As AWD has said about voting for Trump, “why the hell not?” Sure, no one really knows what the guy stands for except trannies peeing beside your wife and building a border wall for which Mexico will pay mucho pesos for. OK, we also know he won’t get us into another ridiculous, expensive war in the Middle East, and that’s a good thing. But other than that, all we know is he’s going to make America great again.

Well, OK. In for a penny, in for a pound. He’s our guy right now and all we have. I’m going to support Trump and hope he can bring us some change from Hopenchange’s hope and change. See how I did that there?

All the Cruz supporters need to grow a pair and realize Ted lost this battle. He’ll be back. Cruz is injured from numerous self-inflicted wounds made during his campaign but he’ll recover. Cruz fans need to forget this #NeverTrump non-sense or get ready for Bubba and tacky pantsuits to move back into 1600 Pennsylvania.

A horrible thought occurred to AWD today when Kasich finally pulled the plug on his pathetic, obnoxious campaign. The thought made me sicker than watching Kasich eat while being interviewed. Why did that moon-faced sumbitch stay in the race so long? And isn’t it interesting he pulled out only after Cruz suspended his campaign? Now put on your tinfoil hats a minute. Could it be that Trump made a deal with Kasich to stay in the race to pull votes from Cruz in exchange for a Veep slot with Donald? My blood runs cold at the thought!

Kasich is so obnoxious he’d make Jesus cuss. Hell, he lost to Rubio and Rubio has been out of the race for months! They could combine their tiny number of delegates and create the Gang of Losers. Trump would be making a yuuuge mistake by selecting Kasich for anything more than the Ambassador of Syria.

Someone else AWD has been keeping an eye on lately who makes me want to Ralph is Newt. Newt’s been all over the television telling anyone who’d listen that Trump might be the best thing since sliced Reagan. Now why would Newt say those things unless he has an angle? Newt never does anything where there’s not an angle or has one of his books du jour to sell. Listen to me. Newt Gingrich is bad news if you haven’t figured that one out.

Newt is one one sneaky bastid and, like Hillary, will pander to anyone and anything to get something for Newt. Does he think anyone has forgotten this:

Yeah, climate change. What a tool! But it took guts to be in such close proximity to Nancy Pelosi. She may have been shedding.

I don’t know what benefit Trump would ever see in having Newt as VP except for maybe having Newt’s wife shoot down incoming Russian ICBMs with her laser vision:


Talk about a deterrent! For a whole hell of a lot of things!

I hope Trump isn’t stupid. I don’t think he is. But selecting an Establishment tool like Kasich and/or Newt would be one thing that would just set off the #NeverTrump infantry more than ever.

Nor should he entertain anyone else who ran for the GOP nomination as Veep. Especially Fiorina (because she’s a woman) or Rubio (because he’s a con man Hispanic) or Hucksterbee (because he’s an ass). Trump’s going to have to win over the conservatives who supported Cruz. Picking a moderate or Establishment (but I repeat myself) VP will cost him votes big time. Votes Trump cannot afford to lose.

Let’s hope Trump listens to AWD and makes a smart VP selection. If we want a stupid President, there’s always Hillary.


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