AWD attended something last night I hadn’t attended in years. A local Tea Party event. I was curious to see if the movement had recovered from being used and abused by the Republican Establishment to regain control of the House and Senate. The Establishment had ZERO to do with Trump’s election as they had El Jeb Bush anointed as the latest RINO cannon fodder served up for the Dems to destroy.

AWD has long believed the Republicans really don’t want power since they can then be blamed when nothing Republican voters want happens. And since Establishment Republicans and Democrats have the same agenda, it’s better for the GOP to blame all the problems on Democrats and raise money from gullible GOP constituents.

The event was pretty much what I expected. Lots of gray hairs (including yours truly) and no young people. The event was sponsored by FreedomWorks. I won’t criticize FreedomWorks or any other grass roots scammers organizations looking for contributions so their executives can make mucho dinero. But there’s a saying that goes something like this:

Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and degenerates into a racket.

The event was a lot of Democrats and liberals = bad. Republicans = good. And that, my friends, is exactly what the Establishment Republicans want you to believe. And that, my friends, is how these national Tea Party organizations trick gullible old people out of their retirement money.

Old contributors believe their money is going to help the cause when it really goes to pay over the top salaries of executives and more fund raising. I believe Dick Armey, who founded FreedomWorks walked away with over a million dollars in severance. You know, because he really cares about the grass roots. At one of his mansions!

What is missed with these gullible old Republican voters is the Republicans have not done one thing they promised to do. Moreover, they are slow walking anything President Trump committed to accomplish if elected. Why? Because the Establishment doesn’t want change. They want continuity. Continuity of eternal terms in office and continuity of big Wall Street and special interest money rolling into their pockets.

Yet, the same corrupt Republicans are reelected decade after decade. What does John McCain have to do to prove he is not a friend to the once-held Republican principles and values? Yet, he was just reelected again after breaking every election promise from his previous campaign.

Even in Texas, every North Texas congressman is easily reelected term after term. I know of at least one who is way beyond sentient thought. But he’s our guy! Even though he soils his Depends and is led by handlers to his next scripted vote. He’s our guy until he takes a dirt nap because stupid Republican voters continue to reelect him!!!

And Republicans really expected Trump to be able to accomplish his goals with the Establishment permanently ensconced in DC fighting against him?

Back to last night. I heard the usual Texas bragadocio about the Second Amendment (which I largely believe to be true) and the usual “We’ve Got To Take Our Country Baaaaaack!™” chants. The speaker continually asked “What are you prepared to do?” He never answered what he is himself prepared to do or what he recommends. Other than that, there was no organization, no planning, no goals mentioned. They were salt of the Earth Texans who will never accomplish anything politically. And it’s sad because they really do mean well. But FreedomWorks was sure to hand out signs and t shirts. Because they care. They really do.

This is the question I have often wondered. What will it take before we really take our country back. We know it cannot be achieved through the ballot. But we have been so trained and conditioned to do nothing. We don’t want to get in trouble! And besides, Dancing With The Stars is on tonight! I can’t start a revolution!

I thought we might see some real take back over in England after a Muslim madman exploded 8 year olds at a concert. Nope. One guy in a van ran over a few Muslims. Nothing to see here. Move along and wait until the next explosion like good little Englishters who have been sold out by their own corrupt politicians.

The Tea Party at its inception was a great thing. It gave millions of middle class tax payers a mechanism where they could become politically active and make a difference. But the GOP Establishment saw them coming and, in time usurped the movement for their own gain. Our first clue should have been in 2010 when the Tea Party unseated 63 Democrats. The Republicans selected John Boehner as Speaker. Today, we still suffer with John Boehner. Only he’s known as Paul Ryan. I won’t mention the Contract For America in 2009 that promised to repeal every word of ObamaCare. Bwahahaha!

I’m afraid the Tea Party movement is today nothing more than a club for old patriotic Americans to gather and bitch about what’s happened to their country. But no one, certainly not FreedomWorks and it’s counterparts, has the honesty to tell them THEY are the problem. Reelecting the same corruptocrats to term after term is hardly the way to achieve change.

It’s hard to empty the swamp when alligators control the drain.


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