Well, Congress has voted in favor of a trillion dollar budget deal that will keep the vile behemoth aka Washington running until September. Actually, it wasn’t Congress that approved the spending bill. It was the REPUBLICAN PARTY now that the GOP now controls Congress and the White House.

Funding for abortions via Planned non-Parenthood? You’ll be happy to know that it was funded by the Republicans. Oh, ObamaCare too! Woo hoo! We can borrow more money for domestic and illegal moochers to enjoy! Not funded? The border wall. Why am I not surprised?

Listen, AWD has been saying for many moons that the Republicans will NEVER defund ObamaCare nor will they allocate funds to build a border wall with Me-hee-co. I thought Trump figured this out when he campaigned saying he’d make the Mexicans pay for the wall. In the wise words of Judge Smells in Caddyshack:

Well, we’re going to have to wait a whole hell of a lot longer! Trump doesn’t seem to have the stones to tax the bejeezus out of all those money transfers sending billions of dollars back to Mexico. Or seize the billions in drug money confiscated from drug cartels. It certainly appears the Globalist Establishment has gotten to The Donald.

Look, when Juan McPain and Lindsey “Fredo” Graham praise you on North Korea, you’re doing it wrong, junior!

Hell, the wall is only going to cost $11 billion dollars! Sheeee-ut, negro! We sent the @#*& Iranians $150 billion on a @#&* cargo plane! The Republicans in Congress spend more than $11 billion on tampons each year!

I’ll be the first to say that Trump on his worst sellout day will always be a million times better than Hitlery on her most patriotic day. But Trump has defaulted on some major league campaign promises. If he lets the Wussypants Republican Establishment in DC sidetrack his agenda he will lose huge in the mid-terms. And he will not be reelected. I still believe God cast the final vote in November.

But the Republicans in DC are Democrats once the cameras are turned off. And they will do everything possible to maintain the status quo of sh*t that permeates Washington. I gave up on any hope for Congress a long time ago. They have all the money, have written election laws in their favor, and have the Propaganda Media at their disposal. They hate Trump more than they hate having to return home to campaign for reelection. I hate them all.

Mr Trump, build that @#&* wall if you have to sell off one of your Trump towers. Don’t let Washington get up on you. The Establishment wanted Hillary and are doing everything they can to ruin your presidency. Be smart. Call me.


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