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  1. prophetic is right………..this god damn socialism crap is nothing but totalitarianism……dimwits that think they should be in control of our lives…..making decisions that we ourselves should be making…….

    was just on another site and saw a post that one of my “relatives” posted that made me hold my head in disgust…….she hasn’t grown up and out of the sixties yet…….still, nothing but a hippie……… there is no hope for these fools…….

    here is my message to all of you libtard hippies…………read it and weep……………

  2. Desert Rat

    Very true and sad. When this whole Obama presidency started I thought that at some point there would be a breaking point, but I don’t think there are enough people who are that smart. Obama will leave office and go on his way and make millions like the Clinton’s, but the country has shifted into a liberal state that only a major war or attack could possible yank it out of. Like the 70’s the U.S. cities will continue to slip into a major decline of crime etc. Thankfully I am able to move about the country and not stuck in some liberal hell hole. I feel sorry for true conservatives that are caught behind enemy lines.

    • DR…

      I used to think long ago (after O was elected) that revolution would have taken place. Guess if that were ever to happen, I’ll have been buried by then.

      Still hoping though!

      Btw…did you leave Vegas for good?

      • Desert Rat

        We both might not live to see it, but I tell my wife all the time I want to live long enough to see the following dead in the ground:
        1. Harry Reid (he’s not looking too good lately)
        2. Jimmy Carter
        3. Both Clinton’s
        4. BHO of course
        5. Jane Fonda
        6. Nancy Pelosi (I don’t know though, she might pull a Frank Sinatra and live forever)

    • He’s probably going to jump on the Jesse Jackson / Al Sharpton parade route with his pal Eric Holder too.

  3. off topic but pertinent……….libtards at the IRS are suppose to respond to Judicial Watch’s FOIA request and judges order regarding Lois “the communist” Lerner’s emails……….somehow I’ve got a feeling the IRS will not follow the judge’s order………

    the IRS has 2 days to comply……….

    • I have a strong feeling they will not comply whatsoever!

      Btw…if they don’t comply, what will be done about it?

      • I don’t know what can be done but Judicial Watch outline to the judge the entire cover-up the IRS has been running…….including how they lied to this very judge…….the judge should be able to issue some kind of bench warrant and force them to comply……..I understand this judge is getting pissed………

  4. more liberal lies……..

    libtards use the term “conservative” to deceive the American public into thinking that conservatives are supporting the liberal’s death penalty position……….liberals can’t tell the truth…….they have to lie and deceive to force their way’s on the rest of us……..they know their positions are untenable and must resort to lies to get them past the American people………

    • Another excellent article from Joe the Plumber…loved all of it, but the summation hit the nail on the head!

      BHO has been owned by Soros for more years than mentioned in that piece. Still, Soros and BHO have transformed America before our very eyes.

  5. president Barack Shitstain Obongo caught in another lie………

    Shitstain told congress that he was not negotiating any immigration deal with the Trade bill……it has now been found out and reported there is a ten page immigration platform that will give Shitstain unlimited power over immigration……that he can import as many immigrants from third world countries he pleases…..there is no limit to how many he can import and he doesn’t have to answer to congress what-so-ever…….he can do as he pleases under this bastard of a trade agreement…….

    Shitstain denied there was any immigration platform but it somehow got into the trade bill anyways…….I wonder how that happened…….must have been hop-goblins……certainly couldn’t have been president Shitstain…..he wouldn’t lie to us or to congress, now would he……….

    • Bluto…

      Great find my friend!

      Btw…he’s also inserted climate change too. He wants it his way now!

      The senate is going to vote on this Friday…it’s time to call many repub senators and give them a piece of mind. They need to hear from all that care! And why are any repubs voting for this?

  6. Spurwing Plover

    These Dirty,Dsatardly Demacrats always want to cut back on defense spending and send it to the worthless United Nations so they can buy fancy stuff for their offices

  7. ‘The Rape of America’…this is so fitting for this thread, see what you think.

  8. How true.

    Here in America, the madness of the crowd mentality is upon us. The Left has so suppressed the knowledge of the truth that reality has affixed itself to delusion. So that the crowds who comprise it and who believe in it prove their inability to accept diversity of thought.

    In other words, they are blameless for their stupidity in believing in their own victim hood and the Left will do all they can to keep them that way.

  9. US Embassy changing 4th of July to avoid offending muslims!

    Can you believe this is happening?

    • Big……..

      our traditions, our culture, our western heritage is completely under assault…….we are being hammered by these leftists…………..

      the truth is…..these communists, and make no mistake about it they are communists, are doing everything they can to literally dismantle society…..break it down……..inject fear into the culture….into the people in order to subdue us….make everyone afraid to speak out……….

      they are going after the police forces all over the country because the police are the ones who uphold society…..prevent it from breaking down and they have to break the police……force them into submission to finally get absolute control……..they’re doing this to the military to break them down and force them to submit……….

      and the republicans just sit there with their puds in their hands…….

      • Bluto

        Obama has transformed our nation and no one stops it. I’m about at the point of weeping these days.

        Btw…speaking of O’s utopia, check out his newest idea for diversity!

        Btw…O plans on enforcing it!

        • Desert Rat

          Las Vegas has been doing this crap for several years. The zoning in this town is terrible. They build apartments on every block all over town. The apartments even in the higher end parts of town are full of ghetto blacks/Mexicans. So there you go. The town has been doing this long before Obama. That is why Las Vegas is a hell hole. Always will be. Low taxes, but a hell hole.

          • DR…

            Wow…sure didn’t know about any of that in Vegas…bet Reid’s happy about it.

            Did you finally move out of Vegas?

          • Hello fellow Rat….

            That’s why I unassed Vegas in 2006. Around 03, 04, I started noticing the undertow of crime and minorities heading my way as I lived outside of town, all neighbors had horses. My plan was to stay, but move farther out, as I truly loved life there. When I started to research private schools for the Gkids and discovered there were no decent ones without 18 months or so waiting lists, I made the decision to move. Took me a couple years to sell properties and collect accounts receivable (without tipping off clients as to my intentions). The move went well, although a lot of work and some dough spent, and the Gkids are doing great and we all love our new home….. hope it stays this way.

  10. carnac123

    The “emboldened” remain that way because they have not met much resistance. We have a government run by radical blacks and cowardly whites. In every situation you have read about in the papers lately in regards to the “poor black police victims” no one has printed one thing about the obnoxious, criminal acts of the black perps/crowds that brought the police there to begin with. The police did not just drive by some blacks and say “I think I will go and jack-up that crowd so I can shoot me a black today”. They were called, usually by another black, to be in that crowd of feces. The feral blacks then attack the cops and get someone to take a cellphone vid of the whole thing hoping a cop will lose his cool badly. We must engage this rebellion of blacks and end it once and for all in several ways. One way is to arrest Sharpton and Jackson for inciting riots and for blackmail. We need to turn the “gleeful ill-informed” into a very quiet and sad “ill-informed”.

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