AWD had a conversation last weekend with Wayne Allyn Root. We talked about a lot of things but one thing that struck me was he said the economic collapse of America IS going to happen. It cannot be stopped at this point. I guess 5 years of printing $85 billion per month might not really be that great an idea! Then again, following Zimbabwean monetary policy never was a good idea! Maybe the Fed will simply run out of paper.

I was discussing my conversation with WAR today with a friend here in Dallas and he asked me what I thought we needed to survive when the dollar collapses? Should we purchase gold and silver, guns, food, etc? All of the above? Should we have a bug-out location to head to should the world as we know it come to an end?

I gave him these wise words and I hope you will all take them to heart: “Hell if I know!”

One thing I would be very nervous about would be any money in the stock market. Companies have been benefiting from artificially low interest rates while cutting labor and production costs for years now. Interest rates WILL rise. AWD read an article at Ulsterman Report where supposed Wall Street insiders are getting out of the market in preparation for the collapse. All of this jives with what Wayne told me last weekend.

What I really told my friend is we will need food and the means to defend ourselves and families. Gold and silver might be nice but, when the lights go out, guns and ammo will most likely carry much more trade value. This is not discounting the need for something with trade value. Gold and silver are probably the best solutions. Food will also be important in an economic collapse as the transportation industry will be as screwed as everybody else. Shelves will probably be empty. It would be wise to have several months of food supply stored while Americans start figuring things out.

My buddy and I discussed that there would initially be burning and looting in the welfare-dependent mooching areas. These types are totally dependent on the taxpayer dollars for their sustenance and will be the ones least prepared to deal with an economic collapse. In Texas, the looting will largely be contained to the ghettos. I wouldn’t want to live in Philadelphia or Detroilet!

I don’t see middle class people killing their neighbors to steal their food or belongings. I believe people will pull together to help and protect each other. Think of the aftermaths of floods in Iowa vs New Orleans post-Katrina. Americans are a kind and generous people, certain classes excluded. Red States with self-dependent citizens will get a handle on the mayhem much faster than Blue State hellholes filled with violent moochers.

One thing we both agreed is the federal government cannot survive after the economic collapse in its present form. The federal government must be pared to a sliver of its bloated present form if the republic is to remain intact. No more Departments of Agriculture, Education, Labor, Energy, EPA, etc. Those days will be over. If not, look for Red States to pull away and form a separate country that follows a proven formula for economic success and individual liberty….the Constitution. We are in our present situation because we have moved so far from the vision of the Founding Fathers. Time to get back to basics!

Personally, AWD doesn’t care if I go to Delaware again. Ever. I would prefer to not have socialists from Blue States having say over my money and freedoms like I currently suffer with the likes of Barbara Boxer, Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, Charlie Rangel, Nancy Pelosi, John McCain, etc. I would prefer to see them all wearing stripes to atone for the destruction of the United States. Lifelong corruptocrats in office are a certain recipe for disaster.

So it wouldn’t really bother me to see a dissolution of the United States. We’re totally divided already. Red States from the Carolinas to Arizona could form the Constitutional States of America with the Capital in Texas. Preferably, not Austin. California would probably split and conservative Southern California would likely join Red States giving the new CSA port access from sea to shining sea with freedom from legacy business-killing regulations. The old USA filled with socialist Blue States could live their big-government, high-taxes, low-freedom lives to their little communist hearts extent. And yes, the CSA would enforce our borders. North and South.

Will any of this happen? Who knows? It would take a major catalyst to enrage every-day American citizens to revolt like we saw in Ukraine and Venezuela. The collapse of the dollar might be just the thing. When there are no more food stamps and welfare checks, moochers will riot, loot and burn. When gas goes to $12 per gallon and bread is $8 a loaf (if you can find it), every life will be affected. There will be great anger and liberal control mechanisms like political correctness and name-calling will no longer fly. No one will care about being called a racist for criticizing Obama when their child is starving. Millions don’t care already!

Would the federal government impose martial law? Maybe. But who would abide by it? Certainly not Texas! They could send every single employee from Homeland Security to Texas but they wouldn’t be able to secure Waxahachie! Texans don’t like the federal government and everyone has an arsenal. Would the military fire on Americans? Probably so, in some cases. But this isn’t Venezuela or China. We WILL fire back if fired upon. There are too many patriots in America to allow ourselves to be made slaves (more than we already are) by corruptocrats in Washington.

One thing my friend and I agreed is America would bounce back in whatever form we choose shortly after a collapse if government is not in the way. In America, we do one thing better than anyone else in the world when the government is minimal. Create wealth! There are too many smart and motivated patriots who would spend the rest of our lives building a new country where our children and grandchildren can live freely and prosper without being worried about IRS audits if they criticize the regime in power. It would probably be easier to rebuild from the ground up than to try to fix the disaster zone politicians have created in Washington. Plus, there probably isn’t enough time before the collapse to get rid of the crooked politicians who have destroyed America.

There are a lot of things I can think of to make America better after the collapse but now is not the time to discuss. But term limits and bans on lobbyist money are two of them! Kiss gerrymandered districts goodbye too! There will be no place in government for corrupt idiots like Sheila Jackson Lee in the new America! Ooops, there I go…don’t get me started!

What do you think? Is an economic collapse on our horizon? How do you recommend we prepare ourselves to survive? Do you see total anarchy or isolated areas of rioting? Is AWD’s thought process off on how things might go? It’s a scary time. It may become much worse in the near future. Let’s make sure we are as prepared as we can be.


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