Leftist hack Juan Williams thought he had insulted Michelle Malkin when he said he is a reporter and she is a blogger on the Sean Hannity program on Fox News. To the contrary, he could not have given Michelle a higher compliment! Television and print journalism died a long time ago and has been totally replaced by leftist hack propagandists who look down their nose at bloggers while promoting (and dishonestly furthering) their liberal ideology. That would be bloggers who are doing the real journalism these days.

There are many types of bloggers. Angry White Dude is mostly an opinion blog dedicated to stamping out the poison of political correctness that infects America. Other blogs are news aggregators that post various news articles from various sources. Others blogs are those who do the real journalism of the day. There is NO true journalism found today at any major US newspaper, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and increasingly so, Fox News. Outside of Fox, the mainstream media now is nothing more than an overt propaganda machine for Obama and the Democrat Party. They hide anything critical of Democrats while drumming up anything that supports the left’s agenda. Recent coverage of the Trayvon Martin case proves this. By the way, now that Trayvon has been shown (by bloggers) to be a violent, drug-using, thief instead of the 11 year old angel shown in the Abercrombie and Fitch shirt, we haven’t heard too much about the story. Why? Doesn’t fit the liberal agenda!

AWD has always had a real problem with political hacks. They are dishonest tools of whatever political ideology pays their salary. The entire mainstream media is in the tank for the Democrat Party. Even Fox has an ever-increasing stable of liberal hacks. Bob Beckel, Alan Colmes, Sally Kohn, Gehmu whatever her name is, Jesse Jackson’s daughter, Shephard Smith, etc. Nothing but worthless broken records spewing liberal claptrap. They also have some on the Republican side. Sean Hannity certainly carries water for the Republican Party. They may call themselves “journalists” but hacks they are!

AWD criticizes everyone worthy and deserving of criticism on this page. While we devote a tremendous amount of well-deserved vitriol towards Barack Obama, we also criticize many wussypants Republicans. AWD has criticized George W. Bush, John Boehner and a whole hell of a lot of other wussypants Republicans for years. I am in the tank for no one and call it the way I see it! Most AWD readers are the same.

Leftard Juan Williams and other liberal propagandists have looked down their noses at bloggers for years. Why? Because they know the truth! Bloggers are doing the real journalism these days! And more and more are getting their news from the internet. Case in point. Only this week, did NBC News finally mention the Fast and Furious scandal and Eric Holder’s evading the numerous requests of Congress for information. Brian Williams gave only a few seconds to what could and should be this generation’s Watergate. However, Watergate didn’t result in the death of an American and numerous others by illegally transporting guns into Mexico. But nothing but silence from the propaganda media!

In 2008, the mainstream propaganda media swept every molecule of negative evidence surrounding the life and ideology of Barack Obama. Why? Because they wanted a black, leftist to be president. Even today, there are tremendous questions about Obama’s birth, school records, associates and leftist ideology that propagandists in the mainstream media have worked overtime to hide. Ask for Obama’s real birth certificate and you’ll be quickly labeled by the mainstream media as a “birther.” Oppose anything Obama does and you’ll be labeled a “teabagger” or “right-wing extremist.”

It takes bloggers and everyday citizens to show how easy it is to register to vote in America. James O’Keefe and Andrew Breitbart helped bring down ACORN and has recently show how easy it is to register to vote as Eric Holder in Washington, DC. Have we heard anything from the NY Times or NBC? Crickets! The Senate has not submitted a budget in over three years. Anything from CBS or CNN? Nada. Nada damn thing! Obama’s being a dues paying member of the ultra-left New Party in Chicago? You’ll find it on blogs. You’ll find Mormons wear funny underwear on ABC and killed some people 150 years ago in Utah!

Here’s the pitiful Juan Williams hacking his way through yet another segment while insulting Michelle Malking:

AWD is a blogger. I write what I think and believe. I don’t ask anyone to agree with me. I don’t have time to do investigative studies myself. I am honest and consistent with my opinions and views. I call out corruption, stupidity, and bad actions of everyone…no matter what their political ideology. I ask no quarter and give very little to anyone.

Newspaper circulations and television “news” ratings continue to plummet. AWD hardly watches any television news these days. On Fox, I only watch Cavuto and Bret Maier’s show with Brit Hume and Krauthammer. Other than that, it’s blogs for me to get my news. I’ll be damned if I listen to the socialist wackos on MSNBC or Bob Beckel for their biased hack opinions!

The internet is killing newspapers and TV news. And good riddance to those worthless hacks who propagate leftist lies and propaganda. I’ve met a lot of print and TV “journalists” in my time. Most couldn’t piss and hit the ground. Juan Williams and his leftist hacks are lucky there are still a few fools who watch them. Because most television “reporters” don’t have the skill to wash cars.


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