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Public schools are run by over-paid bureaucrats that are more concerned with power than educating our children. They want to control us right down to what we name our children.



Three year old Hunter is a preschooler in Nebraska. Hunter is deaf and signs his name by crossing his middle and index finger, leaves his thumbs up and moves his hands up and down. The school doesn’t like it because they say it looks too much like a weapon. The Grand Island Nebraska school district has a policy that bans any instrument that looks like a weapon from being brought into the school. They consider hands to be an instrument. This administrator is another idiot-in-action!

Most of the local residents are not pleased with the school districts decision. The school says the whole thing is a misunderstanding, but they still want Hunter to change his name. Once again, the disease of political correctness has reared it’s ugly head.

Hunter’s parents need to tell the school that they will not change his name, or the way he signs it. The school can deal with it!

Schools need return to the business of educating children. It’s not the schools job to medicate, transport, feed, analyze … and name our children. This whole story brings public education to a new level of stupid.

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  1. This really is the dumbest damn thing I’ve read all week. I get the whole zero tolerance policy, but this crap is ridiculous.

  2. Big Dave in Texas

    What a crock ‘o shit!!

  3. Not No ,but Hell No. Two words “Home School”.

  4. Kid needs to learn the middle finger salute,,,,This is just plain ridiculous.

  5. David in SC

    People, it’s time that “educators” such as this should have their face and names put on posters and are removed from the school and forbidden to work in careers that bring them in contact with children. We need to flush the academia “turlet” bigtime, everywhere, everytime one of these idiots reveals themselves.!

  6. Death to Libtards

    Political correctness, meet lawsuit!

  7. Parents should tell them to go to hell and threaten a lawsuit. I’ve had it with these little tin pot dictators.

  8. OMG stupid a holes again There is an epidemic of stupidity in this PC run country……..leave the kid alone……..geez

  9. Spurwing Plover

    Tell the school Fool Board to GO POUND SAND no more of this PC nonsense. I suppose they want her to be called BUTTERFLY.GAIA, or some liberal whimpo-pod apporoved name

  10. It’s OK to make Hunter change his name so long as every other student in his school does also. Oh, and you unionized “educators”, what kind of “signal” does this send to a deaf boy, or a differently-eared boy or whatever you call him?

  11. Spurwing Plover

    Tell the school board to GO POUND SAND

  12. This is the most ridiculous thing that I have ever heard of. Please tell me there is someone in the state of Nebraska with some intelligence that will shut this thing down. Every single person in this country should be appalled at this. Do we not have more serious problems in this country to worry up. I think that we need to be more worried that there will be appropriate services and help for Hunter to be able to live his life to the highest quality possible. I think we need to be more worried ( alot I guess) that our educational systems can provide our children with the education that will help them to be successful. I have never written a response like this before but I am beyond words when I heard about this. Please Hunter and his parents make what has happened to you as loud as possible. Everyone in the US needs to hear this and we need to complain about. Especially all of you in Nebraska: you are looking a bit silly these days!!


    Look what happens when a bunch of pacifist pansies take over a school and deam names like HUNTER as offensive The kids parents need to tell the school fool board to GET A LIFE and quit being so rediculous

  14. Dear sir:
    The Government has decided to change your given name. Your current name has been deemed “inappropriate”. You may learn your new name by visiting your local Homeland Security office, or online at

  15. wow, just another example of the marxist agenda of social engineering.

  16. little tyrants certainly like to ban things don’t they?

    they like to make kids sit thru assemblies and movies showcasing how bullying is wrong and zero tolerance.. and what happens? bullying increases, more school shootings, etc. etc. I started home schooling after that nurse wouldn’t let the one kid use his inhaler for asthma because he didn’t have a permission slip.

    I have asthma. she needs to have her head dunked in water for 3 minutes.

    with all the hypocrisy, waste and corruptness coming out about not only primary education, but secondary education (colleges) PROPERTY TAXES NEED TO BE REMOVED FROM SCHOOL FUNDING. PERIOD.

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