Let me be bold and say that none of the protesters at the University of Missouri will invent the cure for cancer. Moreover, AWD will proclaim that the majority of them will never be gainfully employed in the private sector where wealth is created. But there are tens of thousands of government jobs awaiting those ignorant mongrels without a grain of talent.

Higher learning is now a racket. Outside of smart people majors, universities are nothing more than leftist indoctrination centers for mouth breathers. With ample public funding and unending federally funded student loans, universities have broadened their majors to teach what is so stupid it should never have been thought.

Womyn’s Studies, African American Studies, Art History, Psychology, Creative Writing, Theater, Modern Dance and whatnot stupid majors are a gigantic waste of money. Taxpayer money! These worthless majors are nothing more than job programs for morons to teach young minds to be morons. And unemployed. Just how many MSNBC and CNN anchors are needed?

University administrators are just as corrupt as politicians. They love them some money. And they will dumb down their institution to get one more mouth-breathing high school student to enroll. Hence, majors for idiots. Or they will allow in hordes of Chinese students who don’t major in Social Justice Warrior majors. They’re more interested in science and technology. Go figure.

Universities must return to educating those who seek educations that benefit society rather than create millions of spoiled, stupid, whiny, socialist brats. Publicly funded universities should limit their curriculum to mathematics, science, medicine, technology, engineering, etc. Want to be a poet? Well, go to a private college that teaches poetry. Want to be the next Louis Farrakhan? Well, enroll at the Louis Farrakhan College of Hatin’ On Crackas. Want to be a chemical engineer? Numerous publicly funded schools can teach you.

Taxpayers should not be asked to fund schools that teach leftist doctrine designed to destroy America. This week’s circus show at the University of Missouri illustrates that. Leftist dogma coupled with fascism is not a wise expenditure for education or investment in the future. Let’s stop pretending everyone is equal in intelligence and ability. We’re not. Plus, the world needs ditch diggers too. We don’t need PhD’s in African American Studies. They’re not bright enough to dig a ditch.

I cringe when I hear some leftist politician in the Democrat or Republican Party say “everyone should go to college.” No, they shouldn’t. America needs worker bees and not social justice warriors who will never amount to a swastika-shaped piece of poop.

Let’s return American universities to institutions of higher learning for smart people and not indoctrination centers for middle-class, socialist brats. Stop public funding of any university that offers ridiculously stupid majors. Let private institutions fill the void with Transexual Studies and BS majors.


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