Obama is not an American. I think he is a complete imposter and I thing the whole establishment is aware of this but are afraid to say or do anything because he is black (the magic color). Obama did not grow up singing the national anthem nor did he grow up saying the pledge of allegiance to America in schools in his early years. He did not watch parades. His picture of America was painted by a rogue, communist mother who hated her own color and from other communist figures in his life like Frank Marshal Davis ( black-communist and hater). Obama came from a communist background, he lived his formative years in foreign countries, IMO he is not a citizen, he went to far left colleges, had ‘far left’ friends (including terrorists), and he was groomed and had the presidential position bought for him by Soros and NWO friends. He owes the US nothing. He does not care about any of us, white nor black. His only asset is he can read seamlessly off of a teleprompter. Obama is an idiot but those around him or smart. Obama does their bidding. They use him to destroy the nation. No group running a nation can be as stupid as the Obama regime…., no one. So….we have to settle on the truth. Obama and his handlers are doing things to destroy us.

  6. Nuke concessions to Iran…

    Yep…BHO and Jarrett know exactly what they’re doing!

  7. Barry Soetoro is a phoney plant, jammed into office by marxists politicians that swooned all the negroes to vote for their “gibs me dat” free shit.
    Is he smart? NO! He is an actor and poser, and has been exactly this whole life. Trained by Communists, and placed into positions by Communists.
    He has tried his best to destroy this USA, and he has failed.
    His time is almost up, and when he leaves office, I believe the courts will expose him and all his crimes, and the real Barry Soetoro will end up being killed by his benefactors before the trials start.
    Never again will anyone ever be ABLE TO DO WHAT THIS NEGRO HAS DONE TO THIS REPUBLIC..

  8. I don’t know which is more maddening, President Obama’s repeatedly claiming he finds out about important matters only after reading the newspapers, his expectation that we’ll swallow that, the even scarier prospect that it could be true, or that the media continues to give him a free pass on it.

    Wouldn’t it be great if Obama had so little curiosity about matters he truly has no business meddling in? There is clearly a pattern with this supposedly ‘ clueless ‘ approach that demonstrates a combination of presidential absenteeism and overt corruption.

    Personally I think he is one the most deceitful of presidents America has ever had to suffer through. But you already knew that.

  9. another clueless marxist fool……..make no mistake about it….there are clueless fools every where………that’s right…..every where…….and this is another in a long line of clueless fools………… and a marxist to boot…………….

    the “Poop of Rome”………..that’s right the Poop of Rome is a clueless fool…..and he is a damn communist as well………if ever there was clueless fool the Poop of Rome is a damn joke…….. not happy to stick to poopal issues, the Poop of Rome has to stick his damn nose into where it doesn’t belong………..

    this communist hack, the Poop of Rome, needs to be deposed and put out with the trash…….

  10. Barack Shitstain Obongo is the epitome of these nine words……………………..

  11. Spurwing Plover

    If he were a republican the media vultures would be circling and the sharks would hold their usial feeding frenzie like after Cheneys hunting acedent

  12. Nosurprises

    American name Barry Soto, Muslim name Barack Hussein Obama. Not communism or Socialism, Sharia. The question is Manchurian or master mind? Oh, he is as white as he is black but looking black and acting like a hoodlum panders to his base.

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