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As some evil, old, dead white man once said, “these are the times that try men’s souls.” Every day we watch the America we once knew sink into the abyss of totalitarianism and tyranny. Yet no one seems concerned. Especially in the ruling classes of Washington. There is no “loyal opposition” against His Highness Imam Obama from the Republicans. They are focused solely on passing Amnesty for the benefit of their Chamber of Commerce and Big Bidness masters while seeking reelection.

Obama’s brazenness at usurping consitutional powers given Congress and the elected representatives of the citizens is simply astonishing. He literally does anything he wants, when he wants, how he wants, and laughs in the face of Congress. He tramples the rights of citizens who dare oppose him. Then he goes golfing. Again. Never has America witnessed the two things we are currently witnessing every day. 1. The trashing of the Constitution and 2. The apathy of the American people.

America has been invaded by illegal aliens for a generation now. We have allowed tens of millions of fertile, uneducated, unskilled, dependent hordes to cross our borders as if they don’t exist. Because they don’t exist. There is no question America has more than enough uneducated, unskilled, dependent, domestic, mooching hordes here already. Yet, the President and Congress sit idly by and ignore the very immigration laws they created. We are witnessing the Cloward and Pivening of America. And the evil plan is working exactly how those domestic enemies wanted. What’s a nation to do?

The IRS scandal may be the most frightening scandal of the smorgasborg of Obama scandals. A behemoth governmental agency that has an unending supply of money, guns and lawyers has been sicced on American citizens who dare speak out against the government. The protected bureaucrats employed by this agency have the ability to financially destroy any American who doesn’t fall in line. When the Republicans in Congress go through the motions to investigate this unconstitutional outrage, the IRS laughs in the face of Darryl Issa and tells him they destroyed the hard drives of those being investigated. Mark my word. Nothing will happen. No one will go to jail. It’s all bread and circuses anyway. After all, what difference does it make? At least to the ruling classes! What’s a people to do?

The American taxpayer has spent/borrowed a trillion dollars and sacrificed/wasted 4,000 lives of US soldiers in trying to civilize Muslim savages in Iraq. They were Muslim savages before we arrived and are Muslim savages now. Now Iraqi Muslim savages are being overrun by Al Qaeda ISIS Muslim savages after Obama pulled US troops from Iraq. I don’t disagree with the decision to pull American troops from Iraq. I disagree with the decision to try to civilize savages with borrowed American taxpayer dollars.

Now Obama and his team of traitors are reportedly reaching out to Iran to help stop Al Qaeda from taking over Iraq. I crap you negative. Secretary of State John Kerry said Obama is considering sharing critical information with Iran on Iraq. Again, I crap you negative!! The President of the United States is considering sharing information with a brutal, Muslim regime whose leaders chant “Death to America” on a daily/hourly basis! The same that sent IED technology into Iraq and Afghanistan to kill American soldiers. The same regime that took American diplomats hostage in 1979. And our President reaches out to these savages? It is not an unfair question to ask what country Obama represents? If Obama will work with Iran, there is no American secret safe from the enemies of America. What’s a crumbling former superpower to do?

Sure, if the Republicans in Washington had a molecule of testosterone between them, they could impeach Obama in the House. They won’t. They are too afraid of being called racists. We have come to the point where the fear of being called names overpowers oaths of office. Says everything we need to know about politicians.

Of course, if Obama were to be impeached in the House, he would NEVER be convicted in the Senate under the control of Harry Reid. Or Mitch McConnell if the Republicans retake the Senate in November. Satan regularly visits Harry Reid to learn new techniques and Mitch McConnell is interested in nothing but feathering his own ill-gotten nest of wealth and power. So impeachment, the very instrument provided by the Founding Fathers to protect us against Barack Obama, is out of the question. What’s a people to do?

Texas is sending Department of Public Safety troops to try and stop the border intrusion we are suffering. Texas does this at our own cost in defiance of the federal government. Border enforcement is the total responsibility of the federal government. But when the federal government prohibits the Border Patrol with enforcing immigration laws, what’s a state to do? Just what Texas is doing! Take the law into our own hands! If the federal government will not do it’s job, individual states MUST protect their citizens. Arizona tried in 2010 with SB1070 but it was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court after Arizona was sued by Obama and Mexico. A US President and Mexico suing a US state for creating a law that exactly mirrors federal immigration law the federal government will not enforce! Did you ever think this was possible? Maybe it was pre-Obama. Now it’s another day. What’s a state to do?

There aren’t many options for American citizens to end the tyranny of Obama and the federal government. When our elected officials are too corrupt/cowardly to uphold the laws and Constitution they swore to enforce and impeach a tyrannous President, Americans have only revolution at our disposal. For this purpose and this purpose only, the Founding Fathers gave Americans the Second Amendment. But do Americans love liberty more than they despise tyranny? It’s looking more and more like Americans will sink into being slaves of the state rather than openly fight the government. After all, the NFL starts up in a few months.

Perhaps the decision of Texas will encourage other states to rise up against Obama and his government. This thing has got to come to a head sometime. Better sooner than later. Either way, it will not end pretty or peacefully. I choose liberty over tyranny. Molon Labe.


Angry White Dude


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