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Put It In A Jar, Set It On The Shelf! Black History Month Is OVER!


Black Men vs. Ns
"We've Come a Long Way, Baby!"

Let’s break down what it is supposed to be that we are celebrating. I’ll start with “History.” History proper is an academic discipline. It is a science. It’s a boring-as-you-know-what subject in school. History is about cause and effect, and how everything that happened previously ties into something else that happens now or in the future. Any attempt to divide history reminds me of the old Bugs Bunny cartoon where there are two forts facing off, firing cannonballs back and forth, one flying the “We” flag, the other flying the “They” flag (or “Us” and “Them,” or some such…).

History does not take place in a vacuum. Everything is related. Try– I dare you- to talk about “black history” without first mentioning that “we was brought here by the slave traders.” Or, “my great-great grandpa was born a slave.” See what I’m saying? That’s not your history, that’s our history. If you don’t believe me, try telling yourself the history of the Indians (feathers, not dots!) without mentioning the role of white colonists. I guess a bunch of Cherokee who had lived in a certain area forever just decided to up and move to Oklahoma. And they cried a lot on the way (the “Trail of Tears”).

Only over large expanses of time or place can any reasonable attempt be made to study a subset of history, and even then it shows. For instance, the History of the Roman Empire makes some sense on its own, but must take into account the Roman conquests of other lands and peoples. Or US History, but that must necessarily acknowledge things like, oh, you know, that pesky Revolution thing, the Irish potato famine which led to waves of immigration, and WWII. Stories about what happened to you, your family, your tribe, etc., taken together over a group form what is called cultural heritage.

To quote from Wikipedia (yeah, yeah, I know!): “Cultural heritage is the legacy of physical artifacts and intangible attributes of a group or society that are inherited from past generations, maintained in the present and bestowed for the benefit of future generations. Cultural heritage includes tangible culture (such as buildings, monuments, landscapes, books, works of art, and artifacts), intangible culture (such as folklore, traditions, language, and knowledge), and natural heritage (including culturally-significant landscapes, and biodiversity).”

Maybe my area is just bass-ackward, but since all the events I see going on are such as visits to black churches, talks by black authors, black ballet companies, black storytellers, and black inventions (the list goes on!), I have to conclude that February has nothing to do with History, but with culture.

Now let’s tackle the Black part. 90% of blacks live in sub-Saharan Africa[1]. Again, we’re a bunch’a yocals here, I know, but since I haven’t seen a single exhibit covering Ethiopian architecture (mud huts), music of the Congo, or Nigerian scientific progress, but instead it’s about the contributions of blacks in America, I must conclude that it’s about African-Americans.

You're Welcome

So, now that we’ve taken out two-thirds of “Black History Month” and changed it into “African-American Cultural Heritage Month,” let me ‘axe’ you this- what numnut libtard had the brilliant idea to try to cram the heritage of 13.6% of the American population into 7.7% of the year?!? Let’s examine, also, the corollary of that- that the other 11 months of the year somehow suppress African-American Cultural Heritage. Does that mean I have to throw out my peanut butter now? That there’s no BET network on my cable? That no television commercial features a black guy getting the best of a white guy? That the scan function on my radio no longer finds a hip-hop station?

Short History of Modern African American Music

This whole “black history” thing has grown into its own sort of cottage industry. Nowadays, it seems everything from air conditioning to the cell phone was invented by an African-American. Most of it is bull[2]. Did blacks contribute significantly to history? Yes. Did libtards destroy their culture? Yes. Welfare dependency, 75%+ out of wedlock birth rate, 6.5% of the US population commits 50% of all violent crime… shall I go on?

[1] SWAG= “Scientific Wild-Ass Guess” but seems reasonable when the small East African country of Kenya has a higher black population than the US

[2] “Black Invention Myths”



  1. Inagada,
    I for one find history fascinating and always have. Why read fiction when you can have the real deal, Here’s a link that fits your post, a little long but well worth the time to read it.

  2. Here’s one on MLK that is a real eye opener.

    • Sorry Steve, once I read this line at the end of the first paragraph, “and questioned the capitalist system that produced poverty”, that was it for me.

      If that person is going to start with such an outrageous premise in the first paragraph, I can just imagine where it will go from there!

      On the other hand, your A.T. link above was another excellent post from their site – good read – thanks.

    • RedStaterNYC

      GA Steve, while there’s much to the theology there that’s worthy of note, I think most of what’s been attributed to King here has long-since been proven to have been plagiarized. (From what I understand, he (King) was a compulsive plaigarizer.)


      Was that your understanding? (I’m no expert by any stretch of the imagination.)

      • ReaState and Timbo.
        The purpose of the link was to show everyone that King was not the Holy one that society built him up to be, I know King plagiarized most everything that he was given credit for, My only intention was to show that he was not a Christian since he did not believe in Jesus Christ,

        • RedStaterNYC

          Gotcha, Steve, and thanks for clarifying. And good points on King. Pretty much everything about the man is mythological and a cut-and-dry case of the cult of personality element of standard-issue, social-engineering propaganda.

        • ga steve,
          Thanks much for posting that link. I’ve printed off the article for hubby to read and have sent the link to several email buddies. MLK’s plagiarism and womanizing are well-known, but this article from the very liberal Tikkun magazine really exposes MLK as apostate to those who are discerning.

          • vixin.
            Thanks for the positive comment, I knew that Tikkun was liberal and can’t understand why they would print something so detrimental to mlk, guess they think no one would notice.

          • IMO, Tikkun didn’t think the article was detrimental to MLK, but used him as an iconic example of their Universalist/Progressive agenda. This brand of “Christianity” has infiltrated a lot of churches under the guise of Emergence Christianity (Brian McLaren, Shane Claiborne, Rob Bell and many others), social justice (Jim Wallis), and Progressive Christianity (James Cone, et al). It’s all leading to a one-world religion and government.

          • Vixen,
            Have you studied any thing on the United Council of Churches, or the World Council of Churches, Jimmy Carter is a adherent of their teachings, they both back Communism in third world country’s under the false pretense of being Christians,

          • ga steve,
            The UCC, WCC, and Jimmah Carter. You bet I know about them! Jesus has become little more than another revolutionary on the order of Che Guevara. Unfortunately, this social justice garbage has slithered into a lot of formerly sound churches. Here’s the thing: wasn’t the Left screaming about the Christian Right trying to create a “theocracy” in this country just a few short years ago? Now folks like Wallis, et al call themselves the “Christian Left” and are promoting redistribution of wealth via the government– all in the name of Jesus of course— because that’s what He’d do, dontcha know…. (eyes rolling)
            Check out Rev. 17: that woman riding the Beast is a false religious system that partners with the Antichrist world govt. Doesn’t end well…

          • Vixen,
            Most people have no idea what I’m talking about when I mention these two organizations, even people in my own church shake their head when I mention them,and say never heard of them and some of them are officers in the church, I find it worrisome that a plain simple person like me is more aware of the wolf at the door than those that should know, course I had my nose in some kind of book all my life, the Methodist have already fallen into the Homo is ok trap and some people in the Southern Baptist Convention want to change the name because Southern is racist. A lot of people are going to let their religion send them to hell along with the Muslims and they don’t even know it.

          • ga steve:
            Oh wow, do I know what you mean. My hubby and I left our church in 2008 after confronting the pastor about Emergent garbage that the Youth director was hauling in by the truckload. I started searching for a new church and virtually EVERY ONE in my area has been tainted with some form of the same junk– and I live in the so-called Bible Belt!! I gave up. I’m now part of a very small house church. There are others like us that are awake and aware, but I fear we’re a minority. Check out some websites like The Berean Call, Lighthouse Trails Research, Understand the Times, and Worldview Weekend. You may be gobsmacked by all the information there, but once the shock of what you’ll find wears off, you’ll be glad. Hang in there… and keep looking up.

  3. The “Race Industry” is the biggest “industry” in my hometown of Greensboro, NC. It long ago replaced tobacco and textiles. The “Revrum” Jackson led the Sit-In Movement here in 1960. I long ago stopped reading and watching local media (with the exception of RUSH RADIO 94.5) because its all black all the time.

  4. And wasn’t it just precious that an extra day was added for Leap Year…lord I’m sick of this.

    Can you imagine if we had an all ‘White History Month?’..the msm would be screeching at the top of their lungs charging racism…as usual.

  5. I can’t believe I just found AWD. I think I will like it here.

  6. RedStaterNYC

    Inga, great post. I couldn’t agree with you more on Black History Month. All part of Black Run America (BRA) (courtesy

    Maybe it was just me having no time to watch TV this month, but I didn’t catch a $@*!!# thing about BHM. (Which, to bo clear, I’m quite pleased about.)

    I’d like to think that means it’s finally losing its appeal and people are starting to see it for the propagandistic charade that it is.

    Can we, at long lost, go back to celebrating actual, honest-to-God, mind-blowing achievement–and not simply a group’s skin color?

    Probably not. But a man can dream, can’t he?

  7. Brilliant piece AWD!

    What a contrast in the images! Blacks have definately overcome, and in astronomical ways!

    Blacks once held the title of “prefered minority status” until their good white liberal enablers pushed them aside and decided to cash in on the “anti-white heterosexual Christian male” grievances of Hispanics, feminists, homosexuals and now Muslims!

    I say let’s do away with all of the ridiculous liberal-oriented monthly awareness celebrations from “Hispanic Awareness month”, “women’s history month”, “Breast cancer awareness month”,
    “Aids Awareness”, “Gay pride month” “Pet cancer Awareness month”!!!

  8. My college girlfriend’s father flew with the 8th Air Force in England. He said the only guarantee you had with Tuskeegee “red tails” was that they were gone as soon as any German plane showed up, leaving US bombers unescorted. And he was there.

    • Markprice,
      The wifes uncle was also with the Mighty 8th, shot down over France because their ship fell behind he avoided capture for several weeks because the French Underground found him and hid him in a cave dug out under a river bank, He told me he could hear the Germans looking for him as they walked the river for several days, one night as he was being moved they were caught because an informer turned them in, all the Underground were shot on the spot and he spent 14 months in a P.O.W. camp. I have a lot of his papers and even a letter to his wife from a crew member that made it back to England. I’ve asked my wife to donate these items to the 8th Airforce museum in Savannah Ga,

  9. Semper Fi Guy

    Kinda off topic, but F¥€K obama. I just heard on the news the UN is calling for prosecution of Our soldiers for inadvertently burning a koran which was desecrated first by those towelheads who wrote in it.

    Oh and by the way how can you desecrate a piece of sh!t, like the koran or islam??

    Obamas apology shows he is an illegitimate president, nothing but a fuc@ing n—-r

    Okay you can all yell at me for my vitriol. I am beyond PISSED OFF at this ape in office.

  10. ARbuilder

    Thank God it’s over,,No more rhetoric about Who Fu&^%in cares Bullshit!!

  11. Spurwing Plover

    Black History Month a month to spread lies and fruad

  12. AWD,
    GREAT. My kind of article. Reading this acted as a kind of balm for my tortured soul. Parasitic breeders are destroying my country, and what do we do? We designate a whole effing month in honor of fictional, imaginary historical contributions. Sometimes I wonder if America just doesn’t deserve what’s coming its way.

    • Thunk, as much as AWD would like to take credit for that chart-toppin’ post, it was written by our good friend Inagadadavida.


  13. Fed Up Texan

    I have diligently avoided any literature, tv, news, etc about BHM. I long ago got my belly full of the stupid crap of speciality months for non white recognition. If they hate whites so damn much, they can take the next boat back to where ever the hell they came from.

  14. ChiTownLib

    Thought you might be interested to know that the architecture of Ethiopia is not just mud huts. In fact, Ethiopia has some of the oldest Churches in existence, as it was (along with Armenia) one of the first countries to adopt Christianity as its official religion. The wikipedia article:

    And general info on Ethiopia:

    • ChiTown Lib, maybe Ethiopia should have spent some of that money they used building such great architecture for food!


      • AWD
        You are spot on about the money spent on food production, The brother in law that spent 10 yr’s in Ethiopia tells me that the money that the U.S. gives them was not allowed to buy Tractors or pay for irrigation projects, nor spent on infrastructure to better the lives of the people, said that all that modern tech would put thousands out of work, so today they still farm with sharpened sticks and thousands die from starvation every year in a country with some of the richest soil in the world.

    • Inevitable. Spoken like a good ol’ Afro American studies parrot. Hey! A small area of a giant continent wasn’t a complete sh*thole like the rest of said giant continent–ergo, your point is invalid! (Pay no attention to the fact that it’s in northern Africa, the bulk of which isn’t even considered Africa but the Middle East…because they’re, y’know, white and not black. So please ignore Occam’s razor siding with the notion that what little architectural accomplishment there was on the entire continent of Africa would most likely be attributed to white Middle Easterners/Mediterranians who ventured south [and west], rather than a rare breed of blacks who spontaneously figured out how to engineer for, you know, these little brief blips of history during which they were being occupied by foreigners.) Keep up the good work, ChiTown! You’re on your way to a major award!

      BTW, why no love for Egypt? They’re in Africa!

      “Blacks commit 90% of violent crimes in NYC.”
      “Nuh-uh!!! I have a friend who’s black and he’s totally a nice guy. Here–check out this wikipedia entry on nice black guys!”

      Clearly a moral and intellectual superior we’re dealing with here!

  15. Semper Fi Guy


    I followed the link, and you call that progress?? Still looks very third world to me. Why don’t you go live there ya liberal bastard? Let’s call a spade a spade, one day you libs will be forced to retreat to your third world communist places like Ethiopia. You will starve with the rest of them. Patriots who love our country and our capitalist system will defeat through votes, or revolution, this socialist movement in our country. We will take NO MORE of this liberal sh!t trying to squelch our freedoms! Fu€k you all.

  16. Marion Mckeon

    “we was bought and sent by the African slave traders.”

    Fixed it for them.

  17. As I like to say, you want to see black history in action, head over to Africa and just observe.

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