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Know the most stupid idea of all time? President Hillary Clinton. Know the second most stupid idea of all time? WWIII with Russia over a bunch of wild-eyed Muslim terrorists in Syria!

Answer me this. Why would or should I give one little damn about Syria or Syrians? Since we’re importing tens of thousands of them into the modern world in America, there must be a real good reason. Oh, because of humane reasons. Sorry, but as AWD has said since 1979, my ‘don’t-give-a-sh*t’ meter pegged out at 11 and redlined. Let Muslims take care of Muslim refugees. But Muslims don’t help anyone, even other Muslims, so no Muslim country has taken in Syrian refugees.

An even better question I’d like to have answered is why is America arming and supporting Syrian rebels (aka ISIS) in Syria? Does our government really want ISIS to control Syria? Don’t answer that. They’re probably watching.

Obviously, Obama wants to hand another otherwise stable (i.e. not trying to build nukes and start sh*t with America) Middle East country into the hands of radical Islam (aka Muslim Brotherhood). He and Hillary did it in Egypt and in Libya with disastrous results and are determined to do the same with Syria.

So now Hillary and her neocon friends who have never met a war they didn’t like are demanding a “no-fly” zone over Syria. Well, Russia has been flying over and bombing Obama’s (and Hillary’s and John McCain’s, etc) buddies with ISIS for over a year now in Syria. Does Hillary expect Putin to simply park his jets back in Russia because President Hillary says he can’t fly in Syria? Obviously, she’s as stupid with recent history as she is with email security.

In October, 2015, Hillary said:

“I personally would be advocating now for a no fly zone and humanitarian corridors to try to stop the carnage on the ground and from the air, to try to provide some way to take stock of what’s happening, to try to stem the flow of refugees.”

Stem the flow of refugees. Yeah, right.

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford testified to Congress:

“Right now, Senator, for us to control all of the airspace in Syria would require us to go to war against Syria and Russia. That is a pretty fundamental decision that certainly I’m not going to make.”

You know who might be thrilled to help Russia in a war with the Great Satan? Our good friends in China. And Obama’s imam buddies in Tehran. And many others. Think about this scenario:

President Hillary declares a no-fly zone in Syria and a F-18 smokes a Russian bomber from the sky. Russia immediately makes a move into the Ukraine (which Putin desperately wants as part of his rebuilding of the Soviet Union). China decides that it’s time to reclaim Taiwan and those little stupid rocks near Japan in the South China Sea. North Korea lobs a few tactical nukes into Seoul. And Obama’s Iranian buddies start bombing the hell out of Israel, if not using a nuke or dirty bombs. And don’t think all the 3 million unwashed followers of Allah who now reside in the Great Satan are going to sit this one out. Look for schools, malls, gas stations, etc in your neighborhood to start going boom.

Well, President ‘Phone Call At 3 AM,’ whatchagonnado? Since Obama has America’s military at our lowest levels of preparedness in the past 50 years, what war are you going to fight? The answer? None of them! Each of our allies will be on their own and slaughtered. And don’t be surprised if some of those radiological bombs start flying in the Middle East and Asia. Maybe America, too. But hey, America will be helping ISIS take over Syria! And that just warms my heart.

There’s some deep dark sh*t going on in the West. Europe has given up its future existence as a First World continent by allowing the overthrow of their countries by mass immigration of ‘refugees.’ Look at the trouble the Muslim Mayor of London is already causing. What happens when Muslims outbreed the dwindling white populations? Hello, Middle East!

At least we’ll have the enjoyment of knowing we helped Muslim ‘refugees’ enjoy life in the Great Satan as they are raping our children.



  1. I would have to say with clarity that we are on the wrong side of history here!
    Who the hell are we supporting? Does anyone in our administration really know?
    I mean really, John I was a war hero Kerry doesn’t have a clue about paying taxes on his sailboat, do ya think he’s got a clue on Isis and the Middle East? Let’s not forget he gave us the awesome Iranian deal, look how wonderful that pearl has turned out! Assad is no boyscout, but look what happened in Iraq, Egypt, and Libya. Thank you bush, Obama, and the hildebeast. These globalist are all in it for the votes, power and money and are selling us all out. I include these Rino republitards along w the dems.

    We have a paper tiger in the White House, we are the laughing stock of the world, the Obama administration keeps drawing lines and our enemies keep crossing them. We have no credibility anymore, and like awd says we don’t have the military any longer to support our policies, or our allies.
    Honestly its so frustrating to see the globalist elites flooding Muslims in Europe and other westernized societies. It’s equally frustrating that the population allows this!
    Folks it won’t be long as the article above punctuates that these bastards will be here in force, even more honor killings, and mall bombings.
    It was just brought to my attention that a woman was asked to change her seat on a US airline because two Moslem bastards didn’t want her to sit next to them as it violates there religious beliefs. So the airline personnel moved the woman. Ufb! In our country! Wtf!
    In a way it’s ironic, mysogeny vs islamiphobia. U can’t make this shit up!
    Meanwhile we are worried about Trumps tax returns and birther stance.
    Trump had better start going on the offense or it’s President Clinton.

  2. Ovomit is bringing in this shit by the thousands every damn week! Where are the Repubics???? LOCK&LOAD

    • Unfortunately the Republicans led by Paul rino Ryan are nothing more than globalist hacks. They only pretend to be conservative around election time.
      Then it’s all about the global agenda.
      After all isn’t Ryan know for saying “that’s not who we are”.
      Sounds awfully familiar to obutthole…..
      Birds of a feather!!!

  3. Ya know, I couldn’t give a rats ass about any muslim, anywhere. As far as I’m concerned, Russia can have Syria and do anything they want with it and the shitbags that infest it. Hell, they can have the entire muslim empire/caliphate, and welcome to it, because the muslims will immediately start pulling their terrorist crap in Moscow, and that’s not a bad thing in my book, especially if it means they stop their terrorist crap here.

    If hell does freeze over, and we end up with a President Hillary, and she does indeed establish a no fly zone over Syria, well, I’m afraid I’m going to be rooting for Russia, especially if the U.S. military fails to enact a military coup and stand Hillary up in front of a wall facing 12 armed soldiers and 1 officer, with approximately 450 or so members of congress lined up waiting their turn.

    I’m done being Mr. Nice Guy. I’m done being careful of what I say because I may get called racist, sexist, or whatever ‘ist’ or ‘phobe’ that is the new favorite word of the left, or that I may get a ‘visit’ from some alphabet agency .gov drones. I’ve been getting fed shit from my elected ‘officials’ for decades now, and I’m tired of trying to stay afloat in it, and of being fed a shit sandwich and being expected to smile about it.

    From now on, I’ll obey the laws I agree with, ignore those I disagree with (which is most of them), and if the .gov wants to try to send a hit squad to take me out, fine, I won’t be going out alone.

  4. Russia will be the last true White nation standing. Chances are, Whites everywhere else will need to be rescued by them eventually. Russia is NOT our enemy, but they are the enemy of the Globalists, who want to stir up conflict with them.

    • I read a very interesting book the other week about how the Irish, after they’d been Christianised by Patrick, helped save all the great works of classic literature and law when Rome fell to the Barbarian invasions and the libraries burned all over Europe.

      Our civilisation really did survive by a whisker. No Irish monasteries, no monks re-civilising Europe, then no constitutional government, no United States, no industrial revolution, nothing. Charles Martel would have lost at the battle of Tours and we’d be burning goat dung for warmth while the local Imam took our daughters for sport.

      I’m starting to think that Russia and the European peoples of the East might play the role of the Irish before the century is out.

  5. In case people haven’t noticed, Russian air defense systems are second to none. Russia has low-band VHF anti-stealth radars and has deployed S-400 missiles in Syria. ” Since the S-400 deployment, the U.S. military has been careful about flying manned aircraft inside the range of the system, despite repeated pledges by the US military that its airstrikes in Syria are focused on ISIS, not the Assad regime.” Yes, they have created their own “no-fly” zone to Western aircraft. If they chose to bring more S-400 air defense systems to support Assad, and networked them with FO links, they could totally deny air support for any forces the US deemed in need. Then you would need to attack the S-400 missile sites with Boeing Small Diameter Bombs to knock them out.

    Yeah, KRIEG! Assad & Putin hold the cards. Obama, not so much.

    • don’t know if they are second to none, aviation week has gone both ways. regardless, a war with russia is ridiculous


        “So what does all of that mean for coalition airpower? Our good friend Tyson Wetzel, a graduate of and former instructor at the U.S. Air Force Weapons School, has broken down the tactical and strategic implications for the Russian S-400 deployment in Syria. The bottom line? It’s a pretty scary prospect, considering the SA-21–from its current position around Hmeymim Air Base near Latakia, can cover all by the eastern-most points in Syria.”

        “While the S-300P/S-400 series is often labelled as ‘Russia’s Patriot’, the system in many key respects is more capable than the US Patriot series, and in later variants offers mobility performance and thus survivability much better than that of the Patriot. The introduction of the 64N6 Big Bird series of phased array acquisition radars in later variants provides them with many of the capabilities of the US SPY-1 Aegis system, in a highly mobile SAM system.”

    • Even the (((Israelis))) recognize the capabilities of Russian AD systems in Syria:

      “Even Israel’s ability to permit the US access to its air bases is no longer assured. Russia has deployed air assets to Syria that have canceled Israel’s regional air superiority.

      “Under these circumstances, in a hypothetical Russian-US confrontation, Israel may be unwilling to risk Russian retaliation for a decision to permit the US to use its air bases against Russia.

      “America’s loss of control over the eastern Mediterranean is a self-induced disaster.

      “On Monday night, for the first time, Israel Air Force jets flying over Syria were shot at by Syrian anti-aircraft ordnance.

      “Air force sources told the media that the aircraft were never in danger and the munitions were only shot off after the aircraft had returned to Israel and were in the process off landing.

      “But the fact that Russia targeted the planes makes clear that Putin has decided to send Israel a very clear and menacing message.

      “As Russia’s air base in Syria undermines Israel’s air superiority and reliance on air power, Israel needs to show that it will not be dislodged or allow its own territory to be threatened in any way.

  6. It is sad that we have to rely on Putin to deal with this Muslim bullshit… We don’t need to piss him off. Which of course, Shrillary will do as a matter of course.

  7. There is no sane reason for America to keep sucking up to, and enriching, all sorts of countries whose governments hate us, and consistently exploit us over these refugees. This includes China, Vietnam, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, and Mexico.

    Russia doesn’t’ hate us. Putin has disdain for the types of phony, weakling Presidents Americans keep electing, sure. But he doesn’t hate America (the only President who truly hates America is Obozo). Russia today is much more religious than many of our allies in NATO, and it is overwhelmingly Christian. Putin himself professes a strong Christian faith and wears a cross around his neck, he says, at all times. He would be an asset since we, as a nation are Christian as well.

    If we made good-faith efforts to forge trade deals with Russia, and participate in joint military exercises with Russian troops, Putin would be all for it. Putin even wanted to join NATO at one point, early in Bush’s first term.

    Time to stop treating Russia as our greatest enemy, while pretending our real enemies (see list above) are our friends.

    Russians call this realpolitik’s.

    So let’s get real, for once…

    • Good post Jenna. Globalists seem to loathe Russia with a ferocious, rabid, drooling, insane hatred which I will never, ever understand as long as I live. I truly believe they would lay the whole world in ruins just to make Russia suffer some mild inconvenience.

      I’m under no illusions that Putin is some kind of choirboy. However, he seems to understand that the purpose of being Russian leader is to defend and advance the interests and the very existence of the Russian nation. Radical extremist stuff eh?

      Why we (by which as a Briton I mean the West in general) would want to go to war with a highly advanced, deeply Christian and patriotic nation of high cultural, scientific, literary and artistic genius such as the sons and daughters of Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy I really, really cannot imagine.

  8. Laura Wesselmann

    Stay the hell out of Syria. There are no “good guys” in Syria. Period.

  9. And AWD’s remedial education on who is the prime instigator of the vast majority of the world’s misery continues with yet another lesson. Oh, by the way. Does everybody remember how, in a moment of inebriated honesty, Mel Gibson truthfully and accurately fingered the jews as being behind almost every major war in world history? Remember how the jews flew into a rage, stomped their feet, and began spewing boat loads of hate and venom at Mel Gibson for having the ‘audacity’ to utter the truth about these blood thirsty, war mongering, conniving creatures? Well, it looks to me like Mel Gibson is owed an apology.

    Right, Jenna?

    Israel is the instigator of the tensions between the US and Russia

    Posted on October 7, 2016 by # 1 NWO Hatr
    Press TV
    Israel is the “instigator and the entire source of this problem that’s going to plague the entire world with nuclear war,” Steven Kelley said in an interview with Press TV on Friday.

    “None of this would be happening if it was not for the expansionist desires of the Zionist regime, and this very fact that we are now threatened with horrible annihilation and nuclear destruction, should be time for all of us to sit back and look and see who is profiting and who is instigating this fight and it is not between [US President Barack] Obama and [Russian President Vladimir] Putin,” Kelley said.

    • It’s encouraging to see former NSA/CIA operatives speaking the truth, because it leads me to believe that there are active NSA/CIA operatives who are on the same page. These two organizations (NSA & CIA) are, IMHO, the biggest problem we face. The psyops, the mass surveillance, the political agitation, the propaganda, etc.–these tactics are what is fueling instability around the world and destroying every and any organized attempt to resist it. If we have red-pilled bros inside the CIA, perhaps there’s a good chance they can use the CIA’s own tricks against them.

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